Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 329 of Hueding Crack System

Fisher Tac

Reward amount: 20 million Pelile

A crime: gang. Eternal, moment, holy land, Mary, to let go to Holy Land Mary, Ten thousand different ethnic slaves.

This world government personally released a new reward for a release, and the entire sea in the world is boiling.

(This time, the five old stars are a volk, the content will come out later)

(Little A is coming again, everyone can enjoy the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 63 World Legends (ask for rewards and automatic)

Chapter 63 World Legends (ask for rewards and automatic)

The whole world is traces.

Mary, holy land, Mary.

Destroy the World Government Headquarters ...

Killing nearly a thousand world aristocratic dragon people took 10,000 slaves ... Everyone was suspected to be crazy, or the world was crazy.

What is the five old stars? What is the most horrible five people in the world??

Everyone can't believe it, can't believe, but the newspaper on the newspaper on the newspaper on the Shengdi Mary Qiaoa was destroyed and shocked, but everyone could not refute this fact.

In addition, there is also a row of rows of rewards to depict the moment. The evil. The most dangerous, 'is the strongest battle. Waiting for the word, is undoubtedly like a heavy bomb. ,

The strongest battle ... What does this mean ...

Being known as the strongest man in the world, white beard Edward New Gate. ... Future Four Emperor's most demanding man, red-haired incense, is called by all the pirates. The world is the strongest Biological. The beasts ... There is also the most ferocious criminals in the world. Nowadays, the revolutionary army leader in the new world is now active. ·Long…

Each of the tops of the top of the top of the top of the top, is all the characters who have gone all the world. Nowadays, it is now the title of the World Government to transcend everyone, and its purpose is absolutely worth all. .

As for the nine question marks on the moment of the moment, no one knows what the nine question mark represents ...

But it is clear that it can be seen that the bounty sea of ​​the moment is also placed on the legend of the white beard Edward Golden Lion History. ...

After the Holy Land Mary

Eternal, the name of the moment is completely successful. The world's largest legend after the One Piece ...

Great majestic Mobi Dick.

Old !! "

With all the giant waves in front of the Big Boat, leaving the golden punk, the Hungar with the white beard of the thief group, the newspaper in his hand, the whole person is like a marks.

"Don't call Malco's second newspaper, I saw _._. ''

The thick voice sounded, the white beard of the five meters of the burly figure seems to have every slight movement will make the entire Mobi Dick number vibrant, and the whole body is in a very strong muscle, and it is a strong Attention.

As if he can smash the whole sea in front of him.

This is called the strongest man in the world. Live legend, white beard _._

Actually destroyed the Shengdi Marie Qiao_._. Kuralala ._. ''

The province has been smashed by a recorded newspaper in his hand, and the white beards have burst out the shocking of the whole sea. This is the thing that Lojo is caught. _. I really want to see this interesting young man _. ''.

I can't think of him since I entered the new century since five years ago: ._ I made this shocked world. "

I saw a white beard, Malco and the captain cadres in a dry white thief group, etc., and the face did not write a horrible look, 'But the World Government lifted him to the top now. ._. ''.

I am afraid I want to align him all the spearheads of the world.. '' '

Kuralala: ._. Since he can destroy the Holy Land Marie Joya in the five horrible monsters in the world government headquarters.

I saw the white beard wrapped in Mai's big hand, and the sharp eyes were revealed in the eyes of the wisdom. He didn't be a reuse of the whole sea. "I believe that there is no one in this big sea. His _._. ''

'Now I want to know what it is ._.' '

'In this unlimited big sea _._. He can fly more high ._.' '

Baorence Festival.

'Hey: ._., Eternal, moment ._. Good famous two _.' '

· ... seeking flowers ...

The dull voice sounded, a tall and burly figure, on the head and shoulders, with a black hair, staying with a long beard and a pair of monster, the left hand arm is full of shocking scales, this is now The new world is the most fascinating hundred beasts of the hundred beasts


'In this world, some people are called. Eternal is coming

It's like a milestry, the sound of the thunder is constantly issued from the mouth of Thara, so that dozens of people around the whole big ship can not help but shake. 'But since the five monsters of the World Government can destroy the Holy Land Mary Asia. ... this guy will not let me down ..., '

'It is bored. Such boring world has already destroyed ...,'

Recovered his own gods, and the mouth of Thara had a burst of boring lame. When the violent two eyes, the ejaculation from time to time symbolizes the rays of mad and destroy, 'Waiting for me to control the entire new world ...,'

'I want to build a world's top war !! "

Endless cloud sea.

Countless chammel boat floats in the sky cloud sea, the largest flying hundred pirates.

'. ...,'

Golden lion siki iconic unique voice spread out throughout the fleet of the fleet, the dark black, and the look of a remembering, 'After five years, I went into the new world for five years. ... I have destroyed it. Holy Land Marie Ya, '

'Put the five old stars? It's true that it is in line with the guy's style ....

'But I will come back again. ... I haven't seen it in five years since this guy has entered the new world ...,'

In the speech, I saw the Golden Lion Siki, and he looked at himself. He commanded the countless pirates around him.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 64 Basa Hancark (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 64 BA Hancark (seeking rewards and automatic)

New Navy's Base.

Since Malin Fan Dodia was inserted, the Navy moved his new part to the new world, which is the position of the original Navy G1 branch.

Cap. ... "