Renovation of eye Luo Tian Major!!!

Eye, you can face the moment in front of you. The Warring States Card and the empty three people suddenly found that they have been forced between them and the moment. "Sixty-five three, 'f, the end of the world, the end of the world.

A smile of the vastness, suddenly broke out, suddenly broke out with the body of the moment, instantly, all the offensive around him, all the ground and ruins, all the objects all bombarded, and a huge mouth on the ground under the foot The pits are constantly spreading.

what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculgage that suddenly impacted from his eyes, the empty pupil slightly shrinks, and suddenly felt that the top cover of the army of the navy six iron blocks, just like hitting a layer. It is difficult to defend against the blanket barrier, it is difficult to inch.

'Ah !! "

Under the covered armed colored gas, the body's muscular tightness is still hard than a piece of Bailian refining iron, and the feet is deeply rooted in the earth. The double-hand spread suddenly hugged the gods that broke out in the moment.

He actually wants to rely on his body hard to resist the gods !!.

Actually, I want to resist my death of my gods, I'm trying to reach my own. ''

When I was in the air, I also flashed a surprises and shocking in the eyes of the eyes. He has never seen anything in the Nangjie world. come out.

"I don't know the so-called. '. The factory finally instantly spit out these words in the mouth, the shackles of the blue eyes suddenly increase.

Under the same day, I just missed the same day, I saw the entire ground under the moment, and the air and the Warring States Kapp only felt the whole body, and the three people were instantaneous. Go out.

A huge incomparable round pit appeared at the foot of the moment and Golden lion, although there was no screaming of the gods in the moment, but it was still in the murr of the town of Malin, which was still under this shocking. It is flat.

'Really. No matter how many times ...,'

A breeze hampened to blow away Malin Vanto Town, which was flat, the sound of sigh, the sound of the Golden Lion's historic city has an arbitrary town, and this trick is like this. Shocking ..., '

'Don't talk nonsense ... After saving you today ...,'

Listening to the feelings and sighs of the golden lion sister, the moment is like dissatisfied, and the two of us is flat ... Golden lion ..., '

After the voice came, the freezing force within the ice in the body of the ice is slightly launched. It shouted in the mouth, under the eyes of the Golden Lion Schiki, suddenly a white rays blink to the sea of ​​his hands. The stone handcuffs are above.

The slight frozen sound sounded, and only the sea-stained stone handcuffs on the Golden Lion Schiki, with the least small atomic particles were all frozen, crushed into a white ice crystal crumble dropped.

'Lehahaha. This damn sea stone handcuffs finally solved ...,'

After being pulled, after the sea of ​​the stairs in his hand, the Golden Lion Schpenton felt that the strength of his body was gradually coming back, couldn't help but laugh, 'Thank you, !!',

'Good, don't laugh ...,'

In the moment, the laughter of the Golden lion siki, the blue eyes were slightly flashing, and the vision of God's eyes was in the first time, I saved the empty and war of the country after the strong repulsion of their gods. Three people are being straightforward from three different directions.

'After the thing to handle here. ... I will take Robin to the new world ...,'

On the side of the son sound, I watched the empty and war the country, who had returned to the air and Warring States, who had returned to the air and the country of the country with their own blue-blue eyes, 'Jin Xiangzi. ... you will be

Want to go to the new world ... I heard the golden son of the son of history, but when I was talking, I was interrupted.

'Damn. That ability ...,'

I saw that the broken wolf in the whole body and the empty three gray faces returned to the ruins of Malin Fanto, the ruins of Malin Fantawa, which were blocked by the moment, and unbelieved to a ridiculous landform, six eyes were extremely lighter. Dead is staring at the whole body of the whole body.

'What is the second _. Is it the power of his devil fruit ._ "The corner of his mouth is a distinctive blood show, and the war of the fight.

Within the perspective of the blind eye of the moment, you can see the situation in the body and the Kapu Warring States in the middle of the three people. It can only be described as a bad, and most of the bone breaks, a large number of organs 5.7 The powerful repulsive shock is damaged.

If they are not their three people, they are hit by the gods of the gods of the blind eye in the near future, and I will have a life.

But then, in the Warring States Card, there is still three people who are a bitter and unexpected, and the Golden Lion Sisseri, which is next to the moment, gradually UF in front of the sky.

'I think I have not interested, I will play with you. _._. Send a gift to you three. _ A "floating in the middle of the air, looking for the three people's eyes at the foot Sink.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 46 New World will again (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 46 New World will again (seeking rewards and automatic)

'I think I haven't interested with you with you ... Send a gift to you three ... less

This word ...

It is a feeling of a fisherman. ...

I have an export of my own words, I am not right, so I will save it in someone else's eyes?

Laughing instead shook his head, throwing his mind outside his mind, there was a bit of unexplained and strange eyes in everyone, and he lifted his hand to the sky, double Zhongzhong's light is turned, and it seems to communicate some of the objects in the universe.

'It is indeed unable to resist the power ... ...,'

Although I don't know much about such a move, I have a feeling of faintness in my heart, but his fierce look is still dead, and it is still in front of it. The moment.

But in any case today ... Russian people will not let you leave Malin Van more than 0444 ..., '

It seems that some ridicule is a general squeezing, and the moment is gently reached out, refers to the sky that is in the top of the person in the scene, 'empty. Warring States ... Kapu ... I said that three empty tubes, I and Golden lion? "

After the sound of the moment, the sky in Malin Vantawndo suddenly was dark, and all the light around it seems to be bleak.

Semi-earthquake star!!!

The change of the surrounding light, the direction of the flash, the sky and the tricks of the war country, and the top of the sky is going to the top of the sky.

I saw that there were countless clouds among the sky atmosphere, were scattered by the powerful airflow. In the heart of the blind eye, the endless blood, the pound of the pounds, the boundless giant meteorite in diameter more than a few kilometers Suddenly coming.

The whole huge boundless meteorite is rubbing the hot flame in the air, covering the volume of the sky with an unsettleful shock, as if the natural disasters of the end is generally falling towards all of them.

'That is…,'

Standing in the ridiculous empty space in Malin Van, the sky is looking up with the sky of his head, and even he never thought that there will be such a powerful power.

"Open. I am joking ..., '

In the face of this kind of vast power to destroy the whole world, even if you have experienced countless life and death fighting and war, you can't help but must.

This is. ... When the Sakasky said it is the power of God ..., '

He saw this scene of Heaven, everything around it became extremely drunk, the whole personnel made a golden Big Buddha's Warring States, and did not know that his mouth did not know because it was shocked and completely opened.

' ...,'

Not only refunded and war the country, they have the Golden Lion Sist of the Baspack, and the Sisseri, which is like this is like the end of the day, the unconscious whisper is whisper: 'You intend to destroy the entire Malin …,'

My fluttering fruit.