Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 345 of Hueding Crack System

From this little ghost in front of him, it seems that it has been in the future of one of the death surgeons in the future.

When I heard the wrong, Luo Qiang's face was slightly wrong, and the moment directly took out the past.

God surgery!!

In the eyes of Luo and Keratson, I suddenly extended my hand, and I suddenly bloomed a golden shining light, and I shine under the moment of cage. The heart is awkward. whole body.

In the blink of an eye, I saw that Kolan's whole body is full of wounds, including a variety of deadly trauma, is recovered quickly with a naked eye.

'this is…,'

Feeling that all the injuries in the whole body were almost imposed in an instant, Kora is thoroughly shocked to Zhang Da's own mouth. He is full of shock and surprises in the heart at the moment.

'There is still such a powerful therapeutic ability ...,'

Stand up from the ground, a little bit of your body, Keraton's unbelievable replacement of his own hands, this is a magical ability he has unheard.

'Cold Calah. Actually healed ?! "

I will see that Kolason, who was originally lying on the ground, and became the cure, and the whole man jumped in the side of Roton, and the boy's face was full of life.

Thank you

I feel that my body has completely restored the Kraton, and a complicated fashioned expression is looking at the man, which seems to be omnipotent. I have a thank you.

"Don't thank you

I heard the Coke lasson, and the eyes of the moment gradually fell to his black feather coat. Junxiu's flawless face was full of evil smiles, 'Since I saved two. ... then you have two Just hit me ..., '

Although Trafal Garo in front of you is just a boy, he has eaten the future of the surgical fruit.

Although I don't think about the fruit of the silent fruit, this chicken rib is still imagined. If I cooperate with the ability of transparent fruit, the two completely transparent and completely silent power work together, I believe in investigating spying The work in intelligence will definitely work very well.

Have you hurt him ..., '

When I heard the opening of the moment, Korasson knew that she didn't refuse in front of this man in this man, but they could not help but think in their hearts.

Is it. Eternal, moment

Do you want to build a pirate group. ... or two

No matter what. This will be a message affecting the entire world pattern.

No problem for you ..., '

Then Keratson's thoughts flew to the rusheside. Although it is shocked to the universal power, his eyes are still firmly looked at the moment, but I will never let Luo deserve yourself for yourself !! "

Not old surgery?!

I walked in a moment, and I was unscrupulous shook my head smile 973. I didn't need that kind of thing at all. Time and years have already stopped role in my body.

Not old surgery ..., '

I saw the Kolana and Luo, and the taste set off his mouth. If you don't want Luo to replace my not old surgery ... You must do die hard to improve your strength ... I have a good job for me. ..., '

Desperate strength ...

I heard the words of the moment, the two of the Robs, and the side of the side of the Rob saw the sparks and strength in the eyes of each other.

Yes. ... only to raise your strength ...

It is likely to catch a moving opportunity to leave the claws of this man.

So ..., '

All the ideas in Korasson and Luo face in front of the eyes are all in the eyes. At the moment, I don't smile,. Let's go ..., '

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The sound of the moment has just fallen, Korasson and Luo feel that their collar is slightly tight, and the whole person is blocked, and the three people disappeared in the original place.

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Chapter 91 Navy Pursuit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 91 Navy Pursuit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 91 Navy Pursuit (seeking rewards and automatic)

The sea surface in the periphery of Minnen.

'Cranes will be. ... The island is above! "

At this time, a group of Navy's monitors surveillance the vessel, a naval soldier observed the huge way to make the fruit capabilities of Dome in the island. The bird cage has disappeared, and immediately put down the telescope in his hand, next to himself. The crane will be reported.

The 'bird cage is lost ?! Is it ...,' as the head of the first Zhixi in the Navy, slightly wrinkled his brow, and quickly analyzed the situation before his heart.

'Since this ...,'

I have considered some, I saw that the crane will immediately open it, 'Notify everyone everyone to attack !! "

'Etc !! Hehong will! "At this time, another naval soldier responsible for investigating in the warship suddenly opened.

What happened ?! "I want to actually stop the soldiers under the hand. This kind of thing is separated from myself to let the crane in the crane.

'Boat. ... There is a big boat to come out from the island !! "" "It seems that the philosophy is a shocked scene, and this naval soldier speaks some panic.

'Boat? Real island is surrounded by us ... how can there be a ship from the island ...,' I heard the report of the Navy soldier, and the crane will immediately rush out the ship's energy of the Navy to monitor the ship, come to the outside deck. on.

On the deck of the outside, I have already seen the sea from all the naval warships, and a huge luxury boat drove from the sky, and the squats were squatted on the sea. .

'This boat is?! "

Although I don't know how this boat broke through the island of the children's naval warship, but the crane will immediately react, 'Pursue the ship! It is possible to hide the surgical fruit and criminal! "" "!"

'here it is…,'

At this time, the huge luxury champagne big boat has saved the surrounding environment. He only felt that he was gently grabbed by his moment, and he appeared in this unfamiliar. On the vessel, and have broken through all the naval blockade outside, came to the sea.


'We have already on the sea outside Minnene ...,'

I read the surprises in Keratson, and the open drunken opening, the blue eyes looked at the naval warships that were pursued behind the sea. 'Navy pursued it ...,'

At this time, Korasson and Luo also discovered the naval warship coming in the rear of the others, and the face of Kora was toned to look forward to the look.

If you can catch up with the Naval warship.

Then you can get rid of the man's control ...

Just in the heart of Coratus just produced, it is horrified to open his eyes, and the scene is shocked before his eyes.

Renovation, Vientiane!!!

I saw that the moment I stood on the deck seems to be called the void's god, a pair of blue gods flashed in the eyes of endless light, and the endless pupil is smashed, and it is gently pursued up. The naval warship came to open his hand.

Among the eyes of Korasson and Luo's stunning, it was shocked by the shocking and gravitation. I saw that there were more than a dozen naval warships that came back later, as if they lost the Rongli, all flew from the sea. .

The palm of the moment suddenly held, and more than a dozen have been pulled into the half-air, the naval warships were hit together, and they were smashed into a group.

The broken naval warship part and the flesh of countless naval soldiers, the shocking rain under the half air, reddling the whole sea.

It seems that the disaster sights occurred in the absence of dementia, Korasson and Luo have a big mouth, this is what they have not imagined in both this life.

'You put so many naval all ...,'

Different from the brother Duolan, from the small encounter to see the Buddha's Warring States, the Navy's part of the Navy, this time I dive into the Kui Word's Demon Demon Demagoson, unbelievable There are more than a dozen naval warships that are all destroyed in the moment.

'Hi. Women you see ...,'

I saw the flash of angry and angry face, and I laughed. I laughed. I smiled in the moment of Bai Zhe's flawless perfect noodles. It seems to have a faint ray, '' "I am not a good person ... '

'Since you come out to pursue my vessel. I have to do it well by all of my kill ...,'

Luo, Luo, saw that more than a dozen naval warships were instantly being destroyed and had no movement, just shocked in the power of the moment.

However, as the Navy's undercover, the Kraton is shocking, and the flashy smile is now in his eyes like the magic god, beautiful, strong, and fall.

The province comes from the majestic claws of Du Langming.

But it is clear that it has fallen into a more terrible abyss ...

Luo's future ... what will become like?

The blue-blue eyes have incorporated the eyes of Kolason's face, and there is no heart, no matter whether the mind is still a power, since he reaches his current level, naturally (Wang Hao) will manipulate everything It is completely grasped in your hand.

Of course, Korasson is a navy's spy undercover, and it is a mens for the war of the country, but what happens, if Coratason is a different kind of mind, there is a thousand ways to teach him a person.

And when Keraton gives the Warring States and Navy to 3 their own news, the moment can make some erroneous information and illusion to confuse the Navy and the World Government's audiovisual. If you use it properly, Coraton will become your own hand. A useful tool.

The luxury champagne boat under the foot is riding the wind on the sea, leaving the back of the blood, reddish sea, moment and Robin, Kora, and the four people catering the breeze.

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Chapter 92, power breakthrough (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 92, power breakthrough (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 92 forces Breakthroughs (seeking rewards and automatic).

Ten warships are all ..., '

He has put down the telescope in his hand, and the color of the crane will fill the color of shocking and dead ash.

More than a dozen naval warships that have been chased by her have been in the sea, they are all destroyed by her, until the blood red sea on the sea is rushing to her feet, she only It is embarrassed to pull the thoughts back to the reality in front of you.

Can do this kind of thing ...

There is only one man in this world.

'Crane. Cranes will. Factory

At this time, the naval soldiers who are responsible for the supervisory are a little trembling, province's blood red sea from the long-distance sea, obviously he is also scared. 'We have to send a warship. Pursuit of ...

Don't pursue it anymore ...

I heard the request of this Navy soldier, the crane will directly refuse his proposal, and the eyes of Chun Zhi are full of deep tricks. 'If it is the man's words. ... "

How many warships are not filled out.

Recovered himself some panic thoughts, the crane will immediately took the phone in front of the table, dialed the telephone number of the Navy.

177- 'Feeds, this is the Warring States ...,' The phone is coming from the familiar voice of the Warring States.

Zhano Guo ... This action failed ..., 'Nothing nonsense, the crane directly reported this action with the Warring States,' and. ... More than dozen warships were destroyed. ... The kind of shocking technique is very likely It is a flash ...

In the moment ..., 'I heard the report of the crane, the Warring States on the phone insects caught a silence,' How did he appear Beihai ... less

'His where you should know ... I have always been unfortunate. Factory

The sound of the crane is low, and the doubts of the Warring States are also the doubts of her heart and the surgical fruit may be received by him.

Also. ... Kraton may also be on his boat.

'Corat Song ...,' I heard the guess of the crane, the Warring States in the war country did not make a sound, and I opened a long time, 'I know ...,'

After that, the Warring States on the phone was cut off.

In recent days, the entire big sea ((AHCG) appears to be a wave.

Since the incident of Shengdi Maria, the whole world, the whole sea does not seem to have other big things. Only by appreciate the potential dark stream, Bulk clouds.

Recently, all things happened, the only thing worth all is concerned, it is a matter of circulating throughout the New World.

Suddenly, the end of the new world, the entrance to the new world encounters a white mustache, and the legendary pirates, the strongest man in the world, and the white beard Edward New Gate broke out of the world's sea area.

About. Eternal, moment won the defeat in the battle, the strongest man in the world, the news of the white beard is like a wings.

No one can determine that this news is true, but no one dares to doubt this message is fake.