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Chapter 360 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 121 Dark Stream (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 121 Dark Stream (ask for reward and automatic)

"Water. ... Water is being smashed in half ... less

The intermittent sound came out, and the Lapu Luchi and Cariefafa who watched it underneath, several of them saw the endless and deep trench I gully, the whole water was divided into two halves, and the tongue!

Catch it.

With the entire water of the whole water, the polar must be a sword to become a half, countless seawater poured into the end of the end of the earth, thoroughly, the whole water, this majestic Water

Urban is divided into two layouts.

"The sword is not my heart. Why bother ...

The blue blood of the blue blood is looked at the foot of the big ditch, and the polar must be a sword, and the heart is a little bit of . While feeling my own spirit

Pupils from the eye are very amazing.

It seems that it is necessary to destroy the destruction, and under the end of his own, there is an endless increase of endless pupil.

"Zemifer teacher !!"

I saw my teacher's teaching official in front of this Sword of the Tiantian Devil's 24 giants, and the Scoreng angries in the naval soldiers were out. Fighting, wanting to go

Struggling on the face, but he is unable to do in a foot hit by the two paragraphs of armed colors v angles.

Bang !!

Bang rums, in the eyes of all people, the huge mighty gods in front of the eyes once again waved the long-term overseas knives in their hands.

Such a huge body is as if there is no quality, and the movement is quick and unbelievable. I only see the ultra-long knife in the hands of the doctor, and once again a deep big ditch.

} The gulf directly appeared in front of all the naval, and their atmosphere didn't dare to call out.

"Don't go with your own life ... less

The two-handed moon Hung Zone is standing in the tuning of the most, the diamond crystals are destroyed. The moment is highly looked at all of the whole body constantly trembling the navy, a pair of blue blood red

The deep eyes seem to have a sharp blade that is generally across their cheeks.

"Otherwise, Zemifa is your end!"

After the slight sound of the swallow, the blue blood of the blue blood was finally gently frozen in the ice of the ice.

The most important must have a huge palm of your own, and one of the Robin, Robs under his feet, and Keli Fair them gently grabbed themselves.

I saw that the huge Tongtian's polar must succeed that there was a huge wings behind the wings, and the double wings behind him were rolled up on the seaside. The eyes were suddenly paid.

Gutout the boundless sky.

"Too horrible. ... he finally left ... less

Looking at the Tongtian Devil Giants who flew in the sky, all the naval elite in the scene seems to fish from the water, because the sweat of tension and fear, the sweat is full of whole body, final

After seeing the moment, not only the leg feet were soft, all butt sat on the ground.

However, I remembered that I was just a sword who had just been killed, I looked at Na, who was still frozen in the huge ice, and struggling to struggle on the ground. Mrose

The surrounding naval elite will respond.

"But Zemifi Accession was" eternal, moment ... less

"We still have to inform the Navy]

Turned to look at the pool of the poles in the distance, a sword, a sword, a swivel, a two-haired water, a moment of countless naval elite in the sea, deeply agility in the power of this changed landform.

The new Navy's base, the original Navy G1 branch.

"What?! The moment appeared in the water ?!"

In the office of the Navy's Marshal, after receiving this call, the Warring States that have been promoted, but there is no previous stable town.

"You said that the whole water is all tween a half in his sword ?! The design drawings of Pluto also fell in his hand ?!"

Listening to the ammbugue, the stunned information is constantly passed, and the face of the Warring States is gradually deep, "Okay ... I know ... less

After listening to all the news delivered, the Warring States will hung in the hand in the hands of the desk, and there is an unprecedented dignity in the tone, 'shocking method is dead ... less

, 'J rules ?! "

Originally, I was constantly throwing Xianbei in my mouth, I heard the action on my hand, and I fell into his eyes. Although the usual relationship is not too good, but after all law

He is the same period to join the Navy.

"Is it a dry thing?" Kapu put down the fairybel in his hand, his face was gangdang's look and seriously staring at the Warring States in front of him.

"Except for him. ... Do you think who can so easily let a proficiency domineering original Navy?

No straight 633 answering the problem of card Pu, the Warring States immediately picked up the phone on the desk, once again dialed a number, "I have no time to tell you these. ... I have to report this with the World Government. This

Part of things ... less

The top of the red earth continent.

New Santa Mary Qia, after the disaster reconstruction.

"Zemifa is killed by him:.

On a luxurious hall sofa, the curly five old star listened to the news from the Navy's Marshal Warring States, and the deep eyes covered his emotions in his eyes. "What ?! ...

The design drawings of the ancient weapons of the kingdom of the government now have also fallen in his hand? "

"Well. ... more ... The original Justice C P9 Rob Road, one of them, now seems to have also added his magic ... less call the war country voice low.

"Rob Road ... less

The mouth is deeply sinking, listening to a unfavorable news that the Warring States passed, the five old stars finally couldn't help but put their own brows, "I have known a good one.

Chapter 122 is full of returns (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 122 is full of returns (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The design drawings of Pluto. ... was taken by the moment ... less

End and the Warring States call. The wallet five old stars have taken out a sigh of relief, and the deep eyes move to the white long hair five old stars.

"His strength is already horrible. ... If he will get the Pluto ... less

The size of the long long hair five old stars white beards are slightly shaking, can't see the face expression but tell the needle, "Then the world government's status is likely to suffer unprecedented rush

Hand: household

"And according to his recent movement ... he seems to have intended to establish forces. ... This is not a good news for us ... After finishing, the long-haired five old stars are deeply awkward.

Four people around you.

"We can't sit still again! If the guy is to set up a hundred pirates. ... I have been able to imagine that he has a good thing in the sea. ... less

The voice of Blondo Five Elderly sounds, only different from the past is that he has nowhere to be unfair, and the whole body is full of high temperature burns.

Not only him, I saw the top five old stars and the five old stars around him, and the same horror wound was also covered, and even a sleeve under the midnight of the five old stars was empty.

However, it was the frozen force of the moment to smash an arm.

Obviously, the battle in the Shengdi Maroa, not only let them fall into a severe coma, but also left an indelible trauma.

As if they now, as long as they have closed their eyes, they can see the endless blaze and boundless ice sculptures in the Holy Land of the Red Soil Mainland.

Since the establishment of the World Government, there have been never been able to have such a deep memory with their own power in the past long years.

"Indeed" ... This man brings us that it is too big.

After listening to the other four five old stars, the eyes under the five old star glasses shot out of the brightening, and the face was constantly creep, "these days are the best."

It is first to let the Warring States to send people to the new world to explore his trends.

"The World Government and Navy must prevented him: households

"Otherwise ... the pattern of the whole world will be changed by him ... less

With the vibration of the World Government and the Navy.

'Eternal, flash is exactly water, killing the original Navy's general Zemifu, take away the news of the ancient weapons of Pluto design drawings, which seems to have spread throughout the world.

Whether it is the new world or the first half of the great navigation, all people are shocked by this news, not because Zemifa is shocked. Instead, because of the design drawings of Pluto, the designs of Pluto fall into the hands of the moment.


Because three lost ancient weapons, 'Kings "Sea King" Pluto, everywhere is the treasure of everyone am Am.

Even if there are countless pirates and ordinary tourists, they ran to the water, but only saw that the sword was divided into two and a half of the water and the entire changed terrain, shocked

I can't have myself for a long time.

New World Entrance, 'Arrun' Planet.

Countless pirate soldiers are in the top of the big sea, and they are desperately practiced in the vast training campus under the rain.

Suddenly I feel that the sky is dark, a huge shadow is shrouded in their body.

Under the context look up, all the pirates that are training are not asked for their own mouth, do not want to believe in muttered: "Good .... What is it ... less

"Finally home…

I saw a huge extremely poor active must be gently fanned to move his wings, and the booming feet fell on the ground, set off a wind and dust.

"Deceive ... deceived ...

After the large-scale active must be opened by Zhang, Luohu Luqi and Cariefa huddled everything I saw in front of him, 'Here is the base of the organization ... less

"How do you have a planet in the top of the sea ?!"

"Racing hahaha. ... Welcome to join the god Empire ... less

Just at this time, I saw the Golden Lion History Base stopped the work in her hand. From the distant training campus, Zhang mad and evil eyes were unscrupulous and glanced against Rob Road and Carie.

Countries them.

"'' One. ... This time the little guy who has come back is not bad. ... more powerful than those waste ... less

After carefully gotting a look at Luqi and Cariefaf, the Golden Lion's Ni's eyes were again reached on the moment, looking at the huge giant giant of the package outside the moment, the big devil, fierce

The evil eyes are not banned. 9 out of the appearance of the appearance, 'mouth your boy. ... How much is the ability to use it ... less

Wen said that it was only slightly smile, ignored the surprise eyes of the Golden Lion, and the blood red light of the right eye was flashing, gradually recovered his hugectic must.

At this time, the quiet eyes have always stared at the Golden Lion's Rob, but suddenly M out caught the horror. "You. ... You are a big pompid gold lion !?"

"I didn't expect big (Zhao Li good) the rumors of the sea, the legendary flying pirates, the golden lion actually really cooperated with Mr. Mr. ... Less as the iceberg is generally glamorous Carlyfa light

Easy to push the glasses that push your own nose, obviously not more attention and understanding for all the information on the world.

"The relationship between the shit !!"

I heard the content in the Cariefa, the Golden Lion's histori suddenly flew, the whole popularity didn't play, "I am doing a lot of trouble, but the kid is one day to night.

"Good Golden Lion ... less

In the face of the complaints of Golden Lion, I feel sorry, I took out a drawing from my clothes and interrupted his words. "What is this ?!"

Chapter 123 Edward Weibull (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 123 Edward Weibull (seeking rewards and automatic)