Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 339 of Hueding Crack System

'Next ... _. Feel the strongest horror of the world !! "

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 77 Edward New Gate (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 77 Edward New Gate (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 77 Edward New Gate (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Say your kid is really a monster. Factory

I saw that the white beard tall as the mountain is standing in front of the moment, even if the body is tall, it can only be able to go to his knee before his face.

The five guys in the Shengdi Mari Yayi have what kind of power, I will clearly _._. ''

White beards are like the sinous bench bearded slightly, the stone is in front of them like an excellent future generation, and the eyes are full of appreciation and gratifying. 'Until now I finally understand the second _. Why you Can be destroyed from their five hands to the Shengdi Mario

Many slaves _._. ''.

Your practice is very good !! ".

How is it ._. ._. ''

Generally, the white beard is sulking, such as Lei lacker, I will send my own invitation to the back, 'Do you want to consider doing my son on my pioline? "

Do your son?!

I heard the sincere invitation of white beards, and the hilarious smile shook his head. Then this is not a white beard in his humiliation him:.

But the white beard likes that all the crew members are the son, just like their own biological sons, and his crew is also known to be called him. Old, he is not interested in the sea 417. , Depending on your own son's biggest treasure, it is not allowed to hurt his child.


White beard has a broad mind, because the crew is mostly disliked by the world and society, so for white beards as sons, the family's family, Malco and Bissta are full of admire And gratitude, so Ideally call him 'old akh', often able to open for him

Out of life fight.

For the moment, white beards give him the most impressive instead of the top of the war.

Among the original, the fish and fish people on the island of Fish is being treated with the Pihydrate Navy and the Tiantong people's abuse, while white beards are not used to these practices. From then on, this site is that Laozi, No one dares to bully the people and fish people on the island, and use the white beard of the pirates

Name Protects the entire other by the islands, his practices are admired.

So, in the upper war, as a fishman in one of the Qihuang Sea. Hai Xia, very flat, I would rather be arrested to oppose the Navy's part to fight with him, this is the world's strongest man.

Referring back to all the flying thoughts, the eyes of the moment gradually resolved to the white beard, such as the mountains, the huge figure, and the handsome face came to a smile, "How ~ _. , the world's strongest white beard I am also interested in attracting me on his pirate ship.

'The strongest world ... _.' '

I heard the words in front of my eyes, I saw the white beard in front of my eyes, and then some helplessly shook my head. "No: ._. I have a little interest in this so-called world's strongest name."

'Even the strongest people in the world are only a human being with a heart:.

I saw that the white beard look in front of the moment was serious, and the sound of low, but it was deeply surprising. "There will always be a death _._. So ._. ''

'My son is my biggest wealth and treasure! Kuralara _._.' '

Here, white beards have swept away from all the pirates on the veranda boat, and once again, it is a glory that is considered to be treasured.

"White Beard Edward New Gote ._. ''

White beard looked back to the eyes of the crew, naturally fled the deep eyes of the moment, although the heart could not understand this feeling of white beard, but this is not implied (AHCC) is a moving in front of you. As the man's man's appreciation, I can't help but I don't help us. '

A good guy ._. ''

'Good moment, kid _ E 2, I don't want my son. "

Packed up your own mood, white beards are strong up and down to make people feel slightly tight, suddenly broke out the mountains and tsunami, 'Then come to play with me quickly! ! "

Since Roger's guy is dead: ._. I haven't had a good fight for a long time. _._. ''

Is there such a power without using a gluten?

It is no wonder that in the original, the Warring States is called the man who can destroy the world.

The invisible momentum of the white beard in front of him actually has blown open the dust on the entire hundred pirates, and the blush of the blue gods will not help but smash.

"I have this exhausted."

Feeling the war's interest in the white beard and the mountains, different from the warm-up of Malcobistea, the blood and the war in the hearts of the heart gradually boil, sharp, sword's eyes Almost entering substantial rays.

'If your opponent is yours ._.' '

It seems that the expression on the face is gradually serious. "If you don't care, you will lose money.

Ruplex, me, begins!!!

' ... all as the ashes of the second _. Dragon is fire !! "

In the mouth, it seems to be murdressing spells in a whisper, and the eyes of the entire White Beard One Piece are shocked. The moment is gradually pulling out the slenderness of their hands.

The whole white beard pirates have only feel a dry throat, as if the water in the entire space is sucking, the temperature of the surrounding air is raised to a point where it is unacceptable.

In the eyes of everyone shocked, the flow blade in the hands of the moment was pulled out from the sword sheath, but it seems to be pulled out of a full blazing and eternal Taikoo volcano.

The burning flame burst, filled around the entire space, six thousand flames all concentrated on the slender tanganti in the hands of the moment, the ship's boat on the deck made iron water, the floor under the foot was evaporated into water vapor .

Chapter 78 The strongest man in the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 78 The strongest man in the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 78 The strongest man in the world (seeking rewards and automatic)


I don't know who, tough swallowing my mouth, slightly relieves his throat that he is very dry.

'This ._. This is ._.' '

Feel the surrounding fatal temperature, the fourth team of the White Beard One Piece is a bit shocked by the white beard, which seems to be in the world. The gods in the world in the world.

It turned out that he just had Malco, and Bosta is really playing.

This is, eternal, moment ._. Is it a man marked by the world government as the world's strongest?

It's more powerful than monsters.

Looking at the moment in front of you, the pirates on all white beards in the white beards in the same time, the mind did not have such an idea.

Kuralala ._. ''

'This is what you make the Warring States and Capa two guys have no powerful power ?! "

At this moment, this will make all the people feel a power, but let the white beard in front of the white beard smile, facing the powerful power, 'The strongest man in the world, will only be excited, not fear!

Void sword prison door !!!

In the mouth of the mouth, it is unable to capture at everyone's sight. It seems that the distance between the two people in the middle of the white beard is in the middle of the white beard, in front of the white beard. The sword of the burst into the fire is in the past, and the epic is in front of him.

A male sword.

It is enough to shock all the sound of all the eardrum, and only the white beard is long and the long-standing knife is dead, and the first sword of the embeddation, the two prehistoric monsters are hit together. The impact wave of the naked eye is almost crushed the entire Mobi Dick.

'I can't see it _._ You actually have such a big force on your child.

Feeling the giant force that came from himself to the knife, it is like a hill, a huge white bearded, and it flashes a surprised ray.

Even if it is a whole island, he can break in front of him, but the force in front of the body and yourself, so many moment, almost exceed himself, how to make him not surprised.

'The province comes to your hand, the knife is not a normal weapon ...,'

At this time, I also had a surprising in my heart. Although I wrapped around the exquisite armed with white beard, I couldn't damage it under the blowing of fire, and this M knife in the white beard is definitely not An ordinary weapon.

The place is too small here ... not enough for us to toss ... less

At the moment, in the eyes of the white beard, there were some unexpected eyes, and the eyes of the eyes of the eyes were flashing, and endless pupil suddenly launched.

Rotation of the eye · The next !!.

What ?! disappeared ?! "

I feel that my body has received the pressure, and all the elite pirates on the White Bearding One Piece suddenly showed that in front of the moment and the white beard completely lost traces.

Just when they tried to find an instant and white beard trace, the tremendous islands suddenly came from the tremendous burst.

'Is it ... He ran to the island with his old man ?! "

When I thought, I appeared in front of my eyes, at this time, the first table of funny lovely chubby Bracman's first reaction came over, and the mind couldn't help but think of this.

Fast! Go to the island on the side !! "

After the reaction, Brakeman immediately urged himself around him, driving the feet huge as a huge whale, a big Mug Dick, came to explode a big island in the far away.


The entire original forest has a huge island of the rugged reef, but now it seems that hundreds of invisible beasts are halved, and they are all broken rocks.

There are also countless coke blacks extremely high temperature to make crystals, and there is no unusual guest here today.

· ... Ask for flowers ··· "··"

Actually, I came to this island. ... is a convenient ability! "

Stretching some numbers in the shock of his own brakes, white beard sharp eyes gaze his moment in front of him, and there is an exciting laugh in the big mouth. 'Here is a wide ... It should be reluctant to withstand our two power of Kurara, '

It is saved in this large sea without a pirate Wang Luo Jie and Golden Lion, the power is enough to subvert the white beard that is already lonely ...

'Everything is younger. ... White Beard ...,'

In the battle, I feel that there is no such thing as the old and long-term illness because of the old and long-term pain, and I can't help but hold the straight blade in my hand. In the eyes of the eyes, the enterprises have issued an unprecedented look.

All the water in the surrounding air seems to be taken away, and only the fierce flames in the hands of the fierce long knife are in the hands of the flash, as if combustion is enough to destroy this world.

Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

In the face of the white beard in front of himself, the flash of a sword in the hands of the horses, the blazing hot flame sword gathered to form a fierce dragon volume, so like a destruction of everything. All things are burned into a piece of ashes.

Be good !! "

The burst of the sword of the moment has not swept his face, and the white beard feels deeply feeling that the fatal temperature passed out from the endless red flames, and the sharp eyes are finally revealed. Serious look.


It seems that there is a sound of a glass fragment sounded. In the face of the burst of the burst of the sword, the white beard finally broke out his true strength, and launched his own shock fruit capabilities. I saw that the air in front of my eyes was like a spider web.

(Little A is coming again, and everyone can reward the flowers of the monthly ticket.

Chapter 79 Shocking Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 79 Shocking Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 79 Shocking Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

This is a shock of the most strongest superman's devil fruit.

The whole body is slightly, and the whole air is completely smashed under the white beard. This power makes it can't help but feel a side.

Or maybe white beard itself does not reach the big sword to level, but his own strength is far more than the level of the big sword, so a difficult knife can play in his hand, you can play a big Sword or more power.

In the original, he and the big sword were red-haired, and the shock waves of the two men after the first sword, and he was obviously more terrible.

'But ... or only such a white beard is worth shooting ...,'