, Ah, ah!!! "

It was suppressed to the extreme pain, but soon, with the endless blazing of the sky, the Bond Divad covered the four paragraphs of the armed colors of the shroud, and the fire and the fire, the fire, the fire, the fire I instantly disintegrated the finest flying ash.

At this moment, in the foot of the luxury boat deck, Robin and Hancock three sisters, I saw the whole sky below the top of the sky under the sword of the moment, was completely dyed by endless flame bursts.

Just now, Bond Divad is under the sword of the moment, it is completely burned into a gray and black ashes.

Well ... World destructive. ... "

The sound of the flash of fluttering in the sky is a bit empty and lonely.

One hand holding a burst of fires, the sword of the fire, the general moment of all flames in Taikoo, the whole body bathed in the boundless red red flame burst, the mood on the face with an unspeakable inexhais.

It is true that Bondi Wald, who has Moimo, is indeed a unclatted battlefield kill, but what is it, if it is not a sword in front of the fire ...

If the fire is fire, Yando is all ash, which is definitely not an empty talk.

After a sword killed the Bundi Wald, the flow blade in the moment was fired. If the fire returned to the sword sheath, the whole person was like a light falling leaf slowly fell on the deck of the luxury boat under the foot.

Uncle, uncle! "

Mr. !! "

When I saw it on the deck, Robin and Hancu were immediately fraudulent, and I took the moment on the left and left the moment, and the first month of the month, the dead is sticked to the arm of the moment. , Eye-catching each other.

Robin. Hancock ..., '

Seeing Robin and Hancock, the two of the two, once again fighting, felt the loss of different touchs on his arm, and the fire in the air, there is some helplessness. I have a feeling of a focus, 'Don't make trouble ...,'

'The no wind belt is not far from ...,'

The blue eyes slightly looked at the sea in the distance. After a fight with Bondi Wald, there is no idle mood now. 'Hancu, we will go to Amazon · Lily ... .

Is it coming?

'It's stable ... Russia wants to start ...,'

It seems that there is no province, the expression of Hancark Baizu is stunned, and the blue eyes are in the middle of the shackles. It is a lot of vigor, and the whole luxury big ship suddenly shock.

I saw that the entire luxury big boat in Robin and Hancark three sisters flew down, and the frozen sea surface of the feet was separated, and the windless belt in the feet. Mysterious island Amazon, Lily. ...

The daughter island Amazon. Lily is the mysterious island in the pihydrate. It is a female battle. The nine snake family, the country, as the name suggests this is a island where women live.

They were born as a warrior, and they picked up all their families and reluctance. After pregnancy, they only gave birth to girls, and the featured is a snake, and there is the ability of the tissue to change into a weapon.

The country was built in the mountains covered by the jungle. The building on the island has a Chinese style in the past. There are hundreds of years ago on the island. Men's ban, the absolute ban, once the man entered this place, the only next thing is wipe out.

After the entire luxury big boat flew over the ice sea, confirmed that he finally entered the windless belt, the moment was slightly smashed into his own god, and went to the sea at the foot.

I saw the bottom of the sea, and there were countless horrible creatures, whether it is a kilometer or a thousand-kilometer sea princes, it will save all this here. If there is a chance to sneak into the depths of the sea, the moment is not allowed to see it. Hundreds of rice in the sea, that is not the creatures of human beings can imagine 1.8.

And these habitats in the home of the sea, especially those who attack on the sea, whether the big ship is still a boat, once it passes, it is completely possible to suffer from the hopper, and the attack, the hustle, the whole boat is not covered.

So ... can communicate all the ancient weapons of all the sea princes in the whole sea ...

The role produced in the sea war is definitely the prehistoric disaster level. ...

Thoughts flying, the whole huge luxury boat is in the sky in the sky, the blue eyes have gradually reflected in the huge islands sitting on the sea, the jungle is close, and it is engraved with it. Jiu Snake, two word.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 70 Jiu Snake Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 70 Jiu Snake Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Amazon Lily.

Jiu Snake Island, hill.

In this rainforest filled with countless beasts and the poisonous snakes, a short mother-in-law is moving between ten young girls in the woods.

Everyone in each person, she holds a sharp weapon. The movement is very fast around the huge leopard creature in the middle, and the weapons in their hands are displayed from time to time, encircle the huge farewell beast.

Ai Frarse ._. Stodi "._. You two flash !!"

I saw one of the body's strong girl suddenly shouted. The eyes of the eyes were flashing. The long knife in the hand turned into thousands of knives and swords. As her body moved, the blink of an eye, a huge fierce beast.


In the hands of a long knife, I saw a violent pain in the middle of the huge fierce beast, but it was so fast.

Because the weapons in all the hands around all the hands were all strike together, 04 stabbed its body, after being hit hard, the body's large amount of loss will soon let the huge fierce beasts .


After successful encirclement, after this huge fierce beast, all the girls surrounded were a warm cheers.

Although this group of girls are delicate and beautiful, there is also a thick appearance, but the battle race, the nine snake family, the female warrior, the fierce battle style is all of them. The only thing that is unchanged.

'Very good _._Today's performance is very good.

I saw a group of female soldiers who successfully hunt today's target prey, and the short silver hair mother-in-law stood up and nodded, slowly walked to all the girls 'sorrow,' Put today's prey back. _ Everyone is good A bath.

'Yes, my mother-in-law is ._.' '

In the face of the little old old woman in front of his eyes, all the Jiu Si island female warriors are do not discontinue, because her identity is the up-to-morning emperor of Jiu Snake Island.

At this time, the ups and ends of Jiu Shu Island, the mother-in-law suddenly, and the old eyes were in the middle, quickly picking a tree leaves on the bush.

Armed color gas · Wrap!!

I saw it under her exquisite armed colors, and the ordinary leaves in the hands became more sharp than the metal darts, and slammed out!

It seems that the sound of gold hits from the woods, and the eyes of the mother-in-law suddenly changed, 'What defensive power ... I actually resist the armed colors of the old body ...,'

What is creature in the end. There is such a defense ..., '

After seeing the move of the mother-in-law, all the nine-snake island women around the scene suddenly got a dignified look, re-took out the weapons in his hand, and his eyes stared at the woods next to it.

Under the gaze of everyone, in the cropped woods next to the bushes, a pair of ice is generally a huge flashes of the giant flaws, and the ice is booming.

The mother-in-law has some difficult swallowed her own saliva. In the jungle of Jiu Sajima, it is not very common, like this kind of refreshing feeling. ...

Rainforest, drama !!

In all Nine-snake island female warriors, I saw a huge giant w on dozens of meters, and constantly swallowing my gustraunchi, staring at a pair of cold and ferocious beast, long tail. The continuous drill bush crawled out from the woods.