Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 342 of Hueding Cracks

It saved the thoughts in white beard, and the bottom of the moment was soft. Since I came to this world, then those who were originally in accordance with the plot will be reversed.

Kurarara ... well, regardless of the future. Factory

It seems that he has repeated his heart's thoughts. I saw the white beard once again sent a cool laugh again, and he slammed the water in the water in his hand.

"Today's friendship and cup !!" "Driven in white beard. All the pirates on the entire wine table raised the wine glass in his hand," Not drunk tonight !! ".

To friendly !! "

Infected by everyone in front of you, the moment also lighted the wine glasses in his hand, and smiled.

At night, the big Mobik is driving on the boundless sea, from time to time, laughing, the sky is perfect, the moonlight and the drunken sea form an eternal picture.

The next day.

· ... seeking flowers ······ ......

The moment is gently open, reached out, I have to hurt my own, I want to crack the same head, thinking that the trace of last night can not help but smile.

I can't think of my own body with myself, I can't stop the impact under a lot of alcohol offensive. ...

The blue eyes glanced at the side of the East, and the other side pirates were fell. ...

White beards have not awake, and the moment is swaying. At this time, a pair of fangs will pass a hot towel and hot water.

' ...,' I saw Robin hand holding a hot towel and a cup of boiling water, a pair of beautiful brunette her eyes stared at the face of the handsome face, as if the eyes were pinned. Stars and the sea.

Thank you ... "Gently took the boiling water and towels that Robin handed over, and felt the heart of this colorful girl, and suddenly walked out of the big ship.

I am standing above the huge deck of Mobi Dick.

At the moment, the hands were gently squatted, and they looked at the sea in front of the sea.

'Mr.'s Mr. ...,' This time, a thick and low strange voice sounded behind it.


Although I don't have to turn around, I have saved the figure, but I still have turned my body, and the deep eyes are in the face of people.

'You are Marshall. Tiqi is it ..., 'The flash is in a bluff, and the exact road is exactly his name.

I saw a man who came to the moment, the thickness of the outside is thick, and the body is burly up to three meters.

A black hair was launched on a white shirt, but opened his moon Hungar X out of the thick month Hungar, and the flash furnished and smiled. Two teeth are missing in the mouth.

'You. ... You know me?!'

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Chapter 84 is the pizza of the black beard (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 84 is the pizza of the black beard (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 84 is a black beard (seeking reward and automatic)

He actually knows me?!

I heard a flash of a flash of my name, the expression on the black husband's face was obvious, and the look of the stuffing was more concentrated.

"Hey ..., 'recognizes the black beard Marshall. Ti Tiji, the mouth of the moment gradually raised a smile of Senhan," Give me a little !! "

I don't see anything in the moment. I have an unbeatable repulsion. I only broke out from the moment. I saw the burly black beard in front of him. I didn't get rid of the whole person. Board.

I was awkward by the moment, and the black beard only felt that there was no place in the whole body without a pain. Silkworm opened his own. Six-2 zero "eyes.

But I found that when I was instantly stood in front of him, a pair of blue mysterious eyes seem to have a strong and extremely killing him, the murderous and the murderous murderous and the murderousness of the whole brought into substantive cage His body.

What is that eye?!

Suddenly, the black beard was in the eyes of the flash, a pair of blooming the blood of the blue mysterious light.

Between, he felt that he would like to come to the battlefield of the blood sea, the sky is bloody, the earth is black, and it is dark, and it is full of the battlefield, and suddenly the endless blood sea. It seems that the seafood tidal is generally turned to him.

This boundless blood sea seems to swallow the heavens and the earth, and the alone is standing in front of it.

What happened?!".

Tiqi! You wake up !! "

At this time, there are several Mobi Dicks to have a few pirates that have been awake from the haircuts, and they are running to the deck, and the philosophy is sitting on the floor. So the non-stop reached hands and patted his face.

Finally. Under the shouting of several white beards, black beards finally gradually returned to the reality in front of them.

I think of everything you just experienced in the illusion. The black beard couldn't help but look at the moment in front of them, but they didn't dare to go back to the mysterious eyes.

'I finally woke up ... What happened Tiqi ?! "

'How do you sit on the ground. Haha, your stupid will not be yesterday's wine yesterday ?! "

I saw the pirates around the surrounding pirates, there were black beals sitting on the floor, saving the stop in the province standing in front of the black beard. But I can't help but have some doubts.

Mr. Mr. and Tiqi.

What happened just happened?

"Marshall. · Tea. ... did not happen just now ..., '

It saved a pirate that came over around him. The cold laugh in the moment is gradually wound. The face is indifferent to the black beard under his feet, and the tone is very flat, 'Is you accidentally fall? ? "

I am not careful to fall.!

When I said this time, the black husband's eyes couldn't help but flash a hidden hate, but I immediately opened the past by him very well.

What did he find it?

If he wants to kill me.

I remembered the power of the moment that horrible to defeat the white beard, and the pair seem to wear all the secrets of all the secrets of their own body, and the kind of killing momentum that had just been exploded by him, the black beard is clear I feel that I am shuddering. ...

'Haha ...,'

I saw the black beard in front of my eyes, I hidden all my feelings in my heart, suddenly broke out a cool laughter, I stand the pain of the whole body. "Yes. ... I am not careful. Fall down, hahaha ..., '

This guy.

Sure enough, it is enough.

I have a good look, and I can't help but smash my eyes, I can't help it with my eyes, I can stand it up, and the province came to this guy. Sure hidden on the white beard. What is your strength. ......

Among the original, this guy is in order to find the dark fruit of the Dream of the Dream, the mood of the evil fruit is all fruit, and the special hidden her strength is added to the White Beard, Edward New Gate, became a white beard. The second team of the One Pirate, successfully lurked two

Ten years.

And he concluded by detailed calculation, the percentage of the White Beard One Piece in the sea. Join the White Beard One Piece, you can get the biggest chance of the devil's fruit.

At first, he didn't have much hope. After all, it was too difficult to find a particular evil fruit in such a large sea area. He even thought that if you can't find the dark fruit, I waited for it.

But after a certain day, the white beard is fighting, when the unknown ripple is fighting, the black beard Tiqi has witnessed the squad of the white beard, the four teams of the White Beard, Saqi Hands Holds him. Demon fruit is a dark fruit.

In order to get the dark fruit in Saqi, he committed the only crime in the White Beard One Piece killed the companion, and killing Savi took the dark fruit and fled the White Beard One Piece.

Thereby attracted the back of Alce's pursuit he was defeated to the Navy, while white beards took the whole white bearded to attack the entire White Beard One Piece. 4.1

The final result is that the black beard Tiqi pushes the entire top war out, and finally, the fruit of the victory, not only has become the only double-fruit power of the One Piece, but also found himself. Total.

Finally, I have a very familiar understanding of the white bearded by the white bearded, and the new World White Beard One Piece has become a new four emperor, which has become the ultimate winner.

'There are different appearances that have been ignorant and felt ... Years look at the black beat Tiqi, which seems to be a human livestock, and it will not help but have a murder. This guy is a heart and strategy ... less

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Chapter 85 Church Word Family (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 85 Church Word Family (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 85 Chapter Kuji Word Family (seeking rewards and automatic)

Compared to the big sea, black beards are in the province, more like a pure pirate.

Lys like sex, actually advocating power, self-rare, unfold, to take care of him twenty years of white beards can secretly killer, tough but sinister, cruel and greed, this is the most intuitive view of him .

'Kill him now ._. Or ._ :.

The black beard in front of him is saved, and the eyes of the slightly smashing the eyes, and there is a cooler, almost condensed into a substantial stab and his face.

'This guy ._ Is going to kill me ?_.' '

Feeling the eyes of the moment as if the sharp blade is like a sharp blade, it seems that it seems to be able to let him fetify the strength and the power of the black beard to start the body. Uncomfortably trembling, 'Escape _. No ~ _.' '

'Two in front of this man _. Can't escape ._.' '' '' Black beard Tiqi heart can't help but cage a layer of desperate shadow.

'Tiqi ._. Your 07 this guy? _._.' '

At this time, the thief on the deck gradually got up, and the province saw that the black beard trembled, and it was a strange question, 'How to shake it.

Surrounding so many hundred things around, the moment is surrounded, and the moment is finally stepped up with the killies in his heart. The future does not happen.

At this time, the black beard has not exposed his own claws and mouth. If you do it now, you will kill him, then the relationship between yourself and the White Beard One Piece will undoubtedly be pushed to a pointless.


Recoured back to the eyes of the black beard Tiqi, the moment disdainful raised his mouth, 'No, in front of my pair of eyes _. You will not have any opportunities in the future: ._.' '

When you think you can control everything.

I don't think you are more interesting to die.

After seeing the moment in front of the eyes, after the refreshing sight is full of killing sight, the black beard Tiqi finally slammed a sigh of relief, and the whole person seems to be like it is from the water.

But I don't know why, the uneasy crisis in the black beard is not scattered, but it becomes more thick.

North Sea.

A luxurious champagne big ship rides a wind and waves.

Say goodbye to whitening, the moment decided to find the most evil battle of the ancient weapon in this world, Pluto. The things will be put on, but the two people bring two people quietly come to the North Sea.

' ._. The island is the Islands you're looking for ... _.' Robin reached his own fiber-optic thin hand, refers to a island of the sea.

'Isn't it? What is it ?! "

Suddenly Robin has a little surprised to a big pair of mysty, because she gradually came to see the island on the sea, a huge image of the bird cage placed the entire island. 'It seems like a bird cage _.' '

'My eyes ._. That is the ability of the devil fruit.

After listening to the Bin Bin, I nodded in my face, staring at the islands on the sea, but suddenly broke out of the vast eyes, 'The speed of the boat was too slow. The _._ . ._. ''

Reincarnation !!!

As the sound of the moment, I saw the huge luxury champagne boat that was originally driving on the sea, and lost to the sea.

If someone sees this scene at this time, it will be surprised that even the chin falls on the ground.

Minnen Island.

This is an island called the island of destiny.

Huge. Bird cage, outside, countless navy can't take, but the 'bird cage, the internal countless chaotic pirate is in progress, and the whole island is filled with a desperate chaotic atmosphere.

'I haven't seen it in half a year _._.' '

In the surrounded by the members of the Joshodian family, During the Fo Lynch looked at the Kratus pines who were scaled in front of her eyes, that is, their own biological brothers, Quixote Luo Sidewi, covering in sunglasses. I don't see the look in my eyes.

'My lovely brother ._. You betray me.

'No. 01746 ... Navy's partner Luo Siden Di Zhongzuo. ... I am a navy ...,'

The whole person is smashed on the ground, with a huge wooden box, Kola, as if each said a word, the strength of the whole body, 'Chuji Wordshamphi captain Dome Brother is just to prevent you from brewing all kinds of tragedy, I will sneak into your family.

'Sorry to deceive you. ... because I don't want to be annoying you. ... "