'Swords . The big sword wraps the energy. So ...,'

For the blaze of his hand, if the fire continuously swept the blazing, the sword was turned off by the five old stars in front of him. He made not only no smile, but the eyes of the blue eyes became more shine, as if The province has come to the Kangzhuang Avenue that leads to swords to high realm.

'What is higher than the big sword wrapped. Is it cut off the void?

"Can no longer drag down !!"

It was obvious that the swordsmannery exhibited in front of her eyes, the eyes under the five old star glasses were smashed out of the swear of murder, and suddenly exploded.

Bang !!

As in front of you, the sinking of the five old stars, the flash of the moment, immediately alive, the head bearded five old stars behind him, covering the powerful armed color 0 gas, the whole person is like a black crazy The giant behem has been destroyed the entire ruins in front of him, and the power of bombing all the power is suddenly one.

Boxing is instant.


Just at this time, I grabbed the fightering fleet, the five old stars glasses, the eyes of the eyes, the beginning of the hand, the beginning of the hand broke the soul of the soul of almost naked eye, accompanied by a wipe as if The swords of the whole world broke down and watched their own power towards the moment.

'Are you tied. This is true !! "

Subject to the two five old stars from both sides of the body, they also felt a stress of a dignified pressure. In the two five old stars, the mouth is flowing. 3 has a burst of crazy smile.

This is the compact pressure.

Let the moment to find a blood boiling pleasure and the existence of true self. ...

Dragon is firefully, hell !!!

The five old stars and the bald bearded five old stars have suddenly bloated, and the two only feel that the air in the air is boiled, and only the moment in front of the moment is gently playing the flame in his hand. Too knife, as if all the blazing of all blazers are all over the knife in his hands.

Then, only the moment of flashing in his hand, burning the blazing of the blazing of the blazing, and slammed into the ground in front of him!!

Bang !!! 697

The five old stars and the photographed mustache five old star ears, temporarily lost the hearing.

Red, all of all everything makes a red color flame.

Dozens of Tongtian General Fire Column suddenly spurted from the ground, and immediately gathered together, as a nuclear fusion, six thousand in burning flames blinks, the square will be a square.

On the sea on both sides of the whole terracotless continent, almost all the pirates saved the holy land of their eyes and towering straight into the cloud.

The World Government Headquarters, the world's rights, the top of the peak, which is afraid that all the pirates are highly unable to climb, at this moment, the flame burst of the whole sky is burst.

'Hair. What happened ...,'

The two-sided sea isolated on the continent, one side is the pirates of the great route, one side is the pirates of the new world, almost simultaneously send an exact same exclamation, it is unimaginable to look at the head of the head of the Holy Land Mary Qiaoa. Disaster.

Holy Land Mary, how can it be ..., '

Chapter 61 comes (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 61 comes to (seeking rewards and automatic).

Sorry ..., '

'Is a little excited ...,'

Some sorry words are ringing in the holy land of Margaroia.

However, the whole body is in the boundless red flame burst, and there is a general moment of all flames in the world, but it can't find a little apology.

One hand held the sword of the ancient burst of fire, the moment is like walking in the boundless panel of Chi Chi, and the endless fierce flame around the body is like the elf. It is usually cheering, which seems to have spirituality.

Senluo is all-like ...

All are ashes.

This is the lie-like language of the flow blade, at this time, at this moment, it is true that it is powerful ...

The blue-blue eyes are good for the powerful armed colors that have been burned by their own swords. It seems that the pigs are generally fell on the ground. The moment is slowly raised. Too knife, you are trying to take a sword to bomb them ash.


A flash sounded from the unconscious sky, like a beast, non-human non-animal.

'What happened?!"

'Holy Land Mary Qiao is actually ?!! "

Unimaginable anger sounds

And his side is flying and floating.

'That is. ... dragon ?! "

God's reincarnation saw the other two five old stars that rushed to the Shengdi Marie Joya, saw one of the five old stars in the sky, and even the face of the moment can not help but flash a surprised look, clear blue A phenomenon is reflected in the double.

The face, sharp double corner, huge body, It is the image of the midst of mythology in the moment.

'What?! Devil fruit animal is a magical veterinarian? "!" He saw this huge malignant body in the sky, and the first time in the mind was in the first time.

Is you ?! Destroy Malin Fanto's sinner _._. ?! "

The beast asleep saw the moment of unlucky in the holy land, Mary Joya, and the huge dragon on the sky actually spit people, and the surprise speech continued to swallow the hot dragon.

'As you can see_._.''

In the face of the huge dragon's anger in the top sky, the moment is like a spring breeze, and the sword in the hands of the fire is gently refer to the eyes of the Shengdi ash, and Mary, my masterpiece. _._. ''

'This is Mary Qia_. Here is the headquarters of the World Government ... _. Here is the holy place in the eyes of the world.

I saw the five old stars who turned into a huge dragon in the sky, I saw a hind of the big land of the earth, as if I was baked, I didn't know the five old stars and bald heads like being baked. Beard five old stars, the dragon between the mouth is accompanied by the anger of the moon and Hun simply igniting the whole sky,

'There are two _._ You dare to die _.' '

The evil battle between the two five old stars between the eyes and the sky is about to explode.

Mr. Mr. !! "

At this time, there was a very familiar shout, and I saw the red skin of the fish Fisher stood in the center of the town under the center of the city of the city, and vigorously He waved his arm, and everyone was released !! "

'Slave is all elapsed?

The blue eyes of the flash sound, I worked, I'm taking countless crowds around Fisher, and three girries standing next to him.

"Posh Hancuk ._." The mouth spurred in the mouth and spurred the name of the beautiful girl.