Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 336 of Hueding Crack System

The reached out and gently got the black and hair of Hancark, and all the nostalgic and unnecessaries in her eyes were all incorporated by her own eyes, and the soft road: "Don't be sad. Soon, we will meet the second _. ''

After bid farewell to Hancock three sisters, the moment is returned to the boat on the boat, leaving the Jiu Snake Island.

Mr. !! "

The big boat on the sky, the ground is chasing between the jungle in the jungle, and the dead biting his lips and does not make your emotions spread.

Next time you meet.

I must be a woman standing around you ._ _ _._.

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Chapter 72 White Beard One Piece (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 72 White Beard One Piece (seeking rewards and automatic)

Azure sea, white birds fly back.

A luxurious champagne big boat is not in a hurry on the sea of ​​the great route.

'What ?! Do you say what your name is coming ?! "

At the moment, with a weird look through the blonde man on the front of the wolf, I saw his golden beard personality and tied two braids, and the face was a little shocked and looking up.

' _. _._. I ._. My name is Zhe Pu _._.' '

Looking up at my eyes in front of my eyes, I'm afraid of the philosoprotic shocked, I almost shed tears and snot, even if I finished, I couldn't say it.

What is your surprised look ?!

People who should be surprised should be me?!

Zhe Pu led his chef's 100 pirates just entered the great navigation, just met a large sea storm at sea, the entire rider shredded by a storm.

But fortunately, the crew of him and the man drifted in the sea, and met a luxury and one 693 big ship, and was salvaged.

But after the boat, when he. The man who wishes himself on the ship, and the urine that is almost scared is fast.

This man actually destroyed the Shengdi Marie Joya, hitting the five old stars, called the world's strongest battle for the world, the crown, the name of the eternal name _._.

'How can you make this look? "He looked at the philosophy in front of his eyes, and the moment was slightly frown.

The one in the original is the one in the original, and after the whole body of the great route, he opened the sea trivial hall in the East Sea. Balati, the red foot of the red foot is the only one in the Pirace. When the captain and the people of the One Piece.

Zhe Pu has a very superb kick (only by kicking when fighting, because the hand is the life of the chef), can easily kick the rock and can take a trace on the steel, because in the early years, when the fighter is used in the early years Kicking his opponent's blood splash, and his feet are also dyed in red, so it is called red


(AGCC) I feel very speechless, I didn't expect myself to come out from Jiu Zhu Island, I went back to the new world in the big sea, I didn't expect to save a person from the sea, it is the original. Save mountain govern, now I am with my piolig to swear the red foot of the great route.


'I ._Research in the sea. ... encountered a sea storm in the sea.

The philosophy is a little war, answering the problem of the moment, no matter how this is the perfect man in front of you, is the world's highest war, but it is not what he has just The pirates entering the great route can pay tribute.

It turned out to be _. '' Listening to the explanation of philosophy, the moment is laughing and shooting the shoulders of Zhepu, 'Since everyone is the man of the sea, don't be so causing! "


Like, eternal, the moment is shocking the whole world, no matter which one hundred pirates will be nervous.

In the next few days, in the sailing of the great route.

At the moment, the crew of the philosophy, using God's reincarnation, the ultra-extreme spiritual power, and then built an ordinary hundred pirates, and then left the philosophy to cook a few days of cuisine in the boat.

I didn't expect the cuisine made by the philosophy to be eaten in the imagination. Robin's little cat food is full of praise, it is a man in the future in the East Sea.

And when the crew of the thief of the phosch chef took the moment of Jun Xiu's dust, I was shocked, and I was shocked. I was shocked. When our captain followed the legendary world rights. The man who can destroy in the peak of Holy Land. Eternal 'is a friend!! , philosophy

The man is really great!!!

Finally on this day.

The big ship in the moment has just entered the second half of the great route.

As usual, lying on the deck of luxury champagne boats with Robin, with phosphopic cooking cuisine.

'Uncle, there is a hundred pirates in front of!'

'Well ??' I heard the reminder of the Boab, the moment of slightly jumping my own God, and I looked at the direction of Robin.

I saw a huge sea thief boat as a huge whale, and the big sea in their distance was not in a hurry, as if there was no wind and waves to affect such a huge vessel.

,that is?!"

At the moment, there is still no reaction. At this time, the other side of the deck will be shocked by the whale in the far sea, but the whole person is shocked, 'that is the Mobi Dick! It is them! ! "

'Mobi Dick Number'. Wen said that it is a slight glimpse.

For the name of these famous One Pirates in the Pihydrate, he did not impress it, but it went to look down on the philosoprote, and the gods of the gods were clearly seen in the far sea. The fluttering the pirate banner.

A huge hidden cross, hanging on a white, as a sinous bench.

'White beard. ... Edward New Gate ...,'

A unbeatable name appeared in the brain of the moment, and the The look.

'The strongest man in the world ...,' The mouth is soft, since I came to this world, only this man and the One Piece, Luojie is the most worth seeing.

Since the One Piece is now a reficed, then this is called by the world, the world is the strongest. Live legend. It is more featured than the monster, and the man is absolutely necessary to enjoy some of his style.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 73 Who is (ask for reward and automatic)

Who is "seeking rewards and automatic) Chapter 73

Mobi Dick.

'Old! There is a big boat in front! "

Gently hold the telescope on your hand. As the number one in the white beard, Malco called the first time.

'Is the acemail? "

White beard has not spoken, this time, the fourth team of the White Beard One Piece, the fourth team of the squadron.

'It doesn't seem. There is no pirate flag above ...,'