Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 359 of Hueding Crack System

Armed colored A qi · coverage !!!

Among the horizon of the right eye, the Smog moved in front of the eyes is like the turtle climbing, reaching the second phase of the armed colored domineering quickly covers the right foot of the moment, in front of the Scorens

The pupil is suddenly striking.

In everyone's gaze, the movements of the Smancian reaction have not been made, and if they are faster, if they are a foot, the whole person suddenly slammed out, the pen, the pen, the pen

The straight arrow entered the naval soldiers, and the countless naval soldiers were in an instant.

Chapter 119 Blackfill (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 119 Blackfill (seeking rewards and automatic)


In an instant, a foot of the army, a feet, and a few hundred naval soldiers, the elementalization ability of smog and fruit did not play any effect, and the countless naval soldiers were simultaneous.

Just feel that all the ribs have been kicked by a foot, and severe pain almost let him lose their consciousness instantly.


Gradually recovered his own legs and feet, and the moment was a bit of a wonderful frown. He didn't understand what it was in the top of these secondary yuan, and did not reach the Navy.

I dare to arrest myself.

Where did they come to the confidence??

"I am talking about it. ... Beauty Navy Colonel ... less

Turning his head, he looked at the huge ice of the huge ice, slightly glanced at the rank of her naval coat jacket, and the handsome and innocent face gave a slanting taste.


Looking at the embankment that was frozen in a huge ice in front of him, it was full of angry, but it couldn't help but feel a funny.

Just at this time.

At the moment, the left eye, the blue god of the blush, the eye, a 507, a slight start, and a black figure uses the shaved air in the six-style shaving, and suddenly appears in the moment.

The top of the head.

Smash tornado !!

The huge fist suddenly wrapped a layer of black armed colored Zeng, and it was like a wind and angered in the top of the moment. It seems that all the goals in front of them are all smashed, regardless of the speed

It is the thrown of the Vina and Samue, which is far super.

The master of the Navy's general level!!

From the speed and skills of people, I immediately judged his strength in an instant, just in the vision of the blood of the moment, this person is not a navar of the Navy of his hand.

Anyone of the yellow and even the Cap and the Warring States.

It seems that the sound of violent explosion sounds, and the homework between the electric and light stone fires is in the hands of a strong armed color. There is no double iron boxing.

"what is this?!"

The unparalleled iron fist wrapped in armed colors 0 (CEBJ) was smashed, but the coming people made a horrified voice.

Not only is him, all people present have sent the same excitement.

I saw the flash of the blush monster in the right eye of the moment, the eyes of the gods were flashing, and the whole body started to take out the black energy of the flame, and a huge black energy giant between the eyes.

The parcel has been in his in vitro, and rapidly grows bleeding and context, and finally formed a full set of Coffee A, which was shocked by everyone around the surroundings.

Round looks · must be able to be!!!

"I didn't think ... I can use it in this world.

The whole body is firmly wrapped in the dark dramatic energy giant, and it is also a little surprised to take a burnt black energy giant outside the body. 'This energy. ... is not

Chakra:. Household

"It seems that by using the ability to exchange it. ... It is all automatically equipped with the strength of the current world ... less

Through the end of God's round, the power of the gods, this powerful mouth, the flash of blue blood, the monster, and the body of the people, I distinguished his identity, 'It turned out to be the Navy.

The former general of the part is ... Black wrist, Zemifa. Wind: less

I saw a man in front of him, and a very shared purple hair. The hands of the hands of the hands were completely dyed in a dark color because of the superb armed color V gas.

Although his arms have not been made by the crusher made of Shanghai Linestone because of the 'White Beard II, Edward Weibur cut off, it is still a pleasant recognition.

Pumping forever, moment. ... Pluto design drawings are things that the world government ordered ... less

Zefei looked at the black energy giant outside the moment, and the look was taboo frowned, "I will pay it .... That thing is too dangerous ... less

Has resigned from the Navy's general position to the naval instructors for many years, today and their student state, the Navy who took a bunch of people with a group of interns, but met from the water.

They have saved the vessel to help the Justice island.

"Too dangerous ??"

When I heard what I said, I didn't take a light smile. "In fact, I am more dangerous than that. ... less

"It's also. ... just let you know that you are all known to the world.

The sound of the moment, the right eye, the red monster, the end of the eye, the endless dilute was blinded by him instantly.

Just as everyone is not very understood by the meaning of the words in the moment, the blacks around the bottom of the moment must be able to skyrocket, and a whole body is in a whole body.

Holding a hundred-meter energy giant of a super long warrior in the hands up to the cloud.

"The whole body must be affair ... not ... should be a pool of affair: factory

Some gods looked at the top of their eyes, and looked at it. It was more than the full body, and the body was like a large number of volume, and the army came to the reality from the heavens.

The mighty god, a little muttered in the mouth has a name.

What is FL. Two is it ... less

The horror ignorant hundreds of meters talents standing on the side of the coast, and there is a blank in the big brain in the field. It is temporarily forgetting to think about this reality because he

This scene seen in front of them is exactly the power they know.

"Is this the power of God:.

Rob Juqi has not been able to understand what the world is more than a large number of gods in the world. He is now the only idea in my mind is that it is just crushed.

When they c p p9, they just played at all.

Chapter 120, Senli, Sword (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 120, Senli, Sword (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Since getting the back of God. ... I still use this power for the first time ... less

Holding the moon, Hung Zone, standing in the sky, the most important diamond crystal, the moment is high, looking at the feet, as if all the people are generally small, a pair of blue blood red

The deep eyes have an indifference to the colors of the Cangsheng.

"What is this ??!"

Looking at the huge mighty god of this extraordinary, all the people in the scene have almost forgot how they should breathe, even they have generally seen in the giant family that they have seen in the Navy.

In front of you, this is like a wulawu God. It is simply like a baby standing in front of adults. It is like a hetero.

"This is the" world's strongest power '' eternity, moment power? ... less looks at the huge mighty god of his head, and Zemifi's heart is also shocking. After all, he is also the first today.

Once I saw the real power of the moment, although my heart was in my heart, I finally didn't see the shock of the real opinion. "It's no wonder that five monsters in the Shengdi Marie Joa also have no way ... less

"Do we really want to fight such guys ... less

At this time, all the naval soldiers on the coast of the whole water, louderly looked at the trendy mighty gods standing on the edge of the coast, and felt that they were small as the gravel in the dust.

Like, 'mouth we will die ... less


I don't know who is tough swallowing my own saliva, and the firearms and weapons in my hand fall in the ground. All the navals at the foot of the battle have begun to collapse.

"This is the power standing in the world's top peak:.

Deadly clenched his fists. Long nails in his hand were deeply embedded in the palm of the palm. Robu Luchu has now begun to understand how much it is ignorant.

"I just said that I want to defeat such guys ... less

I saw that the original face stable Rob Road at the moment of this moment is full of bitter and self-departments, 'This way ... we have never want to get rid of his control ... less

"It seems that he just said in the shortcomings in the near future will be conquered to control the whole world ... It is really not an empty talk. People:. Less

"Zemifa. ... I know you hate all the pirates ... less

Standing to the towering of the transition of the Direct to the clouds in front of the diamond crystals, the moment is highly condensed with the Size of the same antity, and the sky is transmitted to the foot.

The sound among the ground is like the distance is like Van Yin, but I am not a pirate. There is no old blame between us ... less

"There is no need to look at me so much ... less

"Hey. ... you are not a pirate. ... less

I heard the sound passed from the top sky, and I saw Zugui's dull, and the neck of the whole person raised almost ninety degrees. She looked up with the head. The extreme must be protected.

The moment in the crystal, "But you have killed so many navy .... Destroy the Navy's part .... Invasion Shengdi Marie Qia:

"Here, a crime is enough to judge your death countless times! And today you take the water of the water, the descendant design drawings ... less

Between the sinking, the deep eyes of Zemifa, the dead, the whole body is huge, the whole body is wrapped in a huge mighty god, and there is a flash of the face. The tone is in the middle of the tone.

The firm decision, 'mouth you are the world's most dangerous community. ... Never let you get this horrible ancient weapon !! "

"This world is not like you are so dangerous !!"

"The world can't stand me? ... is so. ... less

Some helplessly shook their heads, regardless of this person should not die, he once had grief past, how to persist and justice in his heart, at this time, there is no thought and listen to him nonsense.

"Zemifa. ... I respect you is a rare navy who sticks to my heart ... less

Overlooking the Zefa on the earth, the mouth of the earth, in the mouth seems to have a slight sigh, the blue blood red eyes have burst out of the sharp light, endless

The mysterious light is all circulated.

"Just let you die under this sword of Ronalvanne !!"

While this sentence is transmitted to everyone's mind, I only see a huge extremely extremely extremely extremely affected by the eye, and I quickly raised my hand and stir my sky, and I suddenly waited from Zemifa on the floor.

The sword, the strong power torn the whole air in the moment, the sky, the color changed to kill everything in front of him into a virtual.

Senlo Yijian!!!

I saw the general paint black armed colored Z air wrapped Zemifa shifted in the air, the month and shaving in the six-style, and shaved by him to the extreme, but this is not the heart of him.

The sense of the deadly crisis, "I haven't grown all the pirates. ... I haven't ... less

Time will not stop because of the obsession and struggle of Zemifa, I saw that it was a moment of the best in the high-altitude to beat. The blood of the right eye is back to the eyes of the blood.

The figure, the super long sword in the mighty martial arts of the Tongtiantian, Mori, a sword, who kills him, moved to him.

"What is powerful. ... Do we have to die?

In the face of the top of the top of the head, it must be a sword that broke off all Silverong. Everyone in the feet, all of the people in the world, and I have forgotten myself.

Life is dead.


After the first sword of the moment, the rumor, the capital of the water suddenly came from the deafening roar, and I saw the endless gully in the foot of the past.

Both, the entire richest water is actually divided by this Senlo Yijian.