Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 350 of the Crash System

Chapter 101 Bai Beast hits (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 101 Bai Beast hits (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 101 Baometrics strike (seeking rewards and automatic)

In this endlessly unfunctuous blue sea, floating a thousand islands.

It is not only the largest largest archipelago in the second half of the great route, but also the important level of the new world and the first half of the red soil mainland.

One of the largest islands, there are countless fleet vessels around the fleet.

Among the center of the island in a magnificent hall.

The two people in Kolason and Luo are looking at the front main hall, sitting on the Golden Lion Tesque of the huge seat.

'Rack hahaha. One.' '

The Golden Lion Siki Landmarks Sounds in the whole hall, 'moment this kid _._. Every time I return to the new world, I can't get anyone _._.' '

This man is the legendary rock thief gold lion history.

Two of Kolason and Luo stood under the steps of the main hall, secretly taking the same man in front of the front step, like a male lion like a lion, feeling the powerful momentum from him.

It sanshable.

I really have a close relationship with the big sea thief golden lion in this legend.


The letter from the hand, the Golden lion sister is slightly frowned, and the Zhang has roared, 'Let me train these two little ghosts ??' '

'The kid is that the kid is what is me?! Nanny ?! "

I heard the roaring roar of the Golden Lion's Siji is filled through the entire hall. All the ficeps around the flying aphids are still in the storms and Rarone, and they don't dare to take a bite.

Who knows that this ferocious big waters will never kill them in an angry _._.

, I ._. Who let the kid save the Laozi life. Let Q 2

When all people were fighting around, I saw that the Golden Lion History was suddenly drunk, and whispered to himself: 'More and promised him ... _. There is anything to mention with me. _. ''


Seeing the reactions of the golden lion history of the stairs, he heard that he said in his own words, and all the flesh thieves around the flying aphid were inserted into _._.


It is said that the Golden Lion's History has some heads, and the flexible eyes are staring at the Kolason and Luo, who is in front of her eyes, 'I said that you have two little ghosts. I practice it ._. ''

'Then you have to do a sense of death.

Practice ?? Don't I have to give us the letter to the Golden Lion's letter, this is this ??

Listening to the words of the golden lion in front of the stairs, Korasson and Luo Wei greeted their eyes, and I want to speak.

At this time, the Golden Lion Sikky, sitting on the top of the step, suddenly condensed.


The huge explosion roar sounds.

It seems that dozens of huge steel shells are slowly hit together, and Korasson and Luo only feel that the entire ground under his feet has been shaken.

'What happened?!"

Feel this huge vibration on the whole island, the Golden Lion's History's fierce face revealed an angry expression.

'History "._. History adult _._ is, Baoren, Thara !!"

With the question of the Golden Lion History, at this time, a hundred pirates from the Hall of the Hall, rushed in, with a shocking wound, bloody sprinkled all the way on the stone brick floor.

Two hundred beasts, Thara ?? "

Wen Jin Lion History is slightly stunned, and the dark face has a smile on the face. It is now the most fierce rival of the new world. ''

Alive is really quiet too long ...

In this large sea, some people have dared to provoke the majestic lions ...

With a cavity anger, I saw the Golden Lion History actually used the ability to fluttering fruit, and directly snorted the ceiling of the main hall. The whole person flew out.

The movement of the Golden Lion History, the pirates of the flying hundred pirates in the main hall are all emerging outside, and the Kolason and Roos are suspended. It also followed.

'Hahaha ...,'

The laughter of the crazy AS resounded through the entire island, and only the surrounding of all the flying pirates on the island, a huge strong figure like an ancient huge behemoth, constantly The pirate swept out.

"The legendary sea thief gold lion is it. ... Laozi Zhe is your flying a fleet !!"

Dosing and crazy voice sounded, I saw a tall and burly man, on the head and shoulders with black hair, staying with long beard and a pair of monster, the left hand arm is covered with a shocking scales Keep the fleet of the femoral fleet.

Whether it is a sword or a fire. Even armed colors. There are countless attacks around the pirates in the fleet of the fleet. It is even if it is afraid of a little marks!

This is more worse than the strongest beast, is the captain of the beast, which is one of the world's strongest creatures, and the world's strongest creatures. One of the four emperors of the new world (Wang Zhao). Beasts.

'Lianghahaha ... said that now is described in the world's strongest creature, Thaedo ?! "

The voice of Zhang is raging from the sky. I saw the Golden Lion Sistory broke out from the main hall of the island, and she took the bottom of the earth. Thane was slaughtered in the fleet of the fleet, and suddenly The anger almost ignited his eyebrows!

'When you are in Laozi and Roger Edward, they are just in the sea ... You haven't learned to walk !! ".

Actually dare to attack the fleet of Laozi ..., '

In the entire big sea, the golden lion is not the oil-free lamp, and there is still someone in the province to take the initiative to take his own milder. I don't say it immediately.

Chapter 102 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 102 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 102 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Today, teach you how to respect the predecessors! Poisonous snake !!"

I saw the Golden Lion Schiki, which was angered, and his hand, the earth, the soil of the island was fluttering, and the huge lion was quickly attacked to Kamada.

"Hahahaha. ... get good !!"

On the sea, every day, because of the boring and committed suicide, I saw the front Golden lion siki, a pair of murderous beasts, and the gods were suddenly exploded.

The whole body is very strong, and it suddenly tightly tightened, and it didn't flash the soil lion head crazy from the front of the front Golden lion.

As if the comet collisions generally sound.

Under all people, the two of the beasts and Golden lion siki each represent the big sea thief in the new era of the sea, and the two on the sea make all the falsis.

The bad giant, I am shocked together!

Time I don't know how long it has been.

Among this entire new world's largest archipelago.

!! Boom! Boom!

Once again, the collision of the sea was continuously passed, and the big island was 607-, in addition to the pirates of countless fleet fleet, there is a hundred beasts, which is not far from the sea.

And the two guys who have come to the beginning of Colaon and Luo.

Everyone is dead, and even the atmosphere dares out.

Looking at the whole of the whole, there were countless huge sea prince invading the general islands, and the eyes of their own eyes were paying attention to the world's new era and the legendary battle between the old age.

Just when everyone's attention is attracted by this shocking war.

A luxurious champagne boat slowly passed through the big archipelago, there was no banner of the pirate, and there was no equipment for the shell, as if it was only a luxury passenger train from the sea.

"What happened here ... less

Some slightly furious sounds, only on the deck of the brakes and Robin, the bright gaze of the flash is penetrating in front of the islands in front of the islands in front of the islands.

In the event of a battle.

"The Golden Lion's site is also ((CEDB) people dare to provoke ... Who is it?

"Golden Lion Uncle ... less

I heard the soft rhyme of the blunt, Robin Qing cold wise eyes flawd the gods of surprising, and the brain of the mind suddenly appeared in the golden lion history, "said me."

They haven't seen him for a long time ... less

"I can't think of the big rival of the golden lion, and some people dare to bully ... less

Robin has a sighful voice sounded. Her head is really imagined, except for the moment to now, who will have the courage to take the trick of the lion.

"There is nothing in this big sea: factory

After listening to Robin around Robin, I waited and shook my head. It seems that I am only a little girl. "

"Especially in this old age and new era alternating time. ... All successful people are all on the corpse of the previous person ... less

Just between the moment and Robin talking between, the luxury champagne boat under the foot is slowly walking on the sea, gradually moving towards the huge islands in the middle femoral fleet.

The Central Battlefield in the Islands.

"Call ... call ... this guy is really human?

Holding 'dry wood "Sakura, these two big fast knife twenty-one workers level, such a long battle, there is a slight cold between the Golden Lion Schiki, the fierce eyes are surprised to look at themselves

At that, it seems that there seems to be no damaged, "" There is no wound that is a little scar .... It is a humanoid and beast.

"Like this degree of flesh body. ... I only have seen it in that kid ... Less think of this, the Golden Lion's sputum can not help but flash the figure.

"This old guy ... less

I saw that Kamo's entire burly and strong body, dark armed color V gas covered, although there was no scar in the battle with the Golden Lion, but the Golden lion siki is a strong sword.

The ability to fight against the sky is also a big trouble, "It seems that it is more tough than the imagination ... less

"It is possible with the pirates, Luo Jie and the white beard, the old piceon. ... Sure enough, I am disappointed ... less

A pair of mixed wild beasts are gentle and dead, they are dead, and the big mouth under the eyes of Thara's paint has been open to the ear. "But this extent does not say kill.

I am ... I will not be able to do it !! "

"In this boring world. ... There is no thing to kill me at all !!"

"Hey ... Just a big saying .... Seeing Kaido in front of him, he likes the general rhetoric, the Golden lion siki is full of disdainful expressions, just wants to open the mouth, but suddenly surprised

I widened my own eyes, "brake. ... ... less

"Really ... less

Just at this time. A strange voice suddenly sounded behind Thara.


I heard this abrupt voice came from myself, and Thaedo's face was slightly wrong. The whole bureaucratic body that covered with dark armed yellow V is could not help but immediately responded.

It is an elbow.

Suddenly, the star felt average sound broke out, and Madox only felt that he had a pain in the moon.

A fist wrapped with dark armed colored A gas burned a hot flame in the air, and she bombarded her body with a steel casting.

In the shocked eyes of everyone on the entire , I saw that the original, the ancient beast is generally unable to die. The whole huge burly body is like a full-strength shell, instant

Inside the main hall of the island center.

At the position of the original Thara, he made a long-lasting figure, and the black coat coat was fluttering on the wind.

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