"What you have to find is the design drawings of Pluto ... less

"No need to find ... it is already in my hand ... less

Chapter 115 Battles CP9 (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 115 Battles CP9 (ask for reward and automatic)

"What you have to find is the design drawings of Pluto ... less

"You don't have to find it. ... it is already in my hand ... less

When the CP9 seven groups are discussing the plan to arrange this action. Suddenly a strange and familiar voice passed into their ear.

I heard this voice, Rob Road couldn't help but shock, I was looking forward to the direction of the figure.

I saw another one in this deep lane, and I stepped on the thin shadow at the foot of the sun and stepped into them.

A black coat coat, silver white sparkling long hair wearing a black gentleman's casino, holding a slender too knife, a pair of blue blood red color different doubles in this deep alley

It is flashing in the beautiful light.


Finally, I realized that the appearance of the coming, the whole CP9 seven groups can't help but pour a cold.

Eternal, moment ... less as if the water in the whole throat is dried, Rob Jun's tone appears to be dry.

This death is ...

How can I be eyeped by this horrible man. ...

and many more….

He just said that the design drawings of Pluto have been in his hand ??

"If I don't guess the wrong words. ... You are the world government directly under the secret spy newspaper cp9?

On the side of them, I said that they said that their identity was opened, and the sound of every footpower in the deep sandy alley seems to be shocking and tapped in them. Seven people.


I'm exposed? I heard that my identity was speaking, this is the first idea of ​​riding over Robuchi's mind.

"Rob Road, Kaku, Gabola, Bruno, Lion Tour, no owl, also ... Cariefa 2

It seems that the impact of it is not huge, and the moment will continue to open a one of the seven people's name. It seems that a nail is nailed into their hearts.

"You. ... Why know our name ... less

After listening to the exact words of the moment, the name of the seven people, the minimum of the CP9 team, the first one made a battle guard, and the duck hat is dead and staring at this.

It seems just a Jun Xiu Youth of the Friendship of the Kingdom.

Are we sold by the World Government ??

Robs Luqi calmly coagnowled, and the world government's unique style of the world has begun to suspect the world government.

"No need to guess it. ... I naturally have my special channel to understand your information ... less

It is trying to disperse them with their own words, and the left eye of the flash is mysterious, and the mouth has a helpless smile. "The young man is no need:.

Six-style · shaved!!

CP9 seven people's strength Robs seem to catch the gap of the moment, immediately fell out of his superb six-style physical technology, a moment of legs tapped on the ground countless times, the whole personnel made a

The dark phantom seems to be transients generally appear on the right side of the moment.

Six-style · !!

I saw that the shaving appeared in the right side of the moment on the right side of the moment, kicking his legs and kicked a sharp scorpion of a bird-shaped shape, torn the air to the abusestature.

Bang !!

Suddenly, a big rang came out. All the people in the scene had not responded yet. I only knew that the last minute Rob Road suddenly launched an attack in the moment, but the scene they saw next second

Let all of them have set their own eyes.

I saw the entire wall of the quiet lane, I don't know when Rob, Luo, has been smashed by a hand, and the whole person is lifted in the pit on the wall.

"The action is too slow ... less

The neck of the Rob Road will press him into the wall. Just now Rob Road used shaved the kind of speed in the eyes of ordinary people, and I don't know the god of the right eye.

It's not much faster than the turtle.

And the blind eye, which evolved from the white eye, compared with the round of the trend of the round, and the trend of the gods came back to the eye in dynamic vision, and after all, the strength of the white eyes was insight.

The strength of the written eye is dynamic capture.

"There is also a hob feet than that of the Holy Land Marie Joya. ... Your feet is just funny ... less

When a photo, I went out to uniform the Rob Road in front of my eyes, and the mouth of the mouth disdain was disdainful, and I was kicked out in the air than the blonde five old stars who had worked with him.

The breath of the breath, Rob Road in front of me is obviously a few grades.


Rob Jochi struggled to struggle to break the iron hand of the rubbing of the brake, but the discovery of the flash is a hand, the power of a hand is far more than him. "Actually, even his hand is more than one Yin

"Luqi !!"

At this time, the other CP9 six people saw their own companion Rob Road, and the uniform was easily uniform. Although she was frightened in the moment and strength, she shrewd in her hand.

But there is no hesitation.

Especially in addition to the strongest karaoke and Gabola apart from Rob Road, it has exploded the cattle butterflands (Zhao's) giraffe form and the dog dog fruit in the dog.

I saw the members of the six CP9 shot, and their respective to the most powerful six-style body skills, between the air, and the air bullets were in the moment.

Back fiercely.

At this time, I was suddenly contracted by the nearest Rob, who was in the wall, was suddenly contracted by the nearest robe, because he captured the mysterious mysterious mystery of the blood of the right eye.

Among the eyes, there is a sudden out of endless brilliance.

Round retraction · gods!!!

It seems that the whole water has been shaken, and a disaster that can't see a snoring suddenly comes from this beautiful city of this rich.

Chapter 116 Rolling (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 116 Rolling (ask for reward and automatic)

Under the random motion of the wheel of the moment, I saw a shocking force of a pound, and suddenly, I suddenly broke out in an instant body.

A circular huge pit on the ground is constantly spreading. In a moment, all the offensive around the moment, whether it is the air bullet of the gun or the gun, and surrounded

On the ground, all all objects were all excluded.

Countless dust and the ashes filled the entire street. I saw the entire deep lanes under the gods that were randomly launched in the moment were destroyed into ruins.

"Luqi ... karaoke ... Gabla ... less

I only saw the alleys of the ruins, and I left the iceberg girl Cariefa. I was shocked to see the intangible disaster that suddenly occurred before the eyes, and I stood in a ruin.

The dust is infected, as if it is watching a devil, "You put all them all:.

"Rest assured. ... I have paid attention to me. ... they won't die ... less

At the moment, the corner of the mouth is smile, and the iceberg is a generous girl, and he is not the kind of man who has seen beautiful women. It is only the strength and prestige of today, and shoot one.

A teenage little girl has not avoided the wind.

After all, this time I found their purpose, in order to conquer the entire CP9 member, because these seven people have chosen the world government from countless talents than those of ordinary people.

Elite that pulls out.

Especially Rob Road, with darkness as a job, a man who will be weak as' sin, known as the strongest and cold-cooling weapon of CP9, known as the CP9800 of Juda Island

The strongest, regardless of the mind, or the strength talents are all selected.

There is also the door of Bruno, which is also an extremely valuable ability. It can be opened freely in any place, and the open door includes air, flame, and human body, regardless of

How hard or no objects do not have objects can be created.

After entering the door, there will be no traces in the different space. You can also open the door into the door to enter another space, avoid the enemy's attack, and the time and space among the fires world.

The same is a very powerful strategic ability.

"Cariefa !!"

Just when the voice falls, it seems to think that the figure is going to the Carley method, a black and yellow picture is like a fast lightning, and it takes out from the ruins of the distance.

That flight.

It is the launch of cat fruit fruit capabilities to enter the patronic form of Rob Road.

The original speed is extremely fast, there is a hook of blood. After entering the cat fruit, he not only has a lot of a circle, but the speed is incredible, the whole person is in the air.

Among them, a black-yellow electric light is shot towards the moment.

"Although there is no realm of life returning to life. ... but courage can be passed.

Rob Road is like a speed of electricity, but it turns into a movie clip in a movie clip in a movie clip. It seems like a prizes.

Out. The blind eye of the left eye saw him in front of him, and his hands became punch.

Six-style Aiyi · Six King Gun !!

I saw that all the power of Rob Junchi's hands into the boxing champion suddenly hit, and suddenly a strong huge shock wave was so violently, it is the Olympic Six-style talent.

Righteousness, the power of this shock wave is approximately ten times the power of impact Bengle.

Armed color V · coverage !!!

In the face of the violent shock waves hit by the six-style oysters of Rob Road, the moment is standing in the same place, and a colorful armed colored A is instantly covering the whole body of the moment.

boom! ! !

It seems like a hit on an indestructible steel plate, Rob Jochi suddenly found that it was straightforward to stand in the same place.


... seeking flowers ...

"Don't seem to be enough:.

Easy to stand in the ground, the whole huge shock wave, the mouth is slightly outline, and only the legs under the feet are like ghosts.

Rob Jochi only felt his feet, and the heart was thrilling, and the whole person was attached to a moment, and then he saw the arm of the moment. The arm was slightly moved.

Gossip two hundred and fifty six hits !!!

Rob Junqi suddenly made his eyes, and I saw that I had no long-await that didn't have a sheath. With the life of God, I have a lot of time in the air.

Black shadow.

When Rob Road, I only felt that I had a pain in my body. When I blinked my eyes, I was in my hand without a moving blade, and the fierce force instantly blocked him.

Some joint caves.

A pass !!

A crisp sound came out, I saw that Rob Junchu could not move, and fell to the ground AM.

"Lu Qi is so easy to be used by him ... less

Next to each other, I have witnessed the iceberg girl Keli Fa, and I immediately intend to launch the strength of the bubble fruit in my body.

"I advise you not to do that. ... Cariefa ... less

At the moment, the clouds of the clouds sounded, and the left eyes of the left eye saw the intention of Keli Fa. If the firing, the firing is gently turned into a beautiful radian, a pair of blue