Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 354 of Hueding Crack System

Even if he informed the Navy's department to tell them the intention of the moment. ...

How can it be?

I am angry, the sea.

When all the veterans of the 100 beasts are out of the islands to enter the sea, Hamare, the demon fruit awakens, feel the pain comes, and feels yourself.

It's alive.

Moreover, the entire hundred beasts will quickly sail in the big sea, and the falsis on the boat will look forward to the time, and see that it is like a ghost.

"Say! What is it ?!"

At this time, a pirate member on the pirates of the beast was shocked when it shocked all the attention.

Chapter 109 is shocked (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 109 is shocked (seeking rewards and automatic)

"What is it ?!"

All the hundred pirates on the hundred pirates are looking forward to the long-term sea, the sky is rising in the sky, and the shocking between the sky can't say, 'group ... The Islands will disappear.



Seeing the reaction of the hundred pirates, Thara's violent face is slightly frowned, and it is obvious to look back, and the pupil can't help but suddenly, "That is. ... Star ... less

I saw it on the blue sea behind it. The huge islands they originally come completely disappeared. Instead, it is a huge planet among the sky, which is shrouded to the sea under the feet.

A huge shadow.

"What happened there ?!"

Some difficult to understand the "four or four zero", the whole disappeared island and the sky, the rising huge planet, and Mado's face is full of unpleasant looks.

Is that human power can be created?

At this time, the hidden pain came again later, it seems to let Thaow have once again remember the horror power that I just showed, and the lacquer, the lacquer, the endless dragon, lingering in his.

There is no matter how you are spent on your mind.

This time, with the fleet of the 100th beasts, the fleet of the golden lion, not only did not take any cheap, it is almost attractive, and I think of this moment of allegory face.

The look is mixed as if it can drip water.

"Han ... Baoren 100 ...

At this time, a unfamiliar sound is no longer a unique meaningful meaning.

I suddenly heard this road voice, I saw that Kamado's entire man was shocked, and a gloomy face became awkward, and some unbelievable will go back.

I saw that I didn't know when a slender figure was quietly floating on the sea front of the beast pirates. As the sea is fluttering, the white dress, a perfect jun show

Coconut expressions with a trainer.

Not the moment?

"Kill" ... less

It seems that the mouth is fed into a pound of poison, and Kaaredo has seen the moment before the ship, I saw the eyes of him, and it couldn't help but be covered with a layer of death. The color, tough

The opening spit out the name of the moment, "You actually catch up ... less

"Unless I want to let you go. ... Otherwise no one can escape my chasing ... less

It seems like a young smoke is generally floating in the front end of the hundred beasts, as the ship is going forward, the blue eyes look through the bullivane of the ship in front of the ship.

The fear of the hidden in the eyes of the eyes, and the moment gradually hookped his mouth. '. Beast, Thaedo. ... You don't have suicide to pursue death every day ... less

"Why is you afraid when you die?"

"Give him !!"

There is no too much nonsense, the sharp speech of the moment, as if to tear the fragile self-esteem in the inner heart, the heart of the inner heart, just like a hurt crazy sleepy beast

There are many hysterical, hysterically.

Boom! Boom! ...

With the orders from Tharma, all the hundred pirates around the beasts of the beasts have extended a strong artillery, countless huge shells seem to have a secret rain screen, and they are broken towards the moment.

Air strike.

"Bored trick ... less

The disdainful ridicule floats in the air, facing the countless strong shells, gently raised the long-lasting dragonfly, burning, the look on the face, I can't say ridicule.

As if time and space is fixed.

Tens of dozens of argile vessels, a rage, Thaedo, and rain curtains, the steel shells, and the flash of the wind, which formed a slight smoked.


Three days later.

A very exciting news sensationally the entire new world sea.

Of course, the first half of the great route also received the same news. One of the new world, the comet, the rise, the rise of the wind, two new Jin Dafa, 'red hair, Xiangks and' Baometrics, Mado, one

Since then, the world's biggest legendary "eternal, moment, the result is miserable!

'Red-haired, incense, the entire red-haired pirates are attached to the sea, and the "Baasto, the strongest creature of the sea, the world, and Caesare" is more tragic. One person from the new world

The sea has been killed in the first half of the great route, and all the crew members above the hundred beasts were pulled by a person, and the most promising the big sea thief Kayo, which was the most hopeful in the new world.

I, even life and death and whereabouts become a mystery ...

No one knows that this thing has passed, but everyone can determine that 'The most powerful battle of' 'is eternal, the name of this unlimited sea is already a no one.

What is the name that is capable of provoking.

Just when the storm swept in the moment shocks the whole world.

'Shenlu' planet.

A luxurious office. The moment is lying on the sofa behind the work desk. Enjoy the fruits and cuisine of the contrast of the Robin.

Until now, there is still 2.8 things that can be experienced. The original Chinese eagle eye is a kind of mentality of chasing the Cleck, the East Sea because of boring time.

It is only the difference between the two. The eagle eye hooded is the unknown Cleck thief group, and the moment to chase is the whole world's sea to give all people.

Looking into the window, 'Shen Luo' planet is on the training of the school, thousands of pirates are cultivating the fighting body and V, and the Golden lion is constantly moving.

Ruthless violimos, prescribe each drip potential on them.

"It seems that the Distance of the Aronte Empire. ... It is already a thing. ...

Chapter 110 Redemption of God's Rottery (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 110 Redemption of God's Rottery (ask for reward and automatic)

"It seems that the expansion of the god empire. ... It is already a thing that is already.

The sofa lying in the luxury office is hurting the Erlang legs, looking at the outside training of the campus, the rain is the golden lion history, ruthless whip, the training, the thousands of pirates, the moment of the blue

Flashing the wise ray.

"No matter how it looks. ... all feel a magical ... less

Standing next to the moment, fed the last fruit in his hand, Robin gently walked to the window, the cold and dark eyes looked at the outside of the world, and the mouth is in the mouth.

I can't help but be called "" Uncle. "You actually made a planet on the sea ... less

"I said Xiaobin ... less

I heard Robin's call to myself, I was a little helpless, and I couldn't help me. "This looks very old Yue ... less

Seeing Robin gradually grows in order to remember the beauty archaeologist in the ice, a somewhere, but for his own call, it still stays at the original in O'Jara.

At the stage of the little girl you encountered, every time I thought here, I can't help but feel some eggs.

"Because no matter how the world changes. ... You will always be the instant uncle I encountered in Ohara ... less

I saw that there was a helpless expression on my face. Robin, who was still looking back in front of the window, I couldn't help but smile, the smile of the city seems to make everything around, 'This is also my Hancu

Card is different. ... this is my own name for you ... less

Robin. ...

The original little girl. ... has grown up. ...

The blue eyes of the blue eyes smiled at the front of the front of the girl, and the delicateness of the cool breeze was a shame, and it couldn't help but produce a moment.

It's hard to be able to come back to the moment, and immediately spit myself.

When I met Robin, she was as big as Neon.

So this is not a rush of Loli to develop the game.

It seems that I have seen the shameless look of the scenery of the blue eyes, Robin is slightly red, and there is a little bit of beautiful and shame, but also has a good heart.


It seems that the uncle of the moment ...

Also like me. ...

Second "cough:."

Seeing Robin's pair of his own sight and shy low head. The moment of the reaction also found his taking the liberty, and there was a bit of dry cough.

I want to open the opening of a quiet and delicate atmosphere in the entire office. At this time, the mind suddenly came from the system's voice.

"I am sorry to disturb you at this moment. ... Dear host. ... less, why, the original ancient and unparalleled voice is under the moment.

"That .... Robin:.

After hearing the sound of the system, the moment of seeing the petite, Robin, still lifted his eyes, but he had no choice but to support her, 'mouth, I need to deal with ... Trouble, go out first ...


Finally, I finally saw that the relationship between the two people seems to be able to smash the screen, but he heard that the Basin suddenly opened himself, Robin originally bright double eyes, with lost

The face has come out of the office.

It turns out that all of this is my own passion. ... Robin that came out of the office tightly biting his lower lips, some self-compliance thought.

"There is something to say, there is a fart! Can you pick a time ?!"

After seeing Robin out, I immediately broke the system in my heart, "Lao Zi gave you sooner or later ... less

"Hey. ... The system is binding with the host your soul. ... is uninstalled ... less

After listening to the anger of the moment, the sound of the system is somewhat in the brain of the brain. "Today is mainly to notify the host, you have a good news ... less

"Good news ?? ', the moment I got my own brow, my heart was secretly speculated.

"Thriars Club now hold points half-price activities Supper, you don't plan to participate in it ?? ', system tell.

"Integral half-price activities? How to listen to an imperial online game ... Less hear the news that the system passed, and the heart is dark and vomiting.

"Don't care about those details. ... Host you still have so many points ... less

It is like a member of the salesman generally in the pocket of the pocket.'L does not plan to give this good opportunity to exchange a goddess look? "

"No interest ... I haven't heard the system's speech. I don't want to refuse to refuse. I have a powerful ability of the application. ... and open a third eye on the forehead in the pirates. Painting style

Too violated:.

"Don't do this, the host. ... Now, you will only need 99 points in the event of the event.