Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 353 of Hueding Cracks

Chapter 107, Artificial Planet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 107, Artificial Planet (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Nothing ... compares to my plan ... less

I heard the reminder of the golden lion history, the flash of the flash is secluded, and his gods have long been noticed to flee in Catering, "Beast," Kay

More is just a definitely heavy striker ... less

'The strongest creature of the world, the big hundred thief' beasts, is Thara just a passionate of an incooling?

I heard the Golden Lion's history of the Golden Lion, the sorrow of the madness of the madness, and only you dare to say it. ...

"More ... he can't escape:.

I look at the huge islands on the far-faced sea, enter the sea, starting crazy fleeters, and the blue eyes of the blue are slightly smashed, and the inexplicable brilliance is.

No one can escape my eyes ... less

His eyes ...

I will follow the words of the moment, the Golden Lion History is lifted against his own eyes, and the heart is shocked. ...

"So ... or my plan is more important ... less

I didn't pay attention to the rupture of the hundred beasts, and the blue eyes were carefully got 120. This is the borderless huge archipelago, 'This island is the next half of the great route New World.

The largest archipelago in the world ... less

"And is also the important level of the four major seas in the first half of the New World and the great route ... less

At the moment, I have been carefully examined this boundless archipelago, and the corner of the mouth gradually raised. "Just as the best location for our organization base ... less


I heard the Golden Lion History of the words next to the moment, "Although it is indeed the largest islands in the new world sea. ... but there is sea water blocking between each island ... less

I saw that the Golden Lion's history did not finish, the next scene made him completely closed his mouth.

Rotogenic eye · Braz star !!!

There is only a shovel in the flash to the eye, and the eyes are crazy, and the palm is gently moving a dark sphere. It flew out from his palm.

"this is??"

The fierce eyes have a little unexpectedly, and the Golden lion siki frowned slightly. What is the dark ball?


As if you are shocked throughout the world.

I saw that the black spheres among the black spheres were traged, and the whole sea under the feet was shaking, and the whole buzz in the foot of the buzz was started to break into a giant.

The big rocks have risen in the sky.

"what is that?!!"

All the pirates floating in the air under the fluttering fruit capabilities of Golden lion siki, all the eyes stagnant stared at the feet, all the islands all the islands were pulled, all Pang

The big islands have gradually fly on the sky, and the sea water is like a waterfall to pour.

* "The little child. ... What did you do ?!"

Feeling the surrounding air is constantly shaking, a huge inert gravity is rising in the sky under the continuous traction of the whole island, the Golden Lion Sistory is a horror looking up looking up

That is the growing planet.

Is it a planet with your own strength??

"That is the power of God !!"

At this moment, all the pirates floating in the air can't help but attract the huge planets in the head of the sky, as if everyone is taken away, and there is no breathing between them.


There is no more vast power than nature, no one does not feel that I am a small (CEBA).

"Whole islands ... less

"I am not seen ?!"

Everyone only feels the light of the sky, a planet that is enough to cover the sky is formed in the sky of their head.

Look down and look at the sea at the feet, I saw the original, the largest island, the biggest islands in the new world, which was completely upheated under the vast power of the moment.


"You. ... you put all the islands of the whole group.

Looking up at the huge giant planet among the sky, the expression on the Golden Lion's History's face can not imagine what all the legendary sea is going to have experienced all the sea.

Thieves, there will be surprised to talk to the day of the day. "Both made a planet ...

"Okay, come ...

Finally, all the islands of the entire boundless archipeside were traged to the air 0 synthesis huge planets, and the moment was satisfied with their own masterpieces, "My Wates and our future

According to the ground ... it is formed! "


"Ah, ah ... less

Suddenly, everyone who was originally floated in the air screamed.

Everyone only felt a huge vigorous gravity, pulling his body quickly sucked toward the huge planet in the sky.

It seems that if you have any questions you have said in an instant, all people are absorbed on the planet by the powerful gravity of this placestock.

"We. ... Is it on another planet ... less

And all the pirates were taken to the huge planet among the sky, the expression on the face of the two people on the sky is like a dream, and it is incredible to watch the surroundings.


Especially in Korasson and Luo's line of sight, they looked up, seeing is not normal sky, but it should be stepping on the foot of the sea.

For those who stand in the sky, the whole world is reversed.

What is the sky?

This is called the heavens and the earth!

"Kill", the kid, two you ...

Looking at all people were inhaled in the huge planet on the top sky. At this time, the Golden Lion Sist of That was obviously shocked to find a language.

Chapter 108 Shen Luo Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 108 Shen Luo Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

"As the future base ... should take a name for this star ... less

The blue-blue eyes stared in the sky in the sky. If I thought I thought, I was bare chin. "What is the good suggestion? Do you have any good suggestions?

I glanced at the Golden Lion Schiki, who he himself, found that he was still Zhang Dazhong's mouth, blasphemy, ignorant shaking his head, his own slightly, 'It is better to

Calling the god! "

There is an intangible empire in the world of death, and we have established a god Empire in the Pihydrate. ...

"The Aronte Emperor 'Emnant, I'm doing. ... I have seen it looks good ... less

A future hand covering the sky, the whole pirates are gradually formed in the heart, and the blue eyes of the flash cannot be blusted, as if a child has found his beloved toys.

Although all this is forced to complete the system's mission, experience this feeling of creating an unprecedented empire is also very fresh.

"Arono Empire ... Is this the name of the future organizational ... Leaves the name of the name of the name, the golden lion history, which has been attached, has been shocked by the madness and power of the Schillers.


"So ... Golden Lion ... less

The Golden Lion Schiki, whoever himself, seems to have resumed the ability to talk, and the mouth can not help but look slightly, and the twist is looking at him. "You decide that there is no one to join me."

The plan helps me. ... or?? "

"What can I still say. ... I still have the rest of the place ... less

Wen Jin Lion History is slightly helpless, and I have seen this creation of this creation of God. He has begun to overthrow his questioning, and there seems

It has been seen that a huge income of the world's organizational empire rises in the future ...

More ...

Cooperate with God ... Is there any possibility of fail??


I used to call the dream of the cat world ... I will not be able to implement it in an instance ....

"Very good ... less

After getting the Golden Lion's skeleton, I nodded, and I looked up at the huge bounds of this huge star. "Then this 'Shen Luo' Planet ... Just as you help me source continuous training

And the manufacturing army's force factory ... less

Between the speech, the moment flew on the top of the top of the top of the head, and fell by all the piracy and frightened the eyes, slightly closed their own blue double-handed, lightly extended their own hands


Following the flash of the moment, the blind eye will surpass the extreme spiritual power, and everyone is shocked by everyone on the Shuo's Planet.

Palace, building, campus, training base, even in detail to a variety of precision equipment, all of the construction facilities are covered in the 'ganto' planet.

1 electric ... miraculous civilians. ... less

Dementia looked around the entire planet, the entire planet, the architecture and facilities that appeared in the air, seeing this gods of this gods, everyone has shocked, even

A lot of pirates have been completely identified in the bottom of the moment, "" "" "" "

"Golden lion two next, I will collect some excellent talents to send to 'ganto', let you train processing ... less

Reaching out gently, kneading some painful heads, one-time use of exceeding the extreme spiritual power to create so many things, even in the brakes also feel a lot of consumption, 'I hope you take them

Training training into the strongest soldiers and elites of Shen Luo Empire:.

There are still more than ten years from the beginning of this pirate world plot, and the moment is completely sufficient time and energy to create an unprecedented unprecedented unprecedented empire to cover the entire world.

"Shen Luo Empire ... less

Stared to floating into his eyes, as if it seems like a great Creator's general moment, the Golden lion history base mouth silently whisper, "It seems that I have already thought about the future in your heart.

Trend plan ... less

...... Seeking flowers ...

"Well. ... Help the God of the Imperial Training and Manufacturing Strong Force and the military tasks will be handed over to me ... less

The Golden Lion Siki, which was originally attached to the miracle of the miracle, finally slammed that he had a bit of the eyes of the eyes back to the reality in front of him, and the face was hard to cover. "

This seems that the world you said is never an empty talk. A ... less

"Okay. ... here is handed to you ... less

It seems that there is no see the golden lion sister's complex eyes, the mouth of the mouth is slight, the mysterious light of the blue-blue, and I look at the direction of the hundred beasts, and Ma Juran launched.

"Help me look at Robin. I am going to find Camy, I'm going to play with them ... less

The sound of the moment floats in the air, the whole person is flashed, and suddenly dissipated in the air, leaving only the hormous majority in the sky and the fascinating Golden Lion Sisici.

Looking at the disappeared moment, 'Shen Luo' planet, the Kolason, who is around the countless thief, even if it is covered with oil, it can't cover the confused look. Creating and destroying the existence like this. ...