Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 347 of Hueding Crack System

Looking for me to send time ...

A pair of blue eyes focused on the Eagle of Miko Kiki, and the moment I couldn't help but laugh, 'You really find someone ...,'

Your own sword level just broke the boundaries breakthrough to the big sword ...

There is a future in front of you. The world's first big sword

Who is not?

'Recently, a rumor is circulated everywhere ...

Mi Hoker's pair of eagle stared at this look that there was a beautiful young face, suddenly asked:. Some people say that you defeated White Beard Edward New Gate. ... Tell me that the rumor is not true? ".

Who knows? My body

I can see the eighteighted eyes of Mihok in front of me, and I will raise my mouth. Some are not to pick the eyebrows that you will pick yourself. 'It doesn't matter if you don't matter for me.

It seems that the rumor is true. Since the second factory

It seems that there is a verification from the words of the moment. I saw that the Eagle Eye Michac stared at the eyes of the eyes, and suddenly sent a sharp-hot light, it was a kind of strongest name. Strong chase desire. ......

'Before that man came. Let me confirm the sum of the world, the distance between the world !! "

'Before the red-haired fragrance came here, 2.7 "

Feeling the swaying eyes of the eagle eye rice Hoker, there is a little inexplicable smile, it seems that it is extremely serious, and it is fired in his hand. No problem. I will end before him. This battle ... corpse

'End the battle before he came to? "

I heard the discouraged words, I have already joined the big sword to Wrap the realm of the big sword, and the dead is gripped in his hands, black knife, night.

Two people stand, and a sudden murdered momentum suddenly formed between the two, and flying around all the dust.

In the future. The world's first big sword is finally born in these two people.

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Chapter 95 Eagle Eye Michac (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 95 Eagle Eye Michac (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 95 Eagle Eye Michac (ask for reward and automatic)

Between the islands, Robin is far away from the luxury champagne ship deck.

I didn't feel worried about her fight in the moment, she never felt that someone in this world would be better than the moment.

I saw that the two in the far island and the eagle oysters were standing, and there was an invisible momentum suddenly formed between the two, and flying around all the dust.

Eyes. This big sword wrap is about to break out, but it suddenly opened: 'Mihok second _. This is not too monotonous to do this..' '

'Not as good as we gamble, second _ production

'What gambling? "The eyes were like a hawkwlling as a sharp rice.

'Very simple second _.' '

The blue eyes are stunned to focus on the eagle eye hoodker, and the smile on the face is implicit, 'This battle is lost _._. A person who promised to win.......

Future 'The world's first big sword, eagle eye rice Hawke, strength is not inferior to the Navy's Best 07, if you can incorporate your own magic, it is definitely a good help _._.

'I promised _._.' '

Eagle Obmy Michake didn't want to answer, for a big sword wrapped, if he didn't have a victory of his victory before you have not fighting, then he is not enough to smash Everything.


I didn't hesitate to see this gambling, and I can't help but plentifully, the eyes of the blue eyes, the eyes of the blue, and the eyes were locked. The whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

So fast !! Rao is Mihok, like an eagle-like sharp eyes, can't help but look slightly, lost the traces of the moment in front of you, as a big sword, countless times, the death fight, the death, the reaction, let him Waving the unparalleled fast knife in your hand in a time, night.

Infinite swordsmith sharp, at the moment, although there is no pupil of God's reincarnation, the movement of the flesh of the flesh has already made the eagle eye hooded even the sword.

Miho warefacked between his hands. Black knife, night, instantly raised in the moment of a sword in front of him, suddenly felt a non-giant force, the body support could not help but be attached to the whole The whole person takes away.

"This power. Factory

The teeth are tight, and Mihof can't help but extend the opposite knife back. Finally, I finally took a sword that I was very fast.


Bang Yulong, I saw that the eagle eye Michake was in an instant to hit into the mountains in the islands.

Black knife Wei Xiao is tap!!

I saw that I just hit the eagle eye hooded into the mountains, and a great sword with jade is like a huge sword, and the earth is torn. The whole island under the feet, and the speed is felt to the moment.

Nice smash !! "

The blue-blue eyes are locked in front of this , .

Although I can't hold the ghosts that I have killed in the first generation of the squad, I'm going to take the ghosts of the first generation of the ghosts, but with the eagle eye Mojk's current age can enter the big sword and kill such a sword. The gas is hit, and its potential talents are really sigh.

Void Keyway · Falling New Star !!!

It seems like ancient times, I have just been born, and the endless fierce swords are stuffed between the entire archipelago.

In the face of the huge strength of the Eagle Eagle Michac, I saw the flow blade in the hands of the moment. If the fire is turned out, the same paint black armed color is entangled, and after entering the big sword, it will kill the meal. The star of the stars.

"What is this cut ?!"

If you are in the hands of you, you will be light, and Miho's sharp hawk seems to be blooted by this gorgeous sword.

I saw the thrilling swords of the moment, and the huge swords of the Eagle Eye Michac were shocked. Two big swordsman's sniper crashing together suddenly broke out the light, tangible invisible The sword is overflowing all the rocks around.

'It is even more than, the black knife, the night is stronger ... The province comes to his hands at least the weapon of the unparalleled fast knife level

The sharp eagle eye captures the swordsman who kills himself, gradually being knocked by the power of the moment, and the head of Miho is flashing, but the movement in the hand is not paused.


There are countless swords within a very short time to hit the sound.

I saw that Miho Kick made a dark vain, the unparalleled high-spirited night in his hand continued to swallow, killing countless fierce money and gentle, and the moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosion of the entire islands came out, and countless fierce swordscent snorkens sniper cutting, seeing two human brakes in the brakes and eagle 037 eye grams, the flow blade in the hand is fired. Black knife. Night intertwined with traces of cracking collision.

The two people have gone, and all the islands around are broken, less than a minute of Kung Fu, the whole island has been zoleshed, and even the big islands are directly swayed by the two people. Cut into crushing.

I saw that the two madlos were like two mad dragons. They have been fighting to the largest islands in the islands. Some animal latrajuyi passed along the way.

The death ... he is clearly just entered the big sword. The world is soon. It is pressed in the wind.

"Why is it better than me?

"Sword ... becomes better ..., 'Some hardships have blocked a sword in the moment, and feel the sword, feeling from the hands. Black knife. The battle came over the night, Mihok suddenly I found that my hands have become a bit hard to lift in the constant hand in the moment.

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Chapter 96 of the defeat (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 96 of the defeat (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 96 defeated the north (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Your movement is slow ...,'

With the light sound of the moment, the swords of the two light stone fire hit, and immediately grabbed the fans of the tip of Miho, and the flow blade in his hand was picked up. Opened the knife in the hands of the eagle, night, the flow blade in the hand was suddenly cut out.

'not good…,'

The black knife in the hand is picked up in a sword, and the Miko pupil that is open in the door suddenly shrinks.

In the eyes of the lane, the flow blade in the hands of the fire, was made out of the flow of flowers.


It's like the sound of the split, I saw a blood flowering instantly bloomed in the eagle eye hooded, and the flow blade in the hand was suddenly a long wound on his body.

As the fortune in the hand, if the fire is on the eagle eye hooded, the flash is kicked out in the right foot of the armed colors.

I saw that Mikock that has been weakly resistant is directly kicked by the moment, and the entire human becomes directly in the huge rock mass behind it.

'You lose ... Domestic Eagle, Mihof ... less

One foot puts Mikky into the far rock body, the fire fog set off, but the flash of the flash is wearing all the dust. The eyes are firmly locked in the ricejack that struggled in the chaos. Gram.

'Terrible power ...,'

Blood was blooming from the wounded wounded in the body, and Miho can felt clearly, at least the foot of the feet, at least three ribs.

However, the black knife in Michac's hand puts a stood up to the ground from the chaos, but it is like the rhinocellies like the eagle, but there is no passage of a whit, but it is attached to the powerful power. Out of all the functions and fights, burning the flame of the bears.

· But I haven't lost ... '' '2,'

'No. You have lost ...,'

The blue eyes are drunk, and the distant gradually use sword to support the eagle eye hooded with his body. He gently shakes his head, and uses a deep tone to say a established fact.

Because ... I have not interested, play again ...

Since I am in the sword, I have defeated this original in front of it. The world's first big sword. Prove that his swords, then other strengths don't have to hide again ...

The flow blade is fired. Benevitated !!!.

Senluo is all-earth, ... is ash ... !! "

The ancient

'what is that?!"

Sninding a lot of flaming colors lit Mihok like an eagle monopoly sharp pupil, he only felt his own throat, and all the water in the air suddenly sucked away.

Bang !!

A striking sound is out of the sound, which was originally surrounded by the islands of the blue sea. It was illuminated by the hot radiant light.

I saw the boundless flame of the flame from the moment of the moment, if the fire spread, the dead entanglement was wrapped around the blade of the hand in the hands of the moment.

This. ... is your true power?

Feel the deadly burning temperature transferred by yourself, and the eagle eye hooded loudly stunned in front of the eyes of all the flames in the world.

Now this man is. Eternal, moment.

It is the man who destroys Mary Qiaoa to defeat the white beard to get the 'world's strongest name. ...

It turned out to have just played with me ...

It seems that I have been fooled by myself, and suddenly an angry emotion is alive in Michac's heart.

No matter how strong you ...

Feeling the constant passage of the horrible burning breath from the distance, Mi Hof is biting, and the eagle will explode, the eagle is still sharp, and people can't focus on the light, and the death of death is in their hands. Black knife.

I also want to cut out my strongest sword!!! ''

Dragon is fireful!!!

Miho's voice was also scattered in the air, and the slender flow blade in the hands of the moment was in an instant.

At a very short moment, the heavens and the earth were sprayed out, and the fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees was twisted around the entire space around, and the boundless momentum of the moment was extremely sleek.

A blazing sword gathered in an instant to illuminate the entire islands, as if there is such a flaming color between the world, and the dead reflects in the pupil of the eagle eye.

The boundless red hot bursting is as if the hydrogen is exploded.

Mihoke only felt that his body was burning, as if the space around him suddenly quickly bloomed a eternal sun.