Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 356 of Hueding Crack System

"But ... that is clearly you:. The factory heard the Spandaim of you will order the crime for Tom, and Franci is anxious to justify.

"It's enough! Don't say Franci! ', The Old Tom Tom directly stops the Franchi around him, and some helpless sigh.

Since I learned that he has the design drawings of the ancient weapon by the World Government, I started using various ways to get the same thing, even I can't hesitate to fall into him and two disciples.

"If you make the credit of the sea train to offset a crime. ... just offset France's crime of attacking the judicial ship ...

In order to protect your disciples, Franci, the honey fisherman old Tom is deciduous: "I went to Justice Island ..."

Chapter 113 Pluto Design Drawings (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 113 Pluto Design Drawings (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Old man !!"

I heard the hornmore old man Tom Signfran assumed the crime, and the Franci and Iceberg beside it were anxious.

"Don't say a Franci: less

Reaching out of his two disciples, the old man old Tom opened to them two last lessons, 'No matter what kind of ship, there is no good evil, and what kind of ships you have made in the future

There is no relationship. ... Even if it destroys the world, it is possible to care for it, you can't give it, you can't blame it. ... Men's Han is to face the ship from himself! "

"Moreover. ... this guy is to get the same thing ... less

After the last words, the Old Tom, who is the most disgusted, and the Spandaham, "One Four Seventy". "No matter how to find a way to find out my crime ... less

"Hey. ... ... less

When you saw your own rape, Spandar's face couldn't help but show a lot of smile, he seems to have seen his own world government to make a fortune.

At this time, the wall next to it suddenly bled, and the splash of the stone fell to the ground directly.

"Can be evil ...?"! ',

The rumored walls on the stone, the siphon, Spandam, sputum, and the two people who got up from the ground to the foggy smoke.

"Here. ... is the largest shipyard of the water. People. ... less

The indifferent sound sounded, in the eyes of everyone, the fog foggy and a slender silhouette gradually became clear.

"Is actually him ?!"

When the moment and Robin came out of the dust fog, the first look at the fisherman old man Tom pupil suddenly contracted, and the identity of the moment was recognized in the first time.

"Actually attacked the Chief Executive of CP5! You:.

After seeing the moment and Robin came in, the anger of Spandam immediately screamed, but after seeing the picture of the moment, suddenly spoke to start the buse, "You. ... you are ...

Heng, moment ... less.

Eternal, moment ?? "

I heard Spandam said the name of the moment, Franci and icebergs on the scene frown thinking, and then showed a shocking color at the same time, 'It was the horror man ... less

Whether it is a series of shocking worlds that have been made before the moment, it is the boiling of the red-haired pirates in the sea.

Many sensation news is already enough to overturn the whole sea.

Even those who have these people in the first half of the great route have also heard of this news. I didn't expect such a person to go to the reality from the legend. I came to their eyes.

"The world's first boatman. ... Master Tom ... less

I just walked into the dock, I left all the people in the scene, and the eyes of a pair of blue blood and red eyes fell to the old man's older, and some curious play.

With him, 'I heard that the One Pirates Wang Luo Jie's One Pirace is. ... Is it your own right?',

"Hahahaha. ... the world's first crease is not dare ... less

Seeing that the sight of the moment fell to yourself, the white Tom suddenly broke out of the loud laughter, and it seems that it is hard to be arrested for the Justice trial of Justice. "

But it is very pleasing to the man like Roger. ... I am very honored to be very honored! "

"I can't think of 'eternal, moment you will come to the water today!"

At the same time in the moment, Tom also looked at the moment in front of him. He looked at him. He said that he was shackled. The darkness of the blue deep red color is dark, and you are now the whole.

The legendary legend of the big sea! There is no harmonious !! "

"There is not much to say nonsense. ... I came to the water today ... less

At the beginning of the big old far away from the new century 'ganto' planet, it was not to boast each other with Tom, so he opened the door directly: "Just for your hand on the ancient weapon 'meditation.

Wang 'design drawings:.

Pluto design drawings?!

I didn't think that I suddenly appeared here, I opened this secret that I can't say it, and everyone was shocked when everyone was suddenly shocked.

"Heart! You are the world's government wanted number one heavy!"

I heard the purpose of the Boussa is actually the WANG design drawings for the World Government. At this time, Sens Dam hiding in many hands and guards, she has to drink and drink.

: 'This is the same as that of the light, the appearance of the water is. ... actually dare to win the idea of ​​the Wang Design drawings ?! "


Spanda's screaming successfully caused the attention of the moment, and the blue blood red eyes couldn't help but launch the past, and suddenly scare Scandam's whole person to the body behind him.

"You. ... What do you want to do ... less

I saw the Spandam, who was hiding behind a sight and scared, and the color of the pain, "The Navy is not far from here ... if you dare to move me. Root hair ... The World Government and Navy should not let go ... less

The words that only see Spandam threatened, the entire person's 2.7 sound suddenly stopped.

The midst of the flash of red monster is issued a layer of light, and the round of God has suddenly launched a pupil.

Tomb boy !!!

A slamming, in the eyes of Tom and France Icebergs, the eyes of Spandam and all the world government spy reports in front of him, seem to all suffer a kind of naked eye.

I saw the inexplicable attack, and there was a full body of the sky, and even the bones did not leave.

In addition to a person in the moment, no one can see the mysterious shadow of the world in front of the world.

Chapter 114 to your hand (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 114 to your hand (ask for reward and automatic)

"Living in this world is a waste of air insects ... less

After a look, the Spanda and all the world government spy reports were all obsented, and the moment they disdated her mouth.

Spandam, and his father Spanda is the same as, treacherous, timid, fear of death, greed, all human beings can be reflected in these two fathers and sons.

Don't say other, just in the original, this guy launched the Tun Maguo and the two strokes, it is enough to kill him 10,000 times.

"If it is not to test the round of the gods I have just redeemed, I have the qualifications for you to use the tomb of the prison.

Seeing yourself perfect use of the powerful pupil of God's round, the moment is satisfied, and the line of sight moved to Tom and France Icebergs next to it.

"One eye will kill Spandarm to a wide range.

Tom is okay. After all, it is a friend of the One Piece, who has seen a peerless power, 24 but his two apprentices Franci and iceberg have been horrified. Can't say it.

"This is the strongest, powerful!

Feeling the kind of breath in the moment, the fisher old Tom was a little bit of a little, "But you kill the CP5's chief Spandami ... so the world government and the navy

"There is a group of earth chicken dogs to stop ...

I heard the old man's old man Tom like a goodwill, and the moment is not as aware, unless all the top-level combat power of the five Star and the Navy is in line, otherwise the ordinary force is not enough for his tooth.


"Master Tom. ... now give me the Pluto design drawings in your hand ... less

As I said, I stared at the fish old man in front of my eyes, and I didn't want to refuse. 'Don't try to refuse me, no one in this world can refuse.

I ... less

"Your guy .... Sure like the purpose of the world government Spandama: households

I heard the opening like Tom's design drawings, next to Franci and Iceberg suddenly faced, although the power of the shampoo, but still rushed to the front of Tom, "I

They will never give you the design drawings of Pluto! "

"Don't live up to my kindness. ... don't overestimate my patience ... less

Some impatiently looked at the Franci and Iceberg two in front of him, and I suddenly broke out the invisible momentum of the mountains and tsunami.

Overlord A gas · two paragraphs!!!

In the eyes of the fisher old Tom, the fisherman's old man is unbelievable, only the entire ground turtle off at the foot is coming, and all the rocks around them are broken, and it is unimaginable.

It is condensed into a substantive, and a moment is a center to spread around.


In the moment, like the mountain is like a prison, the V king is invisible. I saw the surrounding the entire dock in addition to Robin, all people were all like a green garlic.

Land 6

"This momentum. ... more stronger than the original Roger ... less

Looking at the francé and iceberg silently in front of him, the fish old man did not believe that the eyes stared at the moment, "You already have such a powerful force. ... Why do you want to get Pluto?

"The weapon will destroy this world !!"

"Don't doubt my strength:. Households said that the old fish old man Tom said, the moment is swaying, and the opening is a simple fact," If I am willing ... no matter if any

I am able to destroy this world ... less

"So. ... Yes you will give it to me now. ... or I will give it to me again?"

Wen said that the old man Tom was in a silence. He said that there was no exaggerated ingredient in the moment. After the eyes were flashing, he finally sighed, "Yip Yixiang

"Listening to the previous big sea rumors said ... you destroyed the Shengdi Marie Joya released countless slaves and my fishman compatriots ... less

"I hope you get the Pluto. ... don't make anything that can't save ... less

After sigh, I saw Tom bent over the cold pair of icebergs in front of him, took out a design drawing. Handed to the moment.

, Fearful ... less

The blue blood red eyes stared at this deep ancient design drawings. After picking up the mouth, the mouth of the mouth is slightly, "You can tell the Navy and the World Government, the design drawings of Pluto are taken.


"This way. ... If they don't have reason, I don't have reason to make you ... less

After leaving this sentence, it took the Robin head and left, leaving the fisherman who stood in the place of nice, and sighed. Tom.

From a 350 point of view. ...

The design drawings of the moment to take the Pluto also saved him ...

Water capital.

A deep alley.

Rob Jochi and Gabarakoli dialects their CP9 and seven people wearing a black action task dress, which is negotiating this action and task.

"Luqi. ... I have been investigated the fall of that thing ... Leishan Girls Cariefa gently pushed the glasses on his nose, and the cold voice said.

"Well .... This time we carry the task is to get the thing ... less

I heard Keli Fa has explored the whereabouts of their mission items, Rob Jochi nodded. "The next thing we need to do is. ... If you want to sneak into them ... less

When the CP9 seven groups discussed the plan to arrange this action, suddenly a strange voice passed into their ear.