Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 340 of Hueding Crack System

In the face of the "four nine seven" white beards, a knife can cause a strong air shock and stronger. Hustody, I saw him a knife and blocked the burst of the burst of the burst of the bursts. Burning a hot flame, the hand is in the hand, if the fire is full of fire.

Dragon is fireful!!!

It's almost in the time of the bullet, if the flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire is scratzed, it seems that the heavens and the earth are unbounded, and the 16th degree of fatal high temperature combustion distorted the surrounding space, The unilateral momentum speed is sword.

A blazing sword gattered illuminated the entire sky, as if the rest of the world, the rest of the fire, suddenly fell sharply in front of the white beard.

Strong chop !! "

The sharp eyes captured the sword of the speed of the moment, saving the slightest swordscent of the whole space in front of him, and the white beard was almost excited, and he made him full People who play their strength and fruit capabilities, there are several people in this world.

I saw that the white beard launched the power of the shock fruit. He formed a gas pressure in the air, with the hardware in his hand, there was a sudden out of the air in the air, moving towards The super flame burst of the moment is smashed with a knife.

White beards shocked in the hand of shocked air and the burst of the burst of the swords, and the hit the hobby of the naked eye flew around all the dust and gravel, broke out, unable to see the light.

Everything around it was smashed into a small particle in the violent hit of the white beard, and then the bursts of burst swords were completely burned into ashes.

'Hahaha. Happy !! "

Feeling the boiling temperature in the air, a layer of dark armed color is gradually covered with white beard's giant, from his big mouth suddenly burst into a series of laughs.

With shock fruit, you can empty a broken white beard like the island like the Navy's Ma Lin Fan Dodi, which is already quiet in this big sea. There is no one to let him make him completely like today. Shot.

Armed color V gas two paragraphs ..., '

Staring at the front of the eyes, it was placed in a white beard in a lacquer black armed, and the moment was slightly smashed. In the original, he did not see the white beard in such a whole.

'At the small child. ... full shot. ... I can feel that there is a stronger force on you ...,'

More sharp than Yawang's more sharp double eyes, there is a flash in front of him, and the white beard has launched the power of the shock fruit in her own, and the heads around them are constantly issued. A broken voice of a broken, 'Next, my punch

... can break a big sea !! "

Although I feel silent for the two words in front of the white beard in front of the white beard, there is no slack eye in the bright blue eyes, because his heart is very clear and there is no exaggeration of the white beard.


The violent broken voice sounded, only the white beards in front of the mountains, the whole body covered the color of the black desire, suddenly broke out all the power, with the shock fruit, crushing everything, full of punch Hit. ......

In the mysterious view of the mystery of the blind eye in the moment, you can clearly see that the whole space in front of you is full of cracks like a spider web. All the air around you began to shake and break, even two of them. The entire huge isla in the feet is now beginning to make an overwhelming


This is called the power to destroy the world ..., '

Put the shock of the white beard in front of his eyes, and only the flash of the flash is gradually spread, and the whole person has a full body. The ancient ancient ancestors are generally mysterious, facing the death of the white beard in front of meats.

My palm.

Eighty god air hit !!!

All the broken air between the whole space between the moment and the white beard was excluded, and there were countless vacuum heads between tangible and invisible.

Each trick is like a king of the King of Heaven, and every trick has a shaking of the heavens and the earth.

Obviously there are countless vibration and deafening roots, but they are all emotional in a moment of 4.6, and the shocking sound formed has formed the impact wave spread visible in the naked eye.

I saw that there were countless vacuum head attacks and white beards, and they were shocking in the island of Mug Dicks. The entire Yida islands in the moment and the white beard were completely tawned, and the broken break broke into countless blocks.

Great rock block drifting on the sea.

Whole ... The whole island is broken ..., '

A group of hundreds of pirates on the Mobi Dicks. The whole whole smashing huge island in front of themselves is shocked.

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Chapter 80 Two monsters (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 80 Two monsters (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 80 Two monsters (ask for rewards and automatic).

Your kid ..., '

"Really human ..., '

Bullish the sound of the thunder with a touch of unbelievable, I saw the whole huge island smashed into countless huge rock blocks in the sea.

... ...

On one of the largest rock blocks, I saw the white beard still maintained the posture of the punch, and the dark armed colored AN covered under the whole body was as broken as the tile of the break, and after falling off, they were countless Water shot.

I saw the white beard, such as the mountain, the giant, the body, standing above the huge rock block of the drifting, but the face was still hung in some unbelievable expressions.

As the armed color AN of the whole body is broken, 9 out of his scars that were in the body of the body that were unbreakable, and there was a burst of angry, and it was constantly emitting hot white smoke.

Some people in the world.

I just had a palm of him just over him.

'Actually sang my eighty gods to catch ...,'

I don't know if I was in the heart of 07. Because it is the world or this world, I have never seen someone can catch his eighty gods, even one.


The blue-blue eyes have a little fascinating, and the strong is not like human white beard, and the moment is whisper. "The people in the pihydrate are generally a monster level. ... and white beard ..., '

More monsters among monsters ...

'Hao pain ... After all the armed colored products covered by the body, even the white beard also did not help but send a painful voice.

On the occasion of the millennium, the countless symbol of the ultimate air head suddenly broke out directly bombarded the two armed colors that he covered, and the white beard can clearly feel that the bones in his body seem to There are a lot of break.

This is the experience he has never had ...

'Two people _ two are monsters ._.' '

Looking at the whole of the whole island in front of the whole island and the two of the two people, the entire Mugdick's pirates on the Mugdick have presented the general expression of dementia.

'Strong ._.' '

At this time, I have just been flying on the long-distance sea, I finally use my own non-dead bird's ability to fix the serious trauma received by myself, and the blue-colored flame wings of their hands are back. The Mobi Dick's holiday is just witnessed to the moment and white beard.

A shocking battle.

'Dad is actually hurt _ two how it is possible ._.' '

Unbelievable stone, the whole is now the huge island that is split and white beard, Malco finally realizes the difference between himself and the moment. Is this a true strength of the guy? ... _. ''

I can evil. I thought that I called myself in the Mobiki number, Malco thought it was very uns, but now he tightly bit his teeth: ._.

It turned out that he had just played with my battle.

Kurara is really a happy life. _. ".

Silver laughing from Mei Mountain came out from the white beard's big mouth, I saw him inserting the s knife in his hand, inserted into the rock block under his feet, 'actually injured me. _._less

This guy._.

Is it suffering from abuse.

But the next hitting _. ''

The cool laugh is gradually, and the white beard is smashed than the eagle set. The more sharp eyes suddenly stared at him in front of a rock block, and the moment on the sea, 'If you can't get _._. Maybe we will die here... ''

'What two people will die here ... _.' '

I heard the solemn expression of the white beard, and the mouth of the mouth is slightly, although he doesn't think there is any trick in this world to let him die here, but this does not hinder his next attack on white beard to produce a strong expectation. ,. There is any trick to make it out: White Beard "._. ''

Some burning stared at the moment in front of him. I saw white beards like the top strings. The sharpness of the strings, sharp eyes suddenly coagved, the muscles of the whole body were tight, and the hands of the hands of the shock fruit was launched. Extreme.


The constant air fragmentation is from the white beard's hands, in the flash of the blue, only to see him in his hands into the left and right sides of his huge body.

When the air on the left and right sides of the white beard giant is like a glass, the cracks like the spider web are spread throughout the entire void, and it seems to be a inexplicable power.

This is ..., ' , 590 The whole sea under his feet is boiling, and there is a bit surprised to raise your own brows.

A pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG IIIRE IN the eyes of a pair of blue gods, the mysterious mysterious pattern is constantly changing, and the gods are uninterrupted. This is the future change of the world. It seems to see a shocking scene, 'Is it a,'

" ..., '

It is possible to make an instant, and the white beard seems to have a somewhat expanded its own body, standing on the huge rock block of drifting, the expression on the face seems to be a child who embracing the mother of the sea, " We are all sons of the sea ..., '.

Welcome the power of the sea! Heart boy! "

As the white beard is thunder, the sound of the whole sea, all the thieves around Mobi Dick suddenly felt that the whole sea under his feet was crazy, and there was anything in the deep sea at the foot of the world. The behemoth is about to flour out.

Boom ...

It seems like countless waterfall water flow together, in the shocked eyes of everyone, starting from the long-range sea, a long line of a snow-blue blue is getting bigger.

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Chapter 81's strongest name (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 81's strongest name (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 81's strongest name (ask for reward and automatic)

'Ah ...,'

'Old! You are planning to do it off !! "

After the province clearly has a huge huge hook in the far-faced, all the thieves of all the White Bearded One Pirates on the Mohumik, wow, and the entire huge vessel under the feet was in the air.

In the face of this kind of natural disaster, everyone is a small dusty dust.

The ability to use shock fruit ... Let the atmospheric vibrate make the sea cracking. ... Artificial creation huge tsunami ..., '

The blue-blue double is constantly flashing, the moment stands on the huge drift rock block feels that the sea is constantly crazy, looking at the hiking of the heavens in front of the world, it seems to swallow the huge tsunami in the world. The position is crushed. Junxiu flawless face can save any


Kill "that doesn't look small to see the power of the sea ...

The white beard made of this more huge tsunami than nature. ...

Power is completely sufficient to swallow an land island ...

Such power ... I believe it is a catacower for any demon fruit power, '

The deep eyes were stared at the disaster catastrophe caused by white beard. In terms of ..., '.

This doesn't have any effect ..., '

The sound of the empty voice floated in the air, and the moment of flashing on the eyes was like the vital ice of the ice, the universe of the horizon. The whole person has a brightestness, and it is like a cold. A tyrant of a domain.

Aurora punish!!!

In the eyes of all people, the huge frozen of the huge frozen in the body broke out, in the face of the huge tsunami, covering the sky, the sky, the moment, with frozen all the ice, hands forward Sway.

Everything around it has been paused. After watching the two hands, the endless white very light seems to be in the ancient wave, and the tsunami in front of the sky is in front of the tsunami. White brilliance, in the eyes of everyone, just like the whole piece

Time and space are blown up.

All things, under the moment of the reverse of the pointer, was dyed on white, and stopped all operations, all turned into an ancient ice sculpture. Survived in the sun in the sun Dreamy halo.

The big tsunami. It was frozed. ... '...,'

The huge Mobi Dick, which was flying to the top of the sea, all the pirates looked at the whole feet of frozen sea, and said that they were shocked.

'. ... you are kid ...,'

The philosophy used the shock fruit capabilities to make such a huge huge hook of such a huge scale, and the ice-free frozen pauses between the brakes raised their hands.

The ability of frozen fruits is really convenient in the sea ...

Put your eyes in front of the white beard face, and the curved angle of the moment is gradually spread, 'white beard ...,'.