Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 343 of Hueding Crack System

It is like to talk to the Dover Ming brother who is 060 in front of him. In fact, this sentence was telling the only 13-year-old Trafalga Luo.

Ren, a thirty-year-old boy, in the wood box behind, whenever you cry, in the ability of Kolason's quiet fruit, and no one is emitted.

'Don't tell me these bored nonsense ... answer me two questions. ... "

I heard my own brother said that he is actually the navy's identity. During the Fo Langming 's face did not show any angry expression. Instead, a burst of anger is precipitated, and the falling of surgical fruit is the most The topic of the relationship. Where is the surgical fruit ?! Where is Luo ?! "

'Hahaha ...,'

The bottom is very clear that I am willing to escape the fate of being killed by the biological brother, Coratus is crazy, and I have let Luo eat in the surgical fruit! He is already the power! He has already ran to this cage outside !! "

'Estimated that it is already protected on the outside Navy's surveillance boat ...,' t can be laminated and somewhat ridicule.

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' ...,'

I heard my brother Kora lawered tone, During the gloomy smile, 'Since Luo eats the surgical fruit. ... then educate him to die for me !! "

'The ultimate ability of the surgical fruit ... can sacrifice yourself for me to do not follow the surgery. ... Let me get eternal life !! "" Refers to the role of surgical fruit, Du Langming's face, Xu Xi smile The whole person seems to be a devil's avatar.

"And you ... Corat Song ..., '

I thought that I was betrayed by my own brother, the expression on the FoRuming brother's face was able to meet the nightmares for a lifetime, 'Why didn't you hind me that I have to force me for the second time in addition to my father? Kill the loved ones connected to the blood ?! "

Mr. Cola! Let me go out, you will die! You promised that I am sure nothing !! "

At this time, I was locked in the box behind Kolan. I heard Dover Ming Ge will kill the Kolason, and I suddenly cryed in the box, but in the Coolasson's capacity. No sound can be passed down.

' . ... Luo He will not listen to you again ...,'

Feel the kill of Dome in front of you, try to make your strength to maintain the effect of the whole body, but there is no slightest in the face of Kora, but it is gratifying. Smile, 'he has more thanked the fate of yourself within three years ... he is no longer the lost

Self-self ... He didn't get anything that ridiculism from if you were as destroyed.

Let him! He is free !! "

I heard all the words of Koraçon, Dover Ming Ge finally sent all the anger in his heart. The face was full of devil's general expression. I want to pull the fire in my hands. I have a good life brother Kora. Loose life.

At a time, the island of the entire snowy fate is like caught in an unprecedented cool.

Just at this time.

During the Buddha, Du Lang, suddenly aware of the light around him, and lifted his head looking up to the sky.

I saw a luxurious huge vessel actually appeared in the top of his head. After a while, I suddenly squatted in the snow that he was originally standing, and the snow was splashing.


The big sea saw that the vessel is a very unusual thing, but at this time, the vessel suddenly appeared in this time, but let During the Buddha's surprises frowned, 'The entire Minnen Island is being used by me. Bird cage, cage ... how can suddenly have boats appeared here ..., '

'The entire island is more than Dover. Bird cage. Stay outside ... Outside the navy's surveillance boat. How did this ship appear ?! "

The huge luxury vessel that suddenly appeared in front of the province, and the dying Coratus couldn't help but smash his eyes.

I got at once ...

At this time, everyone has heard that a cold and beautiful girl has spread from the mysterious luxury big boat that appears in the air. The uncle's uncle is really convenient ...

Uncle, uncle ... I heard the voice of this girl, Dover, Dome, slightly wrinkled his brow, such a call him seems to have heard it, but I can't think of it for a while.

Well. ... Here is the island of the destiny.

With the sound of the hidden man sounded, a slender figure gradually appeared in this mysterious luxury boat, the blue-blue eyes and the eyes of all the people.

This person is?!

The province appeared in the figure of the bow, others have not responded, but During the Duolan brother suddenly contracted, it became the size of the needle.

Damn ...

How can this horrible man suddenly appear here?!

Do you seem to think about what, During the Buddha's buddy, the heart is beginning to sink, is he also received the news of the surgical fruit ??.

It seems that time just ...

Standing on the bow, the blind eye in the moment, looking at all the families, During the Buddha, Coolass, Chuji word German family, and Triffalga Luo, hidden in the box 'Trafalga Luo has eaten surgical fruit. ... Coratus has not yet dead ...

, 'Eternal, moment ...,'

It seems very difficult to spit out a heavy name, even if you have dark solar sunglasses, you can feel the two terrible monsters of Dome, Mary, Mary, Mary. Have a man who is unsettled. ... How can you come here ?! "

He used to be born in Tianlong people ...

Why don't you understand the five terrible monsters in the Shengdi Mary, ...

But this man is in front of you.

In any person, the Diva Longe of the demon is in the heart of the demon. It is actually a sudden appearance of the head of the head of the head of the head.

How can I come here ?! "

I feel that Duolan brother is a bitter and dignified, I am not laughing, and the blue eyes are slightly emitted, "Well. ... Your guess is not wrong ..., '

Reincarnation !!.

I am thinking about surgery ..., '

When the sound of this sentence, the whole person has (? Li Zhao) has no signs, there is no sign of Dofu Lon brother.

What is this speed?!

I heard the sound from my own body, and the philosophy was in front of the moment, and Dover Ming brother turned his body.

He really got the news of the surgical fruit!

How did he get the news?

How can he know the idea of ​​my heart?

There are too many unexpected questions and shocks in Dover, but they are destined to answer him. ...

'Luo hides in this box is right ...,'

In the shocking eyes of everyone, the moment gradually opened the box behind the Kola.

Don't !!! "

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Don't !!! "

The movement of the Bapto, and the Kola, who is lying on the ground, suddenly broke out of the dramatic snoring.

Damn ...

How can he know that Luo Zang is in this box ...

I clearly shield all the sounds with the ability to use drunken fruit ...

'Coratus? "

It seems that the sound of Kora lase has attracted the tickness of the moment. I saw the action of opening the box in my hand stopped, and the blue eyes turned to the Kerat next to it.

A golden hair, wearing a dark feather coat, painting like a crow, and the image of the character is taken from the county of Li Guohao, Li Guohao in the moment, is playing in the movie (external number).

Is it drunk fruit. ... "

I feel that I am in the incomplete barrier, and I feel that I can't send any sound around this layer of intangible barriers. Some words of speechless, I have the ability of the devil fruit. There is no limit in development ... but ... corpse

This can only shield a 377 sound, there is a hair! There is a slight slimming in the heart.

After glanced at the Kolan, I didn't care again. I will continue to reach out to open my eyes. Although Koralon does not hesitate to save all the bridges of Luo, but it can't stop. I am going to do anything.

Oh ...

The locked box is not expensive to open it.

Suddenly glaring light, Tiber, Trafalga, Tibetan, can't help but reach his eyes, through the fingertips gap, a pair of blue hose eyes appeared in front of him, a silver hair hair One has never seen it, but people can't forget the perfect face.

This person is ...

This guy is also a result of the surgery in my body?

Some people looked at this handsome and innocent man, and Luo immediately remembered the sleeping Kolan outside the box, and suddenly jumped out from the box, 'Kora !!' '

Zhe was in the end of it was still in the box, and the violent 9 was in the air.

Eternal, moment, I also stared on the surgical fruit.

Does Luo still can't escape the destiny of death?

What is your child?

Coratus. ... You actually take Luo Zang in here ..., '.

Seeing the box that I jumped out from the box after opening the box, Dover Ming brother's face was wrong, and then smiled, "Hey. It is a little bit to be cheated ..., '

This is a face of Kolason, who is faced to fall on the ground, and has not been moving in the words of Dover Ming Ge, no matter how today he and Luo have already escaped the death of death.

'Luo, cold can go with me ...,'

At this time, I suddenly opened this time. "I have two things to do ..., '.


I heard the sound of the Bounce, I was in the face of Kerat on the ground, I seem to have a new line of life. Although this is a terrible man's purpose is also for surgery. ... but as long as you can first Saiding life may have a transfer can also say that it is too much ..., '

'That. Mr. I. Surgical fruit is our Church Word Heille ...,'

I heard the words of the moment, I saw the Buddha (AHCD) Langming brother seems to have a little loubbed, if you can, he is not willing to establish a terrible enemy like itself ....

How? Do you want to be an enemy with me? '. Just more Buddha Langming brothers have not finished, the moment is directly opened, and the blue line of sight gradually moves to him, and the eyebrows are slightly.

You ..., '

The original Buddha Langming brother is born in the Tianlong people, and the eldest son of the Cantonese word family, the original and family enjoy the privilege of the Dragon people, he is like all the dragon people like all the Dragon people, but their father's Church Dehjo Nagan advocates that Tianlong people and ordinary people are human beings, and they will announce themselves.

Abandoning the privilege of the Tianlong people, like the usual people live, so they left the Shengdi Marie Joya with a family.

After moving away from hometowns, a family rely on the original savings, but because the whole family lost the privilege of the past, the masses who were persecuted persecuted by the Tianlong people were discharged to a family, causing the Duran Ming Ge. And his father and your brother Tang Ji word Der Luo Southam is also Koratson to suffer

The abuse and torture, the mother also died in dyes.

The unbearable Dover Ming Ge will blame this to his father's father, Jiji word, Nagan, and finally have a lot of Franming brothers regardless of your brother Coratus, resolutely be the latter In front of the gun shooting a father.

After that, During the first level of his father returned to Holy Land Mario, but because of the rest of the Tianlong people in his hometown, he refused to accept his "betrayal family, he, indignant, resentfully left the hometown and Li Zhenan The world dominated by the person is destroyed.

Finally, at ten years ago, he met Taxi Boer, Yaqi, Dia and Ti and Vilgo, the four people in the province, the potential of Domolan, the potential and A Wang A gas, will line The fruit is handed over to him and respecting him as a king. It has established the current Cantonese Word family to embark on the Dark Road.

In the next day, as long as the Buddha Langming brother is stumbled by a small stone, then the four people they will fire, they will fire the whole street, as long as the Buddha Langming is bullied by one person So Trebor will kill the people of the town.

Under the educational and cultivation of this year, I originally had a demonic potential of the demon. It has become a devil and destroyed incarnation, and he has two black and white.

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