Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 362 of Hueding Crack System

The huge M knife in Weible suddenly came out of the moment, and the power of the enthusiasm even caused a pressure of the surrounding air to be crushed toward the moment.

The moment is quickly shot, if the long-term fraction of the hand is covered with a dark armed colored A gas, directly resists the WWR's borrow knife, detonating all the airflow around.

"For the time being, regardless of this silly, is it a whitening son of white beard. ... light is this" 28 zero "power ... less

After standing with Wigbur's violent M knife, feel the huge force that constantly passed, and the eyes of the blue blood red eyes were slightly smashed. "Although it is more exaggerated than the white beard ...

But it has also surpassed the vast majority of this world ... less

Weibull is a very simple look.

His IQ seems to be high, even can't identify white bearded photos, and think that it is mirror. In the original, he is in order to prove that he is a white beard, and it has done a white beard.

The 16 captains under the magic, and the yellow gob is also called an overwhelming power like the white beard when you are young.

In fact, it is not a white beard's biological son. This is not concerned. Since today is just a moment, if you have the opportunity, you will take a meatball car.

"Your guy! I want to fly you !!"

I saw that Weibre is like a giant, and the face is rid of this unfolded anger. The words spit out of the mouth are like children, and it is very harmonious. But if they match

At this moment, Weibur is also terrible than the monster, that is not a ridiculous thing.

The Wigbur, whoever, suddenly increased the power in his hand, and the other hand held his boxing to quickly and quickly, and the round of the God of the right eye was flashing in the blood, and the eyes were quickly.

The violent attack instantification made a frame of one frame set.

The whole land of the next second is open, and in the eyes of Weibull, I saw a foot of the unfair in the moment to cover the armed colored A. I am unlimited in front of him. I actually get it first.

In an instant, his face was brought, and his entire huge body was squatted on the ground.

The bang loud sound came out, Weibl fat is like a hill, the giant giant body is burned into the ground, and the entire island town has issued a general vibration.

"Good pain ... less

A strong kicking of the mid-faced part of the armed colored A gas, Wwebur's full face blooms a lot of bright red blood, and the whole is not so good to be strong.

The force hits it into a blank.

"This guy. ... is a demon fruit power?

Looking at the giant Wibull struggling from the ground, there is also a strong shower in the eyes of a pair of blue blood red eyes.

It is not exaggerated, even if it is a thousand hammerful refining, it will be kicked into a mud by himself, but in front of this stupid, can you stand?

"It seems that this guy is not just the power and physical metamorphosis. ... there seems to have a special ability.

The left eye blue god of the blush is slightly flashing, and the vision is in the case of the whole giant of Weibull. I found that there is countless big and small and small, I have a deadly.

Injury QE

For example, the lap on his neck has long enough to let the whole neck break the huge suture wound, but this silly is still born in front of himself, and the heart is secretly thinking.

The guy should have an extraordinary recovery or special ability ...

"Your guys are actually bigger than me ... less

It's hard to finally struggle from the ground, and Wigbur's large-scale body is like a hill, and the full face of a strong kicking is bloody. It looks particularly terrible.

The snoring said: "But you will fight the Ma Ma ... I can't spare you !!"

I saw that Wibull just finished, answering him is a powerful kick that I once broke out again. I saw the moment between the two people, covering the two-segment of the two-segment of the armed colors.

The distance from the steel casting is instantly bombards on the chin of Weibull.

A !!

At the moment, this casual record is like an angry dragon. It is generally figured out.

The entire huge body of Manbur kicks the ground.

A slamming pen once again fell to the ground, the huge body of the huge taste set off the endless dust.

Wigbull. ... ... less

"Miss. Ba Jin is not your biological mother ... she is just using you ...

5.01 feet me. ... I will take you to find white beard ... find your ... less

For a while, if the Vatican's general voice gradually passed into the mind of Weibull, it seems that there is a faintness of the giant Wigbul flavor, and it seems that a bloody monster is occupied.

All sights.

The strange ripples, nine paint black hooks are slowly flowing, and it seems that all the consciousness of Weibur will pull in, and the mouth is in the mouth: "Really. ... I want to follow the moment.

That goes to find ... less

"I finally got it. ... This is a stupid enough to be resistant enough. ... After the general man is uniform, the moment is rubbing the dust to shoot the dust that does not exist at all.

Chapter 126 Four Emperor Birth (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 126 Four Emperor Birth (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Let's wash your face Wibull ... less

I looked down on the foot of the feet was a bloody horror. At the moment, I was a little speechless. After knocking down him, he touched him again with God's round, the temptation of the temper, pair

The big guy who pays this force and brain is a suitable method.

"I know, Mr. I'm."

After listening to the voice of the Babo, I saw Wigbur's hands standing on the ground, and the huge body of the huge body was shaken.

"Such a strong body .... It's really a good thing for the guy who is white and beard.

Looking at Wibur in front of him can stand upside down two consecutive times, if you think about it, you will gently climb your chin, and the handsome face flashed on a taste.

The smile, "Is it a windfarted debt outside? I can't see it, I can't see it.

"When you meet next time ... Take Wigbull to him ... I believe that his expression must be very exciting ... less thinking that the white beard will appear to have a shock of 24 ,

The picture of the sample, it is not helpful to laugh.

After a little rectified, I took the island town with a silly big Wibull, and I thought about the fog sea area of ​​the great route devil triangle.

Just a few days after the moment of Dr. Weibull entered the Great Water Devil's triangle.

The whole sea of ​​the whole world has set off a storm, a biggest storm since the big one-on-one era, directly changed the pattern of the whole world.

Four emperors.

Finally born.

The new world of the next half of the great route, since the opening of the new world in the new world since the opening of the big sea thief, the four emperors of the chasing, finally the dust settled, the birth

The four kings in the new world of the world.

'White Beard, Edward New Gate, once and the One Piece, Luo Jie, Golden Lion History, known as the world's three major legend, once known as the strongest, man, Magic, mastery Moustache

The 100,000 people of the One Pirates, and 43 of the 43 of the marching of Herch, which occupied Herch, which accounted for a lot of advantages, became a well-deserved 'four emperors, one.

'Baoren, Kaido is called the world's strongest creature, the big hundred pirates, once is a single-changing first in the sea, the first time in the new world, is' eternal, moment Beat, all the way

Chasing the first half of the great route, the governance of the hundred beasts, the hundreds of pirates were slaughtered, and the silence lost once again, now with 'sea rogue,' Night fork, Don Quixote Dome Cooperative production

Artificial evil fruit power to build a corps, becoming 'Four Emperors, one.

'Red-haired, incense, one of the members of the Roger Hair, and the' Baometrophy, and then became the new world of the new world, the new world, the new world, the new world, the new world.

Time encounters' eternal, moment, the entire hundred pirate boat, the entire hundred, and the more frotted angry, the more frotted angry, the big sea, and one of the two emperors.

'BigMom, Charlotte Lingling, one of the new world underground dark world forces, the Charlotte family, the hand mastered countless elite pirates, once in order to love sweet,

Country, the means is extremely ferocious, and the strength of the far-fry is over other pirates.

The four big hundred thiefs occupy an absolute advantage to grab the position of the four emperors, but it is unable to make the whole world's sea.

That once destroyed the Shengdi Marina, sinking the Navy's Malin Fanto, and even defeated the white beard Edward, the red-haired Xiangx, the beast Camato's strongest battle '' eternal, moment, but

No participation in this four emperor that affects the entire world situation.

Isn't there interest? Is it disdainful? Is it willing to be a single alone?

There is also a legendary pirate of the One Piece, Luo Jie Bai Beard Edward, the flying pirates, and the Golden Lion Tie, and did not participate in the four emperors of this world, but all

People have to solve the sound of the music.

All people who want these mysters want to know the answer, but everyone can't get answers.

Just when the four emperors finally bought the entire world's gaze. The Navy and the World Government are also busy, but they are not born for the four emperings of the world in the second half of the world.

New Navy.

Xu "has established an organizational base in the new world entrance ?! Do you determine this news ?!"

I heard the amazing news brought by the World Government Commissioner, the Warring States a Warring States a wisdom, the wise image, and the whole person 393 will stand from the work desk.

Recently, the new world of the new world of the whole sea is born is already a nail, although the world is shocked, but the scene that everyone is already expected.

Instead, the whole world government and the Navy should be more careful and taboo, in addition to the moment of killing Zefa in the water, there is no big action, which is powerful to unparalleled strength

The hands in the hand have mastered the dangerous things of Pluto design drawings. It is more dedicated to this potential terrorist bomb than the four emperors than the four emperors.

"It can be determined, the Warring States Marshal, this news is personally confirmed by five old stars."

In the face of the powerful momentum of the Warring States because of emotional excitement, the World Government Commissioner in front of me is afraid of sweat before the wiping, 'and. ...

Reliable intelligence provided by Secret Direct Agency ...

Eternal, flashing directly in the sea in the new world entrance, a planet is used as an organization base. The name of the organization is 'Shen Luo Empire,'. ... less

Chapter 127 Storm will start (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 127 Storm will start (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Shen Luo Empire ?!!"

"A planet is made in the sea ?!"

What is ridiculous speech, but it is such a ridiculous remark, but everyone has stunned all the people in the office of the Navy's Marshal.

Because the ridiculous thing is likely to happen to the man's body, it is likely to evolve as a fact. ...

"Empire?! His goal is not only one hundred pirates, but also:.

"How can this?

I saw that I have risen to the red dog, the red dog, the naval, and the buddy's face, and the brain seems to flash quickly, the power of the moment is like the strength of the earth.

The confidentiality: 'It has made a planet with manpower. ... and still in the sea. ... This is just that I have heard the ridiculous speech! "

"And ... the Empire ?! Hey ... less

Under the cap of the duck cap, the red dog is quiet and flashing with magma. The world's world's most countries are jurisded by the World Government ... how can be allowed to be an empire

Now !? "

"No .... Saskaski ... less

At this time, the Qingyi Takuras on the side opened the neighbors of the Navy on his shoulders, and the mouth said: "The guy can be a man who can measure it.

"There is also the guy of Golden Lion ... Since five years ago, the Navy's part of Marlin Fanto, after being saved, it turned into the style of the Japanese V-channel disappeared: household

I saw that the Qing's eyes gradually became deep, obviously he had a deeper understanding of the power of the moment, and he was almost a little longer in Malin Fanto, and he was almost stayed there.

Even the four emperors of the new world have not participated. ... This is not the 'lion ghost, "' '

"Golden lion ?? ?!!"

The words of the green are suddenly reminded all of the naval high-rise generals present, except for the big change of the Warring States, even the ordinary dogs who have never agree with Qingxiong perspective.

If you say, the face is gloomy as if it is applied to a layer of asphalt, "damn. ... we should pay attention to this!"