Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 324 of Hueding Cracks

'Don't talk nonsense ...,'

The dust is gradually scattered, and the outline of the beautiful Junxiu is gradually clear. A pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHU YANG Yaogai, clearly seeing the confusing holy land in Mary, there are three powerful figures in an incredible speed. Turn close to them, 'according to our gauge

Plan. You will save those slaves ... I will give it to me here ..., '

'Is ... Mr. Mr. ...,'

Since I feel the moment, the fisherman Fisher is now the only thing is that there is no doubt that in his mind has set an incomparable image.

Just sent it in Fisher, the blue eyes were suddenly condensed. Almost at the same time, at the same time, it seems to be able to directly split the entire holy land of Mary Joya. It took advantage of unparalleled premature towards the moment.

'._. Speed ​​is really fast.

The power of this strong southern, the power of the self-dissemination seems to be strong to unimaginable, and even in the whole new world and the country have never seen the strong Sen Cold swordscent, Jun Xiu is innocent. The face finally revealed a serious expression, 'big sword wrapped in the squatting?' '

Dragon is fireful!!!

It's almost in the time of the bullet, if the flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire is scratzed, it seems that the heavens and the earth are unbounded, and the 16th degree of fatal high temperature combustion distorted the surrounding space, The unilateral momentum speed is sword.

A blazing sword gattered illuminated the entire holy land Marie Joya, as if there is such a touch of hot color throughout the heavens and the earth, suddenly hits the far-sighted swordsmanship.

I saw two strong. The unparalleled swordscent sniper, hit the hit together, the naked shock wave of the naked eye flew around all the dust and gravel, broke out, unable to see the light.


Some surprised sounds sound in the distance, but the violent wind has arrived in front of the moment.

Six-style · hell feet !!

I saw the picture in front of the moment, a blonde man wearing a black suit scored a dark arc in the void, and the moment appeared in front of him.

The kick beyond the sound of the sound brought a burning temperature in the air, and countless vacuum snaps like zero-distance detonated nuclear bombs.

Even the blind eye of the moment also captures his leg and feet, because it is fast to get the ultimate speed friction air to make your own whole legs into magma's color, and it seems that even the enemy's bones can also be burned, and power is like hell. The devil is generally powerful.

Armed color A qi · coverage !!

Just in the moment, it seems that all of them are attracted by the blonde five old stars in front of the blonde, and the head of the head is quiet, and even more delicate than the card. The dark armed piglet covers his whole body, and it is extremely extremely

Power hands holding punches in the Canghatowan.

Do you have a good guy?

When the eyes were branched by two five old star, they formed a ten dead and no life, and there was a big sword-in-law, five old star, and the martial arts, and the mammare. There is also a mood to make a joke-like speech.

Fire, fire, fire, refused!!!

In the eyes of the dynasties, the martyrdom of two (Zhao Wang) is soaring, and the water among all air is as if it is instantaneous, and it is impossible to imagine blazing, like a huge fire ring. In an instant, it explodes the center.

Like the hot hot high temperature of the sun surface temperature, the shocking burst is in an instant to blow up all the objects around the moment. I saw the blonde five old stars and the bald beard five old stars to be dyed on the deadly flame. It was as shells. Flying out, shot into the endless ruins of Shengdi Marie

'It is you ... rewards 150 million sinners. ...,'

It seems that there is no provision of the two companions that have been flying out, and the five old stars will hold the first generation of ghosts. The eyes under the glasses are like the eyes of the Baby.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 57, Five Elderstars (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 57, Five Elderstars (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I finally saw the highest leadership of the World Government ... though ..., '

I heard that the five old stars called himself for sinners. He didn't take a light smile, but he said hello to see the old friend, 'It met in this way.

Actually attack the World Government Headquarters ..., '

The sharp eyes under the glasses glanced at the surrounding luxury emperor's holy land Mario. It has been completely destroyed into a ruins now, and the tone of the five old stars is not forbidden. It seems that it comes from the normality from the land hall.

It's almost a thousand years ... I have never dared to do this.

On the other hand, the murder that was injected in the mouth of the five old stars had almost condensed into the substance, and the first generation of him was holding in the hands of the ghost, as if at any time, he would kill the sword. Qi, 'moment. You have become the enemy of this world,'

'The enemy of the world ?! "

It seems that I didn't know the sharp eyes of the Warm, and I heard the meaning of his words. After the words he did, there was an unnecessary raised his own brows, and it was still shrugged. No. ... You can't behave in this world ..., '

673 - "Yes ... is there only three people?"

Said that the flash of the blue eyes is slightly oblique, and the two five old stars who have been flying out by the fire-fighting burst, and the other two five old stars?? ''.

This is not necessary to know ..., '

The dull voice came from the distance. I saw the head bearded five old stars and blonde five old stars and blondes who have just been attached to the moment. 'You just need to know that we must kill you. If you die countless times ..., '.

This is a temperature of the flame. Even the armed colors can't resist ..., '

Burning under all body burns a shocking scars, but the bald bearded five old stars and blonde five old stars seem to have not feeling pain, and the steel is generally exhausted, 'is the devil. Is the ability of the fruit. Or. Do you have the ability of the sword? "

It was not burnt flying ash in the fire-filled burst.

(AEAI) E, the two five old stars, the militors are the least second. ...

The blue-blue eyes are queues two five old stars in front of their eyes, and observe every inch in their body, and the moment is secretly analyzed in the heart.

'Oh, two _. This is not necessary to know. ._.' '

The doubts of the three five old stars in front of the province, the moment to play the taste, hit the words just what they said, 'You just need to know that you are still not enough for me. _. ''

'Hey. _. No matter what the ability is also _._.' '

I heard the hit on the moment, the bald bearded five old stars were angry, and the eyes were staring at the eyes of the moment. 'Light destroyed the Shengdi Mary Qia ._. Kill so many dragon people. '

As the highest leaders of the world, as the top of this world, they have never seen anything, no, even never imagined this world, some people will crazy to attack the Shengdi Mariet, challenge them. The point of the old star.


Still alone, one person.

'It is enough for you to die !! "

Roaring, with the voice of the five elderstars, the essence of the five old star glasses, almost unclear his movements, the first generation of the 12th workers in the hands Ghostatic instantly out of sheath.

It is difficult to imagine the swordsmanship, and the fifths between the fifth star and the moment are torn, and the crescent is similar to the roaring and curse of countless soul evil spirits. The sword spots scatters and the perfect touches that have no big fast knife level weapons have exploded.

Easy power.

'The first generation of the two workers of the big fast knife 12 _.' '

In the face of the giant crescent, the bark of the giant crescent, felt the roar of it as if there were countless souls, the spirit of the soul, and the blue eyes were slightly condensed. Above.