Armed colored A qi · coverage !!!

The left-eyed god has already predicted that in advance, the opening of the incense, reaching the second phase of the armed colors instantly covered the body, forming a unsteadless armed building armor.

The loud noise of Jin Rib crossed, and Xiangks had a little surrounded by his eyes. I saw a sword that I made all my best was pulled by the sword scabbard in my hand.

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Chapter 99 INDUSTRY (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 99 INDUSTRY (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 99, Offset (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Xiangks! "

Lying down on the ground, unplayed Miho saw that Xiangke has played with the moment, and suddenly wanted to remind Xiangks to be a horrible body, 'Be careful about him ...,'

However, Michake reminded obviously a bit late, and Xiang Ke only felt that his eyes were flowers, and we all worked to raise his hand.

I saw the flash of the legs in the moment, and the warm flame was rubbed in the air, covering the dark armed colored colored colors, suddenly a whip leg hit the inner smart in front of him.

When you raise your hand, you felt a steel casting. The arrow is generally incident in the island 'May 47 ".

'Sound can't keep up with my action ...,'

After the legs kicked the red-haired incense, the face was smiling, and the blue eyes glanced at the eagle eye.

Only Lin.

At the moment, I wanted to pursue the incense to beside the islands next to him. At this time, the red-haired tauten's big ship suddenly broke out three paint black color bullets, formed in the air. The arrangement of the character and the shape of the font will come to the moment.

'... block the battlefield sniper. It's trouble ...,'

The eyes caught the armed colors of armed colors around the surrounding speed, and the Jesus of the Red-haired Pirates in the far-haired pirates, and sudden in the eyes of the blind eyes of the moment.

Reincarnation !!!


I saw the three armed colored toner injected in the hand of Jesus instantly hit empty, bombing three fist-smalled deep pit on the ground that was originally instant.

Gone ..., '

As the top of the big sea, Jesus, who has passed the vision, I found out the trace of disappearing in the first time, and immediately reacted that I wanted to observe the surrounding environment. At this time, I came to a loud reminder next to my companions.

'Jesus cloth! Be careful behind you !! "

With the loud reminders of Ben Becman, there is no sign in the moment after penetrating Jesus, and the deep eyes can't help but look at the book next to Benke.

Ben Bakeman's one-one red-haired pirates, the people who have passed the people. In the top war, they will hold a pistol in the head of the Navy.

Seeing an instant appearing in their sea M boat, Ben Bakeman immediately and other elite crew came over the moment.

I saw this Bakeman's eyes, the wisdom of the wise is precipitated. I instantly took out a long-range hunger shotgun in my waist. It is a huge bullet wrapped in black armed V. Out.

Unlike the ordinary pirates in the large sea in the first half of the great route, as the sea M in the new world sea in the second half of the longitudinal route, the ability to master the armed colors is the power of all people who must repair.

Human a bunch of mash fish ... corpse

Although now every sea M around the pirates around the pirates is all the first-class strong sea M in the new world, but the moment is disdainful, and it is suddenly in the blue mouth. An infinite endless pupil broke out.

Renovation of eyes, god, Tianzheng !!!

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, I saw a lot of vulnerability, and suddenly broke out with the body of the moment. The huge giant pit on the ground under the foot is constantly spreading.

what is this?!"

Feeling the sculgage that suddenly impacted from his eyes, the pupil in Bakeman's eyes suddenly shrinks, and the huge armed colored spirit bullets that hit themselves, just like hitting a layer of hard to resist. The invisible blanking barrier, and it was played out in an instant.

'Bye. Red-haired One Piece ...

With the sound of the flash, in the eyes of all people, the invisible repulsion of the gods in front of the eyes suddenly spread.

The huge sound echoed between the entire group, only to see the huge vessel of the entire red-haired pirates, and actually made the gods of the moment into the feet. ......


The sky is splash, and the drunken J ticket floats above the sea between the islands, and the blue eyes focuses on huge vessels that are grown from the sea.

'Jesus cloth! Beckman !! "

At this time, the red-haired fragrance rolled out from the island in the island is shocked. He shocked the entire hundred pirates and all my companions, and suddenly the whole person was shocked and angry. Out.

Abandon struggle. ... red hair ..., '

On the sea surface floating between the islands, the expression on the face is degraded and holy, which is like the messenger of the day.

' ... I want to slaughter you !! "

I saw my pirate boat and all my companions were burned into the sea. Xiangke has reddish eyes, where can I ignite what I have said.

A violent sword squatting like a sea, like a sea, with a persistent angry determination, crazy, torn, the air in front of the sea is raging towards the moment on the sea.

'... Robin is still waiting for me on board ...,'

In the face of the strong angry angry in front of the inner, it seems that the words that don't worry out from the mouth of the moment, and I only see the mysterious light of the mysterious light.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The next instant incense is unbelievable, and a violent pain diffuses from his lower belly. The huge force even brings him to the ground.

I saw that I didn't know when I had already spanning the long distance between the two, and I appeared in front of the inhabitants, and the fists in the two paragraphs of armed colored colored colors were overlooked.

'Um ... compared to white beards in this period ...,'

'You are still a grade ._.' '

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Chapter 100 is unbearable (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 100 is unbearable (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 100 is unbearable (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Compared to this period of white beard ...,'

A punch with the two paragraphs of armed colors. Directly put it into the lower abdomen of the red-haired incense. The blue eyes are drunk, and it seems that he is appreciating his face on his face. expression

Red-haired ... You are still a grade ..., '.


I was hit by a belly, and the armed colored gas slices of hardening body were disintegrated. The crazy spread of the crazy pain was all over the body, and I saw the red-haired Xiangx's face with a strong unlike.

The whole person seems to be as weak as a beach, slipping from the hands of the moment, poured on the ground and the eagle eye hooded and made a row.

Why ... I and the gap between him will actually be so big? ', The face is full of angry A and unwind, I saw the red-haired Xiangx, and the hands of his own belly, and the unable to fell in the moment. At the foot.

Xiangks ..., '

At this time, the other side of the eagle 07 eye-catching, the Eagle 07 eye on the ground, and the face also flowing on the unbelievable look and looking at the inhabiting in the moment.

As a year, as a friend, Mihok is of course very clear to understand the strength of Xiangks.

However, he didn't think that in addition to himself in the moment, even Xiangke was so easy to fall under the foot of the moment, and even his crew of his entire red-haired thief group was also attached. Hit into the sea, life and death.


This is his real strength ...

This is. I and, the strongest gap between the world.

The blue-blue eyes are drunk, and the red-haired fragrance is in his feet. It doesn't pay attention to his face's face, and the feet have across him in the body, facing the distance. Eagle eye is hopker.

Although the red-haired fragrance in this period is rapid, it is not the future of the future, the world's most gas-free man, and he has not acceded to the four emperors. He really can't attract too many interests in the moment.

There is no clear division of strength in this world, but in accordance with the familiarity and understanding of the moment, the world's most representative forces belong to the Navy, and the new world has the next Queen Seven Wuhai, three major Forces form a subtle balance.

In terms of personal strength, in the experience of fighting in the moment, the strength of the four emperors may be the top peak of this world. Next is the level of the Navy's general and the king of the Queen Seven, and then the other Navy. Lieutenant and other new star thieves.

Simply put, and in the opponent that I once fightd to fight.

The five old stars and white beards in the Holy Land Mary are the war of the four emperors.

Then, the second is the Golden Lion's historical base, 'steel bone, empty,' Buddha's Warring States and 11 punches, Cap., etc.

The next other is similar to the bruises, screws, sagaski and yellow squats, as well as the eagle eye rice Hopo, and more Buddha Langming, etc. The strength can refer to the general level of the Navy.

'Mhoque. One. ''

The black coat coat is slowly fluttering, and the moment is slowly walking between the destroyed islands, and came to the front of the Eagle eye hooded in the ground, and the blue-blue deep eyes were highlighted. .

' ..' '

The granary of the dying, the face is complicated, looking at the moment in front of him. The eagle is still full of strong fighting, without half a decline.

God surgery!!!

In the eyes of Eagle Eye Michac, the eyes suddenly reached out, suddenly blooming a golden shining light, a shining moment, instantly, the whole body was placed.

Between the blink of an eye, the eagle eye hooded all the best and the high temperature burns caused by the fire, the high temperature burns caused by the fire. Seven seven eight eight.

'You are ._.' '

Feeling that all the injuries in the whole body were almost imposed in an instant, the eagle eye omepted the Hawke and grew up their mouths, and his most surprised is not a magical treatment ability, but him. I don't understand why I have to save him.

'Micho Remember that you still owe me a condition.

At a glance. The feet of the Eagle Eye Michac's heart is puzzled, and the mouth is slightly raised, but there is no explanation, from the black coat coat of the black coat of the black coat, the sea breeze is gradually far away.

There will be when you meet your promise in the future.

The blue-blue eyes are staring at the luxuriant champagne boat on the far-faced, while slowing, the thoughts on the moment are farther.

Since you want to build forces ...

Of course, it is necessary to create the world's top power ...

Different forces for the whole world, two. 33

Still owe you a condition ..., '

I feel that my injuries have improved, and the eagle eye hopk eagle, which has been climped up from the ground, is a sharp eye that is stunned, and the eye is complicated.

As a big sword who entered the unsurved realm of the sword, he will never be a man who is easy to eat!


'Why is it clear that there is so much ...,'

'Why clearly has reached the extent of the big one. ... will be so unbearable in front of him ...,'

The eyes of the eyes were staring at the back of the moment, and the red-haired fragrance in the heart held his fists tightly, and finally buried his face deeply in the soil of the feet, and we all started to blur ... ...

at the same time.

Just in the moment and the eagle oysters and the red-haired fragrance ended between this archipelago.

The new world is a group of homes outside Ponkhassad.

Golden Lion's Flying One Piece Stadium Stadium, a strong hall, a brilliant hall, coming two special guests today.

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