Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 358 of Hueding Crack System

The blood red monster is calmly staring at her.

A beautiful blonde, Bai Zhejiao's face, wearing a pair of glasses, this girl revealed a temperament of Icy inviolable.

:. Since Pluto's design drawings have fallen in your hands ... less

Chapter 117 takes the CP9 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 117 takes the CP9 (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Why do you want to find us like you?"

It seems that some evaders have an unparalleled eye, the iceberg girl Keli Fa is gently pushed the glasses on the nose, and some worryingly glanced at the squad.


Although it is only a teenage girl, it is a shadow of the Iceberry I feel the Iceberg I feel the Iceberg I feel the original Iceberg I feel the original.


"It is evil. ... is not a level of power at all. ... less

The whole person is unable to move in front of the moment, and Luohu Lu, who has entered the cat fruit, and exhale his body, and it is impossible to make his body struggle to take action.

"The reason" is looking for you ... less

Feeling the incredible eyes of Rob Road and Cariefa, the moment, the slightly, Yang, and said his own intention, "because I see the potential of your body ... to recruit you

We joined the god Empire. ... less

"Shen Luo Empire ?!"

24 Rob Jubi and Cariefa frowned their own brows, and they couldn't find any information about this name twirls.

"It's just that I just set up. ... In the shortcomings will conquer the organization of the whole world ... less

I saw the doubts in their hearts, and the sound of the moment explained to them, and the tone was written as if he said, it will eventually become a reality of not change.

"Conquer to control the whole world?! It's a crazy farmer ... less

The arrogant scriptures that were written by the moment were shocked. In the eyes of the two people in Rob Road and Cariefa, they have seen this seemingly old Junxiu Youth, which is clearly

A powerful crazy I farmers figure.

"But 'eternal, when did I actually start to build an organization. ... Why did the world government and the navy have received a little moving and wind ... less

I heard my own purpose, I saw that Rob Luo Wei wrinkled her brow, obviously quiet and sincere, he has smells the component contained in this news.

If this news is spread out, this man is now the strength and prestige, I believe that there will be countless pirates on the whole sea, and I have to join his magic.

The huge power, the whole world government and the navy will feel a headache ...

"Luqi! Cariefa !!"

At the time of Luohu Luqi and Cariefa, two karaokes and Gabla, who were flying out at this time, dragged their seriously injured body, and wolf returned to this

Among the alleys of the ruins.

Looking at Rob Road before the moment, there is still a sluggish Kerryfa, karaoke and Gabla, who is shocked in their hearts, is shocked to save their own companions.

Overlord A gas · two paragraphs!!!

I saw the five moves and intentions. I saw a burst of intangible momentum when I suddenly suddenly broke out. The entire ground turtle off the feet came, and all the ruins of the ruins were broken, a while.

It is impossible to imagine the vast potential moment to condense into a substance, and the tsunami is generally divergent in the madness of the madness.

Such as Lu is like a sea, such as the prison.


I saw that the nearest Rob Road and Carlyfa in the moment were directly thrown away by the momentum of this person.


The kar library in the distance, Gabla, no owl, the lion is snourd, and there is Bruno, and it is directly in the sky.

It seems that a large huge mountain is pressed on them, and the whole body continues to seep the fine sweat. It seems that the two-handed support seems to support his body.

"What is this ?! It actually creates this scene ... less

Unbelievable looked around the ground around the turtle, there is also a karaoke and Gabli in the ground, and feel the substantive gas field that is constantly entering from the moment, Rob

Although Luqi knows that the existence of 0 king is V is, he has never imagined that there is a moment of human body to achieve this extent like a moment.

"Okay. ... You have spent my best enough time ... less

Continue to exude the pounds of a kang A gas, a pair of Zhan Blue blood, red light, stare with the CP9 seven groups in front of the eyes, looking at them to fight hard

Force to support the resistance, I will open the mouth: "Now tell me your decision:.

"It's death here ... less

"Or joining my god Empire ... less

Join? Or dead?

A selection of two sections of the Libra extended to fate in front of the entire CP9 seven groups.

In the moment, such as the sea, such as the power of the prison, the seven people saw each other on the face of the other side, the hardships of the hardships. 863

"We choose ... less

The eyes of the seven people did something, it seems that final decisions have been finally made. I saw the nearest Rob Road from the moment, which was arduous, and some hardships.

Difficult opening: "Accept your organization ... less

, Fearful ... less

Seeing that the seven people of C P9 in front of you have agreed to accept the joining Shen Luo Empire under his absolute strength, it is gradually recovering the magnificent trend of ourselves like the prison.

"But. ... I hope you can promise me a condition ... less

After recovering 0 king V gas in the moment, Rob Jun is struggling to stand up from the ground, and the blood of the calm eyes are at this moment, and the burning dead is staring at the moment in front of the moment.

"Well?! ', Wen Yan, a slight frown, is he still want to bargain? ...

"If one day I can defeat you ... less

I saw Rob Road, who was stood up from the ground, staring at the handsome face of the moment, and the 'free' will give us! ""

Chapter 118 Black Di Na (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 118 Black Di Na (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Beat me ?!"

I heard the words slightly, and I immediately broke out a series of laughter, or even my eyes smiled and smiled. "It's a good look ... less

"Although you can't have this opportunity in this life. ... but ... less

The laughter is finally gradually calm, and there is a bit of a bit of rumor, I can't help but stand in front of my eyes, watching an express expression on his face, almost laughing again, 'Rob Road

I accept your challenges to me ... less

"But before defeating me. ... You will do things for me ... less

The voice is falling, and the mouth of the moment is rising, and a black coat coat that has long sleeves will go to the direction of the sea.

After the C p p9 seven people behind, slightly, immediately dragging his heavy body, looking at the back of the moment.

"Kill" that uncle ... less

I just walked to the sea of ​​water, I have seen Robin at the seaside, and I have prepared a general vessel after I waved my own whiteners. "The ship I already

Ready ... less

"Hey. ... let's go ... less

With the seven people who have been behind Rob Road and Carlyfa, the moment gradually went to the sea where Robin is located and gently screws to Robin.

Just in the moment, there were Robin Luo Qi and Cariefa on the boat. The footsteps suddenly suddenly, and the left eye's blind eye seems to have an interesting thing happening.

"Na is unfortunate ... You can't walk !! '

The threshold fruit, raise the bail !!

Everyone only heard a piece of fairy, there were countless, there were countless fences around the body, and all the nine people in the moment were in the inside.

Armed color A qi · sixteen rounds !!

I haven't waited for an instant. Robin next to him has instantly responded. I saw her whiten hands crossed in her body, and there were sixteen wrapped black armed colors on the ground around.

V gas arm, dead stalls living around countless black.

Although I followed the opportunity to shoot in Robin, I have been working hard, but now I have the ability to use exquisite armed colored A. A navy.

I will eat a big loss if you accidentally care.

After all, if Robin wraps around the armed colored A, if some parts of the enemy are not drilled out, they attack the enemy's fragile parts, and the picture is simply not too dare to imagine. ...

At the moment, I saw the direction of the far water. A pink hair, a beautiful woman wearing a naval coat, rushed to rushing in the years.

Pink hair wearing a pair of sun sunglasses, a pair of black gloves also clamped a cigarette, shaped on the white navy coat jacket shining her beautiful I bright face, the whole body

On the paragraph, it was 3 out a different kind of inhibitor.

Black, Nna.

Listening to Rob Road, Luo, Luo, said her name, and she finally remembered the beautiful Navy in this pirates.

"It was already blocked. ... Tina is very angry ... less

Seeing the ability of the whose argument was held by Robin, the Naa Na in the distance suddenly became gently, and the whole high-tech slender body was in the air.

It appears in front of the moment.

"I didn't expect the world's most dangerous champion 'eternal, moment ... It turned out to be such a handsome man ... less

Quickly sounded in the moment, the very close distance almost made a moment of perfume on her body, Tina is also clearly clearing the appearance of the beautiful Junxiu, and smiling at the corner of the mouth.

The double black glove of the snow white wrist is not smashed, and I directly hit the mouth of the Moon of the Moon of the Month.

"But things that are passed through Na's body will be locked !!"

Seeing that the Na's arm is about to hit the body's body use threshold. The fruit will lock him, look at the beauty navy near the time, and the mouth of the mouth is slightly.

Ice spirit !!!

I saw the moment I made my palm in an instant, and the endless freeze force broke out.

In the eyes of Rob Road and Cariefat, Tina suddenly was frozen in a huge ice, it was like a sculpture that was frozen in a crystal clear.

Within a glass, it is not available.

". 'It is a beautiful masterpiece ... less

After the ena's whole person instantly frozen in the ice, the whole, the whole, the naval beauty, who attached to the eyes, the naval beauty of this pink, the eyes, and the mouth of the mouth hanged.


"Na !!"

The violent voice rang in the distance, but the fierce wind has appeared on the side of the moment, and it reflects the fast-moving skills.


I saw a man with two cigars in a white hair. I appeared in an instant, a huge white smoke fist suddenly slammed into the moment.

"Shout. ... smoke fruit. ... boring ability ... less

The left-eyed God has a blue light flashing, and the moment I recognized the identity of the people. It is the chasing the protagonist road to fly their 'White Hunter, Smog.

(Wang's) disdain