The child is simple. It is easy to write what the mood is on your own face.

But! Why is she. ... "

But suddenly. Hancark in front of him reached out Robin next to himself. Some uncomfortable said: 'You can always stay in the moment of Mr.! ".

Because I have already followed the uncle of the moment it very early ...

Seeing Hancark points to himself, I saw the original cold-cooledxious Robin who was not polite: 'I am sorry that you are too late ... less.

Can evil. Your woman ..., '

Although it is only a small girl in the age of more than a young girl, the struggle between the two of Robin and Hancuk is not inferior to those of the warents in the moment.

I saw Robin and Hancuk's two unparalleled girls were relatively empty. In the air, they sent a dramatic spark ...

'Cough ...,'

It seems that he has smell the strong gunpowder flavor, and the moment is gently coughed. 'Top tomorrow morning ... Russia must set up a small mankoke ...,'

In the heart of the moment, there is a little unsained, but it is still gently rubbed his eyes, and the mouth of Hankukou is smooth. The mouth is taking a smile, 'The future is still very long, we will always have a chance to meet, Xiaohan Cook ..., '

'Try to improve your strength ... Net it has become Amazon · The emperor of Amazon ... Become the captain of the Jiu Snake One Piece ... less hand caress in front of Hancark's hair, the moment is spectating,' In the future, it will become My help ..., '

'Well!' The captain of the One Pirates! "

By the time…

I will be able to stand by your side.

The next day, the next day.

When the first exhibition on the sea is on the sea.

The moment and Robin Fisher Fisher and Hancock San Sisters came to the seaside of the shampoo.

'Ok ... Russia is here, Fisher ...,' , 'This cooperation is very happy. ... I am very glad to meet you, Fisher ...,'.

It should be that I am honored to know you, myself ... I heard the words of the moment. I saw some Huangcheng, which felt. Some Huangcheng said, 'is that you really saved so many slaves ... we owe Your kindness is never reported ..., '.

Don't let go. ... just a launch of the lady ... .

Hands your hand ..., 'Wen Yan Fisher slightly smile, describe himself to enter the holy 630 land Mario, alone, fight the five old stars, do not find the whole world, in addition to the moment, there is no longer A second person is coming.

No matter what. ... Mr. you are all the benefactors of all of us ..., 'Fish Fisher is a right color.' If you come to the fish island, you will be very welcome ..., '

Is there a fishman?

, Haiwang, White Star Princess ... "There must be an opportunity to come. ...

'Next. ... Are you going to make a pirate ...,' I suddenly opened the fish people in front of my eyes.

Well ?! "Fish people Fisher strange alley in front of the moment,. This is what I decided last night. I haven't told you yet. How do you know?"

Who knows ..., 'I am not laughing at the moment,' I'm guess ..., '.

You are really unable to see the existence ..., 'Fish Fisher laughed,' But I really plan to make a pirate ... Well. Just call the Sun One Piece! Haha !! "

Looking at the exhibition of the big sea in front of the sea. The moment is laughing, the province has witnessed a history. ...

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 66 The world destructive is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 66 The world destructive is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Time to the afternoon.

The boundless sky sea, a luxurious magnificent champagne big ship rides the wind and waves.

There is a gorgeous facility that ordinary people who can't imagine it is simply very enjoyable, as if it is a fantasy ship from fairy tale to reality.

Of course, this is a substance that is shocked by God's reincarnation, which is created from the virtual, like this, is not present in the One of the One Piece.

'Ah. It's really afraid ...,'

Lazy lying on the beach chair on the deck, sunning up the morning, warm sunshine, gently, can enjoy the fruits and champagne to the Robin and Hancark to grab the feeding of the fruit and champagne, and the moment is not issued Long sigh.

Life is in life.

Where is Fu Fu.

Daughter Island Amazon, Lily, the location is in the windless belt next to the great navigation, there is a huge sea king class in the windless zone, so the general vessel is simply unable to enter the sea near the daughter, and the waters near the island have The helpless female pirate on the Jiu Snake One Pirates, any man as long as

I can't escape from being eliminated.

Of course, these obstacles are only destroyed in front of the moment ...


It is lying on the beach chair of the footer, and the blind eye is dissatisfied with a glimpse of the sea. Suddenly there is a different situation in the sea.

Mo Mo is a hundred times!!

Suddenly, from the long-range sea, a huge shadow is from far and near, quickly cage, and quickly cage them.

Actually some people find dead ..., '

Suddenly, I have interrupted my leisurely afternoon, the original pleasant expression is gradually, and the corner of the mouth can not help but raise the radians of Senhan.

I saw the huge shadow of their vessels in front of them, and it was a hill with a huge huge shell!

Diamond star dust !!!

In the face of the huge shells hidden over the top of the eye, the moment is in an instant, and all the air condensed in it. Suddenly all air condense, surpassing the absolute zero-scale freezing force instantly forms a white light-China shock wave, as if the sky is the same as the dark crude sedation This is like a mountain mile over the sky.


Time and space seem to pause, the freezing of the diaracic acid sounded, all everything in front of me is infected with white glory.

In Robin and Hancark three sisters amazing, the huge mountains before the top of their heads were blocked in an instant, and the frozen froza was like snowflakes like snowflakes. In the blue sea, they disappeared.

The uncle of 'kill "._. Is a pirate

After the moment, after the sudden attack, Robin next to this time exclaimed and reminded that one hand refers to the front of the eyes.

At this time, Robin reminded that in the moment of the blink of the blink of the eyes, I saw a big hull, I saw a big boat, with a hundred pirate ship, the pirate banner fluttering straight down position.

Ward 6i ._. ''