Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 335 of the Crash System

In the case of cold-blooded animals, all the Jiuni Island Women's Warries in front of it are a bright red thermophilic body, which is a prey that you can predate.

'Damn. ... "

When I saw a huge giant w on the foot, there were dozens of meters, my mother-in-law's face suddenly became Ten Qing, and suddenly there was such rainforest. She fled alone, but I want to be around so many nine snakes around you. The island female warrior all escapes, which is undoubtedly a sad day.

I deeply sucked a sigh of relief, my mother-in-law suddenly broke out: 'You all run! Fast !! ".

. ... Do you want ..., 'Wen Yifan Dra slightly wrinkled his own brow, "left alone to deal with the draft king ?!".

How much do you have nonsense! Let you run !! "" When you see the truth in the king of the king of the king, you have continued to swallow you, you will start to go, and you will be angry when you have a mother-in-law.

I heard the mother-in-law roar and ordered, all of the nine snake island women fighting faces in the scene. The female warrior as a Jiuben Island, taking off the mother-in-law alone, this is really unacceptable.

'A group of stupid ...,' provoked a group of young girls around the surrounding, and the mother-in-law biting teeth, my heart is touching again and angry.

8. Just in all Jiuni Island female warriors clenched the weapons in their hands, they are ready to die, and the huge huge hopes in front of them.

I saw the huge giant in front of my eyes, the cold autos suddenly suddenly contracted, it seems to be aware of an invisible crisis, and it turned into a ready to escape.


Some molar frozen sounds sound, and it seems that the whole time and space in front of them are paused.

I saw a white magic in the air, and the whole huge truth escaped the movement of the whole, and the whole body was staining a layer of crystal bright bright, this shake the absolute zero. The cold temperature allows all the cells under the whole body to stop everything, the whole

I made an unchanging ice sculpture specimen.

'Hair ... what happened ...,'

Between the jungles of Jiu Snake Island, the huge giant tremendous ice sculpture specimen saved in the sun, and all the nine-snake island women's warriors were shocked.

'Here. ... is Jiu Snake Island ...,'

With this strange voice sounded, a huge shadow in the sky gradually cage Meng Mengnan all the Jiu Si island female soldiers in the jungle ...

Chapter 71 Leaves (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 71 goes (seeking rewards and automatic)

'This sound is one

I heard this unfamiliar voice, my mother-in-law suddenly shocked, and she raised my head. How can I have a man's voice? "

In everyone's horrified eyes, I saw a luxurious huge vessel on the sky in their heads, and they were slowly landed toward them.

'The uncle of the moment. ... Here is the nine snake island in the legend of the legend ...,'

Some curious voice sounded, when the luxury big ship finally landed, Robin walked to the deck of the bow with the moment, a pair of brunette big eyes stared in all the Nine Snake Island Female Warrior below, 'Really all Is a woman, '.

You. You are ..., '

When the moment is gradually walked on the deck of the bow, the province clearly clears the slogan silver long hair and the blue and blue, and his perfect Junxiu five officials, see the gods on the face of the mother-in-law. .

It's like suddens that I have seen the huge worship of the huge w on the eternal ice sculpture that I have just turned to the eternal ice sculpture, and I can't say it almost, 'you. ... You are the world of the world's number one wanted. ..., '.

, Eternal. ..., 'mother-in-law seems to spend his body's strength, and finally said from the mouth of the name.


How can this world's most horrible man suddenly appear in Jiu Snake Island ...

'Alternate you to know me. ... that thing is more convenient ...,'

I heard someone recognized my identity, and the moment from the deck of the bow slowly fell to the ground between the jungle. The sight of Zhan Blue, the sight of the mother-in-law, plain opening : 'You are the emperor of the ups to the top of the island.

'Jia Lan lily is right ...,'

He actually knows my name !?

I heard the exact number of my own, my mother-in-law couldn't help but have a shock, I know that this is the name of all women on Jiuji Island.

'This is a man ...,'

Unlike the shock and uneasy in the heart of the mother-in-law, all the Jiu Snake island girls in the jungle saw that he suddenly went from the sky, and the hand was frozen, and the whole huge 49 is flashing. He looked at his perfect high chaos, all his face They all have surprised and embarrassing looks. It turns out that the man is so strong.

Great and good ...

No time to correct these nine-snake girl's wrong worldview, feel that in front of it is inadvertently flowing out and everything around everyone will always be average, and the look of the mother-in-law is heavy, and some sincere and fearful openings thank you. No thinking that the big people like you have actually

Will come to Amazon · Lily. Thank you for your life-saving ..., '

As for the ban on the man on Jiuji Island, it has already been thrown into the Jiu Yun outside.

What jokes are joking ... This man is destroyed in the existence of Holy Land Mary Joy.

As the emperor of the upper age, the mother-in-law has a wisdom, strategy and far-sightedness.

Knowing that because Jiun Snake Island is located in a windless relationship, the news is not easy, it is easy to lose weight and the outside world, so she cherishes every newspaper and always cares about the changes in the world situation.

She is very clear that this man who suddenly appears in Jiuba Island symbolizes what kind of power, so I have to figure out that he came to the true purpose and meaning map.

Xiaohan Cook, Sanda Sonia, Mary Luode. All of you come over ... Factory

I saw the sound of flashing, and the high-long black coat jacket was turned out of three young teenage girls, drunk, staring at the Nine Snake Island Female Warrior.

Hello ... old woman ... corpse

Under all people surprised, I saw that the beautiful Hancark consciously came from the moment to the mother-in-law, and the proud lifted his chin, and the scream said: 'My name is Saga. Hancark. I am a woman who has become the emperor of this country in the future.

What ghost?!

I heard Hancark's arrogant attitude and discourse, all people in the scene were petrified there ...

'That. Jia Lan Lily. Factory

Some headaches are gently put on their forehead. At the moment, there is no way to take the character of the proud of the sex. I have to move my eyes to my mother-in-law. Saved in Joya ..., '

'The purpose of I came to Jiu Snake Island today was to give you Hancock's three sisters ... I hope you can train them to train them into the best women's warriors on Jiuzi Island ...

BA Hancark ... corpse

The mouth is gently tanded with the name of Hancark, and the wisdom of the wisdom of the mother-in-law's eyes.

Although there is no opening for something, he has long been able to take the momentum of all the temperament to bring about it.

'Good _ two j and Cook will be given to the old body.' '

After a wise eyes, I was sparkled. After a consideration, my mother-in-law said, 'The old man will follow your three sisters to train the best female warriors on Jiuzi Island_._.' '

'Very good _ I believe you will not let me down (Novo Zhao): ._.' 'After seeing the mother-in-law, I bord her head after the mother-in-law agreed.