Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 323 of Hueding Crack System

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Chapter 55 Intrusion (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 55 Intrusion (seeking rewards and automatic)

Santi Marie Joya.

Here is the location of the World Government Headquarters, located in the peak of the Red Soil, just like a high half of the great route and the second half of the second half of the road, it is one of the two ways to the new world. .

Here is the residential place of the world's aristocratic Creator, and the residence of the five old star of the world's highest power, the king of the World Government to join the country will come here to convene a World Conference.

In the case of more concise words, here is the top peak of the whole world.

Among the luxury emperors, there is no different, and the five old stars are sitting on the sofa talking about the world situation in the sea today.

The only and common, that is, the five old stars and white long hair in white curly are not present today, and only three five old stars are sitting in the whole hall.

They two?! '. The five old stars of the bald beard will open the mouth, and the strong figure makes his temper, the whole person is irritating.

"Today, I went to the Navy's new part of the base. The five old stars of the blonde were said. It didn't seem to think about the 04. I re-added it again. It is increasingly ignorant.

They went to the Navy to put the proposal about this king's seven Wuhai. They gave them two ..., '

Blonde five old stars and talk, there is a time between the words in the middle of the time, in addition to the Navy and the pirates of the new world ... this big sea must have a new force to balance this role ..., '

"Hey. So ..., '

Maximum sofa,

Is there a good candidate??

The five old stars who wear a pair of unfamiliar glasses wearing a suit are like a mine, and the first generation of the 12th workers in the hands of the 12th workers don't leave the hand, the sharp eyes stare at the other two in front of themselves. Five old stars, 'then about the king of Qi Qihai.

Human selection? No need to worry ..., '

'About this time, the Qihai Sea is only a proposal ... The real implementation also needs to have everyone's share of everyone ...,' face the question of the five old stars in the glasses, blonde five old stars It's just a smile, "more ... even if it is really implemented ... These seven Wuhai is just some high.

Level of chess pieces and tools ..., '


For the explanation of the blonde fiveth Star, next to the head bearded, five old stars nodded, and immediately didn't think of what, the sound of the rang, "The new Navy's part has established a good time ... About five years ago The moment of destroying the entire Malin Fanto Mo, '

'Is there any of his latest news?'. Obviously for a person who can destroy the Navy's base, the five old stars of the world's highest power leaders are also impressive, and will not fall light.

Especially five years ago, the moment to save the golden lion history, destroy the entire original Navy's Base, Malin Fantano, the Qingyi Takura is half a year, and the Warring States and Kapu have three people. Unprecedented hierarchy.

And even the world government and the Navy can not announce this matter, it can only claim that the original Navy's Ma Lin Fano has been swallowed, otherwise not only the pirate will be in the world, but this incident is for the world government and The image of the Navy will also cause unrebeatic blows.

'The dangerous guy. ... Since five years ago, save the Golden Lion to destroy Malin Fanto, enter the new world to disappear ...,'

I heard the name mentioned by the head of the beard of the beard, and the sharp eyes of the five old stars, as if the sword was like a inexplicable money, 'No matter what. This person is for us. Both are unstable risk factors, '

'Hey. Can not be dragged again ...,'

"Once you find his whereabouts. ... just resolve him ..., 'The head of the mustache, the five old stars, nod, just want to talk, but suddenly feel the camp line within the whole hall.

There are countless afternoon in the emperor hall of the luxury hall, it seems that there is something to block, and the three five old stars on the sofa are looking forward to the window.

A philosophy seeing the scene outside the window, all stood up from the sofa.

this is?!"

I saw the sky of the sky in the windows, and I didn't know when I have started to have a flush color.

Countless white clouds are rolled away. A huge too ancient meteorite burns a burning flame in the atmosphere. After burning red whole sky, there is an air in the end of the day, as if it is invisible The big hand manipulating the generally locked their side of the Shengdi Mary Qiaoa.

The shock is coming.

What's going on?! Natural disaster ?! '. Suddenly see so many huge meteorites fall, the blonde five old stars are extremely surprised to open the road, so the last 333 scene makes him think of natural disasters .

After all, I suddenly saw this shocking scene ...

The first idea of ​​normal people will never think of this is caused by human resources.

No. You carefully clear ..., 'This time, the five old stars look at the eyes of the horizontal glasses of the window, but suddenly flap, the sound is low.

'That is. Someone above the meteorite !? "

Remind the five old stars, the rest of the two five old stars look forward to the direction of the sun in the distance, I saw dozens of meteorites that were automatically burned in the friction with the air, the largest meteorite in the middle Above, Herone stationed two slender figure!

Someone wants to destroy the Shengdi Mary Joa ... After returning God, the light head mustache's five old stars originally loudly, but it seems that it can drop the water. The eyebrows of the thick and ethograms are covered. The masque of outbreak.

"How many years ..., '

"Today, some people want to challenge the majesty of the world government !!"

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 56 Holy Land Marie Qia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 56 Holy Land Marie Qia (seeking rewards and automatic)


The constant roar sounds.

It seems that the end of the day of natural disasters is general. The whole luxury grand holy land of the red soil continent seems to be like a layer of fragile eggs. Dozens of meteorite seems to be directly smashed in the headquarters of the world government.

Huge oscillations and shocks directly include the World Government Headquarters, almost all buildings are ground.

Today is destined to be the victory day of Shengdi Marie Qiaoa.

Since 20,000 kings have established the World Government and stay here, I have never experienced any natural disaster in the past millennium Mary Joya, and finally ushered in devastating.

'Hair ... What happened ?! ".

Is this a Sheng ?! "

The whole of the whole holy land in front of the province is almost all of the countless huge meteorite, and the powerful airflow and smoke of the crazy spread, it is lying on the body of the world's aristocrat, everywhere is the pain of Tianlong people. Mourning.

It is a world aristocratic dragon who enjoy all the privileges in this world. This is the pain and disaster they have never experienced.

'Damn ... Holy Land Mario is even destroyed to this extent ...

In the midst of sinking, in the most magnificent building collapsed from the center of Shengdi Maroa, the three shadow seems to be rapidly shot, rushed to the position of the huge meteorite in the murdere of Shengdi Maroa.

'Cough ... This shocking enamel method I never thought ...,'

At this time, the most middle, dust filled, two blurred figures in the Shengdi Mary, the two blurred figures are the headquarters of the World Government ... Holy Land Mary Qia. ... Mr.