Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 322 of Hueding Crack System

The guy is not easy to let you go. "

· ... seeking flowers.

, World destructive,?! "

I saw a tall fishman Fisher Tieger, heard the words he had picked up his brow, and the corner of his mouth came out of the mouth, 'a big name. _. ''

"I hope that he will survive more seconds....... Instead, people who are more interested are you in Sherr Tieg..

You know me? "I will recognize myself at a glance, and the fisher Fisher faces obviously, this time, one person comes out from the human fish Island, I plan to travel to the Shengdi Mary, Mary, which is the peak of the red soil. I will recognize my identity.

Is this man knowing my goal?!

Photographed in the moment of shocking strength, the fish fisher, and there were some misconducted guessing.

Don't guess _._. ''

It seems to borrow the ideas and activities in the heart of the fish in front of the fish, and the moment is only slight smile, and the drunken opening throws a bomb, which has entered his heart, 'Your purpose is to go to the Shengdi of the red soil mainland Mario is rescued his compatriots ~ _. ''

'You I'm.................................................................................... It is dressed in a hole in the whole body, and there is no secret that there is no one in this eyes.

'Is it his eyes. "Can you wear someone else's inner heart.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 54 Preparing for Action (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 54 Preparing for Action (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Fisher, how do you call the Tianlong people?'

'Moth. 'I heard the sudden question of the moment, Fisher almost worked out.

I heard the front of the fish, Fisher didn't figure out, and I immediately asked again: 'The slave? "

I don't know if Fisher's illusion, he is clearly felt that this man's eyes seem to induce some kind of thing, and he immediately responded.

Ming. ...

In front of this terrible man is the existence of the Dragon people in front of the navy. ...

'Is it? I'm going to ...,'

It seems that the intention of the intentions and hearts in the words, "eight nine zero" fish people Fisher original Shu Shu's eyes are enthusiastic, and the eyes are somewhat staring at the moment in front of them.

If this man is willing to worry about it. ... with his strength ...

Then, this time I went to the Shengdi Maroa, the success rate would undoubtedly increased countless times. ...

'Um ... If you want to liberate the slave ...,' call to the feverfulness of the fish, Fisher's enthusiastic eyes, the moment is soft and smiled: 'Calculate me one! ".


I heard the affirmative answer, I saw that the original Shen Shu 's fisher fiser jumped. The original red face was in the moment because of the excitement, and excited with the eyes of the eyes,' I represented all Thank you for the prisoners of slaves. ... Mr. Shun ..., '

'Thank you from all the prisoners of slavery, you will be excited by the fishman Fisher, and the slaves who are imprisoned by the world's aristocratic dragon people are not forbidden, and they will ask themselves. There is no greatness of the degree.

Just since I came to this world.

The future of the people who were sold to Tianlong people were sold to the Tianlong people, and the emperor, Baya Hancark had to save. ...

"Don't thank me ... I am just out of my own purpose ..., 'seems to be the eyes of the fish Fisher, the eyes of the Shuangzheng's eyes, I only see the moment of frankness, the opening:' You go to prepare Let's go with me tomorrow ...

'For your own purpose ...,' Slave., '

'The gentleman, you are the benevolent of all fish people! "

I saw the fisher Fisher ga gawn straight, and the words were like the staples, and they were firm.

'Just you. You said yes ...,'

Looking at the front of his eyes, the fisherman who is stubborn and firm, and there is a bit helplessly shake his head. He turned its province to Robin next to him.

The next day.

The originally drunk blue sky, and the unfair sea under the foot of the feet, showing a nirvanated picture.

Today, but often, the whole blue sky is dyed, countless huge meteorite flashed in the sky.

It quickly accepted a burning tail flame in the atmosphere, and the endless cloud sea seems to have a long scar in the blue sky, creating a picture of a natural disaster in the late day.

Say !! What is it? !! '. Under the sky, a sea thief to enjoy a leisurely in the big sea, suddenly be shocked by the scene of this in the top of this, the scene.

'That direction is it ?!!' The son seeing the direction of this group of countless huge meteorites in the top of the sky, some pirates were more surprised.

This is really incredible !! Mr. Mr. ..., '

Some somewhat horror sounded, only to see a huge unparalleled meteorite in the middle, standing two people.

A red skin is highly mighty, a silver white long hair dance is like the heavens.

'It feels like it is a dream. ... this is the power of God ?! "Fisher Tiger is unbelievable IJ's huge meteorite, and there are dozens in the air. Warm burning meteorite. ...

It seems that I am afraid that my voice blows away by the windy wind, the fish people are shouting with their faces of their faces.

'I can listen ... You don't have to be so loud ...,' Wen said that there is a little headache to gently shook his head.

Although the two stood in the meteorite, it was like a very strong airflow around it, but it was obvious that both of them had seen the color gas, and normal exchanges were affirmed. It didn't need this loud no need. Shout.

Guy in the pirates _._.

Sure enough, there is no normal _._.

'Fisher second _. Ready to act?

Among the wind, the sound of the unsatisfied, the blue gods have seen a vast red soil continent in front.

The eyes of the moment seemed to penetrate the endless space distance, and he sees the luxury emperor of the whole red soil continent in the clouds of the clouds.

'Perhaps our next "._. This is the strongest force in the world _._" Deep and vocal eyes are very incomparable, it seems that the whole cloud of clouds, the mood of the moment is 5.0 a slight fluctuation.

World Government_._. Five Elder Stars.

I hope you don't let me feel too borus.

'Haha! I have already prepared it !!' I heard the sound of the moment, and the fisherman Fisher almost lost from the huge meteorite, and some crazy sounds sounded on the top of the top. 'Fish people's compatriots! World Government! Tianlong people! I am coming !! "

'Simply with Lufei ". _. Although ._" The province's sleepman Fisher is exciting, and the flash is sprinkled, and the blue eyes are thinking about it. The more favor of Marie Joya, 'I didn't really see Lu Fei. Factory