Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 318 of Hueding Crack System

The light moon family is also known as the stonemason family, and it is the hero family that buns history text, and can also interpret the ancient text of the historical text.

'. Is this your name ...,'

At this time, there were countless samurai guards in the country, and the light of the martial arts in the martial arts suddenly broke out, and the eyes were tightly stared at the moment of moving long, 'You kill the generals of the country ... floating All Samurai, all of the mouth, will not let you ..., '

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Chapter 48 New World (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 48 New World (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Will you let me .... ...

After listening to the words that Longyu Yutian not far away, the angle of the moment quickly raised a dangerous radiator.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

Suddenly, a crisis of a heart is floating in the heart of the light moon, I saw the moment that I got angles. The blue eyes of the blue eyes made a lot of light, and the flow blade in the hand did nothing Powered towards them.

As a sword of the sheath in the hands of the moment, suddenly there is a natural disaster that happened throughout the entire and the country's palace.

An eye-catching repulsion, if the fire blade waved in the hands of the fire, the speed is fast, and all the samurai reacted did not, and all the samurai in the entire palace was flying together.

Containment with the entire palace, all all all all of the moment and Robin are bent into distorted shapes by this huge repulsive force, and the stupid waves are in the hands of fire. aisle.

Cough two cough -280

Fully turned into a ruins of the ruins and the national palace, Guang Moon Yutian has grown up his eyes, looking at the samurai who is surrounded by countless falling in the blood of the blood, and the palace that has been completely attached to a sword . 'What is the power of a sword? There is no

'I don't want to let me go through the warrior of you and the country ...,'

The distracted voice sounds, the diffuse dust is like a smoother, if there is a hidden figure, slowly recover the flow blade in his hand, if you rub the dust, you will have the dust that does not exist at all.

And the country, is a strong country in the new world in the second half of the great route. It is very exclusively opposed to the country, which is extremely exclusive, and the owner does not join the world government. Any ship is not allowed to be close to this country.

With the 'Samurai. It is called the general leader who has been killed by the top of the country, it is the highest leader in this country, and the future four emperors (Aefg) has close walking and transaction.

Since the ability to and the country's warrior is too strong, it usually even dares to approach the Navy, and it is also the hometown of the legendary dragon sword wrapped in Longma.

It can be from this country.

It is because of the most famous swordsman in the world, so I will take Robin in this country in the new world, and use my swords on the way to defeat all road swordsman masters. And famous, taking this to hone your own sword core.

A alered thing is ... The bottleneck that touches the big sword is always a little bit ..., '

Slightly somewhat unfortunately, but very fast, I packed up my own mood. Anyway, I don't worry about my strength. Now I am close to the realm of Breakfast to the big sword. It is only a time problem. .

Let's go Robin. ... There is no thing worth staying in this country ..., '

I took back all my divergent thoughts, I opened the Robin next to the side, and the blue double bouncing did not go to the light moon Yutian in the philosophy.

Since I have already defeated almost all the swordsman warrs, there is no need to stay here, think of this moment, I am slightly big black dress, turn around.

"Hmm ..., 'I heard the greetings of the Pasta, Robin gradually recovered the cold and doubles of the ruins of the palace in front of him, turning around the road and talked to the pace of the moment.

"The big people in the moon. ... we have to ..., '

In the abandoned ruins of the palace, I looked at the back of Robin Shiran, Dad W, Dressed in the light of the light moon, the light of the light moon.

Don't. ... Don't ... Even if you catch up with us, it is not his opponent ..., 'I heard your hand, and the Yumuda immediately stopped his intention.

"Moreover ..." The generals are close to the new world, and they will be close to the world. "He is dead, it is not necessarily a bad thing ..., 'said here, the sound of the Yuetian's voice is getting lower until heard.

Looking at the moment in the direction of the moment and Robin deprecated the inexplicable glory.

New World, Mistelia.

The entire island is bustling streets and towns, and there are countless rodents from all one hundred thief.

In the bustling street is a lively and rushed bar, countless pirates from the four seas are laughing in these bars, drinking carnival.

Of course, as this world's chaos source fish dragon mixed pirates, there will be frequent fights and squatting between the thieves, anytime, anywhere.

However, in today's leisurely afternoon, when almost all the pirates arrived here, the door of the town street welcomed two strange guests.

There are a lot of apicei boat here ... "The beautiful girl Robin Qing Chun Zhi's eyes drunk with all the hundred pirates around him, count the different pirates of the respective pirates, and the Bai Zhe flawless face stream 9 out A look of interested, 'You said that we have to get a sea M group to play ...

Uncle ..., '.

One Piece ..., '

In the face of such a suggestion of such a beautiful girl, there is no man in the world that there is no man will reject, but it is not a blind, but it is just gently turned his mouth, " Let's talk later, '

'The information inside and the country is too closed ...,'

I said that I didn't return it in the moment into the town street in front of my eyes. 'We need to know if there is any special thing in the big sea,'

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Chapter 49, Remember (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 49 Initial (ask for reward and automatic)

Walking on the bustling town street on the island of Mistilla.

The slender shape of the moment and the perfect appearance, and the arbibin slim but bumpy, the body, plus her cold and pretty face, and suddenly attracted the attention of all people on the streets of the towns.

Unlike the side of the streets, Robin, all the scenery and the pirates, in the moment, the moment, there is no reason to put all curiosity or malicious eyes, because all the hearts now have been pushed by their own brain The prompt of the coming is occupied.

'! The system detects that the host is the bottleneck. If the fire has reached the bottleneck, break the boundary is successful, congratulate the homework, the blade, if the fire is raised to a higher level. ',

Ruplers are fired. ... finally broke through ??

After listening to the information that the system is pushed, the look is slightly smashed, and the spin is happy. After coming to this world, he has been waiting for a long time.

It has saved the challenge to defeat the new world and the Swordsman masters of the new world and the country of the country, and finally worried about the fire of the fire, and it was able to reach it. It takes decades or even the extent of the decades of decades in the world.

Ruplers are fired. ...?

After listening to the system's tips, I will raise my simple and mysterious taikhe knives in my hands. I can clearly feel that there is a kind of hot power, as if I seal countless oriental volcano in this knife, As long as you launch a little, you can explode.

The energy of Yu.

The flow blade is fired. ... It seems a bit different ...

The blue eyes of the blue gods gaze carefully, and the dark red and hot radiance that saved the whole knife and the whole knife were saved. At the moment, I couldn't say that it couldn't change it.

'System. ... Since the flow blade has broken through the extent to which it is.

Gently put down the flow blade in his hand, the moment is a system in the bottom of your heart, 'Then my swordsmanship and the three kinds of products don't break through the bottleneck breaking the boundary into the next level? "