Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 330 of the Crash System

I have rumored the Marshal's Warring States a white navy's coat, sitting behind the desk, deeply sighing a sigh of relief, 'moment this guy. ... The province has no one can break him ...,'

'I really didn't think ... This guy has a new world to silence so long ...,'

On one side of the hand in the hand, I lost into my mouth, and the tone of the card was very heavy. Actually, it is so shocking, '

'Let me feel unacceptable ... Actually, the five old stars in Margia, Margio, are not his right. Seven zero "hand ...,' The Warring States sinking for a moment, in fact, for this time, so many days He is not angry because he is not pleasing to his eyes.

But the power of the moment made him feel a panic. As a year in the high-rise of the Navy, he is very clear that the five monsters in the World Government have the strength.

But now, the five old stars are also defeated in his hand. Is there anyone in this world that is his opponent ...

'That kid. ... may show it five years ago. ... is not his entire strength ...,'

I heard the words of the Warring States, and the mood of Kapu was rare, 'To be honest. ... until now, I haven't figured out the limit of the boy ...,'

Wen said that the Warring States deeply sighed: 'It is estimated that no one can think of ... Since Roger died, he will stay out of this guy ...,'

The voice of the Warring States is falling, and the whole marshal is silent, and the thoughts of the Warring States and the two people of the Warring States and the two people seem to be fifth year. ...

The end meteorite of the sky. ...

The whole destroyed Malin Fanto Due ...

Even two of them and empty have been lying in the hospital for a whole half, they can spend the dangerous period ...

Shampoo island.

A luxury home created in a moment.

Eternal name ..., '

Gently shake his hands in his hands, the deep eyes of the moment fall in the latest newspaper today. Some self-laughing laughs,. Thinking of yourself who have been thinking about another world. ... actually Realize ..., '

Anyone can't think of it, the whole of the whole world government and the navy, who destroyed the entire Shengdi Mary, who killed nearly a thousand slaves, the entire world government and the navy, but now I am clearly eye-catching. Among the islands in the shampoo.


The most dangerous place is really the safest place.

At the moment of the lanes in the moment, the big eyes of the three pairs of people in the middle of their own hands, but they concentrated on the side faces of the moment of curious and worship.

This nearly perfect man.

Is it a legendary moment?

I can't think that the strongest that is strong and the gods of the gods in the battle with the Five Star, but the near A is such a innocent young man. ... Girl Hancark is thinking about it.

It seems that the strange sight is, and the eyes of the moment have finally removed from the news news from their hands, looking towards the not far from Hancark three sisters.

It is the world's first beauty in the future. ... this is the first idea generated in the heart of Hancark in front of him.

A long hair of black and black is giving a raw style (that is, the hairdress of the island country's old age aristocratic princess), the snow-white skin is dotted with a pair of dark blue eyes, and only fifteen or six years old has a proudly tall. Between the body, the free look is enough to make the world dream of anyone in the world.


No slave is imprisoned. But I ate a sweet fruit ..., '

A pair of blue eyes stared at the Hancock who was saved by himself and the fish Fisher from the Shengdi Maroa, and the moment I couldn't understand her brow. Is this also a butterfly that I have after I am involved? Storm ..., '.

Brake. ... Mr. Shun ..., '

Seeing that the eyes of the moment fell to your own body, Hancark's head did not know what shy people, a snow-free pretty face actually practiced red, slightly downright, did not dare to go straight Two eyes of the Breast.

What ghosts ._. Is there anything on my face.

After all, there is no real read mind, let alone the most complicated girl in the world, save the expression of Hancommo's famous appearance in front of you, and there is still some feet in the moment.

It's hard to make yourself like the protagonists in the novels.

The sister saw himself and got close the legs. The spring heart drifted crying and shouting.

Although its own exterior is really killing, it should not be on that copy. "

Shake your head, except for the thoughts of the thumbers in your mind, the blue eyes of the flash are somewhat staring at the girls in front of themselves Hancark.

The "Emperor of the Queen" of the Queen Seven Wuhai, is the best in the original talent potential in the Impression of the One Piece, no one.

Have a message, armed or even Weng Wang is kicking 1.4 gas, the only female role of the king's qualifications.

In the original, Hancark came with his two sisters when the 12-year-old, was taken away from the Nine Snake One Piece's boat to become a slave, four years later by the fish Food. When Mary Tacha, Mary, Mary, when he sent back to Jiu Snake Island.

Following the 18th year of age, Hancark became an emperor of Amazon, a daughter, a female combat nation, and the captain of the Nine Snake One Piece.

In just two years, second _. Behind the emperor of Amazon, and the captain of the Jiu Sni One Pirates_._.

What is that concept ?!!

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 65 departs (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 65 departs (seeking rewards and automatic)

Therefore, whether it is from Hancark's anti-sky qualification, it is still in Hancark, since it comes to this world. It must not miss such a country.

Brake. ... Mr. Mr.? "

Seeing a pair of unanzen stars and stared that he seems to have some gods. Hankukton only felt that his entire appearance was red, and some of the mouth of the mosquito sound, but the heart began to look forward. 'Is it a perfect man like a gentleman. ... is also fascinated by my beauty ...

'I am really. Beauty is the fairy ...

Perhaps it is the reason for edible hyperman's sweet fruit. Hancu original beauty is not only enlarged to the ultimate male and female, and can even be a goal that is attracted by our own beauty.


It was a little scattered in Hancark, and there was a little bit awkward, and the handsome face was replaced with a positive expression. "Hancu is right ...

Xiaohan Cook. ... What do you have to do after you have justice ... The corpse suddenly opens. 04.

Ah? "" What is the Hancark who is thinking about, the face is suddenly an emergency two, can we follow you? "

At the moment, I shaken my head: 'I destroyed the whole holy land Mario, Fisher put all the slaves, the world government and the Navy could not maintain silence, and the Tianlong people will certainly take measures..

Although anyone constitutes a threat to me ... but with the three girls around ... The high-level battle is always less convenient ...

In the moment, the three sisters in front of the Hancock were explained:. And you are now the high-speed improvement stage of strength ... Suspending is the thing you should do now ... corpse.

Mr. Mr. said is very pair ... The body is also nodded at this time. He is open to Hancark Three Sisters: 'So we will sail soon. ... Send you three back to Amazon · Lily ... less.

..., 'I saw Hancark's sad low, and her two sisters were 9 out of their feelings.