Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 365 of Hueding Crack System

A pair of Zhan Blue bloody double-pupil is inexplicably united, and I think that this upcoming storm is rain, the mouth of the moment can not help but look slightly, "then I will make this storm more violent

Some !! "

"Just borrow this war to work as a fireworks for the Gongluo Empire ... less

"Mr. I'm. ... then I need ... less

After seeing the call of the phone, Molia next to Molia looked at the moment, from the call from the moment and the phone, Molia obviously smells different

Frequent taste.

The World Government. ... Navy ... Shen Luo Empire. ...

Obviously this big sea is going to ushered in an unprecedented storm, and it is a huge storm that has the rise of the new world.

"No need. ... Take your current strength. ... can't help the battle next to the game ... less

In the moment, the direct opening vetoed Molia's proposal, the next storm, the world government and the Naval ignore will inevitably dispatched an unprecedented force, and the fundamentality of Molaria has not affected the entire situation.

"You just have to stay here to expand your zombie army. ... Develop your devil's ability ... less

The eyes of the moment crossed the Molia next to Molia, put down the little Loli Pelona in his hand, looked at Wilbull, which was like a hill, 'I need to use you in the future.

Know you ... less

"Let's go. ... Weibull ... less

After that, the moment is softly passed on the body of Weibull, such as a cattle, the left eye is blue, and the light is slightly flashing.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The sound of the moment is scattered in the air. When the next second, the two of Wibul disappeared in front of Molia and Perorena.

"Molia adults. They disappeared ... Looking for the moment, suddenly disappearing, the small Loli Pelona is standing in the same place.

"Is my strength not got a great help? Shout ... less

I saw the flash of the moment and the disappeared in Winbur, Molia didn't knead his fists, while the heart was dark and shocked. The magical means of hearing.

"When I go to your courtyard, I will go." I want to continue to expand my zombie army ... less

Gradually recover your eyes, Molia turns your huge body, and I will go to the deep dark castle in the deep dark castle with inexplicable heart.

"Next. ... Determined to have an unprecedented huge storm to sweep the whole world's sea ... less

Just when I left the great route devil triangle.

The whole sea of ​​the whole world began to boil.

The overwhelming naval warship has almost covered the new world entrance to the second half of the great route, and the source of navalism is extended from the Red Soil mainland and the new Navy.

"What happened ?! The navy actually dispatched so many warships?" "All the hundred pirates on the new world" began (Zhao's) Everyone was self-dangerous.

"That is. ... The highest power of the Navy is three major in the United States !!"

At this time, a pair of eyes saw the Qingxiong red dog and yellow in the naval war ship deck, and could not help but shook a shock, and the number of the Navy's three generals is

This big sea is simply a dream of all the pirates. 'This is the naval part to dispatch the four emperors of the new world to arrest the new world ?! "

"There is also the Navy Marshal 'Buddha, the Warring States and Navy Heroes' Tie Boxing, Cap. ...

Soching the naval warship of the three major, I saw the two gods standing on the largest warship deck, the new world's sea pirates on a few pirates on the new world shocked.

Excite 7 out.

Chapter 132, fighting (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 132, fighting (seeking rewards and automatic)

"What happened?! Why is the entire Navy? Almost all the high-level high-rise is all dispatched ?!"

One is the Navy Marshals of the Ministry of Navy 'Buddha, the Warring States, one is to arrest the Naval Hero of the One Piece', Kapu, no matter which one is hiding, it makes all the big sea.

The pirate trembles a heavy figure.

Skums, the Warring States and the 'Tie Boxing, the two of the two Navy's part of the Navy is in the sea ... Is the world going to collapse ?! "

Unbelievably looking at the countless naval battleship in front of his eyes, all the hundred pirates on the sea have gone, 'This is to catch anyone ?! White Beard ?!

Is the other four emperors! "

"Warring States ... This time we bring the warships and troops we have enough to launch ten Tempera ... less

Standing on the deck of the huge naval warship, Kapu somewhat looked at the Warring States around himself, 'This time we launched such a big battle. ... The Navy will be easily entered?

"Will n't ... this time you have a special service from the World Government Headquarters to take the town Navy.

The downtown of the Warring States, the eyes under the hat depth, but looked at the top battleship of the Navy on Monday 877 on the sea, his face but revealed the dignified

God, "I am more worried now. ... Do you think we can win the guy so many people?"

"It's hard to say ... less

The concerns of the old comrades of the old comrades around the old comrades, the color of the card did not go, and the expression on the face was walked at this moment. "If it is the guy. ...

Number of people also have no advantage at all ... less

"There is no way. ... this is the command of the highest leader of the world's government ... less

There was no comfort from the body of Kapu, and the Warring States had some helpless smile. "They can't sit down that guys build their own forces in the sea ...

"Things can only pray all the best. ... more ... less

The new world entrance to the eyes, the new world that has been gradually close, muttered in the mouth: "If the five guys will take the five guys, it is not ... less

"There. ... is it the base of the god Empire ?!"

With the Navy's countless battleship driving in the blue sky, Qingxiong standing on the deck finally saw a huge planet in the air of the sea, and it couldn't help but shock in the eyes.


"That guy. ... It's really realized a planet on the sea ... less

I is annoying about the words of Qingxiong, the red dog looks at the huge planet on the far-faced, seeing countless buildings, and the face of the stunned face, 'What is possible.

"Arono Empire ... Justice is absolutely unable to allow such organizations:.

Just at this time.

"Rack hahaha ...

A laughter of a mad A suddenly sounded through the whole sea, I saw a man with a golden mad hair, dark skin as if a lion is floating in their naval battles.

The top of the top, the wide kimono each hangs two famous swords.

"Golden lion ?!", saw this man who floats floating on the head, the Warring States and Caputton on the feet of the Navy Battles and Kaputtun, and the Navy War of the Surrounded

The ship has paused.

"Warring States ... Cap. ... we met ... We look at the Warring States and Kapu at the foot, and the Golden Lion's historic face with his unique Zhangchen and Z angry.

"You really came to a piece !!" "Seeing the sudden appearance of the Golden Lion History in front of the Golden Lion, the face of the Warring States is over, a moment is already enough (CEEH), let them all the sea

The army has painted, and now add a flying pirate gold lion history.

"Kill" ?! "

After seeing the Golden Lion Siki, after the sea, there was still another Navy's top battleship in the top battleship, the Qingxiong red dog, Huanghui, surrounding the sea, the search for the scene


"Hey. ... no way. ... Who let the kid have saved the life of Laozi ?!" Golden lion siki smiled, the fierce face appeared in the face, the actual heart started to get together.

Nima. ... almost the whole of the Navy's power is all here. ...

I can't help but I can't help but I can't help it. ...

"Don't talk nonsense with him! Everyone! Ready to fire !!"

Without too much nonsense, dead staring at the Golden Lion History in front of the front of the eyes, with the order of the Warring States, all of the naval warships on the whole sea, all the naval wars are aligned in the air

Golden lion history.

"Hey. ... poisonous snake !!"

I hope that there are countless naval warships under the feet to transfer the artillery to have the ability to sign themselves. I saw the Golden Lion Schiki decisively launched the ability to float the fruit.

The pirate fleet flies out.

It was this time in this time he cultivated the god imperial army soldiers in hell traruff.

A large-scale maritime battle, an instant outbreak.

The new world entrance has just passed the Red Soil Continent.

"Hey ... I know that I should set up a spatial coordinate on 'Shenlu':.

I saw a luxurious champagne big boat, and the unfair blue big sea flashed, it was the ability of the moment in continuous launch of God's blind eye to the big sea continuous space shuttle.

From the first half of the large sea in the first half of the sea, it has been arrived at almost a few minutes in the new world entrance.


Finally, I used to use the shuttle space, and I finally arrived at the sea from the 'Shen Luo' planet with the champagne big boat.

"This is ... less

A pair of blue blood red eyes reflected in the sea that had been fully turned into the battlefield, and the moment was muttered: "It has already been on the war."

Chapter 133 rushed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 133 rushed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Rumble. ...

The continuous explosion roar, full of smoke and war everywhere.

I saw the

In the war, the fire.

Although the number of naval soldiers obviously be more than the army of the Arono Empire, but has been strongly resistant to thousands of arms of the military soldiers.

Obviously this time is a whip of the hell training practice of 'Shen Luo' planet ten times gravity and the whip of the Golden Lion, which is originally only a golden lion, the ordinary drill of the soldiers.

A general change in shelhers.

"Damn. ... this help of the fish fishes!

A navy's three-class soldiers have opened a big knife of the Aroni Empire army soldier, and it is shocked and angry to look at the ordinary pirates in front of them.

"Hey. ... we are not ordinary pirates now. We are now the army soldiers who will conquer the world !!"

Looking at the expression of the naval soldiers in front of the naval soldiers, this gods of the military soldiers took a smile, and the hungry tiger's sheep went up again, as if they had to suffer in the past.

All hell generally pour it out.

At the foot, the frozen sea suddenly blown, and only three figure is very fast.

The Golden Lion History's sword hits the waves and fluttering fruit capabilities, and the golden light of the Warring States is shocked, and the iron boxing and powerful armed colors of the war.

The top of the top, finally, once again suddenly collided, splashing the sparks that shine the entire battlefield.

There are countless naval soldiers at all, unable to insert this battle. The three struggles of the three struggles are Yu Bo. You can live and die, you can only focus on our eyes.

Between the battle.

"Mom .... Laozi can't help ...

Once again, a sword plugged opened the Cap.'s martial arts, and immediately welcomed the 0 gas shock wave of the Warring States, and the Golden lion siki was bite. "The little child has repeatedly

Come, you can only get the corpse for Laozi !! "