Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 332 of Hueding Cracks

At a very far distance, the moment I saw the huge figure that was standing on the sea-faced big boat. At least five or six meters of giants were tested, 'Bond Di Vald ._.' '

' _. So-called, world destructive, _.' 'The name of the people who disdate from the corner, the flash of ice is as if it can condense all the air in front of you.

After experiencing the end of the Elderly, Mary Qiaoa, the Elder Star is destroyed:.

There is still someone Ye Lang arrived out to take the initiative to attack him ... this is true that I didn't think of the second _.

Just like the original airship, a dragon package is also dare to jump out to attack the yellow . If you want to kill him, you will save the people who have confidently confidently and unclear the reality gap. No matter which world exists: ._.

I haven't waited for all the vessels on the Ward, the Ward, the Ward of the Ward, which only saw the flash of frozen in the body, and a white Guanghua shock wave waved.


The crisp frozen sound, I saw the whole sea under the feet of the whole sea. White light is like a plague, the plague is generally crazy, the cage 7, the freezing force of the absolute zero extends, the ice seal is frozen, and only the hustle, the wind, the wind, the wind, the waves, fast All ships from the Ward heliers were once in the scenery


'Is you ...,'

After the whole sea was frozen, with an angry snoring, a large burly figure had made a shaving in the six-style, as a sharp lightning generally quickly moved toward the position of their position, '' One kills the cadres on my boat Josbatian ?! "

This guy. Is there a brain ...

If you haven't remember the wrong thing. This guy is trying to seize Hancark to do his woman ...


Thinking of this, the disturders in the scenery of the blue sky have already turned the same light, and the mouth gradually outlined a dangerous to the extreme curvature.

'I usually not truly remember the name of a dead! "

Dragon is fireful!!!

The sound of the moment is also drifted into the air, and the sleek of the hands in the hand is inexhaised.

At a very short moment, in the hands of the sharp-narrow sword sheath in the hands, it seems to be pulled out of the moment of hard (Qian Zhao) will pull the whole blazing and eternal burn.

When the world is average hot and hot, the hot-fired spray is out. The fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees is distorted around the entire space, and the boundless momentum of the moment is soaked.

A blazing sword gathered in an instant to illuminate the entire frozen sea, as if the rest of the world has such a flaming color, the fatal temperature is distorted in front of the sea.

The shaving is gone, and the Bondi Wald, who has blinks, the Bondi Wald, who is in front of them, suddenly shocked, and only all the alastic boats she brought have just been in the sword of the sword. Bless fire sea.

(Little A is coming again and again, everyone can enjoy the monthly ticket flowers don't stop, the small A will find the opportunity to break out to everyone).

Chapter 67 Moimo (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 67 Mimeo fruit (seeking rewards and automatic).

Bin Jack. Gay Tilam ... Nair ..., '

Looking back at a somewhere of the pirates that funerally buried in the distance, Bondi Wald is muttered in his mouth, the name of the pirate cadres in his hand, the anger and the angry in the horizontal eyes are almost Form the same color, 'You actually put all them ...,'.

You! Damn!! ',

Although I can't make any pirate crew and my hand, I can't burn the whole one's thief group, I have been burned in the moment, and I am exploding from the Bundi Wald's Yunny. .

Using the moon cloth in the high altitude crazy stepping on, Bondi Wald launched his own fruit capabilities.

Moimo fifty times bullets!!

I saw the air from the arms from the arms from the arms. I was in the air, and the countless gravel was amazed in the launch of his Momo's ability. 50 times.


Countless blank sounds in the air, only the fast-sprinkled sand in Dudi Walde, every -227 integration is amplified by fifty times, turned into countless palm-like size, attack speed It was also enlarged by fifty times, and the momentum of the moment, the momentum of the moment, and the momentum.

A sieve together with all the vessels.

'Hey. Bored tricks ...,'

In the face of air Bond Di Wald, it seems that there is no hit, but the handsome face is full of disdainful smiles, and the hand blade wound in the hands of the fireless red light is flashed.

Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

Among the pupils that Bond Di Vald suddenly contracted, there seems to be all the water in the air, and only the fierce flames in the hands of the fierce, the fierce flames, which seems to be burned to destroy this world. Burst.

A sword in the wild, the blazing flame sword gathered to form a fierce tornado, as if the sleek sleeve, all the things in front of them were burned into a piece of ashes, suddenly put the eyes before the sky The gravel bombarded in all fists in all fists, all bombarded (AEBH)

Gray ashes, floating in the air in front of you.

'Hey. I didn't expect a pirate to practice the body's six-style in the naval to this extent ...

In the reflection of the blue sky, the sky is flashing out in the sky, and there is a black arc. It is clear that the shaving in the Six-style, at least the level of Capu, ' But I will flee my eyes again !! '

Reincarnation !!

I saw that the blue deep eyes were firmly locked in the sky. The sky was constantly using the shaving changing Bundi Wald, the mysterious light of the Warm, and the whole person immediately disappeared on the deck of luxury vessels.


The Bondi Wald, which is shaved in the air, takes the moment to disappear from the deck, and the look is slightly smashed, and the sense of strong crisis is instantly broke out in his heart.

'You are too slow ...

The sound of the ice cold and indifferently sounded from his ear, and Bond Diwaldon only felt a whole body.

Cutting splash. Robin and Hancark three sisters stand on the deck. I only saw my frozen sea. The frozen sea is suddenly explosive. Bondi Wald's entire man seems to be a palm of the shell.

"What is this speed ?!"

Some unconfilled sounds from the broken ice sea surface, only see Dadwald gradually exposed, reaching five or six-high burly bodies seem to have a lacquer black armed forces like the ink. Collapse.

Armed color A qi · coverage !!

'It's just to be shaved quickly ... Factory

On the occasion of the thousands of thousands of thousands of times, I was able to cover my whole body. But Bondi Wald's ugly face is still full of horrified look, and the eyes are dead and dead. The moment in the moment.

The corner of the mouth faintly flowing out, and the palm of the palm is almost shattered on the armed colors on him, 'good terrible power

'Exquisite naval six-mock ... Shaving reached the degree of Kapu ...,'.

The second stage of armed colored gas ... and the fruit ability of the anti-day ..., '

The drunken floating floating in the half air, the Bond Divad among the broken sea seals, the moment is instantly analyzed in the heart, 'Um ... barely, it is a four-way big paterseine thief ...

Mo Mo fruit is the same as the devil's devil's shock fruit and the fruit of the golden lion, and it is possible to be one of the most powerful devil fruits in the world.

Mo Mo, is moreMore more more than Sisizi, the ability to enable the capacity of the object, weight and speed of the object to be up to 100 times, or improve your mobile speed.