Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 341 of Hueding Crack System

I made a big battlefield for our battle ..., '.


I heard that it was white and glanced, glanced at himself and an inexplicable sea, and then reacted, the wellhead was suddenly broke out of a hunger laughter,. Kuralala. This battlefield It is indeed big enough! ".

Come on white beard ..., '

I saw that the movement of the brakes was in the boundless ice sea, the sword of the burst of the air in the hand was gradually lifted in front of the white beard in front of him, and Junxiu was a smile, "this The battle is about to end ..., '

"Hey. It's really a little bit of a little ghost ..., '

I heard the moment of arrogant words, white beards were not angry, but the face stream M has a more strong war. One lifted the 0 knife on his hand, and the ice under the foot was turned away in the moment in front of it.

I saw two men who had the power of the world, like two ancient beasts. In this endless frozen sea crazy ravaged.

Solar skew.

Hey! Hey! Boom! ...

Under the sunset in the evening. In this boundless sea sea, the mutant and white beards fight each time the loudness of the vibration heaven, all of them are exhausted with the fragile nerves around everyone. .

R These two monsters ... and us are not a level ..., '

The look is hysteresis, and all the people around them have become numb at all.

Time I don't know how long it has been.

Dang !!!

The flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire is a knife, the knife in the white beard.

As the length of the six meters of M knife rotates in the air, it is finally inserted into the ice. In all people who are unbelievable, the white beard is tall, such as the mountain, the giant figure, finally fell, shake the whole ice seal. The sea and everyone's heart. ...

'Old, lost ?? "

All the thiefs on the White Beard One Piece can't believe in their eyes, can't accept everything you can save in front of you.

White Beard (Nobi) Edward New Gote lost ?!

The world's strongest man lost?!

The man who is seen by the world is the strongest monster. Live?!

All the people of the whole sea-sealed sea, all of them looked at their sight to the moment of taking the best in front of the white beard.

I saw that under the Hui Yixian of the fire, the figure was standing before the white beard huge body, and all the blazing flames that swept the sky increasingly increasing their sword scabbed, and settled into an eternal picture.

Eternal is both a flash.

Kill "that is both eternal.

At this moment, the episode of the episode of the sea sealed is always in the memory of everyone ...

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Chapter 82 Night Banquet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 82 Night Banquet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 82 Night Banquet (seeking rewards and automatic)

'You lose ... White Beard ...,'

Above the sea sea, if the fire is fired, if the fire is incorporated into his sword , the body of the moment is drunken, and the body of the white beard is in front of the body, and the deep eyes of the clear blue are unable to say.

Yes ... I lost ..., '

It seems to have lost all the strength of the whole body, and the white beard is like a giant's body lying on the ice, and there is no image.

If you don't see it, even if you can't imagine that it is called. The strongest man in the world. It is terrible than monsters. The legend of the big piceon will have a day to lying on the ground.

'However, Kurarara ...,'

I saw the white beard lying on the ground, and I actually made a big laugh, "I really hurt !!"

'Since Roger's family, I will die. ... I will never have this kind of happiness ... and ...,'

White beards

Maybe just as he said.

The so-called, the strongest, named 053, he doesn't have to regret all ...

He is really tired. ... Just there is your own pioline. Family recognizes ...

'Old! "

'Old !! "At this time, all the hundred thieves around the white beard, Malco and Bramamik and Joz are all around them.

This man. ... "The eyes are complicated at the moment of standing in front of white beard. Malco and Joz are shocked. Well. Do not believe. ...

'What do you do ?! "

I will see the hundred pirates around the surrounding group. It was originally lying down on the ground, and I struggled to reach my body. "What is it here ?!".

Give me back! Ready !! "

'Welcome our guests !! We are not drunk tonight !!! "

I heard the vomiting of the white beard, and I was helpless smile, and I saved the white beard. The biggest hobbies were held in the Banquet and Party.

· - · - · - · One ((AHFI)


Mobi Dick.

'Ah, hahaha! Mr. I! You can really fierce! Actually give your old man to dump !!'. Diamond Qousic Ha smiled, put the whole big pot of wine into his mouth.

Under the invitation of the white beard, the moment took Robin and Zhe Pu went to the Night Mobi Dick's banquet party, soon mixed with the thief of the White Beard One Piece.

'It is true ._ Bastard! It is me! "

'Don't you put it in your mouth yet! What is let go! It has been grabbed by me! "The Yunnanese wrapped around a layer of white bandage, Bisada big mouth torn smoked meat.

The moment is quietly sitting on the floor, Robin, who is borrowed in front of the pirates, just smiling and gently shaking the wine glasses in his hand, seems to be infected by the atmosphere in front of him: ._.

'Robin ._. Happy: ._.' 'Gently lift the wine in a cup, the blue eyes of the blue eyes are in Robin next to himself.

'Happy ._. In fact, if it is easy to be like they like this, it is also good ._.' 'Gently attached to the side of the moment, Robin Baizhe's pretty face laughed with a group of junji, A girl's mind is quietly launched.

in fact:._.

As long as you can be with you.

I am happy in any case.

'Like them like this _.' 'Girl's soul is unable to guess, but listening to Robin's answer, the blue eyes of the flash are slightly lost.

Like the original one.

Meet the road to fly, they become one thief

Then have a group of partners?

Come! White Beard !! "

Returning your own thoughts, suddenly giving a white beard tall to the banquet center, 'We province who fell! "

'Haha! I am tapping! "White Beard laughed and raised the wine glasses in his hand, of course, his wine glass is equivalent to the water barrel of ordinary people,' Today's fight will be given to you, I will lose it. is you!!"

The wine has passed three patrols, and the vegetables have been five flavors.

Most of the pirates on the entire Mobik number have taken their own drunary to enter the dream, only a few alcohol is still pushing.

I saw that the white beard was somewhat stunning in front of her eyes, 'You I _. Your kid _._ act so can drink......

'Haha! This guy has been fighting. I didn't think that the wine is also so powerful!'. Markka laughed to say, only a lot of alcohol has made his tongue began to knotted, and the speech is already ambiguous.

'Hey, I'm really don't know how you cultivate "." Saqi is somewhat asked,' This is so young, you can do it. _. There is also the Navy and the World Government to help guys Take you completely no way !! "

'Yes! This guy is strongly protected, but the long-eyed meat has a pair of handsome faces are not like a sea man Han!'. I saw Malco sorrows and sneaked. I call the tone, play a wine, 'I am like me, it is really a truly one.

'Malco !! "

I only see that Bista has some dissatisfaction, in the previous battle, the wonderful swordsmanship have completely won his weight, 'How can you call Mr. I will call this guy! If you are not convinced, you can always find him again. Challenge !! ".

That is ._. Malco, if you are uncomfortable, you can find a single challenge! 'At this time, the pirates surrounded by it suddenly.

It is clear! ".

Malco We support you! "

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Chapter 83 Black Beard (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 83 Black Beard (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 83 Black Beard (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Of course! How can I be discouraged by the frustration of today!'. "I saw the Malco whispered.

At this time, Bostta is used by a kind of idiots, the Malco can be defeated, the world's strongest man, white beard man, Marco estimates that there is no hope in this life _._.

However, the next sentence of Marco suddenly made everyone laughed, 'But in any time I am going to defeat him once in the wine table! Hahahaha._.' '

Sitting on the other sikiki, there is a laughter between them, just gently smashing the wine in his own cup.

The Malco guy did not cover the mouth, but it was aware of this guy.

After the death of the wars, the old war was killed, that is, the old department who led the white beard of the thief group in the new world and the black beard will make a death battle, so it will not be angry with him for himself. _._.

'The words come back ._.' '

After the laughter of everyone in the wine table, after the laughter, the white beard replaced a positive expression, and the 'moment of the child. "

'Have you considered as a fighter? One.' '

After the white beard was exported, I saw that all the wakes around the surrounding, all of them were erected, this should be all the pirates, not, it should be the topic of the whole world.

'Is Mr. Mr. Ming ._.' '

I saw that the diamonds who sat next to their ears were immediately connected, and the two eyes burned the stretch. 'If you want to create a hundred pirates ._. Estimate as long as you open the second _. Whole big sea I will immediately have countless pirates to go to join your One Pirate !! "

One Pirates: ._.

I heard the slings, I have already remembered how many people have asked him if they came to this world.

Although I have been alone, I still come to: ._. But.

It seems that I have a pirate or family to conquer the world is also very interesting.

But no matter how _ second, you have to get yourself first get the ancient weapon ".

One Pirates ... Factory

At the moment, I smiled slightly. After I was sinking, I saved the white beard in front of you. 'I have not considered a corpse of my thief.

"I haven't considered it to be a hundred pirates ... really regret ..."

I heard the answer, whitening didn't have no regret, "If the big sea can have such a ficeland, this world will be more interesting ... corpse.

Maybe ... corpse

The color of the flash is intoxicated, and the blue eyes flashed in the light of all things. It is gently raised the wine glass in his hand again. The future thing ... Who is right ... corpse.

In the future ... Yes ...

I heard the deep words of the moment, the eyes of white beards, such as Yawang, did not help but somewhat slightly, 'I am the distant part of the times ... I don't know the sea of ​​the new era ... Will there will be able to carry my boat ...

"There will be ...