Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair Crack System Chapter 320


Just when the sound of this pirate was just dropped, with a thick sinking and sorrowful and sorrowful, the door of the bar was turned to be opened by a big foot.

'Our Ward, the captain, Bondi Wald, is the strongest pirate !! "

I saw the bar of the bar after a foot, a rough man walked into the bar behind a group of pirates, and said angries in his mouth: 'How did it be 1.2?!' World destruction When he became famous in this large sea, he still had milk !! ".

Ward Hei Tuan ?! "

After seeing this thick man entered the bar, all the hundred thieves were quietly in the field, because they already had a few hundred thieves to recognize his identity, is him ... Josbatian ..., ' .

The Ward is the captain. The world's destroyer, the cadres under the hands of Bond Divad. Although there are some unusual attitudes of Josbatian, they take. World destroyers, famous, all the thiefs at all I didn't dare to scream.

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Chapter 51 Fisher Terg (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 51 Phoney Terger (seeking rewards and automatic)

, The world's destroyer, Bondi Wald, although the current reward is only 200 million Bailee.

But there are several sophisticated miracles that the guy knows that the guy is the big hundred pirates in the same period, and the strength is deeply unspeakable. It is absolutely not a district. Even if he is the cadre of his hand Josbati. Ancing is not the existence of these ordinary drills.

'Hey: ._ a part of the vessel waste ._.' '

I saw a group of pirates, and the body's thick Josbatian was exhausted to raise his chin, with his own eyes, I will remember it! Our captain Bondi · Wald is the strongest pirate in this world! ".

What is the white beard? When Josbatan is smashing, the bar door behind Josbatian is suddenly pushed in the back of his back, so that he I accidentally bite my own tongue I head, ' _.' '.

Painful pain.'._. Good pain ._. '' accidentally biting his tongue I head, suddenly painful Josbatian's entire thick body is rotating in place.

'Ming ._. Sorry ._.' Robin slimming figure walked into the bar, I accidentally hit someone else when I pushed the door, and I was unable to apologize.

Your guy !! You ._. '' In the so many of yourself, so many pirates in front of the bar, Josbatian instantly screams, but. Clear Robin's appearance I changed another face, hung up on my face, 'is a beautiful beauty of the second _. To my Jos

I apologize for me on the boat of the tea tea. ''


Although the young is light, it has grown a lot of insights in the long journey. Robin heard that the words of Josbatian ruts were originally cold, and I immediately launched my demon fruit. ability.

Armed colored gas · Six rounds of flowers !!

I saw Robin extended a slim double-hand protection to gently cross the moon. Suddenly, Josbatian's arm was long, and I was still wrapped around the dark arm. Color gas.

._ ...

The crisp and loud voice sounded, and I saw that Josbatian had not reacted, and the fruit capabilities of Robin wrapped around armed colored colored gas on her face.

I can evil. "One _" Robin is like a thin arm, and I wrapped around the armed colors, but she took the amazing power, smashing and preventing so many slats fans on the face, Josbatan almost almost almost Fainted.

Josba Tea Captain !! "

The province seeing the cadres on the pirates, Josbatian is almost by the cold girl who is not so weak, and the pirates of all Ward heliers in the bar immediately responded to the weapons of their hands. Robin in the hands of the clance.

Just suddenly, a group of pirates in the Ward 1. It hasn't encountered Robin, which is unable to defend the powerful repulsiveness from the bar.

In the eyes of all other people in the bar, all the pirates of the Ward heliers flew out, flew to the bar in the wall, even deeply embedded above, can't get over Down.

'Tharao kills all members on the Moonlight Molia One Piece ...,'

The mouth is soft, and the movement of the moment will walk into the bar. Even if he is a short distance, his opinion has already heard the pirates in the bar. The disclosure message, "There is also Rob Road, has also been added to CP9 ...

This man.

Strong ...

. . . ...............

This man. ... "It seems to have seen it. ..." The almost the whole person was posted on Baru on the bar, whispered in his mouth, and the appearance of the outstanding appearance in the moment, he seems to be in memory. I have had an impression.

The Navy and the World Government have rewarded the 155 million Bailei ..., '

At this time, the red skin of the red skin next to Bauru was still in aortinized, and the sound of the moment was in the mouth. 'It used to destroy the Navy's Tun Maguo. ... kill under the navy's eyelids Tianlong people's men ..., '

One is it ?! ', the words of the red skin fish, seems to have awakened all the lost memories of Baru, and the philosophy of the moment is suddenly toned to the photo of the reward in his memory. Let's have some barten trembling in your mouth: ' ?! "


Baru's words also reminded all the pirates in the field, and suddenly saw the scene of all the pirates on the scene.

That. Reward a guy who is more than 150 million Bailei?!

Although it is just a bunch of numbers, the existence of the moment is undoubtedly like a stunned mountain, which makes them can't breathe.

'... But didn't have disappeared for a long time ...,' Baru's twisted head is looking to the red skin fish people around him. How can I suddenly appear here ..., '

'... Who knows ...,' as if there is no provincial (Li Qian) to see the incredible expression of Baru, the red skin fish is gently smashing his mouth I bar. Anyway, it is not our business ... '

'Well?!'. Instead, the moment of the moment is a glimpse of Baru and red skin fish, and the blue eyes are gradually condensed. The eyes are suddenly falling on the red skin fish.

Created by the Sun Tiequal ... Fisher Tac.

In order to solve the fishman compatriots who felt the slaves from the Hands of the Dragon from the mans of men ... Freehand Climbing the World Government Headquarters, Mary, Mary, andads. Fish people, danger ...

Not bad, I recognize the identity of the red skin fish, and the mouth is slightly raised.

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Chapter 52 blooms (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 52, bloom (seeking rewards and automatic)

At a glance, Fisher Tieg's identity was recognized, and the heart was suddenly a very emotional idea.

As the fishman of the fish, Fisher Tie has been captured by human arrest in the last adventure travel for three years.

Finally, after the escaped, I was rescued who was saved by Tianlong people from the man who was purchased from the man's hand. He was free to climb the World Government Headquarters, Mary Qiaoa, and a thousands of liberation of the benefactor. Different ethnic slaves.

Of course, this also included being traduated from the boat of the Jiu Sni Mission, sold to the World Aristocrat Dragon People's Emperor. Hancark.

At the same time, Fisher Thai has also become the enemy of the World Government, and has been hocked by the government, and he was rewarded from 120 million Bailey. He is the first person in history, and is the first person who dares to initiate challenge to the world government.

'In the midfolio of the whole fish Dragon, the second guy is a hero ._.' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Think

893 This guy _._. ''

Feeling the eyes of the moment, just like a sharp blade, I scraped my cheek. Fisher Thai couldn't help but the whole body, 'It seems to be exhausted to me _._.' '