Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 325

This is famous in the world of the entire secondary yuan:.

In the first generation, there is no one of the twelve workers, the legend of the legend, lives in the sword, and the thoughts can slowly. So only more than the sword spirit can drive this sword, otherwise it is only the final death of the dead.

But unfortunately, the ghosts in the past can dominate him. In the legend of the island, the ghost is accompanied by a blood-red thunder, and the blood red thunder is a prior to the world's catastrophe.

This proves that every ghost will be a world-class disaster. And this knife is completely enough to be a black knife, night, and drive with another black knife, night, and driving one of the twelve workers.

'It is actually able to control the sword of the disaster ...

Feeling the unparalleled swordscent of the essay and the countless soul of the evil spirits, the moment, I finally understood why Five old stars were able to stand in this world for so many years. 'But ... how is it ...,'

The angle of the mouth is slightly San, the blue eyes of the blue, issued an endless light, and its own hands have far more powerful and weapons than this. ...

In the pupils of the three five old stars, there seems to be all the water in the air, and only the fierce flames in the hands of the fierce, the fierce flames are sufficient, as if burned enough to destroy this world. Burst.

Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

A sword in the top, the blazing hot flame sword gattered to form a fierce tornado, so like a destroying everything, burning all things in front of it into a piece of ashes, suddenly hitting the way The soul of the five old stars evil spirits squeezed ...

Chapter 58 Guild Five Elders (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 58 Guild Five Elders (seeking rewards and automatic)


There is no unusual sword to fight the kind of golden iron, and the flame dragon roll and martial arts of the moment, the squatting of the five old stars, after the collision, the time will send a violent explosion.

Countless black gray ash dust raises in the air, I saw the five elders and the ground under the foot of the feet were burned by the high temperature burst into black ashes.

Although there is no such swordsmanship in the first five old stars to reach the level of the big sword ~, if the flow blade, if the fire, the heat of the fire, the strength of the moment itself can easily destroy all the swords from the martial art. Smash.

Month · Shaving !!

Just in the sight of everyone, when the sight of the five old stars, the sight of the eyes was buddy, and the eyes of the eyes were flowers, and the five old stars in the air made a sharp arc in the air. The line channel, the whole person seems to have transients generally appear in the head of the moment.

Among the six-mocks of the human body limit, a moment of stepping on the ground is more than ten times, using the anti-working speed of the anti-action to quickly move the shaved, and the air walking in the air, these two techniques have been blonded five Also in the end of the ultimate perfect integration, you can

At the same time, the shaving is displayed at the same time, and the shaving is exhibited to achieve the goal of the transient.

Life is still!!

Six-style, demon rifle!!

I saw that the transients generally appeared after the top of the moment, the ten fingers of the blonde five old stars did suddenly became like a noodle, and the air in the top of the moment seems to be like a bone.

Suddenly, the entire ground where the moment is located is bombarded a huge deep pit.

I saw that the blonde five old stars entered the life of life, each finger of the hands showed numerous guns in an instant, and hundreds of air bullets formed a waterfall as an intensive offensive, and blinking The orientation of the moment is a virtual.

Life is returned to the end of the six-style, and the user can freely control the body's hair or even internal organs. If you fill your consciousness, you can freely control anywhere you are up and down.

"Have you hit him ... or ...

Gently fell to the edge of the deep pit that she bombarded, and the blonde five old stars like Eagle, the sharp eyes left and right.

Stupid! You are above !! "

When this kind of thousands of hair, the speed of speech seems to have couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the battle. After capturing the trail of the moment, the five old stars actually aimed at the position where the blonde five old stars were exhausted. The sword gather.

I saw the tacit combat between the five old stars, at this time, there was no somewhat dissatisfied in the top of the blonde five old star heads, but the movements in the hand did not stay.

Dragon is fireful!!!

In the hands of the burst of fire, if the fire puts the unmatched gentleness and high temperature, the blonde five old stars under their feet, the sharp sword, the sharp sword, and the burning of all flames. Dadi is for ashes.

'. ... Month and Shaving ...,'

A sword hinded the earth under his feet, and the swordscent of the five old stars were already arrived in front of the moment. The blue-blue double pupil turned quickly, capturing the five old stars to show the month and shaving. Combined with the rapid movement trajectory. 'The speed of getting out is really fast ...,'

'Cheap. If he is hit by him ...,'

If the mobile, the blonde five old stars have allocated a black trajectory in the air, and the heart has a little staring at the whole piece of the whole thing in the moment. 'But One is over ..., '

Bang !!

The fierce broiler sounded, not only to arrive at the swordsman of his eyes, but also played a fifthal beard of the role in this battle that suddenly appeared in the top of the head.

The whole body is very strong, which is almost cultivated to the ultimate armed color gas as if a lacquer sale is covered with a whole body. The fist in the hand is like crushed everything, and it is hit!

· ... seeking flowers ·· ......

There is a sudden change, the five old star swords came to the level of the swords, and the top of the top of the head beard, the five old stars almost broke through the shocking boxing of the armed colors A gas, and the death of the death. Mong himself was broken in the moment of all escapes.

'What is the fierce attack like just now is the bait of the battle ...,'

The vastness of the blue-blue eyes flash, from the beginning of the start of the game, now all the battle pictures quickly brushed the heart of the moment, and the lights between the electric stone fires, the whole situation in front of the whole situation. 'It is a five old star ... '

It turned out that from just now ...

Blondard five old stars's offensive is a bait ...

It is really a real kill.

The big Sword of the Ghosts in the Supreme Stroke ... Use the six-style physical technology to the gods of the gods, and the armed colored products are quick to enter the third paragraph.

Especially the five old stars of the squatting the sword, the armed colors of the squad, the squat, the martyrdom, and the moment, the moment, the mind, there is some gods, and then don't have a tacit understanding Tactical cooperation. ... it is really the most terrible five people in this world ...

"Although I don't know what kind of power is there in the two five old stars ... but. ..."

After the end of the thoughts, the sight of the blue-briques, the sight of the blue, and the corner of the mouth gradually raised a smile, and the gods were mixed in the eyes, and there was an endless A force.

'Just a degree of attack. Not enough! "

Renovation of eyes, god, Tianzheng !!!

Essence of the Senyor Swords and the armed colors should hit the moment in front of them. Three five old stars suddenly found their own attacks and moment, there was an eternal distance between the end of the sky. ......

Chapter 59 defeating (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chart 59 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, I saw a shocking force of the sharpness, suddenly broke out in the moment of the body, instantly, all the offensive around him, all the ground and ruins, all the objects all bombard out , Huge pits on a state in the ground under the foot

In constant spread.

what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculpture from his own eyes, the pupil of the bald beard five old stars slightly shrink, suddenly felt that his body covers the head of the armed colors bombarded, just like hitting The intangible repulsive barrier that is difficult to resist, is completely difficult to enter.