Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 348 of Hueding Crack System

R I have not yet become the strongest swords in the world ..., '

Hold the boundless burning pain, Mihok forcibly shouted the strongest swordsmanship in his hand, "absolutely can't ..., '

However, even the rest of the resistance, as the entire island was burned into the ashes, Mihoke's entire man was blown out by this dramatic high temperature burst, and shells into the island next to it.

Numbers of (Wang's).

Under the first sword of the moment, the entire island is burned, the surrounding sea is evaporated in a blazing high temperature burst, constantly improving the filled white water vapor.

'Why don't you hide ...,'

Among the filled water vaps, the long figure of the moment is drunk in front of the eagle eye, and the blue eyes are somewhat unexpected. 'If I don't have the last way to avoid your position ... you now already dead…,'

'Do you want to kill flying ash by me? "

'Cough. ... I don't know ...,'

I saw the rice Hoker lying on the ground, and the whole body was burned by the blazing high temperature burst into the fire, and her face with a hard-working opening.

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Chapter 97 Red Harap (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 97 Red Harap (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 97 Red Piece (seeking rewards and automatic).

But I feel as long as I retract one step ..., '

'My heart, the belief, will be destroyed ...,'

Rice Hofki lying on the ground, if the pain of burns, the pain of burning is not busy in the handsome, just that his eagle is generally sharp, the look is still firm.

'I will never go here again ... maybe ...,'

'This is the taste of the defeat ...,'

I would rather die in my sword and I don't want to retreat ...

Although I don't know why I feel a little familiar, I'm still moved by his firm beliefs and .

'Is a good guy ... less, I am lying down on my feet, I'm thinking in my heart.

'Kill me. The skill is not as good as people ...,'

The whole body can't move on the floor of the island, Mihok's mouth flakes a bitter smile, slowly closing his eyes. 'Dead in stronger people is a swordsman ultimately the best Fighting ..., '

'Kill you ...,'

Save the look of the side of Mihok's face, and the face is slight. 'I have not intended to kill you ... "140-

Just at this time.

Suddenly, the left eye ZHANG Guang brightened, the eyebrows were slightly picked, and the first time captured the upcoming attack.

A bullet wrapped in black armed colors instantly broke through the air, accurately incomparably, the orientation of the replacement.

'Sniper ...,'

The god of the left eye has predicted that this armed colorful bullet attacks the track of the track, and the call is a slightly smashed his own head.

I saw this armed colorful bullet from the top of the far away, and the dangerous riser of the difference is to pass next to the silver white long hair.


A very surprised voice sounded on the sea of ​​the sea.

It seems that the owner of this armed colorful bullet is completely imagined. Why did you have used the angle that you have already avoided in advance, but it is still gentle and easy to avoid your bullets.


One instant is a bullet that is wrapped in the dark-armed colored colored colored colored gas. It is emitted from the long guns in the hands, and several ordered formations are arranged in the air, completely blocking any angle that is likely to avoid in the moment, Whit to the head of the moment.

The bored trick ..., 'Faced with the ten unsatisfactory armed colored toner, the mouth disdain is dismissed.

Armed colored gas, hardening!!!

It has reached the moment of armed collapse, and the blink of an eye has covered a layer of dark armed Chinese color, and the dark palm is illusion in front of the voids, and there are countless illusions, which is actually in one. All the armed collaboration of all hinders in front of it took all the things.

Qingli was.

The moment is gently released his palm. I saw ten broken armed colored tissue, and a unsecured all the ground from his palms down at the foot.

'My bullet is all ...,'

As the huge vessel on the far-faced vessel is getting closer, I saw a chapmf lip on the boat, using a man who brought his yellow head to a man, full of shock and stunned colors.

'Is used by him ...,'

It is necessary to know that the ordinary bullets he shot, these bullets are far from the speed or power in the package of the armed chromativity, which is far from the bullets of the ordinary firearms.

Even if it is a natural devil's ability to be locked by him (AHCJ), as long as he is hit by his armed color, it will be created.

Now I am picking up all the hands and sketching, as the best sniper throughout the big sea, this undoubtedly caused a big impact to his mind.

Hahahaha ..., '

At this time, the big boat gradually entered into the islands, and a red hair in a laugh is from the boat head, and it hits the sniper next to himself, 'Jesus cloth. ... There is still a lot of room! ".

Red-haired ...

The blue-blue eyes are stared to enter the big ship between the islands. At a flash, I recognized the identity of the man standing on the bow, the iconic red hair, a black long clove to insdominal sword, wearing a loose seven points There is still a pair of sandals under the foot of trousers.

It is one of the four emperors of the New World, the world, red, and incense.

'So just the sniper. It is necessary to be Upop's dad Jesus. Jesus is covered ... Like the deep eyes penetrate the vitality falling on the red-haired pirate Jesus.

Jesus is a hundred people in the wilderness, rumors can hit the tentacle of a ant in the thirty meter without damaging the rest of it, or can accurately hit the heart of the mouse outside of the house, it is very likely to be The best sniper in the world.

, 'Eternal, moment ...,'

I saw that the pirate boat was on the beach, the red-hated Xiangx was pulling from the bow, and the shaking of the island was staring at the young handsome face in front of the island. In addition to the dignifier. There is still a surprise,. Today, come here to Duel for Joimo Kick. I don't think I will encounter.

This world 'strongest, man ...,'.

Hahahaha. Give me a face ...

The red-haired incense between the speech glanced at the eagle eye hooded under the foot of the moment, saving him a shocking high temperature burns on him, could not help but sterilize Mihok wrapped in the big sword. People hurt this.

Although the heart is shocked and very shocked, Mihok is a friend who has been a friend for many years, and Xiangks have to hardly get their own scalp and open the mouth.

Give you a face??

When I heard the red-haired Xiangx, I couldn't help but play slightly. It is hard to eat, which is really like the legend.

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Chapter 98 Red Haixiang (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 98 Red Haixiang (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 98 Red Dragonfly (ask for reward and automatic)

'Incense. ... you are idiot ... less

I haven't waited for a moment, I am lying on the foot of the heart, I called it. This is my fair branch with him. ... lost to him is that I don't need you to intervene !! "

The big sword with the eagle and the big sword of the proud of the soul, how can you allow yourself to be defeated in the hands of yourself and save him.

"Closed Miko ..., '

I hope that the eagle eye hopker that is awkward at the foot of the moment, I have to adhere to his priority, and the incense is not for one, "Do you want me to call you here ?!"

Two red hair, incense. Are you in the seasons in the sea? "

Although I didn't want to kill Mihok, I would like to see a little anxious look in front of the red hair, and I can't help but laugh, 'We don't know about it. ... I want to give you This face? "


In the face of the moment, the incense is slightly, it seems that there is no thinking that it will give this answer, but soon he reacted, and the face is firmly at the moment.

"In any case. Miho can't die here ..., '

Unable to guess the intention of the moment, the red-haired Xiangx is not clear that he has happened between the moment and Michac before it comes here, but Mihok is his friend. He must save today.

He is a man in the future to become the world's first big sword !! "

Life Wang Coli !!

As the voice of Xiangks falls, suddenly there is a case where there is an invisible moment, if it is condensed into a substantial, it suddenly broke out from the incense.

This feeling is unfamiliar, and only one person in millions of people can only wake up the probes of the king's gluten.

'Is the captain of the crystal prince ...,'

It seems to feel the invisible atmosphere that broke out from the island, this time, the thief on the redhead is excited when the pirates on the pirates are excited.

'Come accurately control the kingdom of desire. ... Avoid your own crew ...,' l See this detail. The bright blue eyes are slightly narrow.

Although I have not entered the second stage of A Wang color to form a substantial physical attack, it has been able to accurately control your own weng's gas will not wave yourself. It can be seen that the red hair in front of the eyes is worthy of the original One Piece. Among them, the most wanting man,.

'Hey. King of Wang Yizhi ...,'

Feeling the incomplete momentum of the incompetence from the red-haired in front of you, the mouth of the moment can not help but feel slightly. It is justified that you have just broken the ability of the boundaries.

· 2 paragraph!!!

In the unbelievable eyes of Mikock and the moment, I saw the entire ground turtle from the foot of the moment, and all the rocks around them were broken, and it was unimaginable, and the momentum moment of agglomeration became substantive. On the mountains, the tsunami is generally spreading in an instant.

Such as Di is like a sea, like a prison -


I saw the boat on the red-haired pirates on the seaside. In addition to the strengthful elite crew of Jesus and Ben Bakeman, all the pirates were all attached to the substantive crystal king. Garcies are generally flying.

'Your product ...,'

Unbelievable eyes in front of their eyes, feel the substantive gas field that is constantly making it from him, and Xiangks are very clear that this is more powerful than himself.

'You seem to be surprised ...,'

All the faces of the face shocked all the eyes were all income, and the mouth couldn't help but raise the mouth. The crystal king of the second phase was saved. The king's ribs were better than they imagined.

'In addition to Roger's captain ... There is a man in the world to reach this stage ...,'

The surroundings and rocks that are blocked by Weng Wang, and Xiangks face is full of horrified and unbelievers, as a trainee crew, like this, like this, is only in the One Piece Roger saw it.

·· ... seeking flowers ·····

'No wonder. Now the whole big sea is rumored ...,'

It seems that this province in front of this province is so much asphywood, and the face of Xiangks can't help but have a bitter smile, "said that you defeated the horrible man of the white beard ... .

It is true ..., '.

However. Miko is my friend ..., '

Since the power of the horrible A king collapse in the moment, the strong momentum is coming out. The firm face on the face has never changed. Even if you die today ... I can't let him still do this! ! ',

Armed color A qi · Wreath !!

In an instant, a piece of black and fragrant armed colors instantly wrapped in the moment.

The violent front of the void, in the flash of the blue double pole, when the air in front of the eyes suddenly flashed a snow-shaky sword, as if it was a stack of waves and stunning in the sea, suddenly moving towards themselves Pour.

I saw the Western sword in the hands of the incense. The wind is in front of the moment.

Light with sword surgery, the swordsman of Xiangks is not inferior to the eagle eye hooded in the realm of the big sword. If we add all the strengths, the future of the world's four emperors is obviously more powerful. .

Although not a sword that is separated, the red-haired incense is a sharp Western sword, the dark armed colored A is very angry, so like a heroic fan of the singularity.