At this time, it seems to catch a moment in the moment. The huge dragon in the sky suddenly broke out a violent roar, and the mouth was a dragon, and the big position almost covered the whole piece of moment. ground.

Air gun !!

At the same time, another long-haired five old star floating like an intangible air like a shackles like an intangible air, and the hands on the foot of the foot, and suddenly I only felt that all the air around him was condensed. Lock, the whole body is not available.

In the face of the sturdy dragon and high pressure guns in the sky and high-pressure guns, the moment is so cold, and the ice cosmic in their own body is extremely urgent.

In addition to the power of the fire, he also has a frozen force of all frozen!

Aurora punish!!!

The huge throgs in the body have burst out. In the face of the dragons and high-pressure guns that are rushing to the top of their own heads, the high-pressure guns, and the flash drives all the hands of all the ice.

In everyone's eyes, it seems that the time and space of Mary Joa, the whole, and everything around falls, and only the flash is swayed forward, and the endless white is as if (Yorn) The ancient wave is generally traces, and the whole sky top of everyone is

Dyed a white glory.

It seems like the beautiful auroraity of the sky.


High pressure air gun.

And the entire holy land of Mary Joa, under the moment of the remember, was dyed on white, and stopped everything, all the buildings made an eternal ice sculpture, in the sunset After the Huihui shines, the fantasy halo is emitted.

From a point of view, Marie Joa, really turned this moment, Holy Land, O

In the moment, in the holy land of the boundless white ice, the white long spasted on the dark robe coat, as if the king of the heavens, the province of the king of the heavens, and the patriarchal yourself, which is in this case. In the world ...

Chapter 62 Eternal Chunchi (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 62 Yongheng Chug (seeking rewards and automatic)

'The whole holy land Marie Joy ... is frozen in the eternal ... "

Looking at it almost completely completely attached to the Shengdi Mary Joa, the sky. The two five old stars on the sky are screaming. It seems to be frozen. Where is the power?

I saw the sky under the sky, and the survey of the Shengdi, which was frozen into the eternal ice sculpture, magnificent.

Unfortunately, this moment is at this moment. So beautiful masterpiece is unattended. ...

'I am the one who should be surprised ...

Some surprised, no solution, the doubtful gaze appeared in the eyes of the moment, the blue eyes stared in the sky, the two five old stars in the sky, and the moment was slightly frowned, 'You two Why not die ... corpse


As the sound of the moment, only the air between the two five old stars between the top sky, suddenly like a transparent glass, and started a layer of continuous collapse.

"This is ... corpse

Seeing this vision in the top sky, it is a bit surprised, but it will soon think of the key. The face is suddenly relieved, 'It turns out. ...

I have made countless lane walls in front of themselves in front of them.

Is this the ability of his fruit?

"Dangerous to extreme strength ...

As if there is no slight emotion, the sound of the white long-haired five old stars, I saw that the whole person is like a numbing machine, which is generally slowly recovering his palm. It seems simple to make the power of the moment. A judge.

If it is not the life of God, it can clearly see the life characteristics of his body, and it is almost necessary to think that he is just an inorganic and emotional.

Mr. Mr. !! "

At this time, the fishman Fisher had a little anxious voice again, and the flash of the flash is slightly, and I saw the chaotic town under the holy land of the Shengdi, the Shengdi, the Shengdi, Mary. The World Government Army began to come to, and the eye is about to will be the whole holy land.

Rijoia surrounded water. 'Hey: ._. The province is only available today. _._.' '

Some dissatisfiedly sprinkled his mouth, Three today did make me very happy.

You ... damn sinners.

In the moment, the words mocked in the moment, ignited all the anger in the five old star moon, thinking that the other three five old stars were still livest and dead, thinking that the whole of the holy land, Mary, Mary, I saw him. Suddenly retranscate, the shape of the dragon.


Zhangkou is a big dragon, instantly covered the whole land under the foot, and went to the ground that was originally standing in the moment. But I am looking for it to go to the earth, but there is no one, where there is a moment of traces.

'The dead bastard !! "


The province has no trace, the whole body is the five old star of the dragon, and the whole person is violent. It seems that the roar of the earth-shaking world sounds through every corner of the whole red soil continent, and the deterrent is every turmoil on all the sea. soul.

"No matter which corner you go! This whole world will be your enemy !!"

Two days later.

The whole sea is not, it should be said that the whole world is shocked.

All newspapers are full of the same content: Holy Land Marie is destroyed! Thousands of slaves escape the day! The prisoner is only two people.

One is the most dangerous person in the world today, who once rewarded a 155 million Bailey (AEBD), and one is a fish Fisher Tac.

The newspaper also clipped a large number of pictures after being destroyed. It can be saved. The whole of the whole luxury Hall emperor symbolizes the Shengdi Mary Qia, the whole world of power, completely crashed into a broken wall. The ruins, all are a huge meteorite deep pit.

First, I was burned into black gray 0, and I was frozen into an eternal ice sculpture, and I show off all the world in this world to the world. The charming halo.

The number of casualties is still counting, and the Tianlong people who are expected to die will not be less than 500, and the rest counts.

According to the high-level personnel of the World Government, this time, the highest leaders of the World Government, the three of the five old stars have also fallen into the status of the death of the community, inviting the upcoming World Conference of all franchisees. Postpone two year two

The world media has expressed deep sympathy for the encounter of Holy Land Marie, and the critical words of the strict words and the fisherman Fisher Tac. Rogue Till, and it is cut "If you have the ability, you will These two people ropes. ...

The world government personally released the latest rewards of the moment, but once again shocked all the people, blowing the whole sea, completely defined the 'bounty, this concept.

Eternal, moment

Reward amount: ?????????

A crime: I have attacked the Navy to destroy the Navy Tun Magura alone in the West Haijara Islands, killing thousands of elite naval, destroying ten top naval warships, killing the world's aristocratic Dragon people to destroy the whole seat 33 Island, recently entered Jun, destroyed the entire holy land, Mary, destroying the world government

Headquarters, killing the dragon people countless, and let go of the Holy Land Mary Joya Ten thousand different ethnic slaves.

Evaluation: The evil of this world may have the most powerful force in the world, and is the world's most dangerous.