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Chapter 344 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 88 Rolling (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 88 Rolling (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 88 rushing (seeking rewards and automatic)


The province's flash is fundamentally, and During the Fo Langming has exhausted all the braking efforts, I finally pressed the anger that I had to sprout, and I tried to make the final convincing, 'I know you very Strong one 'II but that surgical fruit is something that Tianlong people want.

I heard the words of Dover, my mouth gradually raised. The face is unhappy, but it looks at him, but I want to take the Dragon people to press me? "

I don't know why I have a smile on my face. During During Gorge, I felt like a one-piece cold water from the end. I just wanted to explain, the eyes under solar ink suddenly became a bit, only feeling my lower abdomen. A pain, I lost my moment in front of my eyes.

Under the eyes of everyone, I saw the moment of sprinkle and spanning the distance between the two of the Dover Mingge, and the whole man of Duolan brother suddenly flew out, and the shell was directly smashed. Countless buildings.

Little Lord!!"

The whole people in the province, the whole person, the whole person, was blown out, this time, Trebor, Dia, Ti and Vilgo and other six church word family's highest cadres Exquisite.

TH drill remap !!

I saw the nearest Torrepole of the moment, the whole person is like a huge snot, using the unique TH diamonds, the first time in the moment, spraying an angry liquid in the moment. .

It's a disgusting ability ...

God's reincarnation captures the trick released by Torre, the mouth of the moment, and if it is hit by such a trick, it will not be killed but it will be disgusting.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

I saw the flash of the eyes and blue eyes, and the sleepless eager Taiwanese in the hands did not show a lot of Torrebor, which was painted in the hands.

As a sword of the sheath in the hands of the moment, suddenly, suddenly, there is a natural disaster that seems to have seen in front of the air, and the air is dramatic.

An eye-catching repulsion is flying in the hands of the flashlight, and the speed is fast and the time is not produced.

Only all all of them were bent into distorted shapes in front of this huge repulsive force, and the whole snow fell in the hands of the fire, and formed a strange channel that was bent in a strong repulsive. All buildings are all destroyed.

Only in an instant, Torrebol was shredded directly from the sword. The whole person was scrapped by a sharp repulsion, and the powerful wind set off the whole piece. Snowfall on the grass, almost let all everyone in the field can't open your eyes.

Torre Par !! "

The province of Torre Pubo was killed in an instant. The remaining five Chunji words were suddenly shocked, but the whole snow in front of him was completely changed, and the topography was completely changed. I can't say anything, I can't say it. I actually just played it ... this is the World Government

Mark the strongest man in the world?


He is strong to this extent ...

The Kolan, the sauce, the province of Luo Wei, who fell to the ground, the whole of the whole destroyed the distorted environment, as the Navy entered the Kiji word de family undercover, the Kolan, is an eternal, and the four words of these four words What is it.

However, he has never thought of this world to have some people to be strong ...

Super hunting!!

Suddenly, I saw that the original Daming brother was suddenly hit the ruins of countless buildings, and a thick and very long white line cutly cut all the objects around him. The air in front of the eye was quickly moved towards the moment. Come.

'Shouting an armed color A. ... "

A pair of blue gods recreate the huge ultra-long white lines that come from the ruins of the ruins, and the flash is played up with the eyebrows on the side, silently launches the freezing force in their own body.

· ... seeking flowers ...

Diamond star dust !!!

In the eyes of everyone, the huge ultra-long white lines in front of the moment in front of the moment are easy to easily play, and all the air condense, surpassing the absolute zero-shaped frozen force, has formed a white light, the impact wave, Like snowflakes, dreams are like a star, as if heaven

Like the planetary fragments, instantly sprinkle the space in front of you.


The freezing of the diaracic acid sounded, and only all the buildings in front of them were stained with white gli, and the huge long white lines were blurred in an instant, scattered into the brilliant crocink.

'You actually kill Torre Boel! You actually kill my family !! "

The angry roar came, and only the pink figure was quickly rushed to the sky, and the ability to use the line fruit of Du Langming brought the clouds in the sky. It is like an infrared to attack.

Wild waves white line!!

During the fury, During my anger broke out all their strength, and instantly arranged tens of thousands of transparent white thin lines, and the entire ground under the foot formed by the waves formed by the line.

There is a roasting of the vision, and the sea is angered, and the moment is turned up from the foot of the moment. It quickly retrieves the middle, and the eyes should be completely stranded in the moment.

Demon fruit awakening.

I saw the spectacular sight around the ground, and I had a little slightly foolish. I didn't expect Dolomb Ming Ge. I have entered the stage of demon fruit awakening so early. The talent of this guy is really good. '.

Renovation of eye Luo Tian Major!!!

The white line huge waves that borrowed throughout the ground, they should surround the brakes, and the blue eyes of the flash of the blue, one, one pound, the momentum, instantly, and all the white lines under the foot. Fly out.

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Chapter 89 You are too weak (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 89 You are too weak (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 89 You are too weak (ask for reward and automatic)

'what is this?!"

At the foot of the sky, I stepped on the invisible white line, and the shot of the frightened fruit awakened, but suddenly was completely destroyed, but suddenly felt his own shape, the whole person could not move.

Renovation, Vientiane!!!

I saw the moment of the foot of the feet, after the Safang's offensive, a pair of blue eyes were firmly locked in his body, and gently reached out to the Duolan brother in the sky.

During the sky, During the sky, only felt that a strong stunning force is bored on his body, and the whole person could not help but fly in the direction of the foot.

Armed color, hardening!!!

In the case of the "Sixty-third,"} I force "six thirds,"} I force, suddenly a layer of black armed colors 9; instantaneous entanglement is in the foot of the moment, suddenly slamming.

In an instant, the Duolan brother who took it in front of him only felt a pain in his belly. The two eyes were almost spared from the eyes. At this time, the strength did not reach the original king, the seven Wu Hai sumptive peaks almost equivalent. The Navy's head of the general level of war, even the opportunity to resist the resistance

I was blocked in my stomach.

Feeling the unspeakable giant force in the moment, Dover, Dover couldn't help but spit a blood, even simple breathing could not be done in an instant.

Following the Dover Mingdo, who is just wanting to make a rebellion, I only feel that my neck is tight. I actually began to hold my neck, and I was full of armed colored paint black palms. Dispossed all resistance of all resistance.

"Damn ._. ''.

Let's let him go soon !! "

I saw my own young owner's Buddha Langming, I was stopped in an instant. The whole person was held in the hand, and the highest cadres of the five Chunji family around the family could not help but rushed together.

Do not self-quantitative force _._. "The moment I went back to Gan, and they owe it, but the blue eyes were burst out of the pound of pupil.

Rotating eye · Hell brigade !!!

Suddenly, the surrounding five rushed to the high-cadre cadre of the church word de family, and only felt that a unimaginable gravity was strongly added, the body became heavy, and suddenly was forced to stop.

Suddenly everyone was pressed against the ground by this sudden gravity, and I felt that my body body sink M came up even a finger.

The scene seems to becomes a smooth bucket 8E

At the moment, it stands in the middle. It will make Daven, and all attacking his church word de family's highest cadres are all on the ground. It can't move, but there is no one to laugh. The absolute power of the sputum of the moment, let everyone have a cold.

Can be evil _._ This is power ._. ''

The tall and ambity stone stone fruit power, the whole person, the dead, the horrible gravity is pressed on the ground under the foot, and he can easily pick up a whole pioline. He can't do it. .

I saw this moment in the eyes of the eyes of Zhan Blu-Guangguas, endless pupils broke out, lifted with one of themselves, and stepped out.

Suddenly between the bangs, the next Kolason and Luo only felt the whole land of the feet was shocked, see the top of the five Church of the five Church, and suddenly A powerful gravity is pressed out of a giant pothole hole that is deep, and everyone has dropped.

You _._ You all. One. ''

I was pulled by a palm of using armed colored 0 gas. The neck was killed. During the rectiles of Dover, the faces of the pig liver were all the same as the pig liver, and they saw that the card and Vilgo them were attached. All grown into the bottomless deep pit, and suddenly everyone began to struggle.

Feel the struggle of Duran Mingge, in the moment, in the moment, take him on the ground one hand, countless snow and snow, revealing the original black ground ...

'Cough ._.' '

The whole person was smashed into the ground, and the blood did not help again, and the blood came out from his mouth. Just thinking that there was a powerful gravity and filling of his limbs, and suddenly It is like being died in the ground as a cement.

"Damn ._. I must kill you. One. ''

The whole body is crushed by pounds, and the limbs are boomed into Duolan brothers in the ground national shacks. They only province's face-to-face, and they stand in front of themselves.

The sleek of the slender, the ease of hand, is just gently refers to the moon homes. It seems like a whole mountain in the mountains that can't move.

'No. You are too weak ...,'

I heard the trace of Dover, I saw that the province is like some regrets and shook his head. He looked at the blue eyes of many Francience, there was a pity in addition to indifferent. Like a poor insect standing.

'Weak even let me kill your interests ...,'

I heard the words of the moment, the province went to my eyes, During Domolan, I felt that my body's blood was countercurrent. He only felt that all the shame of his life was all arrived together, but today. 2.4 moment.

In an instant ... Du Langming almost bitterly broken his teeth, and the inscription of this name and death entered his deep place.

'So ... Surgery and Luo ... and Kratan ...,'

It seems that there is nothing to feel that there are almost the eyes of the Francino, and the moment is slightly pulling his mouth, revealing him a smile.

'I took all ...,'

With the sound of this sentence, the flash of Daming brother stepped into the soil under the feet.

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Chapter 90 is for me (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 90 is for me (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 90 is for me (seeking rewards and automatic)

With the foot of the armed colored colored gas, Dover Mingo only felt a black eyes, the whole proud skull was completely stepped into the dirt, completely lost the tricks.

The stone is destroyed from the island of the whole fate in front of the stone.

In front of the ground, the entire head of the Françozych has been stepped into the dirt, and it is a dead.

Only Duran Mingge brunette sun glasses are lying lying on the ground to refrave the glory of glare.

The two people in Korasson and Luo were tight. Even the atmosphere did not dare to come out, and the power to beat Du Langming brother just now is like the ruined and ruined.

The Dover Mingo, which is like a dream, like a dream, like this man in front of him, lie on the ground like only dead dogs.

The devil's avatar is like a tender child in front of this man. It seems that it is unbearable _

This: ._. That is to let the entire navy and the world government have the strongest battle. Eternal, flash ...

Dear Shiji 07 is in the moment of his own walking. The brain of Korat Song is finally found in the mind, 'strong is like ._. God. '' '

'Dover is simply in front of him: ._. Just like a baby who has not learned to walk. ".

Don't come over !! "

At this time, the provisional moment, the closer to Luo, and the self-sacrifice of the dead, the hand is in front of the dying Coolass, although the eyes of the back of the temper is full, but still dead Gite a bite.

'There are tied little ghosts._.' '

The province's teenager Trafalga Luo Luo, and there is a bit of playful, and the guy is going to die here, and if you don't let the open, you will die here _._. ''