The drunken station is in the same place, and the blue mysterious brilliance of Zhan Lan is flashing. It seems that the tone is easy to evaluate. After Malco, he has not decided to have a good tactic, and the god of the left eye is already. In advance, inspected all the moves in his next move.

Armed color gas, hardening!!!

A lacquered black armed pigmentation spread in the hands of the moment, formed a unbelievable hardened, facing the fierce offensive of the head of the head of the Malco, and the moment of unreasonable flew, Directly on the front of Malco's kick one

All everyone in the scene only felt that he was a hemp, and only the whole air was crazy, and there was a lot of gold M hits between the mart of the Malco's foot collision.

'What strength is this?' '

When a boxing of armed colored gas harden, when Malcotton, Malcotton was very shocked, only I feel that a mountain inverted sea generally irresistible giant tidal tide.


I saw the body's strength of the moment under the strengthening of armed colors, and slammed into the kick of Malco and did not reduce the body of Malco without minoring.

'Malco !! "

The province of Malco actually was suddenly burned into the body, and all the team members on the surroundings around the white beard, and the power of the shakes in the heart, but there was no too much. Worry.

"This is a more rare animal species that is more rare than nature, it is true ... strict

After a palm of the body, after the body of Malco, in the flash of the blue double-pointer, Malco in front of him was systematically formed by a cyan non-dead bird flame, and was instant. The injury to the climb is actually instantly recovered in the beginning, it is a good ability ...

'Hey ... More powerful is still behind !! "

After instant restoration of the body of the brakes, I saw that I was so good to stand a hand, I only crushed my own kick, and the hearts of Malco were more excited. A flame of a green flame on the wind on a green wings.

Come !! "

I saw that the legs of the Malco were once again armed collapsed, and they broke out in the moment, and the little strong characteristics of not dead birds didn't die. The biggest reliance!

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 75 Huamei Best (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 75 Huamei Best (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 75 Hu Jings Tower (ask for reward and automatic)

It has a small characteristic that does not die without dead birds ...

Even if there is no more than a strong opponent failure countless times, Malco can also come again, this is that he is sitting in the white beard of the white beard.

'Very tough guy ...,'

The Malco in front of the province once again launched a more violent offensive, although there was no morbidity for this loyalty to the beautiful piracy with white beard, but there was no too much tolerance to play with him.

But Malco. I have no patience and play with you.

The corner of the mouth is slightly rampant, and the words between the discourse Zhan Lantong are suddenly flowing. For a burst of endless 0 Lishan, the tsunami is generally sprayed, and the flow blade is slightly lifted.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

Although the heart is angry, I called my little shrimp, but I saw my eyes in front of my eyes, I sent out the eye 06 very bright light, the slender slenderness of the hand did not have a slap, and suddenly A heart-catching crisis flizes in the heart of Malco.

As a sword in the hands of the sheath, I suddenly cut out, and suddenly there were some people in the scene, I saw the natural disaster that had a disabled apex in front of her eyes, and the air was distorted.

An eye-invisible repulsion is replaced in the hands of the moment, if the fire broke out, the speed is fast, and the Malco has not yet produced, all of the two people are bent in this huge repulsive It became a distorted shape, and the trajectory of the fire in the hand is in the hands of the fire.

A strange channel being bent by powerful repulsiveness.

Only in a moment, the Malco's entire people were in this sword as if the shells were like the shells, and the powerful wind swept the entire Mobik, almost made all the people in the scene could not open their eyes.

Malco ..., '

After the dust, all the elite backbone M on the White Beard One Piece saw the whole personnel made a shiny meteor, and I flew to the Mahko, which flew to the high sea, finally picked up the hanging alternative. He is worried, 'The kid will not die ...,'

'This guy…,'

Seeing the moment, a sword was like a sword, but the natural disaster came. The general sword flew Malco. At this time, the squadron of the White Beard One Piece, the squirrel, the bista face, is difficult The confidence is frightened, 'The sword in his hand beat Malco, and'

This ... is a man marked as the world's strongest man by the World Government

Eternal, moment of power ....

How? Are you planning together? "

Some playful sounds from the mouth of the moment, as the kind of madness of the Bissta in the Bisosta, which is about to break through the big sword.

"Let's go together??

I heard the moment, I was like a joke, and I saw the cold snorted in Bista. He was not in the original, and the image of a calm uncle will always be smiling. He is a slap in this period. Super-class swordsman who have no realm!

'Since the opponent is only you alone. ... we don't have the same species on the white bearded pirate !! "

The voice of Bisatta fell, the whole white bearded on the virgin, the invisible sword was sorrowful, and I saw a gorgeous and beautiful petals in the air, this is his. Flower sword, the title of Bisistta.

, 'Flower sword, Bisatta ...,'

In the mouth, I will see the name of this money in front of this money, and the mysterious bun is moving the inexplicable light.

People who can launch a fierce battle in the top of the world's top war and the world's first big sword, Eagle Yagkul Michac, is apparent that the swordsmanship of Bosta has reached a super-first-class level. It is indeed possible to attract interest in the moment.

In the past time.

In the case of the swordsman who have been fighting in the moment, the sword is leaving a deep impression on the moment, and the church of his swordscent Golden Lion is one, holding a unparalleled big knife, the first generation of the ghost, five The old star is one, and one is that death in the hands of the mysterious and the country will

Army, and the general of the country, the disciples of the disciples' future "The world's first big sword, Eagle Eye Joracell Michac Bashed" has not tasted one.

So this super-current swordsman, 'Huajian, Bisatta absolutely can hooked a trace of interest in the heart.

The sharp slammed the void. When everyone's eyes suddenly flicked, I flicked on the snow, as if it was a little shining in the dark, a flashing.

Everyone only felt that one of her eyes, the two Western swords in the hand in the hand of the Bisa have appeared in front of the flash 493.

Although not a sword that is separated, the dark-armed colors that are wrapped in the pair of Shando Swords in the Hosta Hands. It is not to be underestimated, and it is light from the level of swordsmanship and the present. Like an instant, it has reached the point where you can touch the realm of the big sword.

Only, it is the case of this powerful cheat of the system, it is destined from the beginning, it will be more quickly to the sword road wrapped in the big sword.

Void Keyway · Falling New Star !!!

It seems like ancient times, I have just been born, and the radiance of the endless swords will stuffate all the eyes of everyone on the White Bearded One Piece.

In the face of the first-class stunning swordsman in front of the eye, I saw the flow blade in the hands of the moment. If I didn't use the chopped knife, the same armed colored product gas entangled, and there was countless Swordsman in the void swords of the singer.

What is this sword ?! "

The philosophy will be in front of the moment. The eyes of Bissta seem to be lit by the splendid swords of the moment.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 76 is defeated (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 76 is defeated (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 76 defeated (seeking rewards and automatic)


Countless swords, the sound of crossed the entire White Beard, I saw that there was a glitter of the glitter, and the moment like ancient Newcomers fell. The sword of the Bisceta was disintegrated.

'Good sputum ...,'

Although his swordsman were instantly disintegrated, Bista did not discourage, but in the eyes of his eyes, the inception of unprecedented gods, and the stunning splendid sword seems to open a unprecedented window, let him save I saw my future into the direction in which there were no swords.

Let's come again !! "

It seems that the moon is full of the bubble and blood all uses the heart, and the Bisada frenzy broke out all the strengths of all the strength.

The wicked color of the two hands is wrapped around, and the air in front of the tear of the eyes will kill countless Taoism to the extreme trajectory. The Broken substance realm.

"Good expression ..., '

Feel the pounds of Bisatta, and the silent swordscent of his eyes in front of his eyes, the mouth of the moment is slightly, this is a sword, the first-class swordsman should have, 'This is still almost…,'

Void Keyway · God speed !!!

In the face of the no number of sharp swordscent of the extremely fast killing, I saw that I didn't refund, if the fire in the hand, if the fire like fire, I made a counterflow waterfall, only in just a moment I will kill the infinity sword gas that spreads throughout the space.


Countless swordsman hits the sound, all of the people in front of the air, all the money swords killed by Bista, all the infinite swordscent of the moment that is suddenly cut out.

'What is this sword speed?

After seeing countless swordsmas in front of me, after all of his swordsman's offensive, the surprise between Bosta immediately lifted his two western swords to arm.

Only the Western Sword of Bista's hands, the wolf is blocked, and the whole person is turned into the moment.

'At the end ...,' The moment of the Biosta, the moment of the moment is set, as if it symbolizes the fate of the reversal.

What?! '. Wen Yan is suddenly opened his eyes, a bad premises from the bottom of your heart.

Void Keath · Unintentional angel!!!

In addition to Bista, all people on the White Bearded One Piece have a big eyes, and I saw the long-term long-lasting long-term long-term, there were countless swords, and all the unpaired swords were rays. It seems that there is a pair of ice-cold extinction in front of you, and it's gorgeous.

Comparison, but horrible.

A drastic metal riche sounds throughout the White Bearded One Piece, and the two-cut sword blade in the sky is crazy. Finally, finally inserted all the people in front of everyone.

You have already defeated ..., '

The fluttering black coat jacket gradually falls, and the slender figure of the moment is standing in front of Bosta, and slowly incorporates the sword sheath if the flow blade in his hand is incorporated.

'I lost?!"

Bis Tam is somewhat unbelievable, and some shocking deadly, looking at their eyes, as if still afraid to reflect the gorgeous swordsmanship you just killed.

I can't be defeated by your three sword ..., '

Some helpless smiles have gradually floated, and Bis Tam has a little pivoting the western swords that have been broken by their hands in their hands. The huge wounds of the Yunnanese have been continuously spread. on the floor.

'I avoid your hugeness ...,'

It's been drunk and looked at the Bosta in front of him. The mouth of the mouth is slightly tight, 'You should change two good swords ...,'

'Change two good swords ...,' poured on the floor as if I lost my body, Must murmped in the mouth of Bosa, and a famous sword is a swordsman life, accompanying He has been so long, and how can he say it?

, Bosta !! "

The Pista in front of the province worshiped in front of the short number of swords, and all the elite piracy of all white beards, the thief, showed it.

In front of you, the strength of this man is getting more than the imagination of everyone.

"White beard _._. I warmly ended _._. ''

Ignore all the shocking eyes around, I didn't plan to be too embarrassed to help this, the pirates on the white beard, and the blue eyes finally moved to the white beard, such as the mountain, the big figure, 'You still don't plan it out Play two _. ''

Deceived a lie.

Just now, is it just warm?

The fact that it is easy to say in the mouth, but it is unacceptable to all the thiefs around the entire white beard.

Kurala II _ actually defeated my son _._. ''

With the speech of the moment, it has been quietly paying next to the flash of Malco and the Best's fighting, and there is a series of cool laughs in the mouth, 'These children follow me in the new world. The sea is usually used in the sea.

'Today, I just let them see (got Zhao) I know that there is still much power than them! "

'Old. One.' '

Feel the goodness of white beards, surrounding Saqi, Brakeek, Joz, etc., etc.

'Good _._. Let you wait for a small child _._.' '

Haha laughed, I saw the big hand of the white beard and Pufan, and the sharp watched the eyes of the eagle set to the moment of his eyes.

There is no doubt that I have already shown in the moment, I have completely ignited him this' The world's strongest man. The blood and the Darenness in the month of Men, since Roger died, no one has brought him. Such a touch.