Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 351 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 103 The world's strongest creature (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 103 The world's strongest creature (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 103 The world's strongest creature (seeking rewards and automatic)


The original and Hamada who fights himself suddenly appeared in front of the moment, the Golden lion is not surprised.

"I haven't seen it for a long time ... Golden lion:.

After flew out the whole figure, a burly Kamo flew out, looked at the face of the golden lion history of the Golden Lion, and a little laughed. "You seem to have some wolf.

"Is it over by the vendor from the sea?"

"Fart! Even if you don't pick up, I will pick him up !!"

I heard the words of the moment and my face like a smile, the Golden lion Stiqueburden beer, "We haven't seen it for so long, you have not good words in your little child!"

Since the big and stubborn, it seems that all the pirates of the world are in the world. Even the legend of the Golden Lion and White Beat is not avoided, see the appearance of the front Golden lion a versatile dry cloud

I can't help but feel a funny.

"But the words come back. ... The guy's body is unbelievable. ... less

The short-lived cold in front of the eyes, the Golden lion siki is a little dignified, and the hall being smashed into a ruin. In the case of the moment, "although it is not more than you."

The boy skin is thick. ... But I am fighting with him for so long, even if the armed colored domineering on him is not broken ... I am like a child ... less

I heard the goodness of the golden lion in front of the golden lion, and the moment is in the moment.

'Baoren, Thaedo is called the Sail and Empty' World's strongest creature, the original middle world thinks that it is necessary to argue to pick a single, the first, not in advance, in the new world, the big sea, he is alone in the moonlight · Molley Subjob

One hundred pirates, killing all parts of the Moliaceti boat.

Even Thaedo has experienced 7 times, and the original patriarch was taken 18 times when challenge the Navy and other four emperors, and it was also protected by more than a thousand times.

It was sentenced to 40 death penalty, even if it was applied, it will drag the lock chain, even if it was deprecated, it can smash the knife, even if the rifle is poked, it ends with a long gun. by him

The huge prison ship of sinking is more than nine, and some people have never killed him.

It is because this strong is from the ultimate body power. The original riota is jumped from more than 10,000 meters high empty island. After falling, it is not damaged, and it can be seen the strongest creature of the world.

The name is not empty.

"But I am coming today ...

How many strong moments in Kamada are not worried. He will come over to find a golden lion today, it is in order to discuss with him, "is to find you ... less

Bang !!!

At this time, the main hall of the islands in the center of the island collapsed into a ruin.

I saw that Thaedo had a frenzy situation and raised his hand and fly around all the broken walls, and the tall and burly figure came out from them.

Eternal, moment ... less

It's like a spoon, which is a lot of dreams, usually spit out from Thara's mouth. I saw that Kamado a pair of crazy tyrannical eyes deadly locked the distant moment, "now every corner of the whole world

In the name of your name ... less

"I have always been very curious. How can someone be called 'eternal, then ridiculous ... less

I saw that Kaido Kairo's body is still dark armed color A gas coverage, and the left arm covers the scales like Qilin, and after a box of armed colored A, it is hit.

However, there is no injury, "I finally visited you today ... less

"The legendary pirate gold lion .... There is also the world's strongest battle 'eternal, moment:.

Full of wild crazy double staring at the moment and Golden lion siki, Kaido mad smile, there is a stronger and wild breath, "Hahahaha. ... It's too interesting." Hahahaha. ... In

"Today, I will never be too boring !!"

I saw that the ground under Thara's foot suddenly flew, and the voice was also scattered in the air. His whole person had already in the entire body of the whole body armed Z gas, in an instant, in front of the flash of the Golden Lion.

... seeking flowers ...

So fast!!

Everyone, even the Golden Lion History, but only feels that you are in front of you. Thaedo has across the middle distance from the distance, and it appears in front of them in front of them.

Suddenly, a boxing broke out, I saw the violent violent fist in Tharace, which formed a big air vortex in the air, and all the moment of his eyes and Golden lion.

Into the attack target.

"Good speed ... less

In the face of Kamado, this is a strong punch, the smart voice sounded, the blue-blue bun is flashing, obviously different from others, and the speed of the explosive at this moment did not escape the moment.

Capture insight of the transfusion eye.

Armed colored A gas · two paragraphs!!!

A colorful armed colored A gas covered with the body of the body, the reason why did not choose to cover the whole body, because it would not think that someone in this world can hurt him.


This is a kind of strongest creature than 'hundred beasts, Caido, more complete confidence ...

Dosing, the voice of the thunder sounded, in Cairdo because of the surprise and widened eyes, he born the air to the air to attack, and it was even easily connected to a palm of the palm.

Bang !!

The invisible gas is like a cleavage, and all the air around it is as if it hits the wave.

"Some people in the world can use this way to pick up my fist?"

Some stunned look at the moment in front of him, and Mado originally horrible, like the face of the ancient beast, this moment, because it is too surprised, there is a sleek.

"Hey. ... The force is also very strong ... less

The flash is located in the palm of the two paragraphs of the armed colored A. It seems that Mado's violent punches, did not collapse under the foot, and there is a good voice like a full voice.

(Ask for a monthly ticket and flowers, (- J-3 -) - J),

Chapter 104 of the injured Thaed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 104 of the injured Thaed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 104 of the injured Thaed (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Less to me, I have to forget !!"

After your violent punch was laminated, I was very calm. The flashy expression and the words of the clouds and the words were ignited. Ignited Thae's Gengqi.

The air around the low score is a ranking. It is just like a general Thara, and it is suddenly increasing the power in his hand.

"Is it strong to strike hard?

Feeling from the hometown of Hamada, it seems to be a huge force in the horses, and the mouth of the mouth is actually excited, because this is what his favorite combat method ...

The whole land is blown out, I saw the right leg of the unpacking color V gas, like a rapid rummer, in the surrounding Thael and the Golden Lion History, there is no "six seven three" to react, there is already

The stroke of steel casting suddenly slammed the head of Kamado in front of his eyes, and he broke him into the earth under the foot.

"Hello. ... I said the small child. ... Thaed is my opponent !!"

I saw a huge pocket on the ground, and the Golden lion Stique was dissatisfied with the legend of Roger, and his self-esteem and proud of his self-esteem.

It is possible to allow him to intervene his battle.

"Don't talk nonsense, Golden lion .... After the end of this battle, I still have a business and talk to you ... less

After a kick, after the ground of Thaeda into the foot, the moment directly interrupted the bunch of the golden lion history, and the blue eyes glared in the sea. The hundred beasts parked on the sea.

It seems that 'Baomeo, and Thara did as the one mentioned in the original, it is a single-croping man, although there are many hands and huge power, but every time I like my own alone.

Since one person challenges the Navy's part and other four emperors, so there are many failed. ...

"Faster this battle?! Hahaha Harmony !!"

The crazy violent sound came out from the huge pits under the foot, and the left eye ZHANG Guanghua flashed, the eyebrows were slightly picked, and the first time captured the upcoming attack.

Hundred beast bite!!

I saw that Kamada, which was in the foot of the earth, took advantage of the W gap of the Golden Lion siki, and instantly seized the opportunity from the huge pit in front of her eyes.

A whole thick left arm is under the package of dark armed colored A, hitting the moment in front of the moment, and the paint black armed color V is actually changing the various forms of wild beasts.

The roaring is biting and biting.

This is the 'Baoren, Thamedo's most assault.

"Is it a fruit power? ... or ... less

The blue eyes of the flash look at Mado in front of the eyes, and found that his body is full of life energy and body machine can be fully super-human, and the world is estimated to be outside the world. In addition to ourselves, there should be no already

Having human body can compete with Thaedo.

"Hey! Your kid is serious. A !!"

It seems to feel that there are some gods in the sky, and the Golden Lion History of the side is a bit worried.

Eighty god air hit !!!

However, there is a moment that has a more advanced ability than the good A gas, and it has already been brewed to the ultimate power.

All the air between the whole space between the moment and Thaeda was excluded, and there were countless vacuum fists between tangible and invisible.

Every trick in the moment is like a fist of the king of heaven. In an instant, a punch of the beast hit in front of Madomer.

As if the sound of the whole sea is ringing, the Golden Lion's History has a glimpse of his own eyes and looks at the moment in an instant, and there are countless huge vacuum fists, and the time does not turn it.

Many people have grown into the ground, and it turns on the entire huge island.

"I almost forgot. ... compared to 'Baoren, Thara ...

I looked at the bottomless pit that was hit in front of myself, and even faintly had a sea water from the island that was smashed. The Golden lion siki is a bit of difficult swallowing, he has

It is unable to determine that Thaedo is born is dead. "The kid is even more like human ... less

"Island. ... island has been done ... less

It feels that the entire earth under the feet is shaking, and all the pirates around the feet are shocked to watch the huge islands in front of the whole being smashed in front of them ...

"I haven't ended yet ... less

After one hit Thaedo and the entire island in front of him, the blue eyes were stunned, and the horizon's sputum, and the vision of God can make him very clearly see Thaed.

"This is ... less

It seems that I have never seen the scene, and I have a little surprised to raise my own swordsters, and my mouth muttered.

It seems to be in the words of the moment, the bottom of the bottom of the feet is screaming, and a huge figure is electron.

I saw that Masedada had a burly and strong body, and it seems that the sound of the unicorn is like a scaner of Kirin covers him half a body. The whole person presents a half-class form.

"I hurt ... less

I saw that I entered the unicorn. Half and the half-east form, blood came out from the mouth of the mouth, and the dark armed color Z gas was completely pulverized, and the non-human face was unable to believe.

Color, "I am hurt ?!"

If there is no 3.3, it is no injury to it.

"It seems that it is a guy who swells yourself because of strength ... less

Looking at the front half of the past half a beast, the expression that can't believe it, the unscrupulous smile laugh, quietly spread the arm of his hands.

There are countless dark airflows around the body, gradually and the armed colored A gas on the body, and the strong power will fly around all the objects around, rolled up the dust and ashes.

Baomeo, Thaedo. ... Let me tell you:.

"You will not be injured ... less