Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 363 of the Crash System

"The Golden Lion's guy will definitely have already colluded with the moment !!"

The red dog affirmed the voice of all the naval everyone in the field, and this news was like a mountain, and it was pressed into everyone's heart, and the entire Navy's Marshal office was in the office.

It's the same quiet.

"That ... less

At this time, I returned to the real-world Warring States in front of my mind. I felt that the atmosphere in the whole office seems to be the same as the cement, so I open the silence to move my eyes toward my eyes.

Former specialists of the World Government, "How did the five old stars say?"

"The five old stars let me bring a sentence to the Warring States Marshal ... less

Feel the surrounding Navy Marshal Warring States, Navy Heroes, and the three major gods of the Navy, the heavy momentum of X-ray, this World Government Commissioner is full of enthusiasm, barely rubbed

The sweat on his face said: 'The mouth will definitely can't let this thing happen! Never let' eternal, moment successfully build the 'Shen Luo Empire, ... less

"Now he also got the design drawings of Pluto. .... If he is letting him establish such an organization ... then wait for the world government to be destroyed!"

It is about to bring this sentence to him, but this World Government Commissioner is still tough, all the news that needs to be conveyed to all the high-level generals of all Navy's parties, "

At the time of it. ... Five old stars will also cooperate with your Navy's department ... less

"Five old stars may also shoot ... less

I heard the news that the World Government Commissioner conveyed the message, all of the Navy's high-level heart in the field understand the components contained in this sentence.

Between, all of them seem to have seen the upcoming venour. ...

Just throughout the world's sea is concerned about the rise of the four emperors of the new world, the entire world government and the Navy are preparations in madness.

At the moment, I took the silly big Wibull, quietly entered the concentrated waters of the great route devil triangle.

"The fog here is really unable to distinguish between the direction. ... less

Standing on the foot of the luxurious champagne big boat slowly driving in the dense fog sea, although the mouth said, but the blind eye of the left eye, but it can clearly see all the dense fog.

"'' One is? Is that a horrible three-wheeled ship?"

In the unusual fog sea area of ​​the ordinary pirates, it took a few hours, and the moment was finally found in a dense fog.

Top standing on an old gothic style building, a meal hair shape and a pair of ft marrow with flameless bat wings, the front door is like a huge mouth, special capture passing

The vessel, the big sea rumors recently often have countless vessels missing in this triangle.

"The pirate is disguised into a island ... less

The blue blood of the blue blood is staring at this seemingly volatile island, and the bottom is naturally known to know the island (Qian Wang) is actually the moonlight, Molia's pirates.

Terror Sanzi sailboat.

"It's a boring brisk taste ... less

The detailed look at the islands in a gloomy horror in a gloomy, and the moment is gently smashing his mouth, 'So big face let me run here':. Moonlight · Mo Lia

I hope you don't let me be too disappointed.

"Let's go. ... Weibull ... less

The deep eyes of the blue blood gradually fell to the horrible islands in the distance. Attack, the giant Wibier behind him gently, the left eye was in an instant.

At present, the luxury champagne boat has disappeared in the sea surface of the dense fog.

Chapter 128 Ghost Princess Perore (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 128 Ghost Princess Perore (seeking rewards and automatic)

Terror Sanzi sailboat.

Gothic castle, black and white lattice floor and windows around the colorful floral glass penetrate X out of the style of the world.

"Four Emperor?! That guy actually became a four emperor ?!"

The newspapers in his hands have been used as a waste paper, sitting in the castle of the castle, Molaria originally crowded with a blanked face, and the face is very complicated, fear

, resentment, lost. ...

The past Molaria was a hundred pirates that were full of confidence in their own strength, and bravely chased dreams, but since he entered the New World House, he wanted to compete for the four emperors. He was defeated by the beast.

Insult, and all the companions across the thief were killed by Thara, until now he still can't recover from that shadow.

".. ... I need more body. ... I need to make a large number of zombie legion ... less

After a lot of conflicts, the huge shadow behind Molia slowly swing with his huge body, and said to the genius surgeon Hokkkkkkkkkk.

It is because it is alive, so I will lose. ...

If you start from one 373, you will not lose ...

After hearing the news of the new World Fourth Emperor, Molia, which seems to be a peer that he once died, and the heart is self-written.

Suddenly, the original atmosphere is a quiet, and the Chinese castle is as if the whole is shaken, it seems that a big substitute has joined the Chinese castle.

"What happened?!"

Molaria, who is going to think, suddenly be away from such a big move, which has been burned on the new world of the four emperors of the new world, "Peroa. ...

Abu Sarum:. You two go! "

"Oh Rope Luo. ... good ... less

A delicious unique laughter sounded, I saw a fan hair double hip tail, dressed in the princess style of the little girl holding a wrap, jumping, walking along the big castle big

Temple walks out.

A Blonde, Aparu, Molia, also made the ability to transparent fruit (CEDC), the whole person disappeared in the air, turned into a transparent air followed the little girl

Rona walked out of the hall of the castle.

"Is it the place where it is the. ... Mr. ...

The sound of snoring sounds, I saw the whole Chinese horror of the old castle of the whole, and a huge luxury brush, the filled smoke is behind a huge giant.

The figure is gradually coming out.

"Don't be so anxious. ... Weibull ... less

With a kind of tone of playing world, the movement of the moment is completely from the diffuse smog and dust into this gothic castle. "Taking you looking for white beard is still very long. ...

First help me solve these zombies before you ... less


With the sound of the moment, the out of the castle in the ancient fort in front of the two people in Wibul suddenly appeared in the countless odd squirrel, rebuilding the pair of smashing, and the tiger


boom! !

I heard the words of the moment, I saw the huge mushroom knife in Weible, and the huge uncomfortable force suddenly swept all the zombies in front of them. Even the whole ancient

The stone pillar of the fort was cut off by his violent knife.

"Give me away! You are annoying zombies! Mr. I will take me to find !!"

After a knife swept away all the zombies, Wilbur, which was fat, suddenly broke out, and the muscles of the whole body were like a python.

"Hey. ... This is a silly, although the brain is simple ... but in the hand, it is really nothing to say ... less

I saw the Weibull, I solved all the zombies controlled by the moonlight, Molaia, and the powerless power couldn't help but praise.

Cross the body of all the zombies in front of you, and the moment stepped into the hall of this gothic castle.


Suddenly, the bright blue blood reddock didfully saw a man who clicked and quietly touched himself. "It turned out ... this is transparent fruit ... less

Capturing the man who quietly touching himself attempt to attack, the moment is disdainful, and there is no action, and the blood red light is flashing in the right eye. It suddenly broke out from the body.

Pounding the dumpling.

I didn't expect someone to see the transparent fruit capabilities of Abu Sarum, the whole person didn't even have a scream, and the moment was suddenly exploded by the moment.


I saw that Abu Sarum wore five or six walls, and finally slaves from the floor of the black and white lattice to the feet of Moonlight, Molia.

Abu Sarum is even so fast. ...

I saw that there were only a few people who had just been sent out, I was flying back, Molia suddenly angered again, "Who is it ?!"

"Oh Rope Luo. ... Early handsome guy is a person. ... less

Some amazing tender sounds sounded, and the moment of seeing a pink double-hi-haired hair wandering the singular princess style. Solita gradually came out from the deep temple in front of him, a pair of big eyes

The sickness of the face is in an instant.

"Hey ... looks like this is not the topic you should care about this age?"

A pair of blue blood red eyes looked at Gothic little Loli from the front of the hall, heard the words in her mouth, and there was some speechless twitching his mouth.

After all, it is a second year. ...

Even such a small Loli began to pay attention to the value ...

Packed, princess Perore ... less

Looking at the sick Gothic Loli before the eyes, I recognized her identity when I blocked, and the ability to appreciate the fruits of the ghost is one of his purposes here.

Chapter 129 Moonlight Molia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 129 Moonlight Molia (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Have a handsome guy. ... is my favorite type ... less

I saw that the illness I little Loli Pelona in front of the moment, the words of the speech were generally mature, "But unfortunately ... I must catch you in front of the Molia adult:.

"So small Little Loli also said what I like to like it ... Less hear of the mature words of Little Loli Pedalina in front of me, I can't help but laugh."

"I hate someone to say that I am small !!"

It seems that I have touched a sensitive nerve. I saw that the forehead of the small Loli Pedalina had an obvious cross, and I suddenly stretched my little hand to the flash and Wibull.

Negative ghost!!

After Pelorena launched his own fruit capabilities, from the body released six spirits "three seven seven", 7 pooked between the air, and floating six times when the air was suddenly floating in realities and illusions.

The ghost between, suddenly walked towards them.

"This is this ability!"

The blue blood of the blue blood captured the ghost released by Little Loli Pedana, but the two eyes were bright, and the whole person who was very guilty greeted.

"I can't find it again! I am not a white beard's biological son !!"

I saw that three ghosts quickly passed through the body of Weibur, and the surprising scene had appeared. I saw Wigbilton, and the whole person fell to the floor, and the whole person's emotions instantly

Very pessimistic, it is not crying.

"Will n't be so effective ... Leisory Great Wribur instantly and negative, and the moment of watching Pelocca's negative ghosts passed through their own figure.

At a time, all pessimistic and negative emotions were all in the heart of the moment.

The joys and sorrows of the past life, the vacancy regrets of the world, and the next thing to be in the heart of the two yuan world trips, all in the heart of the moment.

It seems that there is only one thing in the whole world, and no matter how screams, no one can respond to him, almost almost want to fell to the ground like Wibur next to the ground.

At this time, the mysterious glory of the mysterious brink of the blue blood red, surpassing the extreme spiritual power and the unparalleled willpower sent all the persistent depression and negative negative


"It's a good ability ... less