Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 361 of Hueding Crack System

"Well? This is:."

Zhang opened a big drawing in the hands of the moment, Golden lion siki looked at it carefully, and suddenly said on his face, then suddenly M out the expression of ecstasy, 'This is an ancient weapon

Wang's design drawings ?!! "

Once he didn't hesitate to catch up with the Roger thief boat to the end of the road, the ancient weapon of the At Walhai war.

"Where did you get it ?!"

The Golden Lion History is unbelievable, and he has been looking for an ancient weapon that has not been dropped so long, and it is so easy to find it.?

"I don't have to ask me now. ... I believe how long ... less

In the face of Golden Lion Schiki, the eyes of the puzzle, the moment is only random smile, 'This news will spread throughout the sea. ... When you naturally know ... less

"Therefore, it is the mysterious thing that is mysterious, and the Golden lion is the teeth of the Golden Lion, but immediately replaced a face of nature, 'But since I got it.

The design drawings of Pluto .... How do you plan to take this part 503-? "

"This will then say ... If you can, you can use the army of the Arona to build a fleet sweeping the world.

At the moment, it is not possible, no matter whether there is a process of Pluto, it does not affect the process of chasing this world. Now there is a castle, it is only a browning.

"Now, more important things are ... Less story less, suddenly, the eyes of the blue blood suddenly suddenly squatted, and the round of the right eye was suddenly turned into a vast pupil.

Some people in the field suddenly felt that they were all over, as if the stereotropic gravity of 'Shen Luo' planet was doubled at a moment.

"Heartbeat. ... you are ??" Golden lion siki frowned slightly. Suddenly increased gravity although he couldn't help him, but also made him feel uncomfortable.

"I will upgrade the stellation of 'Shen Luo'." I believe that if it is cultivated in the 12-fold gravity environment every day:

Feeling with your own manipulation, the gravity of 'Shen Luo' planet has increased by ten times, and the mouth of the moment is slightly raised. "Every training will definitely be more than half of it ...

"That's more than you kid ghosts ...

After listening to the explanation of the moment, the Golden lion nodded, "indeed '... If you can train practice in the super-heavy environment, you will come to the ground, fighting power will definitely increase ... less ... less

"Well, Golden Lion .... Luqi and Cariefat have given you a few to arrange ...

On the other hand, I went to the Robin, and the Fabin, I'm staying here recently, I will follow them together ... less

"That .... Uncle, what about you? 'I heard the , Robin is suddenly anxious, and ask.

"I still have something to go to the devil triangle of the great route ... less moment, smile, reach out and touched the head of the Robin, habitually got the hair of her black hair," Reassured, one Russian

Soon, will come back ...


Robin didn't talk, I saw it in the moment, and the whole person disappeared in front of everyone, and he could only sneak himself.

They two. ...

At this time, I noticed the Iceberg girl in the moment and Robin, Keli Fa, reached out and pushed the frameless glasses on his nose. The eyes under the glasses flashed a wise ray.


Great route.

Distance to the demon triangle of thousands of voices in the sea.

Among the bustling towns, at this moment, the sound of the dramatic explosion was continuously passed, and the bodies of the thief were lying on the ground on the ground.

"One is two. ... all stupid home!"

The whole destroyed town is background, countless rolling smoke and fog, a large fatty body is gradually coming out, a long hair staying to the legs is like a prosthetic pig, face

The hair of the two sides was tied to the braids, and the long M knife was raised in his hand. He was very dissatisfied with the mouth: 'Okun, he said that only the white beard of the thief is the son of the white beard ... less

In addition to his huge giant giant body, it is worth noting that there is a sphut and legend of his face and the big piceit white beard Edward New Gate.

Strict curved moon beard.

"Ma Ma. ... I am the son of the white beard.! You see my beard is white !!"

After a punch, I fate myself. After you flew out, I saw this fat-ray giant snoring, and the old, I didn't reach his knees.

Taichi said.

"Of course, there is no mistake! White Beard One Piece is just a family. ... you are ...

I saw a sharp harsh voice, "I really inherited the world's strongest man, the big sea thief white beard blood, his biological son!"

"But Ma Ma. ... I heard that he was defeated by a guy called 'eternal, moment." "

I saw a huge giant of the body, and I said that I must give him a revenge for him. ... Never forgive him !! "

"Don't be stupid .... Now you have long been avenous.

I heard a taste of a child, and the old woman next to him took off the number of jewels on his own hands. He said to him in a very city of tone: "More ...

That 'eternal, moment is not a guy who is provoking ...

Just when two people talk.

At the other end of this island town, I just stepped into this island's face on my face.

Chapter 124 White Beard II (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 124 White Beard II (seeking rewards and automatic)

"What is the situation ?! What about people on this island ?!"

I just stepped into this island town, and the blue blood red eyes gave birth to my surroundings. I found only the streets of the entire smoke, except for the body of the full one.

The blasting sound is continuously passed.

"Looks like this town seems to be an invasion of the people who have suffered. ... Looking for a lot of eyes in front of being invaded by a huge behemoth, it muttered.

After the flash of the new world entrance, the 'Shen Luo' planet came to the great route, it is intended to go to the fascia of the devil's triangle to find the trail of Moonlight, Molia, intend to take him while seeing

I know the interesting ability of the Ghost Princess, the Pelocca Ghost Fruit, and the transparent fruit of Abu Sarum can be mutually cooperated with Kolason's silent fruit.

But in the boundless sea, I can only find the probably direction of the fog sea area of ​​the devil triangle, passing this island with towns, so I plan to find someone to ask a road, but I don't want to think

But I met this scene.

"Well ?! There are two two in walking ... less

The ability of the left eye and blue, the ability of the eye, the ability to facilitate the entire island, and the moment is finally found in another section of this island town, and suddenly launched the disappearance.

In the same place.

" ?! Is this mirror ?!"

Island. On the other end of the town, the big fat sly giant is dead, staring at a photo of a white beard Edward holding the old woman in his hand, it is hard to imagine that he is so different that he is actually distinguished.

Tablets and mirrors.

"This is a photo of white beard ... you are a white beard's biological son. ... and me ... less

The unique sharp voice of the old woman is constantly issuing from her mouth, "It is a woman who has loved the white beard! '

"Cough .... That .... Bother:.

When the huge fat giant and the old woman beside the old woman said, a sudden unfamiliar voice came from two of them.

"Moderate?" How is someone:.

It was originally thought that the huge fat giants of all people in the entire island town were suddenly turned over, and I saw a black coat jacket appeared in the moment.

After two behind, a pair of blue blood red colors are all two of them.

"This is a face ... less

Looking back, I saw the long figure of the moment and the perfect handsome face. The old woman seems to think of the mind, the expression is slight, the eyes under the sunglasses suddenly flashed, "you


"Even you also want to say that I am not a son of white beard ?!"

When the old woman next to it is asked to open, the huge giant face is angry, the huge M knife in the hand is already in the flash!

Under the huge force that is difficult to imagine, only the entire ground under the feet suddenly blown, a huge pit appeared at the foot of the moment.

"?! ', the face of the fat giant presents a surprised expression, and a silky nose hanging there.

"Good power ...

The flat voice came out, I saw the fried ground pit, and the moment was innocent to stand in the same place. When a hand held the fierce, the plumber, and the other hand covered a dark martial art.

Piece 0 gas, tightly grabbed the mushroom knife in the hands of the fat giant.

"This kind of power. ... such a beard ... less

A pair of blue blood red eyes quietly looked at the amazing taste of his own strength, and the moment was distinguished by his identity, '. White Beard II, Edward Weibull .... There is Miss. Ba Jin pair

... less

Such a force like this is a mustache. ...

This guy is definitely white beard. ...

Nothing, the next wife can give birth to such a guy. ...

Concently, this large and fatigued giant Edward Weibier, and the heart couldn't help but start to spit.

". ... actually blocked my mushroom knife in one hand ... less

Feeling that the swallow swallow that constantly vibrate in his hand is almost going out, the giant Wibur looks full of mistakes and surprised expressions, and people who have fightd to fight in the past are not killed by him.

Death is dizzy by him, and his simple head never imagined this world. Some people can do this. Look down his A knife.

...... Seeking flowers ...

"Stop my treasure. ... this person is not so simple to deal with ... less

Seeing the moment, it is easy to pinch the mushroom knife in Weibur. At this time, the old woman Miss. Ba Jin immediately broke the opening of Weibull.

"I can't think of defeating the white beard. The most stronger, the name of the world ... The month is for the court, Miss. Ba Jin reached out the sunglasses on his face, looking at the moment in front of him," actually

There will be a remote island here in the great route ... less

"Originally just planned to ask for a road ... I didn't expect to meet the 'White Beard II,' '

See MISS. Ba Jin recognizes his identity, open the swallow in the hands of the giant Wibull in front of him, the left eye, the blush of the blue eyes, the light of the blue, the mouth is slightly, "Sorry

.. .. Miss. Ba Jin ... less

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

In Webur and Miss. Ba Jin's horrified expression, the moment suddenly did not have a long scabbed long-awaited, and suddenly, suddenly, there was a dramatic distortion between the three people in front of the three people.

An eye invisible repulsion, the flow blade that is shunned in the hands of the flash, and the speed is fast, and the time of the two reactions is not produced.

I'm a huge repulsive force of the I, I flew out in front of the MISS. Ba Jin owned people, until I fell into the blue sea, disappeared.

"She is not your true mother. ... Let me take you to find your ... less

After a blow, I took Miss. Ba Jin's personal bombard, I looked at Wilbull, who was stuck in front of him, and the face of the flash made a flavor of malicious smile.

Chapter 125 Uniform (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 125 Uniform (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Ma Ma ?!!"

I saw a sudden shot of the moment, I flew MISS. Ba Jin's exclusive man fly to the far-reaching sea. It is like a giant's same shake like an angry bull.

"You actually fly to the sea !?"