Through the telescope, Marco looked at the luxuriant champagne boat that came towards them in the distance, muttered. 'But it seems to be over our side ...,'

'Isn't a pirate ship? But it is over, is it? "

When everyone is somewhat doubtful, at this time, there were some funny and cute white beards, the sixth team of the white beard, the sixth team of Bramam, took the telescope on the Malco hand, and the eyes went up and observed.

Who knows that I have just grabbed a single-touch mirror to look at my eyes.

Bramike saw a blue-colored big eyes in front of the telescope, there is a mysterious vast pattern pattern, and the magnificent seemingly the eyes that are not able to have, and suddenly the heart is surprising. One ass sat on the ground.

'Ha ... White Beard One Piece ...,'

Some ridiculous sounds sounded, and suddenly, all the pirates on the white beard were instantly responded to the stance of the battle.

I saw that when they had no sigh, they had no signs, and the silver-white long hair fluttered with the sea breeze. It is gently standing on the ship's side, and the handsome face is in the eyes. Bring a inexplicable smile.

'you you you…,'

The small and scared snorkens who have just been scared by the small and small scared of the scenes are sitting on the floor. I can't say that I can't say that when I suddenly appeared in front of the moment.

'Eternal, moment? !!',

The province is clear, this time Malco and Saqi and the Elite's altitches on Sesta are still unclear, and suddenly appear.

Every news newspaper. Every time I am sensational with the world. From the Temperade to the Shampoo Islands. From the Navy, Malin Fanto, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Ali, with these events that shocked the sea. The root entered their minds.

This guy ... is an enemy ..., '

Bramami sitting on the floor finally turned over God. Suddenly standing up from the pocket of the chin, I generally took a huge hammer. Hourly looks at the sudden appearance in front of you.

This guy ... It is more white face than the photo ..., 'I saw that I will show a dead fish eye hanging gerbera. When the appearance of the white beard, the team leader Malco said, lazy There is no big idea among my eyes.

The shadow of the human famous tree.

Kutzan. Saskaski. Pu Saleno. Warring States. Cap, empty. Golden lion. Even five old stars ...

There are already too many powerful names that fall in front of this man in front of you. ...

If this is a man marked by the World Government as the world's strongest, this man is still arrogant ...

Then I don't have much difference with it.

team leader!!".

Is there a hostile? !! "

I found that the drunk side of the bow, suddenly the entire white bearded ace, the thief on the white beard is alarmed, and the weapons in their hands are like a tide generally flowing toward the moment they are in the position.

'It seems that I welcome me ...,'

The countless pirates of all the white beards in front of the white beard, the madness of the squid, and the looks relaxed, and the eyes are close to the blue eyes, but the eyes are slight.

Life Wang Color !!!

As if the whole huge incomparable white beard, the river is shocked, and there is an invisible moment of imitation to condense into substance. Suddenly, from the moment of the moment.

this is?!!',

Feel the sudden momentum of this sudden outbreak of the moment, the captain of the nearest Malco, Bissta and Bramank, who was in the absence of the nearest Malco, Bisza and Bramami, only feels the whole body, the whole person's momentum All were taken, and suddenly the horror widened his eyes.

... seeking flowers ...

Taga Tower.

There are countless heavy objects that have sounded. I saw that all hundreds of pirates were all like the scarecrow in addition to individual strength.

This is the same as the old ..., '

See all the thiefs around the white beard on the white beard, Malco's faces are filled with unbelievable expressions, in the king MI gas ?!! '

Sure enough. This man also has the qualifications of the king.

Kurarara ..., '

At this time, everyone only felt the whole big boat under his feet, a heroic laughter spread throughout the whole corner of the White Beard, 'Province came to our boat. A !!',

Followed by far and nearly one shares, almost one of the unstruthful temperatures, suddenly spilling, and the king of the king of the moment is hit together.

The two people have almost entering substantial physical attacks, affecting the entire wooden hull.

'White beard. ... Edward New Gate ...,'

The blue eyes are staring at the huge figure that is like a mountain, and the deep eyes are slightly smashed. With a inexplicable complex tone, the name, 'Since the world, I will start I will I have been a long time for you, '

Feeling the king of the king's A gas from the huge figure, the king of the king, and the king of the king, suddenly rushing together, and it's a moment to know if you are willing, you can make a lot of your eyes. Shen Luo Tianzheng put the entire ship under his feet into the sea.

But there is not that necessary.

He is coming today, not coming over.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 74 does not die bird Malco (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 74 does not die bird Malco (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 74 does not die bird Malco (seeking rewards and automatic).


I feel that the crystal king ribbed from the moment is like ancient times, and the white beard suddenly broke out the sky laugh and laughing. No one can bring him this feeling for a long time. ' . Your name, I am like thunder !! "

It is like a laughter of white beards, the air around the White Beat One Piece is shaking, and the first time I saw a white beard himself.

At the moment, I found out all the rumors of this man before the eyes before, there is no falsehood.

It is indeed a terrible guy than monsters ... less

The blue eyes of the blue gods silently gazing at the eyes of five meters, and the whole person is full of strength to a constant. Seven eight three "situated white beards, even the heart of the moment can not help but pull out this idea. .

I saw the white beard in front of him, and there was a giant, and the lips were hung on the same one-size strings on the one of the Youth League, and the whole body was so thick. It seems to be a uncomfortable sale. With the ability of the superman shock fruit, it is not

Will doubt that he can hit it to reverse the whole sea.

In particular, the white beard in front of the white beard in front of the original white beard is still young for more than 10 years old. Although it is not a constant period, it is obvious that the white beard in front of you will be more than the white beard in the original. Terrible one level.

Your guy !! "

When the white beard and the moment were collected, when the crystal king color of his own body, Malco, which respredcted, was the pirate on the white beard of the White Beard, and suddenly angry. It is safe to save them in front of it. Actually put them all !! ".

, No dead birds. Malco ..., '

I heard the voice of Malco's horror, at this time, I finally took my sight to move from the white beard. I looked at the youth pirates whose golden punk head turkey hairstyle, whispering Say his name.

, No dead birds. The first team of the Malco's white beard pirates, there is a rare animal department, a magical veterinarity than the natural system. The power of the fruit is extremely strong, and the war can be The Navy's general war has a flat hand.

Unlike the elements of the natural devil fruit, even if the armed colored gas hits the fruit capability of Malco, it can instantly repair your injuries. In addition to some limit-level super regular strength, there is almost no one can kill him, inde It is a powerful pirate that is not buckled.

How? Do you still want to do it with me? "

The province of Malco in front of him, and there is some taste of the taste to pick your own eyebrows. It can sit on the team leader in 16 hundreds of White Beard, this vendor, this guy has You don't have to be young, they are inferior.

Available guy ..., '

As a leading person in this era, the leader of the pirates of the sea, Malco has endured the attitude of this regardless of the unmanned eyes.

Numerous cyan flames are ignited, and only the Malco in front of the Malco bitter, and the result will disappear in the original place.

'There must be a limited egg! Bastard !! "

The violent voice sounded, and when he finally captured Malco's figure, he had burned the blue flame in the top of the sky.

I saw that the Malco was hand-made, a pair of unneatched flames, the buns of the bin, a lacquered black armed piggy, with a fierce voice, and the legs were hung to the case.

, I ._. Nice strength _._. ''