Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 346

Because at least the other pirates asked the hundred pirates of the White Beard, the answer was only one sentence except for silence: Mr. I was now the strongest battle in this world.

At that time, everyone heard the news, all of them poured a breath, only one thought in his heart.

The province, the world's strongest, the name of the world has changed from now on ...

Great route.

The boundless sky sea, a luxurious champagne big ship rides the wind and waves.

Sailing on the deck of the bow is blowing sea breeze, and what kind of rumor is circulated on the outside of the sea, and there is no knowledge.

However, the four information continuously pushed in the brain in front of his eyes, but it is like a continuous five thunder generally thoroughly shocks the mood of the moment.

'! The system detected that the host's swordsmanship have reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the homework. "

'! The system has detected that the host armed color has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulations to the second paragraph of the armed color. ".

! The system detected that the host saw the color V gas has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary success, Congratulations to the second paragraph of the color V gas. "

"Hey! The system detects that the host is proud V gas has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to host two paragraphs of the king color."


The scientific level of the sword is broken through the bottleneck breaking the boundary to the level of the big sword.!

There are three kinds of products that all broke through the second stage?!

In the moment, some unbelievable repeatedly check the notice of the system, could not help but call the system in the bottom of the heart. System ... how this time is so happy, all the ability to master all the ability to master from this world all over the limit ?! " .

I have been exhausted, the host ... The sound of the system sounded in the heart of the moment, 'Original host, your four abilities have been in the past five years, it has already reached the bottleneck ... less

"And in the past, experienced and five old stars. ... and the battle of white beard Edward ...

The sound of the ancient well-not waves continued to sound in the moment. Detailed with his narrative explanation about this ability breakthrough, "these four capabilities have completely reached the stage of bottleneck ... so the system will help the host you break the boundary increase Great level ... corpse.

It turns out that the second factory

After listening to the system's detailed answer, the moment it nodded in the moment. It was both unexpected in the reason. Sure enough, like the original, only high-strength battle was the best shortcut.

'Big sword wrapped in the sword. Three collapses of the second phase ...

Feel the ability to be raised to a new height again in your body, and the moment is standing on the deck of the luxurious big ship. I still look at the unfamiliar blue sea. Suddenly I can't help but feel the power of the huge force in my body.

Slaidly reached out and clenched the firing of the quaint movement in his hands.

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Chapter 93 Unflow (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 93 Unflow (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 93 Dynamic (seeking rewards and automatic)

Void Keath · Eight knives flashed!!!

I saw the flash of the , the body surrounded by endless swords, if the fire in the hand, if the fire is in an instant, the naked eye is almost unable to capture the sword speed of the turning, and the eight plentiful swords will sneak all over. In front of the void, the vertical and horizontal staggery has sprulgically gathered a sword of the heavens and the earth.



It seems like a split sound, except for the Robin next to the moment, at this time, the drunken Kolason and Luo Luo walking out of the deck, and the whole sea is found to be invisible. Power segmentation.

Dahai ... was opened by a sword ..., '

The whole sea in front of the province is unable to heal under the sword in the moment, and Korasson and Luo are shocked even their mouths can't close.

'Subcades. ... before it is not his strength ... "A deep man printed into Kora lance in the eyes of Kola, and he couldn't help but have a bitterness and weakness.' This power ... When is Russian and Russ to leave his control ..., '

'This is the big sword of the energy to cut the energy ...,'

Silently recovered the flow blade in his hand, the flash of the flash was stared at the eyes of the eyes that were unable to heal, and there was a deep understanding of the hierarchical realm of the big sword.

'I will be as strong as this man ...

Dead staring at the back of the moment in front of her eyes, the teenager is tightening the fists in his hand, the eyes are always forwarded and embarrassing, in his mind. For the first time. Power this word brings new understanding.

'After the sea area. ... The front is the shampoo island ...,'

Recovered his own mind, the flash of the blue is moved to the Kolason and Luo behind him, 'When you start, you will go to the new world. ... "

'Go to the New World ?!' I heard the words of the moment, and Keratson saved him.

Find the golden lion of the fleet fleet. ... handed this letter to him. ... you will understand ..., '

The province has a doubt that I am not laughing, and I'm gentle, I'm reaching out, I have a trick, and I have a letter to Keraton, 'This is the first task I handed over to you ... I believe that you will not let me down? "

What is the ability?!

The provision of the moment, the ability of the unclear, the heart is dark, but this man seems to be numb, but in the moment, the content in the moment has attracted all of him.

Golden Pendant ?! The big one of the legend?!

Is it true that it is the same as a rumor?

He has a relationship between the History of Jinli ... It is a bit amazed to think about it.

If this is true. It is a nightmare for the Navy and the World Government,.

No need to guess ... even if there is any relationship between my cooperation between the golden, it is not the power of your strength ..., '

The blue eyes stared at the Kolana in front of him, and sharp eyes seem to wear his inner heart. Thinking fluctuation.

If you can break the boundary breakthrough to the next stage, you can have the ability to listen to the sound of everything like the One Piece, which is able to completely understand the power.

Feeling that the sharp look at the moment, it seems that the cave wear all the secrets in his heart, and Keraton turned slightly, and immediately should be.

It is time to create a forces tossing toss ...

Otherwise, there must be a good thing if it is too much.

After arranging the Kola lassian and Luo, he looked at the blue sea in front of him, and the moment was thinking about his hand.

Establishing a pirates when the pirate is not too interesting. ... too lack of cavity. ...

But I can recruit some potential talents, let them build their respective One Pirates and then enter their own name, and be a true scene BOSS is the moment to save.

· ... seeking flowers ...

I will not forget the task of the owner of Wanjie.

The world of the One Piece is different, and it is necessary to dominate such a huge chaotic world. If there is no strong organization in the hand, even if the individual's power killed the top five old stars of the World Government. It can't fully control such a Confucian, no world.

Therefore, it is one of the things that can conquer the forces of the whole world, just one of the things that the world is to do in front of this world.

Shampoo island.

After the champagne boat on the moment, I didn't figure it out, and the Kora launched a telephone booth on the island of Luo Zhutong.

I am. Xiaomi fruit recognition two, '

After holding the phone in his hand, Korasson immediately said his secret code between himself and the Warring States.

Ke. ..., Xiaomi Fruit recognizes two less

The Warring States that is sitting in the office, suddenly received the news from Kora, there is no excitement among the tone, 'Where are you? Safe? ".

Don't talk. Listen to me ..., '

I suddenly hear the voice of the Warring States, and the hearts of Keratson couldn't help but touch them. Although I would like to say two words with the Warring States, I remembered the man who was able to wear everything that was able to wear it. He chose a long way to say short to say to avoid M, 'more Buddha. Langming has been defeated by the moment, and the power of the fruits and the performance of the surgical fruit is

His hand is hitting, in addition ..., '.

He arranges us now to go to the New World and Golden Lion. Things have new changes, I will find the opportunity to inform you ..., '

When I finished all the information I want to convey, Corata immediately cut off the call between the warriors, and walked out of the telephone pavilion as if everything didn't happen.

As everyone knows, all secret connections between him and the Warring States have already been fully mastered in the moment ...

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Chapter 94, the world's first big sword (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 94, the world's first big sword (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 94, the world's first big sword (seeking reward and automatic)

New world.

With the ability of God's reincarnation, the moment is easy to take a huge luxury vessel at the foot through the red soil continent, enter the new world's ocean.

The champagne boat is not in a hurry between the islands, caching the breeze of the blowing surface, and in the brain, thinking about the next arrangement.

Coraton will secretly inform the Warring States its trends, this moment is early, and of course, this is also his ruin.

As long as it controls, the Warring States and the Navy not only have any useful intelligence from Kerat, but will receive the imagination of the moment to pass Koralon.

On the occasion of the moment, the luxury champagne boat under the foot is slowly walking between a group.

At this time, at this time, the blue eyes were slightly condensed, and the left-eyed god presupparts to capture a future scene.

The harsh gold M cuts sound, and the flash of the bow side by side is in a flash, Robin, can't help but turn around, I saw a sharp huge sword, flashing, flashing, jade, Guan Guanghua, milesty .

Void Keyway · God speed !!!

In the face of the huge green swordscent of the extremely fast killing of the air, I saw that I have already prepared it in my heart without refunding. If the flow blade in my hand has made a countercurrent Waterfall, only in just a short instance, you will kill the infinity swords of the whole space in front of you.


Numerous swords hit the sound, and only the huge green swords of the air in front of the air, and did not arrive at the moment and the ship where Robin where the vessel was suddenly blocked. The sword was smashed.


Some of the surprising sounds in the islands, the province's swordsmanship is actually being pulled by the moment. In the face of countless commences in the air, I saw a black figure in the islands. Fast shot hormone.

Very strong

The blue-blue double-died locks the black figure in the islands, and there is a bit of play to raise his mouth. In the eyes, there is a burst of , launching the deck of champagne big ship on.

'Eagle Eye Rair Michac. ... "

It is a long place in the islands in the distance, and the blinds of the feet, and the eyes have a huge sword to attack their own men, saying his name.

Erlight in the moment. Sure enough, like a rumor on the sea.

The low and thick voice sounded. I saw this man who was like an eagle-like single-eyed eyes and stared at the face of the moment. Holding a dark cross-shaped knife, officially unparalleled twelve workers , Black knife. Night.

You are a powerful swordsman ..., '

At the same time as Mihoke is dead, the moment is also fine to focus on the future of the world's "world's first" world,

The shape is long, wearing a quilt, the hiped hi Hungar, although there is no bearded in this period, but already has a sharp eye like an eagle, it is, the eagle eye is in Joracell Michac.

'Why attack me ... Miho ...,'

Looking at this eye, this eye is like a sharp man, and the mouth is slightly raging. Is it because I killed your Master. Is there a scoop of the people of the country? "

'Non-real swordsmen die in a stronger person, and he is also the best fate,'

I know that Mi Hok in front of him heard the moment, but shakes his head, and the tone is hard, as if it is steel, I am here for the man. ..., '.

Just saw your ship passed through. ... so I want to send a time. ..., '.

Kill time?"

I heard the answer from Mi Hof, and I raised my brow. It seems that the eagle is like the original, like the original, people can't boring and lonely. ...

But what he said, "two

Is it red-haired incense?