Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 352 of the Crash System

"And you will die ...

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Chapter 105 Dreams and Wildout (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 105 Dreams and Wildout (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 105 Dreams and Wildout (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Let me tell you Cairdo ... less

"You will not only be injured ... and will die: households

I heard the discourse that the moment, as if it is just a simple fact.

I don't know why, Kamado, who has entered an animal, demon, the awakening state, just like being poured from the head to the foot, cold and heart.

"Do you kill me?

I saw the top half of the past half of the house, and the cruelty of the murderous beasts, and the cruelty of the cruelty, the color of the cruelty, staring at the moment in front of him, 'The world really can

Do you kill me?

In the face of Thara's ignorance, the moment is silent and shook his head, he chose to speak with the truth!

In everyone's gaze, the flash is gently built, and all the air around them will continue to boil. The body around the body is crazy around the black airflow crazy, and the dark armed color A is mutually


Anti-eyes have formed a dark 24-story last day, and the breath with all the breaths of all, and the strong gentle will fly around all the objects around.

Roll up the dust and ashes.

"what is this?!"

There have been no responding, and Thara, who had just happened, entering the devil fruit awakening state, suddenly saw the moment, the whole body was covered by a dark, the end of the day, the fierce and harmful

In the eyes, the pupil suddenly contracted, and the face of the murderous beasts could not help but blindly on a layer of different colors. Here, the heart began to have a strong crisis.

"Black Dragon ... Is it militant V angry ?!"

I saw the lacquer black last day of the lacquer, and the consciousness of Kaido thought of armed color V. "But how can the armed color 0 gas meet this form?"

"What is this ?! This kid ... less

The endless air flow that was in an instant was constantly pushed away. At this time, the golden lion history is also filled with a sharp color. The power of the moment is that he has never seen it!

"Feel the breath of death. ... Thaed ... less

The whole huge paint black last day is like a weapon. The whole body is covered. The blue double-pointer has locked the half-beast in front of him. The corner of the mouth raised a hidden smile.


Time will not stay because of the thinking of Hamare and Golden Lion, the sound of the flash is not conveyed to their ear, and I saw that all the air around the moment suddenly blown, the whole personnel made a

The end of the day, the end of the dragon, spanning the spatial distance between the two people.

"What is this speed ?!"

Kahake has a large eyes of his eyes.

Kaido was very obvious, and I have already appeared in front of my eyes, and I just wanted to struggle to get out, but I found out the speed of the whole space and light around himself.

The strength is distorted, 'The whole space and light. ... It's twisted ... less

In the face of this lacquer, the endless dragon, the first time, the first time, a mood called death suddenly spread in Thara's pupil

As if the voice of thousands of bombs, the sound of detonating, and the lacquer, the lacquer, the end of the paint, the destruction of all the power, and the moment of entering the devil fruit awakening status in front of him.

Body, directly swallowing him through.

Rumbler ...

There are countless vibration-deafening sounds. The great land of the huge islands in the entire femoral fleet station began to collapse.

Originally, it was burned to eighty gods to blow the entire dressed island that has been completely overwhelmed. All the thieves on the whole island began to fight.

"Don't escape !!"

I can't come to the instant body of the moment, I saw the countless pirates under my hand, and the Golden Lion Sistory, floating in the air, suddenly wared.

I saw the huge island of the entire collapse of the feet, and all the pirates were floated in the capacity of the Golden Lion's History Foundation, and the scene of the whole land under the feet formed a pair.

Strange picture.

Look at Thara, I was in the end of the moment, and I suddenly wore all of this large sea of ​​all countless floating islands, and the dust fog fluttering, shrouded the entire large archipe.

"As so much of sandbags .... I haven't met for a long time ... less

Quietly float in the half space, the blue eyes are overwhelmed by the whole piece of the whole piece, and it feels very satisfied with the effects of armed colors to integrate into their own body.

"Do this:.

At this time, the golden lion history of the air is not drifting, and the mouth is sighing, and the whole piece of the whole piece is smashed. "I said that your kid is too exaggerated ... less

W3 Golden Lion: Factory

There was no discourse that the Golden Lion History said, suddenly made a sudden problem. 'Port You still remember that you have wanted to dominate the world's dreams. ...

"Said A World:. Factory

I heard the sudden question of the moment, the Golden lion siki smashed, Roger, Aite Walhai War, seems to have a problem in the moment, and it hooked all his memories.

Once he wanted to join hands with the One Piece, he was arrested by Roger after he was angry.

Walhai War, the Roger, which was originally poor, was saved by a sudden storm, and his fleet of his flying pirates was mostly into the sea.

It seems that with the unprecedented defeat, he Golden Lion Schiki once dominated the world's ambition and the ambition to be a sudden storm into the boundless submarine.

"Do you believe that I can call 0 world ... less

The blue-blue eyes were glaring around the Golden Lion Sisserry, and the moment, as if judged from his face.

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Chapter 106 conquers the world's little things (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 106 conquers the world's little things (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Weigh 0 World ... Adventure is your words ...

I heard the question of the Puba, and the Golden Lion History somewhat looked at the moment of herself, staring at his swearing flawless face.

I believe you can. ...

"Since this ...

I saw the Golden Lion Schill's Schimmide next to himself, and the moment wearing his heart, the mouth smiled, "Golden lion played with me a game called conquering the world!"

"Conquer the game of the world ?!"

I heard the sudden words of the moment, the Golden lion siki is huddle, lifting the eyes, from the moment, the sky is like a star empty, and he sees only the vertical spleen late late.


"I want to create an unprecedented empire. ... Accomponed all the hundred pirates on the sea, the bounty hunter, even the Navy has a revolutionary army. ... put all the countries in the world are honored into my

Made in the layout ... Thoroughly master this world ...

Quietly floating in the sky, the moment said that the idea of ​​his heart is the final task he is based on the system: the plan to dominate the current world.

After all, this world is too large, boundless sea area countless islands and uncomfortable land, if there is no your own forces and army, you should not fully control the world.

"So. ... I will build a base ...

Slightly misappropriately brewing, the moment will continue to put the idea of ​​his heart and the Golden lion siki, 'and you. ... Golden lion, you will help me train all the undervested and soldiers. ... help me

Create a military commander: household

"Amount. ... have you listening to me?"? "

After all the ideas and intentions in your heart, the moment seems to find that the atmosphere around him is somewhat stunning, can't help but look back to the golden lion history of the side.

The Golden Lion Siki, who only see, can't say the weird look, watching your eyes, like a madman, a completely tail madman

"Cough. ... that one. ... ...

It seems that the sharp eyes of the moment have stab their cheeks. The Golden Lion History finally responded to some embarrassing and cough, replaced a face, "I don't say you this idea and

Plan feasibility. ...

"Empire ... Do you think the Navy and the World Government will allow such forces to appear in this world ?!"

The Golden Lion History is looking at the moment. It seems like it is like seeing an original future of young people embarked on a non-returning road. Some painful Chen Lizhen is generally said, "retreat one

Wanteen steps. ... The Navy and the World Government are suppressed by us ...

"As you said ... Implement the huge plan ... So where is our base?"

"No. ... I don't agree with you ...

Listening to all the statement of the Golden Lion History, I understand that what he is talking is also the words of the facts, but the moment is still silently shaking his head, "Navy and the World Government ...

I will solve it by me ...

"And about what you said. ... I said, I will build a ...


Just talking between the moment, at this time, he looked at the islands, a huge mountains on a island in the distance were bombed, accompanied by the roar of the sky, the huge figure


"What is the power?! ',

A pair of furious beasts included in the moment of fearful look, looked up at the moment of floating in the distance in the distance, Kaido almost strongly arrived into the ultimate flesh, and then entered the animal

The body of the devil fruit awakening state, even the moon is pulverized by the last day of the last day.

The shocking blood is like a water flow, and it is poured from him. If it is not his own super-human body, the power of the animal, the devil's fruit awakens, and plus

He reached the second phase of exquisite armed colored A, I believe it is just that I have been killed in an instant.

Revelling the last dragon that I just destroyed in the world, Mado finally tasted the taste of death threats, and the power of the moment finally made him understand that he was not


"'' Will die in a while ... this guy is absolutely killing my ability ... less

The frightened eyes were locked in the moment floating in the distance, and Mado found that it had never experienced a feeling of unaware of it.

"Hamare !!"

At this time, Kamado is afraid, this time, hundreds of hundred beasts around the island are around, which is the magic brought by his attacking gold lion fleet. hundred

Celebrity's fruitful power, is the powerful ace of his actions.

Originally, Thara intended to rely on his own strength to challenge the entire femoral fleet of the golden lion history, the old Times legend, the big rival, the name of the pirates, the name of the History, annexing his numbers

The huge fleet fleet has become the most favorable (Wangda) competitor in the new world's big sea upcoming four emperors.

But 'eternal, moment ...

Deeply looked at the moment on the sky, and the hateful spit out of the blood, "We withdraw !! ',

Thaedo's voice fell, I saw his huge bordering body, and I came to the hundredweed pirates of the 100th beast, and the whistling sea breeze made a unimaginable speed.

"That. ... ...

At this way, the Golden Lion's history next to the brakes has been taken from the old farmland, and there seems to be a little speech to remind the moment. Obviously he is still immersed.

The shock brought about by the crazy plan that I just said, '. Baomene, Thara guys fell ...