Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 321 of Hueding Crack System

At this time, the violent snorked shocked the glass of the entire bar, and I saw that Josbatan, which was inserted in the wall, suddenly launched her own fruit capabilities.

The whole body expands a circle, and the thick hair covers the whole body, and the face of the wild beast is almost ten times higher than that of his entire body in the eyes of the blind eye.

'What is the death of your guy ?! "

I saw that Josbatan had originally swellted to the extent of four or five meters after launching the devil's ability. The head has been wearing the bar's ceiling, countless gravel falls down, a group of sea in the bar The thief has begun to flee the legs.

This is ._. Animal demon fruit ?_. ''

Concently, he was tall to the top to top the ceiling, and the eyes of the eyes were also flashing. Naturally, the demon fruit and the superman were demon, and he appreciated him, and the animal was demon fruit. Today, but the first time I saw it.

'Hey: ._.' '

It seems to capture the scene on the flash, and the Josbati Court has been very bad, and the sound smiles, 'Laozi is the power of the animal, the power of the animal, the power of the animal .... Strength and resistance The ability to play is ten times! ".

Well, thank you for your explanation ...

After listening to the explanation of Josbatian, the moment was hit by itself, and his mouth raised a inexplicable smile. 'Then give you a chance ...,'

'You can witness my fraction of the fireworks that blooms in this world. Factory.

Well ?! What ..., 'F seven makes a huge bear's husband's beast face slightly. Some unclear, so the province is in the baba.

Senluo is all-earth, ... is ash ... !! "

I saw the flash of my own eyes, and I gently picked up the firing of the quaint and slender. If the mouth is like a sigh, I will never read the olive words of the fire.

'That. What is it ?! "

The ancient . . .

Some people in the entire bar have suddenly feel that they have a dry throat within the entire bar, and all the water in the air suddenly sucked away.

Bang !!

A striking sound came out, and the original light is in a dark bar, and it is illuminated by the hot radiant light.

I saw that the installment of the instant is like usually pulled out of the sword sheath, but it seems that it seems to pull it out from the sword-shelf, the boundless flames are in the hands of the flash. The sword sheath spread out, wrapped around the brakes of the fire blade.

Kill "that uncle ... you are ...

At this time, even Robin, who was the most familiar with the Babo, and shocked his own mouth with your own fi, she has never seen such a force.

Robin. Let the opening ...

At the moment, after all, he was the first time to use the fire blade. If the heat of the sun is equivalent to the temperature of the solar surface, if it is not fully controlled, it is entirely possible to hurt the Robin around himself.

After the opening persuaded Kaibin, the moment was free to wavily fire, and suddenly, this flooded the sleek of the fierce high temperature flame, and burned a gorgeous trajectory, burning flame in the air. Almost stuffed throughout the space.

'Good. Good hot ... factory

Although it is only a silky flame that is discharged from the emissions, the deadly temperature is still almost taken away from the lives of several wine tables in Shanghai, and the philosophy is like the moment of Taikoo. The pirates are crowded with a fear, "Let's run. ... will die !! ',

" ..., '

The unusually difficult swallowed water, felt the amazing heat passed out in the hands of the burst of the burst, and saw all the pirates around the feet have begun to break the windows of the bar, Josbati When I was born at peace of mind, I also gave birth to a biss.

Do you want to escape the right ..., 'Some abrupt opening says that in the left eye of the moment seems to be able to extract the intention of Josbatian in front of you.

'Damn ...,' Some dare not look at the shacks of the blue eyes, Josbatian is suddenly broken, and the wall of the entire bar is suddenly throwing down his own group of pirates. The bar rushed out and flew away from the orientation of the sea M ship.

"Oh. Cowarlessly dare to live and die ..., '

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 53, the sword of the fire (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 53 The Haohuo Sword (ask for reward and automatic).

Oh. Cowards who don't dare to live and die. Factory

Some disdainful laughs, the blue double-blue is easy to lock the figure of Josbatian quickly escape, and the fierce flame in the hands flashes when the fire is sturred.

Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

God's reincarnation of God locks the huge figure of the distance, I saw the surrounding space countless hot burst hot flames around the flying dance package. It's like an ancient fire god. If the fire in the hands, if the fire is in the case, if the fire, the electric firing is generally Thunder The potential speed is sword.

No one can describe the power of this sword, the sky sweeping the dragon rolls, the walls of six thousand degrees are constantly rotating M burning, and it seems to be until the target is completely made ashing to the dead.

Bang !!!

All the pirates that escaping the bar all the horror of their eyes, in their horror, unparalleled eyes, reflected in the sky-covered fierce flames, and the general flame dragon rolls almost directly burned the entire island in front of them.

The entire land is for clam soil. All the sea water on the beach is evaporated, and all the objects covered in this flame sword are all vaporized, which is completely evaporated into an intangible gas.

This person, Josbatian, is completely erased from the map from the map, and there is no traces of his existence.

Mistlia Island ... J Xiao lost ... The corpse all the pirates can't confuse the big mouth, and stayed in the Mistrich island that was suddenly burned in front of him.

I saw that in addition to the ground that they standed and the ground is standing, all things in front of them disappeared with the sword in the moment, now there is only one on their eyes, there is only one on the sea and the continuous evaporated white mist.

A ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

In the mouth, I'm looked at this world. The leader of the Impangled Empire, the image of the Impangled Imperial, and the power of the flow blade, and the power of the sword after the fire is ignorant. The moment is satisfied. ' Not very good to control ... corpse

The moment of moment is slowly incorporated into the swim. It seems like re-recovering a high-temperature blazing Taikoo volcano. Suddenly all the filled flame dissipates, then all the pirates around this time feel When you go to your own breath, all the water in the air suddenly returned.

Too ... it's terrible ...

I am afraid that I have a unfair, I have just used a sword that I am using a fraud that I am using a fraud that I am in the murder of the fire. I have been inscribed for all the pirates in the field.

This man is just a sword.

Even if it is white beard and that, the beast is not like this.

Animal demon fruit _._. Although there is no natural system, it is powerful. W coverage is wide_._. There is no superior system, and it is more competing and multi-change. _._. ''

There was no reason to see all the pirates as if I saw the evil ghost. When I felt the flow blade after the fire, I thought it was thinking about the empty sea, 'But but I can directly increase the body directly to the user. Power two _. The strength of the body and cat gas power is not an estimation.

But how is it? _._. ''

Gradually recovered all the thoughts of all the flying scattered, and there was a little laughter, 'In the front of the fire, it can only be a gray.

'The uncle of the moment. _ This is the real power of the flow blade, after the fire, after the sword If the flow blade is fire, it seems to be thinking about how to burst everything like this.



At this time, the low and thick voice came, the moment and Robin couldn't help but look back, I saw a group of Those trembling the pirates, the red skin of the fish, Fisher Tac, gone, Stared at the moment, 'You kill the cadres on the Wardhair group ._, the world destroyer, Bondi Watt