Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 326

Nearby ...

The voice of the unfast-eternal ear film sounded, and the five old star glasses had a sharp double eye storm 'zero seven zero. I saw that the sword of the sword of the sword that he kill it suddenly hit the god of the ostrich of the moment. It is like a comet impact on a layer of atmospheric barrier. Going forward.


After the death of God, Shen Luo Tian Zun's repulsive relief, after the bunch of two five old stars, the mouth of the mouth smiles slightly 9 out of the smile, suddenly increased the output of his eyes, 'giving I roll back! "

Under the infinite mountains of the moment, the illegal tsunami, only the entire ground under the moment is disappeared, and the most recent bald beard of the moment only feels that he is a whole body, the whole person is instantaneous. It is expensive to fly.

A huge incomparable round pit is instantly diffused at the foot of the moment. I saw the entire Shengdi Marie Joa's most central bustling zone. It was hungry under the moment of shocking and shocking.

Damn !! "

Just the first time after the whole holy land, Mary Qiaoa, a black track formed in the air, and the blonde five old stars seem transcrunfacked generally spanning the long distance, instant appeared in an instant. In front of.

Six-style · hell feet !!

There is a kind of breath like sulfur diffusely in the air.

I saw the blonde five old star leg feet as if the magma in hell is in general. It is fast to rub the hot flame in the air, and the shocking kick is out of the moment. It has taken out countless deadly arcs. The madness is like a moment.

'.... Very strong kick two _.' '

The province seeing the blonde five old star nodes appearing in his own eyes, Shi Show out the decay to the magical gods, and the mouth of the mouth is overflowing a smile, the blue eyes suddenly put a cool Guanghua, 'But ~ _.' '

'Play body, I am not afraid of anyone! "

Softwork, gossip 512, palm!!

The sound of the moment also spread in the air, I saw the flash of the flash of the flash, and the other hand suddenly rubbed quickly in the air, and the eyes of God were in the eyes of all the eyes. The pupil has a moment in the air in the air.

Once in another world, the body of the world was pulled in the world of the pirates, only one hand in the world.

There are countless collision sounds in an instant, and the sky-fashioned moving shadow 16 whenever the opening of the blonde five old stars, I only see the fire in front of the front air, the flames you can't keep up. The skyline, the blonde five old stars in an instant.

You second actually dismantled my devil feet ?! "

The province is in an instant to defeat his kick, and the blonde five old stars will also cover the eyes of the shock, and only feel the whole body pain, after being attacked by the attack, blonde Wuxi is a hemp, and it has a feeling of moving.


Capturing the unbelievable eyes in the blonde five old stars, the face showed the smile of the Hall of the face.


Blondo five old stars feel that his neck is tight, only in the moment of changing hands, the moment, I grabbed the Suit Collar of the Friendian Collar.

Countless gravel seems to be like bullets, and the black coat coat is floating in the air.

I saw the flash of the collar of the blonde five old stars, pulling him into the ground one hand, and immediately went up and went up, rolling up the surroundings. Dust and ashes.

'The one is two bad !! "

Just at this time

Since a distance, I suddenly felt the movement of the moment, and I suddenly became wild.

Eighty god air hit !!!

The blonde five old stars who were smashed in the ground were struggling. She found that the moment is like to be gently swayed, and there is countless of the air in front of their eyes. There are countless and invisible. Between the head, every momentous head of the head is excluded in the air.

A two net, as if there is a highly mysterious mystery, and the mountain is generally bombarded by him.

At a time, the time and space seems to stop, and the blonde only feels that the world seems to have changed. The surroundings are all hidden. There is only the case of this countless king of the world. 1.0


Blondard five old stars did not feel pain, just instantly, every cell, every cell, lost all the perception, countless huge vacuum head in front of the air, almost at the same time, all bombards in his body, let him even think herself The whole person was packed in tissue.

Bang !!!

I saw the ruins of the Holy Land Mary Qiaoa by the flat land, and the whole land began to crush collapse.

The blonde five old stars whole body of the body is like a shell. It has been in the bottom of the ground. Almost completely lost the blonde five old stars have no extra qi to open their eyes, he only feels the bones of your body. It has become a powder, even a finger can't move ...

Chapter 60 Zhongye Hell (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 60 Preservatives (seeking rewards and automatic)

The eighty god air attack of the body is protected.

Under the moment, even the whole land of the center of the Shengdi Marie Qiaoa ruins ...

In the eyes of the five old stars and the photographer, the five old stars were shocked, and the land of their feet was like a spider web and smashing, as if the tofu was pulled with a moment. ...

I have died? "

The blonde five old star has the final flashing of such a thought. As the whole person's body is burning in the earth, the black awareness is completely falling in front of him.

Damn !! "

The sound of sinking and angry, the moment only felt behind him, and the blind eye was in the eyes of the dead angle. The mart of the martial arts was captured.

The violent golden iron is sounded, and I saw it instantly turned to raise his sword. The dead blocked the martial arts five old stars.

04 proceeding.

I saw the moment between the moment, the flow blade in the hands of the fire and the first generation of the five old stars collided into countless times, the sharp swords of the sharp shovel smashed the countless gravel.

This guy. The proclamation realm is clearly only the swordsmanship ..., '

The more I handed over, the more surprised it in the heart of the five old stars, and he could be very clear at the level of swordsman. He could have a level between the moment and him.

However, the power of the moment, plus his gods, and the eyes of all the eyes, and the blade of the fire, the blazing flame, which turned into him, but faintly pressed him.

Cut off energy ... It turns out. ..., '

In the case of the squid, the Guanghua in the midst of the squats, the Guanghua in the scenery of the blue, and he as if he appeared in the unprecedented feeling of a silk, "This is the big sword spots level." Keyway realm ..., '

I only see the two old stars in the brakes and the two old stars, and the sword in the hands of the two almost completely turned into the illusion of the naked eye. Only if the faint approximately countless sword gold blind is full of air Among them, the continuous cutting is grinding the existence of various tangible invisible in the air.

'This kid ... Is it taking me in practice swords ?! "

I was aware of the eyes of the eyes, and the five old stars were somewhat shocking, and some were angry.

The initial generation of the hand is in the case of the gods, the gods are generally swaying. In the air, they hit a sharp sword with a sharp sword, and the powerful sniper is constantly cutting out, if the moment is fuel, if it is in front of him All blazing flames in the space,