Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 319 of Hueding Crack System

'Sorry, the host. Your swordsmanship and the three kinds have not touched the edge of the bottleneck ... also differently than some ambulance ...,'

Some long-lost system sounds in the brain sounded, 'But with the current cultivation progress. ... I believe that as long as I have experienced a few actual hood and use ... soon I can reach the next stage to enter the next stage ..., '.

Still some of the fires ..., 'I have heard the system's answer, and the heart is silent in my heart.

'Wonderful ... Wet giant breakthrough to the next stage is already a refers to it ...,'

The heart is silently ending the dialogue with the system, and the mouth of the moment is slightly rampant. When you look at the blue eyes in front of you, you will flash extremely confidently.

If the fire is burned, it is looking forward to ..., 'slightly low-eyed eyes have a fire in his hand, and the moment is only feeling like it is like a sun, the heart is flourishing. Unlimited period.

Let's go, Robin ... Russia brings you a good look at the scenery on this island! "After the ability of the fire, the mood of the moment seems to be pushed to a new height, one hand is beside the container On the beautiful shoulders of the guest, the corner of his mouth has a smile.

'It is a little doubtful ... I looked at myself. Although I didn't understand why the mood in my body seems unprecedented, Robin is still smiling and promised.

As long as it is a man in front of him.

No matter where he is going, can you. ...

I don't know why, I am concentratinging that it is like a common side face of sculpture, and now I have grown into a little idiot in Robin, who is Ting Ting girl.

· Seeking flowers ...

The largest bar on the island of Mistelia.

Have you heard of it? Hide ..., '

On the bar's bar, the tens of hundreds of pirates in the various wine tables in the lobby, a five-year-old pirate, and the pirates who were head towels were not sounded next to a fishman.

Well ?! "It's been drunk, sitting on the bar bar on the side of the bar, drinking the wine of the wine slightly, putting down the wine glass in your hand, turning your eyes in the past.

I saw this high fishman wearing a black ding, full of red skin, cheering a somewhat fierce mouth.

What are you ... I originally a fishman ..., '

The fishman who sees this red skin turned his head. This pihydress in the headscarf is stunned. Some unpleasant , but continue to open: 'Your guy should be a pirate? "

In this world, human beings often catch fishing people from the sea and fill the slaves to sell, and the fish people have a strong strength than ordinary humans, and there is a 14 gap and hatred between each other.

'Amount. ... I am an explorer ...,' I heard the words of this ficeland. The red skin of the red skin spawned into the hundred thiefs who continued to carnival in the lobby. Some complex looks Reply.

'Explorers ... Almost ...,' There is no answer to the tired skin tall fish, I saw the pirates whose headscarf, I talked about my recent news. 'Recently There is a big event and a news on the time. Are you heard? ".

What big things and news ..., 'This red skin of the fish people seem to hide the heart, and some are not here.

... just a few days ..., '

(Reprimating the monthly ticket flowers don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate the results) (the emperor emperor emperor, saying three times).

Chapter 50, big events and news (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 50, big events and news (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems that there is no observation of the expression of the red skin fish in front of the red skin. This is still self-reliance on the bar, and I have recently received the new world. I have recently come to the new world. Very fierce new moonlight, Molia ... strict

'Try with the hundred beasts of the big waters !! "

It seems to hear the name of Moonlight, Molia and Thara, and the news of the head of the headscarf, the news of Hu Wei's news is involved in all the pirates of the entire bar, and all around me. .

Hey. ... How do you know?! '. The news that he revealed himself suddenly lived in the scene. This one of the headscarts in this head seems to be a little tired, but also sold. A Cat.

How is the "six or three zero" fruit ?? Baru, your guy has a fart! Be careful, you !! "

I haven't waited for him to talk about the red skin of him in front of him. At this time, a thief on the wine table in the lobby suddenly took a little impatient anger, apparently recognized this headed thief.

Moonlight Mount Molaria except him alone ... "

It is a bit impatient in all the thiefs around, this name is Baru's sea M, and the face seems to have a horrible expression with all the piracy in the field: 'The whole pirates are up and down Everyone is all killed by Kaido ...

All ...

They are killed by a man in Kamad ...

After the news in Baru, the pirates in the entire bar took a breath.

In this One Piece, Luojie died, Golden Lion History led the air sea M fetail to fly into the endless cloud sea, only 'the strongest man in the world, white beard Edward alone led the white beard of the Era in the New World Sea.

The whole world is on the sea, and countless sea M new star is brave, it is reflected in the Ace of the Pirate, the big one,

At this time, this time is like a comet, a hundred beasts, Thaedo and. Red-haired. Powns these big hundred thieves are like the mountains are rushing in all the pirates. No matter the strength, it is far from all other Sea m. In this new world, traces of rare plundering and expansion are erected everywhere.

'Kill all the crew members on the Moonlight Molia entire One Pirates?

Listen to this news in Baurota M, almost all the sea m in the field seems to be poured from his head, and the heart is sighing. "Bai beast, That guy It's really awkward ..., '.

This is indeed a big event, there is a news? What? "

At this time, the red skin of the pirates in Bartar has responded to the first time, and some curiously looked at him his gaze and hoped that he would continue.

There is also a news in 'cough and cough.

In front of the eyes, the shock of everyone has apparently satisfying all the vanity of the pirate Baru, I saw him coughing and going to continue: 'The kingdom of the World Government was slow by a row. After the soldiers were defeated, the pirates would be in the king with this 500 soldiers.

After the government's help, the World Government sent a boy's second _. ''

'I sent a boy ?! "I haven't waited for Baru, there are a few pirates on the wine table,' Wow, the world government is a brain into the water ?!"

"No: ._. I haven't finished the second _. ''

There are no ridiculous pirates on the lobby of the lobby, Baru's Shen Sheng continues: 'The result 500 is the prisoner of captive kingdoms and all the pirates ._. All by the boyman kills ._. ''

'That teenager: ._ A person solves the crisis of this kingdom. ".

What ?! 'I heard what the Baru said, the thief in the balance in the field was shocked, "How can I: ._.' '

'The reason why the teenager said is ._.' '

All the expressions on all the pirates in front of the pirates are all in the eyes. Baru continued to make a message to hear the news that heard it. So weak soldiers did not survive......

Weak soldiers do not have the right to survive?

After listening to Baru, all people in the bar were in the heart of their own heart to listen to the bloody words. The red skin of the red skin on the bar also flashed a different eye ...


I saw a few pirates on the wine table, I saw a little deliberate, trying to open a bit of a dull atmosphere in the bar, 'said ... Since the One Piece is killed by the Navy, I have died in the future. One is better than a powerful ~ _. ''

'Is Ming ._. I borrowed the whole new world except the white beard outside _. Now the strongest pirate should be Thaedo ??' Hear the topic of the companion, the thief next to the wine table is immediately It should be attached to the channel.