Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 333 of the Crash System

In other words, as long as Bond Di Wald is willing, even he can pick up a hundred pirates, using Mo Mo fruit's ability to enlarge a hundred times a hundred times, become the same size as the mountain and then use a hundred The speed is thrown to the enemy.

Whether such capacity is horrible, this ability is horrible, and of course this does not include an flash.

Wild, greed, self-contained, mad and no self-made power, this is the most intuitive impression and evaluation of this big Wald in front of you, but it is no wonder that his fruit capabilities and its own strength cannot be on the sea. It has achieved the situation like a white beard gold lion.

For an alteration, you can assume that if you have the ability to be like Mo Mo Guo, you will lose one hundred times in your hands. What is the concept, that is so beautiful that it is too beautiful.

Therefore, the moment is intended to kill Bond Di Wald, let Mo Mo fruit in this world, whether it is to eat itself or give it to himself, is a good choice.

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Chapter 68! Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 68 is guilty (seeking rewards and automatic).

Bond Divad ... less

Drunken floating in the half-air of the sea, the blue eyes are slightly aggrieved, and the Bondi Wald, which is sitting at your feet, is like a dead man who is about to die,. From your choice today in me In front of. ... The moment I shot ..., '.

You are already a dead man ..., '

"Today, I will die in this person ..., 'seems to be completely unable to endure the picture of the moment, I am going to save a dead, and I am spraying infinite anger from the eyes of the big and negative Bondi Vald violence. 'It's you!!"

Mo Mo one hundred times gun!!

With the awkward of Bondi Wald, I saw him quickly reaching out. When they raised their hands, I took a pistol when I raised my hand. I used Mo Mo fruit capabilities to enlarge the volume and speed of the bullet. One hundred times. In the moment of the horizon in the air with the Thunder.

Don't take this little pistol in Bondi Waldimo, with the increase in the two paragraphs of Armed Color AN, even if it is a natural naval, as long as it is hit, it will instantly lose battle. ability.

'Simply boring ...,'

The disdainful smile sounded, under the full control of the blind eye of the moment, Bondi Wald was within the next five seconds, even if he did not think about the tactical movement of the decision, it has already been attached. Insight in advance of God.

Priority. ... this is the universal ability of the eyes of the eyes of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit ...

Void sword god speed !!!

In the face of the pistol bullets that Bondi Wald's constantly enlarged speed attack, I saw that I didn't use the skill of the fire, but the sword in the hands of the burst of the fire was extremely in front of the air. There is no number of swordsmiths that have not been smashed, so that they have hone in these five years.

Powerful sword.

After the time before and the Warm Dynasty, the institution of the realm of the sword has been on a step, and the realm of breaking through the big sword is also only one line.

And the void sword, is that he constantly challenges the priest master of the new world and the country of the country in these five years, gradually grinding the core of the swords, and I will believe that I can use my own void swords, enter the army. The supreme realm of the sword!

Moimo thirty times !!

Zhe saw that the bullet he played only between the plummes, the sword was hit into a virtual, and the countless burning hot sharp sword killed in the front of the eyes, Bondi Walderon broke out. Out of your strength, it has urged the ability of Moimo while displaying shaving.

In front of me, Bondi Wald used Mo Mo's ability to enlarge 30 times the shaved shaving. The speed is simply arrogant, and it can't keep up. I saw that there were countless paint blacks in the empty. Arc, Bondi Walde screamed, after a fatal burning sword, suddenly

The moment is a counterattack.

Mo Mo is one hundred times!!

The air in front of you is torn, even if the god of the left eye has been predicted in advance, it is still attracted by the powerful blows of Bondi Wald.

I saw the big knife in Dudi Walde in his hand to sway out of a speed of one hundred times. In addition, it was even more unable to resist, and he originally a three-meter big knife in his hand. The ability of Momo's fruit. Suddenly zoomed for one hundred times, more than 300 meters of big knife torn with light speed, all the air

Often to the Baby.

Mom. It's another dead protagonist ..., '

I can't help but go, in the face of Bondi Wald, such as a tricky, the ear offend, this time, the only idea of ​​flashing in the mind is that the strength of Bondi Wald is underestimated by the original strict M.

If it is not the protagonist of Lu Fei, how can he defeated this Bondi Wald ?? after the big event occurred in the big event.

It is not easy to think, and the front of the Bondi Walde has more than three hundred meters such as the mountain. If the big knife of the mountains, the mountains are in the mountains, and they are in front of their eyes, and they can't help but feel the pressure.

· ... seeking flowers ··· ......

Reincarnation !!

The deep gods have been fluent in the eyes of Zhan Lan Guanghua, and the eyes. More than 300 meters of huge blade is extremely fast, and the moment seems to instantly make a good smoke, dissipating in the air.

This is another way of movement ..., '

Capturing the moment, there is no sign of the disappearance, Bondi Wald, the eyes of the Geng, the superb, and the ate A gas is instantly cage the space around him, the hand is more than 300 meters of huge blade. Suddenly, he was round, killing a giant round moon in the half-air, a knife 59

Sneaky to yourself.

"Spiritual resistance ..., '

The little mocking seems to be a bad smoke in the air, in the pupil reflected in Bondi Wald, and the moment is once again disappeared, 'You have any idea in front of me. Any way to attack me. I will be seen in my eyes in advance, '.

This is a kind of thing. ... More advanced ability ..., '

When the sound of this sentence is in the ear of Bondi Wald, the moment has been in the eyes of the inexplicable, the ghosts appear in his head, and all the water in the air is empty. The slender flow blade is rampant in the fire.

Bond Di Vald's eyes suddenly blocked, only felt a big burning in the air around him, and I saw the flash of the head in front of the top of the world. It was like all the flames in his hands. The blazing of blazes has attracted all of his hands in his hand.

Fire blade, fire, A hot hell!!!

Immediately, I only see that I will combust my hand in my hands in my hands, and I am slamming, and I am slamming.

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Chapter 69, sword, gray (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 69, sword, gray (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang !!

"Do not

Bond Diwaldon felt that he had two ears, temporarily lost his auditory, and the burst of the radibuction in the air seems to bomb all the voids around, full of the whole world.

Red, all of all everything makes a red color flame.

Armed color, cover!!

Feeling that you have a deadly hot hot in the world, it is necessary to put all the things in the world to the temperature of the dead. More indestructible defense than diamonds.

"it's useless…,'

'In front of the flame of the temperature of the sun. ...

At the moment of indifferent sounds resounded throughout the sky, it was completely pronounced the ultimate death penalty of Bond Divad.

With the voice of the moment, only dozens of dozens of Tie Tong, a general fire column in front of him, suddenly sprayed from the voids in front of him. After you gathe it together, it is like a nuclear gathering, and the six-thousand burning flame is twisted throughout the sky.