Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 317 of Hueding Crack System

Can you pick up such a big guy?

'Women's mouth can't pick up my gift ...,'

The meteorite summoned by yourself is much more than the big year of the world's future Navy.

The heart is silently thinking, looking at the empty and Warring States card three in his feet, but the tone is relaxed as if the fireworks will be expected, 'The whole Mall Vantra Navy Base and all the naval soldiers here ... I have to disappear together ..., '.

Your bastard !! 'After listening to the words of the moment, Kapu's forehead suddenly took a bullous greenness, he seems to be able to imagine the general situation of the next high Hell.

'So ... I wish you all the best ...,'

Ignore the empty and Kapu Warring States, they seem to kill their own eyes, and they just laughed and took the shoulders of Golden lion history. "Let's go. ... Golden lion ... '

The sound of the moment, and suddenly took the Golden Lion Schiki, disappeared in front of the idiots and Kapu Warring States.

'Damn ...,'

After the eyes of the eyes, I looked at the Golden Lion Siki, looking at the increasingly close huge meteorite in my head, almost covering the entire Mall Fanto, the empty and the Kapu Warring States could not help but bite their teeth. "No way ... Fight !!"

It's been exhausted by the strength of your body, and the air and the Warring Country of the Warring Country, he stepped on the empty air at the foot, and he decided to have a huge meteorite that came into the sky. ...

It is more than a hundred kilometers away from Malin Van.

Listening to the shocking sound of the Malin Van Duo, who is close to the far away, the Golden Lion Sisi is complex, and it is incomparable to the moment of his own side.

'Today, I really want to thank you: ._. 510 small child _._.' 'Seems to have a heart, Golden leaves are since glance, like this by him, it is difficult.

If it is not what he appears in time today.

Maybe I have been sent to the deep sea big prison to advance the city.

I don't have much to say nonsense, "". "

After the heart, the Golden lion historic seems to recover his style of madness, and the fierce face is full of smiles.

'Good _ two meetings sometimes. One.' '

I heard the words of the Golden Lion, but the moment is only gently smiled, and the Robin who took the herself and gradually became far away on the vast sea, 'Have a chance ~ _. Our new world will come! "

Will the new world will be.

The slem drunk floating in the boundless blue sea, the Golden lion siwang looks back to the body of Robin gradually disappeared in the sea sky, and the thoughts in the heart settled over the sea with the turmoil of the fire.

There will be two _.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 47 and Country (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 47 and Country (seeking rewards and automatic)

Five years later.

The second half of the great route, the new world, and the country.

'Is really borus ...,'

With the slowness of the blade in his hand, if he has a fire sheath, he is a strong warrior of the war armor, and his face with a unbelievable expression, and fell on the ground.

The "said that the Swordsman's strong country is. ... Also this. ..., 'is a strong warrior who falls in front of him, and it seems that there seems to be hidden in the inexplicable desolate.

A good sputum ..., 'slammed the warrior, and the eyes were killed before, in addition to a non-confidently, it seems to be reflected in the moment, the meteor of the night is like the night. fencing.

However, if you kill me ..., '

A huge wound that was quickly smashed at the very speed of the Yunnanese, and the blood of the waterfall continued to pour the blood of the warrior, and 'Tham didn't let you first.

Thaedo ?! "

Provide the powerful warriors in front of him, hear the names spit out in his mouth, there is a little surprised to raise your own brows, but very fast handsome and innocent faces, "Even if he is in today This. ... also changed what ..., '

'This will only have a corpse ...,'

The disdainful smirkey seems to thoroughly pierce his heart, and the strong warrior in the ground has completely closed his eyes with a strong unwillingness and resentment.

He two he actually killed ..., '.

He actually killed the general !! "

The philosophic has killed the powerful warrior in front of him, and all the warriors surrounded by all, the whole luxurious palace is like a floods.

' , "People see the squid and guards in front of the countless tide, this time, Robin immediately worried about the moment, the slender wrist pinched the moment of the moment.' so many people…,'

And the appearance seems to have a different moment of stopping, and five years have passed, and the little Loli Robin has now grown for a slim girl.

It is like a white skin, and if the marble carving is the same exquisite, the nose is far more tall than the other women in this world, and the cold and indifferent eyes are in the middle of the darkness.

After the intervention of the moment, there is no Robin that is long after the destruction of O'Hara, but it is still following the natural character gradually growing into the impression of the impression. what….

Nothing. ... No need to worry ..., '

Well ..., 'After listening to the words of the moment, Robin lightly collar the first silence, just the cold and wise eyes of the wisdom of the wisdom, staring at all and the kingdom of the palace in front of the palace.

Following the new world trip to the new world of the great route in the next half of the great navigation, she has long been there. It is only the one who only hides behind the moment, but gradually grows in order to be alone. Son of the devil,

Laun Moon ..., '.

The big moon. ... he is the guy who is in our country to defeat countless warriors ..., '

At this time, the moment and Robin were taken by the palace of all the Samurai and the guards of the guards in the hands of the martial arts, and he walked out of the middle-aged man wearing luxury and kimono.

He ... he killed the generals of the general ..., 'The soldiers under his hand quietly glanced at the moment next to the migrant bodies of the country, and he lowered the luxurious and uniforms of the body.

Look at him and the girl around ... is not the people in our country. ... Have you found his identity? I'm a heavy noise sounded, I saw this warrior of the war, the middle-aged man who said it is the opening of the middle-aged man. Tao.

I checked out the big moon. ... he is a criminal of the world government and the naval wanted to reward for 15 billion Bailei. ... name is a flash ..., '

At this time, another warrior under the middle of the middle-aged man ran over, and reported him:. 'The girl around him is a wanted appreciation of nine thousand or nine million. Devil's son, Nicole Robin .

At the moment. ... Nicole Rob ..., 'listening to the report, middle-aged men's mouth muddy, meditating these two names.

Uncle ..., '

Ice cold wise eyes drunk and looked at all the warriors and guards in front of the palace in front of them. Robin turned their lacks to the perfect side face, slight smile:. The province comes to our country. ... this I came to you on the road to defeat so many warrs. It has already caused the entire country here.

Focus on ..., '.

Langyue Yutian ..., 'I heard the sound of Bin's cold, and the line of sight is placed on the middle-aged man who was smashed by countless samuar guards, and the memory of the mind was heard after entering the country. The news, this name is immediately emerged in the heart of the moment.

Guangyue Yudian Yi (Good Zhao Yao) One of the famous light moon families in Jiuli area, that is, the father of Guangyue's peach, the only one in the world to arrive in Lavdrui in the world, knowing the world's true The secret man, the original is later killed by the generals of the four emperors and the country of the country.