Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 364 of Hueding Crack System

After you go out from the negative emotions of sadness, you can't help but hide your mouth. Rao is interested in the little Lolita in front of him.

"How could ... negative ghost actually no effect on you ?!"

When I saw the moment in front of my eyes, I broke away from my own ghost fruit, and the little Loli Peron was out of color.

"Okay ... Your ability I also feel. ... It is indeed a good ability ... It is a little frightening of Pel Lua, and the moment will disappear in the original place.

"Ah. ... let me !!"

I saw that when I appeared again, I have grown this little Loli in one hand around Perore, she is indifferent to she is struggling.

"If it is not a spiritual strength and willpower, the 16 strong people ... Your fruit ability looks like an ignore the ignition of the rational effect ... less

In order to continue struggling with small Lolorina, the moment, watching her little body, no matter how punched, I can't touch my clothes, I can't help but laugh, "I have a good veron...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Negative ghostatic ability ... less


I found that I was in my hand, I couldn't struggle at the hands, and Little Loli Pedana had to release the ability to show the negative ghosts on Weibur.

At this time, the blind eye in the left eye suddenly turned over, and the ability of God suddenly talked about five seconds.

"Hey. ... Moonlight · Molia ... less chalk is slightly out of mouth.

Frango gun!!

In a quiet voice, a huge shadow on the ground is like suddenly has lives, and suddenly formed a huge long gun, it comes to the moment, it is necessary to puncture him!

Round looks · must be able to be!!!

"What is this ?! You are ... less

When you shoot, you will show yourself that you will kill the stunt, and the shocked discovery of your shadow of your shadow is blocked by a huge paint black energy giant. When you look at the outline of the moment,

Afterwards, Molia's pupils suddenly contracted!

Eternal, .... :.

The mouth is very difficult to spit out of the name of the moment, recognizing the identity of the person in front of Molia's eyes, showing the color of the fear ...

If you say that he is defeated, the words are demon ...

Then this man is devastating the devil's devil!

Molaria is even completely unable to imagine how people can be crushed in Kaham that monsters in this world!

But soon, he understood ...

Reincarnation · The most important must be able to be able to!!!

Without excess nonsense, in Weibo and Perul's shocking eyes, in the desperate look of Molia, the moment is directly opened.

Bang !!!

I saw that the black in the body surrounded by the body was able to skyrocket, and a whole body was draped between the whole body. He held a super long martial arts long knife hundreds of meters.

The heavens came to the realistic reality, and they broke through the entire 3.1 vitabilized castle.

Senlo Yijian!!!

Operating a huge extremely large mustvas, the moment raised his hand and stirred the sky in the sky, and Molia, which was shocking at the foot, suddenly waved a sword, and the sharp power was torn.

The whole air, the whole world is discolored as if there is only such a sword in the world.

"I don't want to talk nonsense ... Moonlight · Molia ... less

Just in the Molia's soul, they were taken by the moment of the moment, and the huge black energy long knife suddenly paused in his quota. Before, no

There is a body that is hovering his.

"Suited in me. ... or die ?!"

Chapter 13: Summit (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 13: Summit (ask for reward and automatic)

"Suitress me ... still die ?!"

I saw the moonlight Molia widened his eyes as if the soul is like, the sluggish is stuck in front of this, the mighty god of the world, everything seems to be as unreal.

But staying in your own amount, this huge long energy too much knife. That substantive ice-cooled bones, the sword, the sword, finally pulled his thoughts back to the reality in front of him.

"Kill" ... Mr. in the moment ... less

Molaria was instant, the soul of Senli, which was a sword. It seems that sudden returning to his body, the eyes of the lost focus fall in front of this, this is almost not seeing the peak

On the top of the big demon, Molia could not help but hit a whole body.

"This. ... What is the power ... It's a small Little Lolonna that is raged in your hand, I have already opened my mouth early, I forgot my ability to think.

"It's high.:. The factory Wibur This is a silly, the big neck is looking to the front of his neck, and the top of the cloud is to be able to find a big body, which is a giant giant body in this mighty demon.

Before you get to his feet.

"Moonlight Molia. ... Do you choose to be a service or choose to die ?!"

The two-handed moon Hung Zone is standing in the sky, the extremely large rhombic crystal, and the moment is expected to look at the feet, as if the dust is generally small, the small Molia is sluggish, there is no reaction, there is

Some impatiently asked again.

"Chen. ... surrender! I chose the concession !!"

When the sound of the inserted sound is again conveyed to the ear of Molia, Molaia finally awakened, consciously broke away from the peer in the moment, and the opening should be taken.

Once he was defeated by Tham to kill all the companions. ...

More terrible than anyone else, the man will be more terrible. ...

T seven dignity. ... Obviously, life is more important. ...

"Moreover. ... The surrender is in 'eternal, the moment should not be a no dignity thing ... less Molia is a chaotic thinking, obviously the power of X-out is completely frightened.

, People:. Households

I saw that there is no feet, the future of this future, the moon, Molia, and Molaria, and Molia, I promised to join my own magic, and I have a noddion of my nodded to recover the presidency.

Ultra-long knife in the hand.

"Welcome to join the god Empire ... less

"God ... Shen Luo Empire ?!"

After seeing the mighty god of the mighty gods in the moment, Molia finally felt that the kind of blessing chill that would be dead at any time.

Withdrawn, I just called out a little bit of doubts, I raised my brow.

"I just set up .... In the near future, I will conquer the organization of the whole world:.

I heard the doubts in the Molian tone, and the sound of the moment was arrested for him. It is a reality that he is not able to make everything he said.

"Conquer to control the whole world ... less

I heard the words of the moment, Moria's mouth muttered, 'The original, your goal is not Lavdru. ... No wonder you don't want to come to the new world four emperors ... less

"Lavdru? The treasure of the world?"

Wen said that there was a laughter and shook his head. If he is now the same strength, if it is just pursuing these surfaces, then use his God's reincarnation of the eye to surpass the enemy's strength, you can create it.

Cut it, why should you go to the world's trick to play the world.

"Molia. ... is there a loss in the hands of Thara?"

The sharp blade of the blue blood red eyes is like a sharp blade, which is scraped off the foot of Molia, as if she profoundly analyzes his inner secrets.

The ability of the Molia Superman is not bad. If you can develop it well, there is a very large use of the land, just like one of the Qi Qi, Xiong, and he is

The development excavation of real capacity is optimistic about the moment.

A simple meatball fruit, can play the air in his hand to make yourself to reach the goal, the palm is like a cat palm, including anything, including tiredness and pain, can also

Air bounce into a palm-shaped shock wave and continuously dys

Obviously, on the development excavation of the demon fruit capabilities, it is also a 'tyrant, and the bear should exceed the moonlight · Molia more than one level.

"Caicad ... less

I heard this name suddenly mentioned this name, Molaia couldn't help but bite my teeth, that is what he would rather fight everything.

"Don't worry. ... as long as you develop your devil's ability ... less

I have seen it on the feet of Molia's mind. I have a blood red in the right eye. I suddenly relieved the best thing around my body, and I mentioned Little Lolipe 160 Rona from the sky.

The gradually falling down, 'The magic of the god Empire will defeat Madoxa in the future, not a hard thing ... less

"Beat Tham ...

I heard the moment, and the eyes of Molia seem to be re-ignited. After all, he is also a bloody pirate that has a dream chasing the One Piece.

"That. ... Mr. ...

After seeing the moment in front of the mighty giant god of the world, Molia somewhat looked at the young handsome face, he was heard: "What is it?

Can I work for the god Empire? "

"There is no current time now ... less

I heard the blue blood of the Blue Blue Red, and I said that the truth is really can't see it in the moment of Molia, and I don't say that the other will be easily estimated.

Defeat him, but how long is it. ... The system of the World Government Wang Qihai will be completely implemented. ... When you can send it, you can send it ... less

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai ?? I heard that Molia's double eyes suddenly lit.

Chapter 131 Mountain Rain (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 131 Mountain Rain (seeking rewards and automatic)

About the news of the Queen Seven Wuhai, Molia has heard the wind in the sea, which is a proposal that the World Government is proposed when opening the next World Conference.

But after an inhabilitation of the surrender of the World Government, Mary, Mary. The event of giving five old stars, this proposal is forced to be delayed to know that today is not implemented.

If you can get a king's seven Wuhai.

Then, deal with the 'Baasto, Thaedo undoubtedly added a chip. ...

Of course ... in front of this man.

'Baoren, Thaedo is just a chess piece that can be crushed at will. ...

I thought in my heart, Molia was a little fear, looking at the eyes of young handsome.

. ...

The moment that I was originally wanting to talk, I suddenly rushed up, and I had some unexpected brows, and I reached out from the jacket from the jacket.

"Hey? Is it a golden lion?"

The sound of the moment seems to be a little low, the phone is a calling tool that I have just been equipped with a recent equipment, I can dialed into the except Robin here.

"I'm a small child. ... You come back! The less call came from the voice of the Golden Lion, which seems to be anxious to have a different time.

"What's wrong? 'I heard the Golden Lion History actually passed the anxious emotions, and the heart probably guess one possibility.

"The god Empire has already violently 9 ... the World Government and the Navy must have a big move. ... You come back ... The golden lion of the less phones After the last message, the call is cut off.

"The world government and the Navy are finally going to shoot ..." F. Ji begets after the call of Golden Lion History, muttered softly.

At this time, there is no unspeakable wall. My god empire has established an organizational base in the entrance of the new world. I didn't think about it in the world government and the navy's eyelid.

If you spend it, you just have to be earlier than this day.

"It seems that the guy of the World Government and the Navy's part. ... nor is it so useless?