Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 355 of Hueding Crack System

The system is still not inappropriate. It is a demon. "Moreover, the system can help you combine the two gods to the eye, no need to open the third eye on the forehead.

I good ... less

"Help me combine the two Gods to the eye? This is not bad. ... less

After listening to the system, I couldn't help but reach it to my chin. Immediately (money is good) I got the system's tone. This kind of spoiled tone is what ghosts, 'But the words come back.

The system you learned from this evils ... less

"Hey ... how to host ... Do you want to use 99 points to exchange God's turn? ', The image of the system has changed in the brain in the brain.

"Oh ... anyway, there are hundreds of points in your hand ... less

If you think about it, I think of a lot about God's turn. I have a lot of ability, I have no excavation, and I'm more familiar to understand the ability. "Exchange !!"

"Okay, host. ', The system's words fall. The moment only feels all the hot, that is like the universe, the unrequent, endless

Chapter 111 Water Capital (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 111 Water Capital (ask for reward and automatic)

"this is…

After the system there is redeemed the end of the end of the world, the moment is gently moved to the front of the office.

It is still a long-haired long hair that is still a long hair in the black coat coat, and the whole person seems to be like a black sun.

The only one and the past is that the original perfect Junxiu's face is in addition to a ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG YANG.

At the same time, there is a flawless face of the moment, and it is put off a unique evil sense.

"The left eye is a right eye wheel back to look good look:.

After the line of sight gradually recovered from the mirror, he felt that he was in the eyes of his eyes, and the ignorance of it was almost very fast. At the moment, it immediately felt that it would like to be able to read it casually.

Create and destroy anything.

"And. ... God's reincarnation eyes, all the eyes and all perfectly blend together together,"

I feel finely of my own eyes in my eyes, and the moment is smashed into the ground. I crushed into a piece of fragment.

Renovation, God!!!

A burst of pounds spilled from the blind eye of the left eye of the moment, and I saw the vase that was originally smashed into the ground into the ground, just like the time of time, the ground

Some shards restore to restore a well-deficient vase.

Even the whole space next to the moment also produced time backflow. Restore recovery of the complete vase as if it was resembled by an invisible big hand to the table, so it has never happened.

"Hahahaha ... this way ... less

Feeling the infiniteness from himself, I can't help it with my light, my own light, and lazy, "dominate the difficulty of controlling this world.

And shrink. People. ... less

. ...

At this time, the office of the office was suddenly pushed in (Cecg).

Xu "that uncle ... you ... less

Listening to Robin in the office in the office, I suddenly ran in, but I saw a very different evil eyes in the door, and I was full of mistakes, "your eyes."

I saw the eyes of the original blue-blue deep eyes. Now the right eye has become a bloody monster eye, which is like a deep red magnificent gem, which is also dark nine hooks, and his blue blue

The left eye is reflected in Hui, Robin can't help but lose slightly.

"Don't care about these details ... less

Without igniting Robin, Robin is a strange look, and the mouth is slightly, and suddenly, I took the slim hand of Robin. 'It is too bored here. ... accompany me to the big sea to walk ... less

"Ah ... less

A shocking sound spread throughout the office building on the 'Shen Luo' planet, I saw Robin, I didn't have time to react, I feel my knees in the knee, and I actually was blocked by myself.

Fly from the window of the office.

"Golden Lion! Let you be given here! I am going to the sea with Robin !!"

I saw Robin in my arms, flew over the big training and campus of the feet, glanced over the training of the fire in the world, whipped the golden lion of countless pirate soldiers, and looked with him

The awareness.

"Want to have a sea ... less

I heard the voice of the flash of the brakes, I saw the figure of the moment, I fleached from the sky, and the dark face couldn't help but emerge, "this stinky boy. ... I am

Here, the army training of the Arono Empire ... He took Robin to travel in the sea:.

Suddenly the Golden Lion Schihi's heart couldn't help but produce a feeling of being sold, noted that there were countless pirates around the training in the campus. The whole person immediately came to

Only the violent lion roar, "What do you see?! Do you have to practice?! Armed color A is awakened ?! Today's cultivation is extended !!"

"Scorpio !!"

All pirate soldiers suffered from innocent disasters suddenly called bitter days, and continued to bury their hell cultivation.

I was attached to my own arms, flew into Robin on the big blue sea on the 'Shen Luo' planet, and I felt that I was close to my close, I couldn't help but happen.

The eyes of your own eyes, unsatisfactory, put their pretty faces in the flash of the vast Mennun in the moment, and a heart is like a deer.

The capital of the water, also known as the sediment of water.

It is located in the first half of the great navigation, as if it is a bright pearl being embedded in the boundless sea.

At this time, the water of the water is outside the city, a sea train is slowly entered into the island of water.

Xu "that uncle ... is so beautiful!"

Robin's amazing voice sounded, I saw Robin Bai Zhe's forehead wearing a ballast girl, as an aristocratic girl who was traveling, and the moment was sitting in this sea train.

"Yeah ... very beautiful ... less

Looking at this beautiful city outside the window, the moment is soft, can't help but remember the water city in the past, in addition to the common black coat jacket, moment, moment

I still wore a black gentleman's cap.

If it is not a pair of colors to introduce a bad mysterious magnificent, at this time, it seems that it seems to be only a Junmei Youth of the Kingdom of the World Government.

"The most evil battle in history. ... ancient weapons

Stay in the beautiful city of the richest car window. A pair of different colors flashed the mysterious light of the unspeakable.

The design drawings of ancient weapons. ...

It is that his trip came to the water in addition to true purposes other than Robin Tour. ...

Chapter 112 CP9 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 112 CP9 (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Is it sure it is him ?!"

When I was laughing in the car and Robin sat in the car in the sea train, a few surprised eyes were secretly peeking with two of the other end of the carriage.

"Nonsense! His photo is placed at the top of the reward list, isn't I miss ?!"

I saw a whip behind a head, and a young man with a big uncle deliberately smashed his voice and other six companions around him. 'The girl around him was.

Reward of 100 million Bailee's demon, Nicole Rob ... less

"Really he !?"

After confirming the identity of the moment and Robin, another nose as if the puppet is generally slender, the young boy is full of color, it seems that I am afraid that I have discovered that the sound is low, I will listen.

No, "How can the horrible man come to the water? ... then our task ... less

"Car Lak. .... Gabla .... You two give me a mouth!"

At this time, another young people wearing black suit stopped their two conversations. I saw him a black mid-to-face hair, and her face had a faceless dullness, as if this world

There is no world in the world to make him move, stand on the shoulders.

The most interesting thing is that this pigeon is like him, wearing the same jacket, with the same bow tie.

"Luqi said yes ... No matter how ...

One looks last year seems to be a small glasses of Glasses in Bobin, I have interrupted the discussion of several other companions, although the age is not big, but the girl's face of this color is a kind of ice.

The mountains are generally indifferent, 'The purpose of our own is to come to the water. ... just need to complete our own task ... less

"Carlyfa:. Households to see the words of the iceberg girl. At this time, a fashioned fat man is coming to talk.

"Shut up ... You are sexual harassment!" As if the conditions reflex, heard the companion called her name, I saw the iceberg girl condition reflexed out.

"But ... but I just called your name ... After being lowered by the iceberg girl, the round fat man is particularly wronged.

Just when this group of universally old teenagers were discussed at the other end of the car, they did not know that they had already noticed them early.

"The World Government directly under the secret spy newspaper. ... CP9 ... less

The moment is still sitting around Robin, but there is no back, but the other seven people of the car do not escape his left eye to the eyes and the two paragraphs of the gods.

"Weird. ... How can they come to the water so early?

From the other end of the CP9 seven groups of the car, I recognized their identity at a glance. "Is it a few butterfly effect I triggered?

Between the moment and Robin's talks, the sea train quickly arrived in the water.

At the moment, I walked down the sea train with Robin, and I took out the rich emperor of the water, a pair of blue blood red colors, and the back of the CP9 seven groups was thinking.

The water is a beautiful city, a beautiful city famous, or a shipyard for the World Government Royal.

The world's world's world is known, even the Navy's department launched the ten-ranted top warships sent by the Tun Maguha, which was created here.

At this time, there is a dock in the dock in the water.

"I have said and you have many times! Spandam! That thing I won't give you !!"

Angry roaring sounds through the entire dock, only one must be sent, fat and robust, the long-headed fish of the long-standing fisherman glared at a group of people wearing a suit uniform.

The old man is the world's first marshall, Franche and Master of the Iceberg. At the beginning, the pirates of the pirates were from the Baoli Boat, the hundred pirates, a Baohu 'Adam', is from him.


" ...

I saw a group of suits the world government spy newspapers, a purple hair man with a trainer smile, looking at this steady world's first ship Master Tom, opening

The threat said: 'You have to clear it. ... Tom Master ... less

... seeking flowers ...

"The light is a charge for the pirates of the pirates.

"You this bastard!"

At this time, I was angry when I was standing behind Tom, but I was pulled by my iceberg around him. "The old man made a sea train! Make a hundred pirates for the One Piece

This crime has long been offset! "

"No, no ... it's a pity ... less

I saw this purple man known as Spandaham. It was a strictty that was protected by a group of hands around, and there was a tired smile on his face. "In addition to making a hundred pirates in the Piece.

Outside. ... there is another charge ... less

"Franci ... Your battleship attacks our ship's boat ... less

The win coupon revealed the smile on the Stendam's face, and continued to stress the Tom Iceberg and the Franchens and the three people in front of the eyes, "So ... with my world government directly affiliated with CP5, Schanda

Name ...